13 Best camera for kids: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Sharon Advik

For kids or adults, family holidays, or weddings, cameras are highly versatile and helpful for any occasion.

Although expensive cameras are primarily in skilled photography, where it’s taken as professional equipment is a wide range of cameras installed with good specifications to allow day-to-day casual photography.

From a three-year-old enthusiast to a 55-year-experienced photographer, there is room for everyone in the digital market.

However, this article will highlight some cameras that are more used and recommended for casual use.

Which are the Best camera for kids?

Here are my recommended top 13 Best camera for kids:-

VTech KidiZoom Duo 5.0: (best camera for young kids)

My daughter’s interest in photography peaked when I won a competition and was awarded the best photographer of the month.

She wanted to pursue the field, and I also wanted her to get practical experience with cameras so that she doesn’t have to start from scratch when she comes of age.

Therefore, I bought her VTech KidiZoom Duo 5.0, the best camera for young kids.

This camera utilized the latest and most convenient way to let the kids experiment with their imagination.

The prime reason I picked this camera was its all-rounder performance regarding every technical aspect of the photo.


Brand: VTech
Form Factor: Compact
Effective resolution: 5 MP
Optical Zoom: 4x
Video Resolution: 1080p
Screen Size: 2.4 inches

Image and Video resolution:

This cutest camera has quality images that make the kids love the fun.

The camera’s image resolution is 5 MP, and I found it compatible with the storage capacity.

I was able to take 200 shots before the storage filled up.

Moreover, when making videos in 1080p, a 10-minute video can be made without a struggle when an SD card has ample capacity.

I suggest the parent get a MicroSD card to expand the quality.

My daughter likes the selfie camera more.

I also find it pretty compelling when she takes our selfies with a picture quality 0.3MP, a reasonable resolution on a toy camera.

Many fun facts can be added to the pictures for funkier and fabulous pictures, but adding the effects reduces the resolution to 2 MP.

Optical Zoom

The 4x optical zoom and on and off shutter buttons make my 5-year-old daughter love the camera even more.

I had to teach her about the shutter because the button handling is standard and comfy.

Also, I did find much difference between the unzoomed and zoomed pictures as far as resolutions were concerned.

Why is this camera the best?

MyFirst Camera Two is made for kids between 6-9 years and gives image quality like low-end smartphones.

This camera is better to be in kids’ hands rather than smartphones.

Also, its build is good, with waterproof qualities, and it can resist bumps and knocks.

1000 mAh battery life has a reasonably long life span, and also, there is a Mass storage Device Class that lets the kid transfer the pictures to the computer.


MyFirst camera is perfect for anything that delights the kids in your family.

Although there is no optical or digital image stabilization, this camera enables the capturing of videos at 30 fps, making Oaxis my first Camera 2, an advanced camera for young kids.

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  • Solid build
  • Loads of fun features
  • Easy to use
  • microSD expandable storage
  • Digital zoom only

Polaroid Go: (Best Compact Camera for kids)

One of my friend’s sons wanted to become a photographer after getting involved in an image-making society at a very young age.

As he was a good image maker at 12, my friend encouraged him to click more stills after school.

On my last visit to my friend’s, I saw pictures of his son connected to an old camera.

I was impressed and decided to gift him Polaroid Go, the best compact camera for kids that I had recently evaluated while testing a newly launched camera.


Brand: Polaroid
Lens: Polycarbonate resin
Shutter speed: 1/250-1 sec
Aperture: f/12 and f/52
Focal length: 51.1 m
Weight: 242 grams

Image quality:

The Polaroid Go has a very aesthetic effect on the pictures.

I like the vintage photos with more dramatic shadows and darker blends.

The results do not make the picture quality underwhelming but rather elevate the charms of the image with pastel-like colors.

I did find any compromises in the photo quality as far as the detailing is concerned, which is more reason to get this camera for youngsters who want to learn photography.

The focal length of the pictures is 0.5 or more, and I recommend not taking the photos from a much-closed distance to avoid the blur effect.

Operation feature:

The handling of the camera is very straightforward.

There is a flash and shutter button.

The lens has a 1/250-1 sec shutter, enabled by a half-press button.

I have observed the shutter be adjusted by the lighting conditions in the targeted environment, and there is no need to sweat overexposure.

The camera flash gets on automatically when turned on, but I turned it off while clicking stills outdoors.

Why is this camera best?

The camera has a viewfinder that allows the photographer to glance at what is being captured.

The USBD connector charging is also very reliable, and a 47x 46 mm image ratio gives adorable miniature photos.


Kids who want to learn the basic handling of cameras with fun integration are much welcomed by Polaroid GO. I

ts design is endearing, and the image quality is a nostalgic tour from the vintage times.

The rechargeable battery and lens specs fit well in a tiny body, making Polaroid Go the best compact camera for kids.

The small photos with eye-catching colors on Zero Ink paper print look alluring.

Please Note that the pictures take around 15 minutes to develop, so I do not put the images in jacket pockets to avoid streaks.

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  • Small, light design
  • Retro Polaroid aesthetics
  • One-touch exposure
  • Selfie mirror
  • USB charging
  • Tiny prints

Instax Mini Hello Kitty: (The best Camera will be utterly irresistible to kids)

My little sister is disabled and always becomes delighted when she sees butterflies in our garden and tries to capture the poor creatures from her excellent chair.

I love to see her trying, but it’s heartbreaking at the same time that she can’t reach the butterflies.

To give her the pleasure of witnessing the beauty of butterflies from close, I am teaching her photography.

I have also bought her Instax Mini Hello Kitty.

It’s a very adorable image-making machine for young buds, and the best camera will be utterly irresistible to kids when they try it for the first time.


Model: Instax Mini Series instant 8
Effective resolution: 0.37 MP
Lens: 60 mm f/12.7
Shutter Speed: 1/60
Print image Size: 62x 46mm
Video capturing: 1080p
Weight: 395 g

Image quality

The best thing about this mini camera is its clear and crisp picture quality.

I have seen photos my sister clicked with this camera, and I could see the butterfly wings with realistic colors.

There was one picture my sister clicked where the butterfly was sitting on a rose, which was alluring. I could see the distinct colors of the yellow flowers from the blue and black butterfly in a clean and noise-free image.

Operating/ close-up filter

The operation of the camera is instant and straightforward.

I did not feel any difficulty teaching my sister how the camera works.

The most advanced feature of the camera is its aperture control settings.

This operation makes the image quality selectable under different conditions.

I taught my sister to change the aperture from the dial around the lens.

There are five settings for aperture, ranging from f/12.7 aperture for indoors, which allows the maximum amount of light to enter the sensor, to f/32, which is suitable for outdoors and excludes unnecessary light to ruin the pictures.

However, we faced only one issue whenever we wanted to take selfies; we had to add a close-up filter as the camera is not fortified with a built-in close-up lens feature.

Why is this camera best?

The best thing about this kid camera is its optical TTL viewfinder, a rare feature in many kid cameras.

I considered this feature before buying because I wanted my sister to click the desired photo after consideration through the viewfinder comfortably.

The camera also has Auto, Cloudy, and Sunny Modes that give perfection by omitting color overlaps.


Instax Mini Hello Kitty is the best camera to be irresistible to kids, especially after glancing at the lovely Hello Kitty outer.

Moreover, the camera’s specifications make it very cool to get pictures whenever and wherever.

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  • Incredibly cute
  • Selfie mirror
  • Separate close-up lens

Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro: (Best hybrid instant/digital camera saves the pictures it prints)

There is an outstanding progression in technology when I look at cameras.

From simple digital cameras to instant now, those that can save the pictures they print are exceptional.

I recently rated some cameras on my YouTube channel as some viewers asked for the reviews.

The review focused on some hybrid cameras, and Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro was at the top of my list with its unmatched image processor and powerful lens.

I have rated this Camera as the Best hybrid instant/digital camera that saves the pictures it prints.

The best thing about the printouts is that they stay intact in quality, as I have not seen on other instant cameras.


Brand: KODAK
Feature: Portable
Film Format: Instant
Weight: 400 g
Exposure: Automatic
LCD: 1.7-inch


The camera has artistic mini rectangular black, yellow, and white colors, which appeal to me.

I located the power button alongside the shutter button at the camera’s top.

The camera is installed with a rare 1.7-inch LCD.

There is also a five-button pad for choosing the photos for printing.

The camera has a built-in rechargeable battery, and the micro USB port for charging is placed on the camera’s right side.

The battery has a good life span and gets charged quickly.

Picture and print:

The camera has an exceptional feature that I did see in any other instant camera, and it’s the mini-printer inside.

The printer lets the pictures retain the sharpness and color accuracy we usually lose in instant cameras after printing.

While clicking stills, the camera may suffer in all lighting conditions, but its image quality is excellent.

The camera can also print photos taken from a smartphone.

Mini Shot is connectable to Android or IOS with a Bluetooth printer and gets the images printed with the Mini Shot app.

The wireless app connection enables photo editing settings such as brightness and contrast.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera is one of my favorites because of its printing abilities.

Some may think that the printing takes time because photo paper has to roll in the camera printer four times to get all the elements of the images, but I find it the same as the time taken by other instant camera prints to develop the pictures.


Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro is the best hybrid instant/digital camera that saves the pictures it prints and gives a perfect quality picture.

Some of the overall specifications have been made, such as not storing digital images, a ubiquitous feature on other print cameras.

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  • Fine photo quality in 3-inch square print format
  • Prints both borderless and bordered photos
  • It comes with enough consumables for 68 photos
  • Bluetooth only; no Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Android or iOS only; no Windows or macOS support

Instax Mini 11: (Best instant print goodness camera, straight out of the box)

Instant Mini cameras are fun to use and are too adorable to look at.

They even have some terrific and creative options to make the images more joyful.

I bought one Instax camera for my little one a few months ago when we were visiting Disneyland, but there was much blur in the pictures.

Moreover, we did not like the quality of the brightness of the camera and decided to replace it with a new one.

Instax Mini 11 improved the picture quality, and the moment I saw the results of this camera’s pictures, I knew it was the best instant print goodness camera straight out of the box.

I bought it for my son, and finally, he got the results he wanted.


Model: Instax Mini 11
Lens: f= 60 mm
Viewfinder: 0.37x, real image finder
Shutter: ½-1/250 (programmed)
Exposure: (ISO 800) Automatic
Film ejection: Automatic
Dimensions: 107.6*121.2*67.3 mm
Weight: 293 g

Image quality
I have found Instant Mini 11’s picture quality on par with pastel-like colors and very smooth details in the final presentations.

The image-making potential of this device is much better and higher than similar products in the market.

I also admire the more dramatic dark and shadows in the pictures I clicked in low light conditions.

The camera exposure does not need adjusting manually with changing lighting conditions as its sensitivity judgment of the scene is very high-end.

The only issue I have faced is that the outdoor shoots sometimes get washed out, especially the skies and white clouds; otherwise, the scene comes out very life-like.


The camera batteries are durable and overcome a day of working or 100 shots before drainage.

An issue must be omitted from the camera: its flash.

The camera is not introduced with a switch to turn off the flash; it automatically gets on with every click.

The positive thing about this instant camera is its shutter, which has a ½-1/250 range.

The camera can shoot in every lighting as the shutter can control the amount of exposure.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera has a precise Viewfinder that previews the shot before the last click.

The selfie mode is also very edgy, and a selfie mirror is built into the camera, increasing the machine’s versatility.

The close-up I get with the built-in selfie mirror is far better than the clip-on attachment system of 11’s predecessors.


Fujifilm camera has given the instant camera stock a highlighter.

From very advanced features to the super image quality I have seen in the previous camera, the Instax Mini 11 is the best instant print goodness camera straight out of the box.

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  • Inexpensive
  • True automatic exposure
  • Mirror and close focus for selfies
  • Available in many fun colors
  • Uses color or black-and-white Instax Mini film
  • AA battery power
  • Can overexpose in bright light and when focused close
  • No tripod socket

Canon ELPH 180: (Best Camera for young teens)

My elder daughter was elected as a cheerleader in the school, and we were delighted.

As my daughters were so close to each other, my younger one was eager to cover the whole event to ensure she took every click of his sister’s moves.

She has a Canon ELPH 180, which she bought due to her passion for photography.

She has learned all her skills from me, and the day she covered her sister’s event, I was proud that I taught her right.

However, some credit is due for ELPH 180, which proved so handy and versatile in helping my daughter learn the basics of photography that I rate it the best camera for young teens.


Model: Canon ELPH 180
Effective Megapixel: 20.0 Megapixels
Image sensor: ½.3 inch, CCD
Lens: 5.0(w)-40.0 (T)
Aperture: f/3.2(w)-f/6.9 (T)
ISO range: 100–1600
Shutter speeds: 1-1/2000 sec
Viewfinder: Not available
Dimension: 95.2*54.38 22.1mm
Weight: 126g

ISO/Shutter speed

The ISO range of this camera is from 100-1600, and it is the best range for kids’ cameras as they don’t need to have much input brightness in the final images.

To get the desired picture, the shutter speed of 1-1/2000 sec is a stretch.

I taught my daughter to click a fantastic portrait of her sister at school.

I told her to keep the shutter at 1/50 sec and ISO to the native range while my elder one performed.

We got a striking motion blur while her hands were elevated in a pose.

Aperture/ Depth of field

It took work for my daughter to learn how aperture and depth of field are interrelated.

However, I successfully backed her to make a fantastic depth of field when we clicked a photo of the whole stage, including the foreground and background, with a narrow aperture.

I clicked the portrait of Principal Sir while he was giving a speech by keeping the gap wide open to its maximum range of f/3.2.

White balance/ Frame rate

It was morning, and my daughter was getting blue hues in the cold morning.

I then told her to switch the white balance and select the mode that gives the best white of the cheerleader’s dress.

Daylight Mode worked best in this regard, so we kept this setting for the rest of the day.

My daughter also shot a video of my daughter while she was performing with 24 fps, which gave a very cinematic sense to the clip.

Why is this camera best?

This camera has 20.5 Megapixels, out of which 20.0 are effective.

What I liked the most about this camera is its capability to take a crystal clear picture that doesn’t get blurred or distorted overprinting.


Canon Vixia ELPH 180 is the best camera for young teens to explore the possibility of photo-making with TTL autofocus, which is very precise in tracking the subject target.

Also, the camera is lightweight with an exquisite design, which makes it more adaptable to the hand while working.

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  • Image Stabilization
  • Face Detection Focusing
  • Face Detection Focusing
  • 20.0MP – High-Resolution Sensor
  • 126g Light Body
  • 224mm Good Tele Lens
  • No Wireless Connection
  • No Touch Screen
  • No RAW Shooting

Sony Cybershot DSC-W800: (Best compact family camera with a 5x optical zoom)

Professional cameras are expensive, and that’s the only reason I don’t take my camera on family holidays.

Because family trips are always messy, I prefer to keep my precious professional image-making machine at my studio.

However, family holidays need a sturdy and easy-to-carry camera to make the trip more memorable.

Sony Cybershot DSC-W800 is the one that keeps my professional and personal life to a certain distance by providing the best shots with its unique technical specifications.

I started using this best compact family camera with a 5x optical zoom when I went on a family holiday to visit one of my uncles in India.


Model: Sony Cybershot DSC-W800
Effective Megapixel: 20.1MP
Image sensor: 1/2.3 CCD
ISO range: 100-3200
Shutter speeds: Auto (2 – 1/1500)
Image stabilizer: Optical Image Stabilization
Dimension: 96.8*55.5*20.8 mm
Weight: 125 g

ISO/Shutter speed

India is a place that shines during the day and becomes deprived of enough lightning conditions after sunset.

It was a bit different there compared to what photography looks like in America, so I had to utilize both ends of ISO while clicking my family picture.

I clicked terrific images of my family in the Tahj Mahal while keeping the ISO to its base range and the shitter slow.

However, when we visited the deserts of Rajasthan and were in an old fort, I clicked pictures of my wife with an antique background during sunset, and I had to take ISO to 1200 to get the picture brightened up.

Aperture/Depth of field

Besides taking pictures of my family, I also explored the native people and culture and took some fantastic images.

I remember capturing a boy eating traditional Pani Puri from a roadside stand.

I needed to catch the air, the seller, and the boy, so I narrowed the depth by narrowing down the aperture.

The aperture range of the camera towards the narrow end was needed for me to make solo images of some women in traditional Indian clothes to get to the root of the culture.

White balance/Frame rate

Auto white balance did not work in India because the sunlight sometimes becomes too peaked to alter the temperature ranges and disable the Camera’s Auto Mode to get pure white.

To get this right, I used to work with Daylight Mode in the mornings and Auto in the-dark shots.

I was able to capture a 1280×720 movie at 30 fps.

Why is this camera best?

No matter the situation, the W800 makes it easy to click pictures in remarkably High clarity and makes HD videos with 20.1 megapixels CCD sensory.

The resolution makes capturing the beauty of people and places in their organic form possible.


The camera works the best while giving enough detailing in the Party Mode without ruining the quality, and the credit goes to its zoom.

The Sony CyberShot DSC-W800 is the best compact family camera with a 5x zoom that delivers what’s expected and imagined.

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  • Compact size
  • No Bluetooth
  • Low Price
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No Bluetooth
  • Plasticky Finish

Fujifilm FinePix XP140: (Best Fujifilm’s rugged Camera is a waterproof, affordable hit for kids)

Living around the ocean and the beach and the passion for photography are two interlinked approaches.

I live in Miami and do ocean photography, but my professional camera is too expensive to be touched by my mischievous kids.

To tackle the issue, I have bought them Fujifilm FinePix XP140.

This incredible and the best Fujifilm rugged camera is a waterproof, affordable hit for kids, especially if there is always a watery environment.

This camera has a long-lasting and stylish build and is not so heavy.


Model: Fujifilm FinePix XP140
Effective Megapixel: 16.4 MP
Lens: Fujinon 5x optical zoom lens
Image sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS
ISO range: 100-12800
Shutter speeds 1/4 sec. to 1/2000 sec.
Storage: SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card
Image stabilizer: CMOS shift
Dimension: 109.6mm*71.0* 27.8mm
Weight: 207.4g

ISO/Shutter speed

The ISO settings of the camera on the native value of 100 work best on the sunny beaches of Miami.

I often help my son get amazing shots of jet skis on the waves.

We keep the shutter speed fast to get the freeze of the moving boats with a little elevation in the ISO.

Otherwise, the essential ISO suffices the need to get a bright picture.

Aperture/Depth of field

When I bought the camera for my kids, I used to click photos to test the camera.

I captured a ship on a voyage with a narrow aperture to include the vastness of the sea in the picture.

Once I clicked a photo of the sun, the aperture blades gave a magnificent beam shot.

White balance/ Frame rate

When clicking the photos on the beach, keeping track of the white balance is essential.

I use it in Auto and Daylight Modes to make the RAW whites pop out.

The camera permits continuous shooting at ten, five, and three fps.

The frame rates may change according to the shooting conditions.

Why is this camera best?

The camera’s 5x zoom is a compelling feature that lets me get distant objects and scenes preserved in my lens with copious details.

I also like the 16.4 Megapixel back-illuminated sensor that is equally capable of capturing shots in high and low light conditions.


Besides the camera’s unique features that give excellent picture quality, Fujifilm FinePix XP140 is also a durable device for any condition.

Extraordinarily best, Fujifilm’s rugged camera is a waterproof, affordable hit for kids.

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  • 16.4MP back-illuminated CMOS Sensor
  • Dive Rating of about 25 metres
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • 4K Video is only 15fps

Olympus Tough TG-6: (Best strengthened snapper for the rough and tumble of active family life)

I have always tried to keep my family active, healthy, and together.

To strengthen the bond between us, I needed to be always available for my kids and try to get creative with my photography to earn from it while staying put with my family life.

Now, I have a photography blog, and I am blessed to be able to give my time to what matters the most.

I recently wrote an article about the camera for tumble family moments.

I included ten cameras, one of which is my own Olympus Tough TG-6, the best-strengthened snapper for the rough and tumble of active family life.


Model: Olympus Tough TG-6
Effective Megapixel: 12 MP
Image sensor: 1/2.33 inch
ISO range: 100 – 12800
Shutter speeds: 1/2 to 1/2000 sec
Image stabilizer: CMOS shift
Dimension: 113 mm* 66*32.4mm
Weight: 253 g

ISO/Shutter speed

Nothing can be captured with 100-1600 ISO, as this standard sensitivity range allows the camera to illuminate the picture.

When I capture the image of my family in our backyard, I always use 100 ISO, and when we are having dinner in the spans of our nearby tree house, I keep the ISO to 5000 to get the pictures to brighten up.

The shutter speeds work the same, and both slower and higher ranges can be set up to get what’s required.

I once captured my son running in the yard with a fast shutter speed of 1/800 to reach the freezing effect.

Aperture/Depth of field

The lens of the camera has wide and tele aperture ranges.

When I capture the tumble movements of our family, I often include our house behind in the picture by keeping the depth of field wide with a narrowed aperture range.

It’s the opposite when I capture my kid’s solos by controlling the aperture wide to its f/2.0 values.

White balance/ Frame rate

Auto white balance works best for photographing the house premises.

I have never felt the need to change the white balance to any other mode.

I can also get continuous shooting at 20 and 10 fps with the electronic shutter.

Why is this camera best?

This camera can adapt to temperature changes without damaging the lens.

As we live in the part of the country where fog is widespread comes the winters.

The camera lens has an anti-fog design that keeps the lens from condensation formation.


Olympus Tough TG-6 turns fantastic family time into more joyful with its best capacity.

Whether a 12 MP sensor or an 8x Digital teleconverter, I always get outstanding results with the best-strengthened snapper for the rough and tumble of active family life.

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  • Tough, waterproof build.
  • Add-on lenses and macro lights are available.
  • Sharp rear LCD.
  • Wide aperture lens.
  • 4K video.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Not a touch screen.

GoPro Hero8 Black: (Best Inexpensive but highly capable Camera for adventurous family holidays)

I went with my family to Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.

I lost the camera that I had used for eight years.

The most disturbing thing could have happened before starting a thrilling voyage.

Although disheartened, I did not want to ruin it for my family.

Therefore, I decided to buy a mid-range camera to get me through the holidays.

After giving it a little thought, I purchased a GoPro Hero8 Black.

I was surprised to find out the image outcome I got with this best Inexpensive but highly capable Camera for adventurous family holidays.


Effective Megapixel: 12 MP
Lens: f = 24.4-15.1
Image sensor: CMOS
ISO range: 100 to 6400 in Auto Mode
Shutter speeds: 1/16000 to 1 (in Video Mode)
Image stabilizer: Digital
Dimension: 2.4*1.3*1.8
Weight: 117 g

ISO/ Shutter speed

The camera is equipped with an ISO sensitivity of 100-6400.

Keeping the ISO at 100 when capturing on sunny days is always wise.

I keep the shutter speed to 1/50 second to get the motion blur effect with a native ISO range.

However, while I was in Sand Dunes National Park, I clicked the photos of my family while they were in a boat with a shutter speed of 1/10 seconds to get the motion blur effect.

Aperture/ Depth of field

The depth of the field is variable with changing apertures.

I keep the aperture to a broader end range while closing up to a single object to get the bokeh effect.

I also release the gap to a minimum end value to get the whole scene deeper, including the details precisely when I capture the landscape.

White balance /Frame rate

While I was in Sand Dunes, we were staying at a resort.

The resort’s interior was exotic with Fluorescent lights, and I got the whites of my wife’s dress with the respective mode.

GoPro allows the formation of videos at 24-60 fps.

I particularly like the slow motion I get at 60 frame rates per second.

Why is this camera best?

This camera has impressive functionality to capture stills and videos on amazing family trips, honeymoons, and school tours.

I admire the HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization technology that gives steady results even when cliff diving from the hill.


Features that make GoPro Hero8 Black the best Inexpensive but highly capable camera for adventurous family holidays are confined in that it produces smooth and undistorted pictures and videos at all frame rates, even when the motion is high.

Moreover, the lens of this camera is much more potent than its predecessor for sharp and crisp outcomes.

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  • Stabilized 4K at up to 60fps.
  • Rugged, waterproof design.
  • Crisp touch LCD.
  • Integrated mount.
  • It has improved user interface.
  • USB-C charging.
  • Companion app with automated editing.
  • Promising Mod expansion system.
  • Cramped memory card slot.

Nikon D3500: (Best beginner DSLR that is a great camera for photography students)

I give small workshops to aspirant photographers on a multimedia agency’s behavior.

I have worked with the firm for a long time and have taught many students who later became successful photographers.

Many students ask questions during the first class about which camera is suitable for students, and the answer has changed with the launch of new models.

The best beginner DSLR candidate, a great camera for photography students, is the Nikon D3500.

This camera has proven its excellence with its great lens and powerful functionality.


Model: Nikon D3500
Effective Megapixel: 24.2 MP
Image sensor: 23.5 *15.6 mm CMOS
ISO range: 100 – 25600
Shutter speeds: 1/4000 to 30s
Viewfinder: single-lens reflex viewfinder
Dimension: 124*97* 69.5 mm
Weight: 415 g

ISO/Shutter speed

This Camera’s ISO sensitivity is higher than I have seen during my teaching career.

Specifically suggesting for beginners, I believe in getting a stable camera with a higher range of ISO that doesn’t introduce image noise.

The shutter speed of 1/30 is what I use for teaching the students to get the best motion blurs when trying to limit the movement of fast-moving objects.

I always recommend a 1/800-1000 shutter speed for a frozen effect.

Aperture/Depth of field

The depths of an aperture are inversely related to one another.

Increasing the one would decrease the other. I teach my students to grasp the concept while making images.

As for this Camera, I keep the aperture to a wide range while making portraits or clicking micro photos, and I keep the gap narrow while teaching my class how to capture are-landscape and deep field photos.

White balance/ Frame rate

Almost nine white balance settings in the menu give the flexibility to ensure the correct settings for the right lighting conditions.

The movie’s quality camera comes with a range that stretches from 24 fps to 60 fps for HD videos.

Why is this camera best?

This camera is a delight for newbies because it has several different Auto Modes that make it easy to capture beautiful moments without going through a lengthy menu.

Teaching the students with auto modes is essential before going to manual settings.


D3500 is a snappy image maker with state-of-the-art image processing, making handling very comfortable.

Due to its lightweight and manageable design and thoughtfully placed controls and dials, the Nikon D3500 is the best beginner DSLR, an excellent camera for photography students.

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  • Compact.
  • Affordable.
  • 24MP resolution.
  • 5fps continuous shooting.
  • Automatic image transfer via Bluetooth.
  • In-camera shooting guide for beginners.
  • Fixed LCD, no touch support.
  • There is no mic input.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3: (Best introduction to proper photography for bigger kids)

I attended the FIFA World Cup for my son’s love for BTS.

As Jung Kook performed at the opening ceremony, my son wanted to witness history’s most exclusive views and capture every moment.

He asked me to buy him a camera, and I purchased the Canon EOS Rebel SL3, the best introduction to proper photography for bigger kids.

He comprehended the tricks of good photography but still wanted me to click every picture for him at the ceremony, as he was afraid we would ruin the preservation of his most awaited event.


Model: Canon EOS Rebel SL3
Effective Megapixel: 24.1 MP
Image sensor: CMOS
ISO range: 100–25600
Shutter speeds: 1/4000 to 30 sec.
Storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
Viewfinder: Spot metering circle
Dimension: 122.4*92.6* 69.8mm
Weight: 449g

ISO/Shutter speed

As the opening of the FIFA World Cup happened in the evening, I had to increase the ISO to 200, a little higher than usual, because I was using a fast shutter speed to still the motion of the dancers behind Jung Kook to a seductive pose.

However, when I made some stills with the slow shutter speed, I switched to the native range of ISO because the shutter was slow enough to give ample light to the sensor.

Aperture/Depth of field

When Morgan Freeman performed at the opening ceremony, I took some fantastic clips by narrowing down the aperture to get the background and increase the depth.

However, I also clicked unique portraits of Jung Kook by stilling the smoke around when he was performing on the ‘Dreamers.

White balance/Frame rate

There was intricate lighting in the opening ceremony, and I thought I wouldn’t get whites with a kid’s camera.

Still, Auto Mode gave me enough assistance to get Organic coloring for clicking pictures for my son.

I also made fantastic videos of every performance and my son’s excitement during the ‘Dreamers’ to preserve this memorable occasion.

Why is this camera best?

SL3 is the most portable camera, specifically in the DSLR range.

Its light weight does not make it an underperformer, as it is equipped with everything required to get exceptional image quality with a 24.1 MP sensor.


It may seem like a kid’s camera, but its working capacities can outperform many other expensive, high-end flagships.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is the best introduction to proper photography for bigger kids, whether they understand the tricks of photo-making or not.

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  • Compact.
  • Vari-angle touch LCD.
  • 1080p video with good autofocus.
  • External mic support.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Not as capable as mirrorless alternatives.

Fujifilm X-T200: (Best fun to use, and excellent value camera)

My sister’s wedding was at the door when my camera broke, and it was so disheartening for me because, as a photographer, I am always in charge of the photo department.

I have captured unforgettable moments at every family event, but the idea of being unable to click at my sister’s wedding was heart-wrenching.

As there was a hectic environment around the house and I could not purchase a camera, I did some online digging about the best fun-to-use and great-value camera and came across the Fujifilm X-T200.

This camera helped me in every aspect of what I wanted to capture with excellent technicalities.


Model: Fujifilm X-T200
Effective Megapixel: 24.2 MP
Image sensor: (23.5mm*15.7mm) CMOS
ISO range: 200-12800
Shutter speeds:
Storage: SD Card / SDHC Card / SDXC Card
Viewfinder: 0.39-inches, 2,360K-dot OLED
Dimension: 121.0* 83.7 * 55.1
Weight: 321g

ISO/ Shutter speed

My sister’s wedding was on a vintage theme, and there was low light with bluish hues in the hall at the reception, but still, the native ISO of 200 enabled me to get enough brightness in this environment.

I kept the shutter speed slow throughout the event to expose the sensor to illumination by slowing the shutter.

Aperture/Depth of field

When I captured the stage background in the pictures, I had to keep the aperture narrow to get a wide field; however, most of the time, I did need to change the gap much as I was using it at f/6 to include enough of what I wanted in the pictures.

White balance/Frame rate

The stage was made with pure white flowers and ancient stones to get the effect of a medieval vintage wedding with a touch of modern delicacy.

I kept the white balance to Auto, and it did well to eliminate the hues of blue color from interfering.

The Frame rate with 4k video gets to 30 fps maximum, and with Full HD, it gets to 60 fps maximum.

Why is this camera best?

This camera elevates the meaning of what’s being captured with its 24.2 MP and 4k capabilities.

It’s a very promising image-making machine for any still or spontaneous moment as the touch screen LCD allows the photo makers to view what exactly is getting to the lens.


Fujifilm X-T200 is the best fun to use and a great value camera for family events because it has very resourceful specialist functional expertise.

The large APS sensor does the best work in capturing the light and hybrid phase plus contrast detection autofocus, tracking what’s in the frame accurately and snappily.

  • Compact build
  • Stylish looks
  • Built-in EVF
  • Swing-out touch screen
  • Speedy autofocus
  • USB webcam support
  • 4K video
  • Undersized control dials

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