10 Best action camera: (2024 Best Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on December 15, 2023 by Sharon Advik

As a professional photographer, you may require an action camera to capture your adventures, scenic views, or action shots.

There are several cameras available on the market that offer high-quality video and images.

The best action camera for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Some important factors to consider when choosing an action camera include image quality, durability, waterproofing, stabilization features, battery life, and connectivity.

The latest models offer 4K video recording, slow-motion, and time-lapse capabilities and are equipped with advanced sensors for excellent image quality.

Some cameras also allow mounting them on various surfaces to capture unique perspectives.

To help you narrow down your options, I have shared my experience with the best action cameras that cater to professional photographers that I have used.

Which are the Best action camera?

Here are my recommended top 10 Best action camera:–

GoPro Hero10 black: (best action camera overall)

I am adventurous and love to explore new places and try new activities.

I have always been interested in capturing my memories through photography and videography.

However, the traditional cameras that I have used in the past could not withstand the rugged terrain and intense physical activity that I often participate in.

I then came across the Go Pro Hero 10 Black and was immediately impressed by its results.

One of the best action cameras overall is compact.


  • New Front Screen
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Revolutionary Processor
  • High frame rate
  • high-resolution images and videos

ISO/shutter speed

The camera’s maximum ISO in picture mode is ISO 3200, but ISO 6400 is the maximum ISO when the camera is in video mode.

It offers an improved touch interface but only fair video quality in dim light.

I use it at shutter speeds ranging from Auto 1/125 to 1/250 to 1/1000 to 1/2000.

Aperture/field of view

Due to the magnet’s connections and the wide field of vision of its lens, it has an unusual design.

The fixed-aperture lens in Go Pros has a rating of /2.8.

White balance/frame rate

It can record smooth footage at a high frame rate of 5K at 60 and 4K at 120 fps.

An automated white balance (AWB) point on the camera senses the surroundings and automatically adjusts the white balance.

Even though there are alternatives, I always balance with the white bus.

Why is this camera the best?

Its compact size, durable design, and versatility immediately impressed me.

With its waterproof case, I can take it scuba diving, and with its high-quality camera and video capabilities, I can capture stunning footage while skiing or surfing.

I also love that I can control the camera remotely using my phone, making it easy to take selfies and group shots without fumbling with the camera.


Overall, I believe this camera is the best action camera on the market, offering excellent value for its price.

Its advanced features, compact design, and durability make it the perfect camera for anyone who loves adventure and wants to capture their memories uniquely and excitingly.

  • 5.3K capture at up to 60fps
  • 120fps 4K for slow motion
  • Class-leading video stabilization
  • Front-facing color screen
  • Waterproof without an add-on case
  • Media Mod support
  • Extended-run Enduro battery available as an add-on
  • Wi-Fi and USB transfer for phones and tablets
  • Included battery drains quickly

Akaso Brave 7 LE: (best action camera on a budget)

I am an avid wildlife photographer who always needed a reliable, budget-friendly action camera.

My previous camera was outdated and limited in capturing high-quality footage in challenging environments.

I did extensive research and stumbled upon the Akaso Brave 7 LE.

I was impressed by it.

I took the plunge and bought the camera, and I have not been disappointed.

The best action on the budget is one that captures high-quality images.


  • Video: 2.7K60, 1080P120, 720P240, 4K30.
  • Image: 20MP.
  • (Super wide, wide, medium, and narrow) digital lenses.
  • 3, 7, 15, and 30 rounds per burst.
  • 3, 5, 10, 30, or 60-second intervals: time-lapse.
  • 1, 2, 5, 8, 30, and 60 seconds of long exposure.
  • Screens: 1.5-inch front screen
  • 2-inch back touchscreen.

ISO/shutter speed

The ISO default for the Akaso Brave 7 LE is Auto. You have the choice to change the settings to suit your tastes.

It is quite cozy to hold. Its shutter speed is really quick.

Adjusting the settings to take 3, 7, 15, or 30 photos per second is possible.

Long exposure: this choice is intended for dimly lit areas.

If you want to snap good-quality pictures on cloudy days or when the light is fading, keep the shutter open for longer.

Aperture/field of view

It has a 170° field of view and generally decent photo image quality.

Thanks to the fixed aperture lens’s extremely deep depth of field, everything is kept in focus.

It was important to me to accurately depict the house’s atmosphere, including how it made you feel as you moved through it, how it smelled, and how the light affected its walls.

So, I decided to use my 7 LE’s fixed aperture range.

White balance/frame rate

You can speed up the films 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, or 15x.

I can record up to 4K video at 30 frames per second.

The camera has various mounting accessories, making it easy to attach to different surfaces and capture unique perspectives.

A camera’s automated white balance (AWB) point detects its surroundings and adjusts the white balance automatically.

Even though there are other options, I usually find a balance with the white bus.

Why is this camera the best?

Its features, such as 4K resolution, waterproof design, and long battery life, impressed me.

The footage it captures is simply stunning, and its compact size makes it easy to carry while trekking through the wilderness.

I have used it while kayaking down rapids, hiking through forests, and even while paragliding, and each time it has exceeded my expectations.

The companion app is also user-friendly and allows me to remotely control the camera, adjust settings, and share my footage.


This is truly the best action camera for budget-conscious wildlife photographers like myself.

I am delighted with my purchase and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality action camera at an affordable price.

The image stabilization technology ensures that my footage is smooth and the image quality is fantastic, even in low light conditions.

  • Waterproof.
  • Comes with a rugged protective case and other accessories.
  • The front-facing screen helps you monitor yourself.
  • Decent image stabilization.
  • Frame rates are limited.
  • The image stabilization feature incurs a severe crop.

Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition : (best premium action that’s great for low lighting)

I have always enjoyed outdoor adventures, and capturing my experiences was necessary.

I started with primary action cameras, but the quality of the footage was always disappointing, especially in low lighting conditions. I wanted to upgrade my gear and capture the true beauty of my adventures.

That’s when I stumbled upon the Insta 360 ONE R-1 INCH.

I read several reviews and watched countless videos showcasing its capabilities and was impressed by its compact size and exceptional low-light performance.

I decided to invest in this camera and was blown away by the results.

It is one of the best premium action cameras that’s great for low-lighting


  • Size: 239g
  • 2mm x 49.5mm x 129.3mm
  • Resolution for stills: 21MP
  • a 6K video resolution
  • Battery life: 62 minutes (6K@30fps)
  • MicroSD memory
  • f/2.2 aperture
  • 52mm is the equivalent focal length.
  • Resolution of the image: 6528 x 3264
  • Video Bitrate Maximum: 120Mbps

ISO/shutter speed

I use it with a shutter speed of 1/8000s to 120s and an ISO range of 100-3200.

I can confidently say that the 1 Inch Edition produces the highest-quality video of any of them.

I am pleased with how this incredible device enabled me to record the environment for my students’ development.

Aperture/field of view

The 1-inch 360 Edition should be able to capture higher-quality video thanks to the substantially larger sensor size, especially in low-light situations.

I operate it at an F3.2 aperture range.

My 360-degree recordings are simple to reframe, and I can use them to generate eye-catching perspectives that are impossible to capture using conventional cameras.

White balance/frame rate

It can take 360 images with a size of 6528 x 3264 and auto-stitched 360 films at 6K and 4K resolution (at 24/25/30fps) or 3K resolution (50fps) (21MP).

RAW images can be captured.

In the “Shot Lab,” I can robotically produce many special effects.

The camera’s automated white balance (AWB) point senses its surroundings and automatically corrects the white balance.

Even though there are other possibilities, I typically find the white bus to be a good compromise.

 Why is this camera the best?

My artist sister also uses this camera for her daily vlogging.

She loves how compact and easily it fits into her purse or pocket.

She can take it anywhere and always be ready to capture her creative moments.

The camera has become vital in her daily vlogging; she can create unique and captivating content.


I am glad I decided to buy this camera.

It has become a staple in our lives and allowed us to capture and share our experiences in new and exciting ways.

The camera’s compact size and versatility make it a perfect companion for my adventures, and its low-light performance allows me to capture stunning images even in challenging conditions.

  • Very good image quality
  • Better in low light than a GoPro
  • Lovely raw stills
  • Modular flexibility
  • Lengthy clip exports
  • Video processing niggles
  • Small screen

GoPro Hero 11 black: (best flagship action cam for social cropping)

I have always loved capturing memories through photography and videography.

I was a fan of action cameras but never owned one myself.

However, my interest in it was piqued after I saw my friend using a GoPro Hero 11 Black while we were on a road trip.

The camera captured stunning footage of the scenic beauty and all our adventures, and I am happy I invested in it.

The best flagship action camera for social cropping that produces marvelous results


  • 27 Megapixels(actual pixels.)
  • Digital camera lens
  • ISO 100–6400 range
  • Shutter speed in video mode (1/30 to 1/480 seconds)
  • Digital image stabilization
  • Weight: 127 g
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2 x 1.3′′/71.8

ISO/shutter speed

We benefit from the higher range’s compatibility with the enlarged ISO range of 100 to 6400 since it appropriately maximizes image brightness.

Our finest grade TikTok, more altered by its 1/30 to 1/480 Seconds in Video Mode, frequently comes in handy during our adventurous adventure.

Aperture/field of view

A significant Shutter Priority of f2. 8 and the focal length of 2.92 mm is an excellent factor for us that reduces the likelihood of blur in the recorded movies at the daring vistas, and the depth of field is another item that makes all these more gorgeous.

White balance/frame rate

I think the neutral white balance setting of 5000–6500K, which is the ideal setting for outdoor recording, is what we used for our daylight sessions.

Additionally, the availability of 5.3K video at up to sixty frames per second is crucial for top-notch filming.

Why is this camera the best?

I was amazed at the versatility and convenience of this camera.

It’s waterproof and can be mounted on various surfaces, making it perfect for capturing footage.

Its advanced features, like Hyper Smooth 3.0 and Time Warp 3.0, made it easy for me to capture smooth and stable shots.

I also loved the Go Pro Hero 11 Black app connectivity, which allowed me to instantly edit and share my footage with my friends and family on social media.


The camera also has excellent image stabilization and can shoot 4K video at 60 fps.

With all these features, I knew I had to have one.

I bought this camera and have never been happier with my decision.

It’s the perfect action camera for anyone who wants to capture their adventures and memories in stunning detail.

  • Great-looking 5.3K60 video
  • 4K120 and 2.7K240 slow-motion
  • 10-bit color sampling
  • Numerous time-lapse modes
  • Waterproof to 33 feet
  • Solid touch interface and voice command support
  • Subscription service with useful features
  • One battery won’t get you through the day

DJI Osmo Action 3: (best value action camera for most people)

I was an adrenaline junkie and loved to capture all my adventures on camera.

I had tried various action cameras in the past, but none of them seemed to fulfill my needs.

I wanted a camera that could handle high-speed movements, had good image stabilization, and was durable for my extreme sports activities.

After researching and comparing different models, I finally decided on the DJI Osmo Action 3, which was the best.

It is one of the best value action cameras for most people, producing stunning results.


  • Wide 155° FOV
  • 1/1.7″ CMOS Sensor
  • Color touchscreen displays (front and back)
  • UHD 4K 120,
  • DCI 4K 60
  • 1080p 240.
  • Voice control
  • fast charging technology.
  • Image stabilization
  • Rock Steady 3.0.
  • 155° wide field of view

ISO/shutter speed

It is always set to ISO 100–12800 for me.

Additionally, I have a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec. and can shoot continuously at that pace.

When recording motion in a video, the shutter speed and frame rate are related according to the 180-degree rule of the shutter.

Aperture/field of view

It has a 12MP sensor and a super-wide 155o optic with an f/1.8 aperture.

The camera has a 1/1.7-inch image system with a broad 155-degree field of vision and can film in 4K quality at 120 frames per second.

White balance/frame rate

In 4K and 2.7K, you can record up to 120 frames per second (fps).

The maximum frame rate can be doubled to 240 fps if the resolution is reduced to 1080p.

A camera’s automated white balance (AWB) point detects its surroundings and adjusts the white balance automatically.

Although there are other options, I usually think the white bus is a decent middle ground.

Why is this camera the best?

It offered all the features I was looking for, including 4K video recording, 11-meter waterproofing, and a compact design that made it easy to carry around.

I also appreciated the dual-screen setup, which allowed me to see what I captured and preview the footage easily.

I also discovered that this camera had various shooting modes, allowing me to capture my activities from different angles and perspectives.


This was the best value action camera I found in the market, giving me the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

With its advanced technology and capabilities, I could easily capture all my thrilling moments and share them with my friends and family.

Its HDR video and photo capabilities produced vibrant and vivid images that truly captured the beauty and excitement of my adventures.

  • Front and rear color touch displays
  • Easy to change lens filters
  • Continuous 4K60 recording without overheating
  • Up to 4K120 and 1080p240 slow motion
  • 75-minute battery
  • Waterproof to 52 feet
  • Video limited to 4K, 8-bit quality

GoPro Hero 9 black: (An excellent go pro action camera if you don’t need 4k Slomo)

I have always loved surfing and wanted to capture my adventures in the ocean.

I tried using my phone, but it couldn’t handle the harsh conditions and kept losing footage.

I realized I needed a durable and waterproof camera to capture my experiences truly.

That’s when I learned about the Go Pro Hero 9 Black.

I decided to invest in the camera and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

It is an excellent go-pro action camera if you don’t need 4K slow-motion that captures brilliantly.


  • using a case
  • curved sticky mount
  • mounting buckle
  • thumb screw
  • rechargeable battery
  • USB-C cord
  • beautiful 5K video
  • Front-facing display of 1.4 in.
  • 6Mp camera

ISO/shutter speed

I always set the ISO maximum for films and images to 1600 and 3200, respectively.

The shutter speed is set to Auto and can go as high as 1/125.

As a result, the minimum shutter speed, which should be around 1/120 or preferably greater than 1/240, will increase.

Aperture/field of view

It has a corrected lens with a /2.8 rating.

I can shoot through it at up to 2.7K resolution with a 155 FOV (60fps).

I also appreciated the front-facing display, live streaming capabilities, and longer battery life.

I also love how easy it is to use this camera, especially with its touchscreen and voice control.

White balance/frame rate

While 5K recording is limited to 30 frames per second, all view modes except Super View support 4K at 60 frames per second, and the wide view mode supports up to 120 frames per second at 2.7K.

A camera’s automated white balance (AWB) point detects its surroundings and adjusts the white balance automatically.

Why is this camera the best?

I did some research and found that, while it could shoot in 4K slow motion, I didn’t need that feature for my needs.

Its ruggedness, 5K video, and improved image stabilization caught my attention.

It makes capturing moments so much simpler, even when I’m in the middle of a wave.


This camera offered me the perfect balance of features as an action sports enthusiast.

The footage I captured while surfing in the ocean waves is stunning and truly captures the excitement of my adventures.

Another feature I appreciate is the Hyper Smooth stabilization, which helps ensure my footage is smooth and stable, even when I’m moving fast on my board.

  • Up to 5K quality at 30fps
  • Front-facing color LCD
  • Exceptional video stabilization
  • Up to 240fps HD slow motion
  • Time-lapse, buffering, and HDR imaging
  • USB-C charging
  • Strong app support
  • Compact and waterproof
  • You’ll likely want to carry extra batteries

DJI Action 2: (A unique action camera that’s very modular and expandable)

I have always been interested in photography and capturing memories.

My passion grew when I started working at a coffee shop as a barista.

The coffee shop had a unique and beautiful interior, and customers always had a great time there.

I realized that I needed a camera to capture these moments.

I did some research and found out about DJI Action 2.

This is one of the unique action cameras that are very modular and expandable.


  • 64 MP Effective Megapixel
  • 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor
  • ISO-100 to 6400
  • 1/8000 shutter speed
  • SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards are used for storage.
  • 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for image stabilization
  • Weight: 117g
  • Dimensions: 124.7 x 38.1 x 30mm

ISO/shutter speed

My drone captured images of the coffee shop’s interior and outside and a few menu boards, known to change frequently.

It was brilliant in some places and dark in others, which made the lighting intriguing.

Instead of using my flash, which would have destroyed images taken in all-natural light, I chose an ISO sensitivity range of 100-6400 and a shutter speed of 1/8000.

Aperture/field of view

I got several high-quality images for my vlog thanks to the camera’s wide f/1.8 aperture.

A new color temperature sensor enables the camera to instantly adapt as shooting conditions change, providing a 155o field of view (FoV).

White balance/frame rate

To make my vlogs look more cinematic, I typically switch on the 60 fps and true white balance systems when I shoot them.

I could record everything from there, including customers placing drink orders, diners conversing or reading newspapers at their tables, and staff frantically filling orders.

Why is this camera the best?

I was amazed by its features, such as its waterproof design, ability to shoot 4K videos, and compatibility with a wide range of accessories.

I also appreciated its compact size, which made it easy to carry around and use while working at the coffee shop.

With this camera, I could capture amazing shots of the coffee shop, its customers, and the surrounding area.

I started experimenting with different angles and settings and was constantly amazed by the results I could achieve with this camera.


I shared these photos on social media and received much positive feedback.

People were impressed by the quality of the photos and the unique perspective I could capture.

I felt proud of my work and realized that this camera was a great investment for me as a coffee shop photographer.

  • Tiny, go-anywhere form factor
  • Magnetic mount and snap-on accessories
  • Effective digital stabilization
  • Up to 4K120 video
  • 12MP photos
  • Waterproof to 33 feet
  • Works as a webcam
  • No card slot or charging port on the main camera module
  • The front screen and battery aren’t waterproof

Insta360 one R: (An impressive impact, a modular option with excellent quality)

I recently took up photography as a hobby and have been exploring different cameras and lenses.

I was looking for a camera that would allow me to capture action shots, specifically of flying insects.

I did some research and came across the Insta360 One R, which caught my attention because of its modular design.

I leaped and purchased the Insta360 One R and was impressed with its image and video quality.

One of the impressive imperfect modular options with great quality cameras is this.


  • 3K 30fps
  • 4K 60fps
  • Flow State Stabilization
  • 19MP 1-inch sensor
  • 5 m water-resistant (16.4ft)
  • Reversible touch screen
  • voice control
  • adaptive design.

ISO/shutter speed

It is always set to an ISO setting between 100 and 6400. Its shutter range is 1s to 60s for long shutters and 1/2s to 1/8000s for normal shutters.

Aperture/field of view

I use it at about the F3.2 aperture range.

The lenses are also easy to attach and detach, making switching between them on the go convenient.

It provides a 4K Wide Viewpoint with Flow State Normalization and Super 5.7K 360° Capture.

White balance/frame rate

It can record auto-stitched 360-degree films in 6K, 4K, or 3K resolution (at 24/25/30 frames per second) (50fps).

The camera’s automated white balance (AWB) point senses its surroundings and automatically corrects the white balance.

Why is this camera the best?

Its versatility impressed me, allowing me to switch between different lenses, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios.

It captured clear, sharp images of flying insects, even in low-light conditions.


My experience with this camera has been great.

It has proved to be a versatile and impressive camera, making it an ideal option for capturing action shots of flying insects.

The app with the camera is also easy to use and has many features that allow me to control and edit my shots on the fly.

  • Compact design
  • Swappable lens modules
  • Waterproof to 16 feet
  • Stabilized 4K60 and 5.7K 360 video
  • HDR available at 4K30
  • 2:35 wide-screen mode
  • Mobile and desktop app support
  • Modular design can get in the way
  • Small touch LCD

GoPro Max: (best waterproof, 360 action camera)

I was always fascinated with capturing the beauty of water drops.

However, my traditional camera couldn’t capture the whole scenario and the details I desired.

I wanted to capture the complete trajectory of the water drops—how they fall and splash into the water.

I needed a camera to capture 360-degree action, so I started researching and came across the GoPro MAX, which undoubtedly gave the best results.

One of the best water-proof 360-degree action cameras that works excellently for water photography.


  • Micro SDXC
  • 128GB of capacity.
  • 2% 549,925 hits.
  • 59 Join the fandom.
  • 1080×2300 pixels on 6.4″
  • 48MP
  • 4GB RAM

ISO/shutter speed

The ISO range is between 200 to 1600.

The shutter speed on this camera ranges from 1/8000 second to 60 seconds.

It has exceeded all my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves action photography.

Aperture/field of view

Its aperture has a range of 1.78.

It has a 120° field of view and a vast view angle.

The 360-degree view allowed me to capture the entire scenario and added a new dimension to my water drop photography.

White balance/frame rate

It boasts extremely high frame rates, up to and including 240 FPS.

A camera’s automated white balance (AWB) point detects its surroundings and adjusts the white balance automatically.

Why is this camera the best?

I was amazed by its features, especially its 360-degree capability, so I tried it.

The results were excellent; I could finally capture the complete action of the water drops, from how they fell to how they splashed into the water.

The camera’s advanced stabilization technology ensured the footage was smooth and precise.


I was thrilled with my purchase, and this camera quickly became my go-to camera for capturing action.

Whether you’re into water droplets or extreme sports, this camera is the perfect tool to capture all the action.

  • 360-degree capture
  • It also works as a single-lens camera
  • Intuitive software tools
  • Strong stabilization
  • Good in-camera audio
  • Waterproof without a case
  • Integrated mounting clips
  • Single-lens capture tops out at 60fps
  • Requires more editing time to get the best results from spherical footage

DJI pocket 2: (what it lacks in ruggedness, it makes up for with excellent stabilization)

I am an avid snowboarder and love capturing my tricks in the powder.

I used a different action camera but was never satisfied with the footage because it was always shaky and blurry.

I realized I needed something to stabilize my shots and give me a professional-looking video.

That’s when I discovered the DJI Pocket 2.

I was initially skeptical because it was smaller than my previous camera, but I decided to try it.

The quality of the footage blew me away.

What it lacks in ruggedness, it makes up for with excellent stabilization, making this camera a great choice for capturing action in challenging environments like snowboarding or extreme sports.


  • 64 MP Effective Megapixel
  • 1/1.7″ CMOS sensor
  • ISO- 100 to 6400
  • 1/8000 shutter speed
  • SD Memory Card for storage
  • 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
  • image stabilization
  • Weight: 117g
  • Dimensions: 124.7 x 38.1 x 30mm

ISO/shutter speed

Instead of using my flash, which would have destroyed images taken in all-natural light, I chose an ISO sensitivity range of 100-6400 and a shutter speed of 1/8000.

Aperture/field of view

I got several high-quality images. It is only images for waterproofness to the camera’s wide f/1.8 aperture.

It has a 110° FOV, a 15mm equivalent focal length, and a magnetic construction for fast mounting and removal to fit more in the frame.

White balance/frame rate

To make my vlogs look more cinematic, I typically switch on the 60 fps and true white balance systems when I shoot them.

I was able to capture stunning footage, and I was finally happy with the results.

Why is this camera the best?

The stabilizer was top-notch and made a huge difference in the smoothness of my shots.

I captured every twist and turn as I snowboarded down the slopes.

This camera was compact enough to fit in my pocket, making it easy to carry on my adventures.


This camera made up for its lack of ruggedness with its excellent stabilization, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to capture the action in the snow.

It offers high-quality stabilized video in a compact and portable form factor.

Its small size allows it to be easily carried and used in various environments.

  • The most pocketable, stable camera around
  • +Creator Combo perfect for vloggers
  • +Very useful tracking feature
  • Can get hot while filming 4K


All the cameras we will discuss in this article are all right, guys.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best action camera?

Is there a camera you love to use for hiking that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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