12 Best cameras for filmmaking on a budget: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Filmmaking used to be a dream reserved only for the fortunate.

Thanks to modern technology, the Dream of filmmaking doesn’t seem as far-fetched anymore.

Even an average consumer can afford a professional camera.

However, not all cameras available on the market are suitable for shooting videos for movies.

You must look for specific features when buying yourself a camera for filmmaking.

The more features your camera has, the more options you’ll have at your disposal.

It just offers more versatility.

It can be challenging to tell which camera you should get for your filmmaking endeavors.

That’s nothing to worry about!

We put a list we put together of the best cameras for filmmaking on a budget;

Which are the best cameras for filmmaking on a budget?

Here are my recommended top 12 best cameras for filmmaking on a budget:-

Panasonic GH5s: (best cameras for filmmaking on a budget)

I grew up watching Christopher Nolan’s movies.

The Dark Knight trilogy is the best in the world.

I had decided early on that I would grow up to be a filmmaker just like Christopher Nolan.

The first step was finding myself a camera, but I didn’t have much money.

Then I learned about the Panasonic GH5s, The best cameras for filmmaking on a budget.

It completely changed my life.


4K Supported Sensor:

Shooting in 4k is a standard in filmmaking. No one ever settles for less at this point.

This Panasonic camera allows you to shoot in 4k in 59.94, 50, 29.97, and 25p.

It has a 10.4 Megapixel large sensor.

The “10.4 megapixels” might throw you off. Still, since it’s a large sensor, it works better than a camera with a 24 megapixel average- Sensored camera.

Ideal Features for filmmaking:

This Panasonic camera for designed for filmmaking excellence.

The primary purpose of this camera is videography and filmmaking.

That’s why it comes fully equipped with the perfect features for filmmaking.

It has a 14-bit RAW capture, which is lovely for post-production work.

It can record 4k in 60 fps, which is almost unprecedented for cameras at this price.

Sharp and Clean high ISO photography:

I’m a fan of the Dark Knight trilogy, so you can imagine my obsession with shooting videos at night.

This Panasonic camera shoots beautifully at a high ISO range.

I have shot Dark Knight-Esque Shots at ISO 6400 through 12800, and I feel like those shots are more than capable of giving Christopher Nolan a run for his money.

The sharpness of those shots is unparalleled.


This camera has allowed me to explore my aesthetic as a filmmaker with fantastic features specially designed for filmmaking.

So, if you have big dreams, get yourself the Panasonic GH5s now!

Trust me, and you won’t regret it.

  • Native 4K Sensor.
  • 3 Megapixels micro four-thirds sensor
  • 12 fps continuous shooting speed
  • Dual Native ISO.
  • Great build.
  • Dual card slots.
  • Vari-angle touch LCD.
  • Big, sharp EVF.
  • 14-bit Raw imaging V-Log L.
  • No in-body stabilization.
  • No erected-in flash.

Canon XF400 UHD: (best camera for self filming hunts)

I love hunting, and recently, I was inspired to teach others about it.

I just opened up my new YouTube channel, and it’s already doing super well!

I would shoot my hunting videos with my phone, and it was such a hassle.

I decided to then invest in a proper camcorder.

The camcorder I got was the Canon XF400 UHD, the best camera for self-filming hunt.


Impeccable Resolution:

This camcorder has a 1.0-inch 4K Ultra HD CMOS image sensor, which provides the most terrific results when I’m out and about in the jungle.

Its dual DIGIC DV 6 Image Processors give the resolution an ultra-realistic look that transports the viewer into your world.

It helps you create the most engaging videos.

Excellent Slo-Mo Feature:

This camcorder can record videos in HD with up to 140 frames per second!

I have used this feature to a great extent while shooting my hunting videos.

I have the most incredible videos of chasing a cheetah in Slow-motion on my YouTube channel.

The 140 frames per second rate make those videos look like the world has slowed down so that I could catch that Cheetah.

I get the most precise and crisp videos, whether I’m shooting in slow motion or fast motion.

Easy to Set Up:

When you’re messing with wildlife and trying to record it, you need a sturdy device.

The Canon camcorder is sturdy and relatively light. It’s portable and easy to set up.

You usually need someone’s help when you’re out hunting, but with my Canon camcorder, I’m able to record my hunting all on my own.

It also supports an external audio system, sharp Autofocus, and image stabilization on all 5 axis.


Wandering out and about in the wild is no easy feat, but recording high-quality videos of my journeys is one less thing to worry about.

My Canon XF400 UHD pretty much does all the work for me.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Get the best camera for self filming hunts now!

  • 29 Megapixel
  • 0-inch 4K UHD CMOS Image Sensor
  • 15x Optical Zoom Lens
  • 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 4K UHD Sensor
  • Dual SD Card Slots
  • 5-inch Touch Panel LCD
  • 24-inch Electronic Viewfinder
  • It lacks features for the more advanced professional.

Fujifilm X-T4: (best camera for low budget filmmaking)

I have many different hobbies, and making documentaries is one of them.

I was faced with the challenge of making a fashion documentary for a company recently.

It wasn’t about my filming skills. Instead, it was about the camera I was using.

It was high time to upgrade my camera, but I still had to stay under a budget.

I went out and bought myself the best camera for low-budget filmmaking, the Fujifilm X-T4.

It has all the qualities a perfect filming camera should have.


Exemplary Battery Life:

When shooting a fashion documentary, you have to take the camera outside.

If you don’t always have access to a charger, this Fujifilm camera has incredible battery life.

It keeps going for hours on end.

I take this camera out for entire days without having to charge it.

I’m yet to see another camera perform this well in battery life.

Excellent Features for Videography and Photography:

This Fujifilm camera is one of the best cameras for beginners and professionals.

It’s a 26.1-megapixel camera with an X-Processor 4 Image Processor, which gives it the best resolution of any camera of its kind. It has an ISO of 160-12800.

The high resolution allows its work phenomenally even at high ISO ranges.

I love taking this camera out at night for fashion videography as I get incredible results even in low-light.

This camera can shoot in 4k with up to 60 Frames Per second frame rate, which makes it an absolute delight to work with

Sharp Autofocus and Image stabilization:

This Fujifilm camera has the sharpest focus of any camera available on the market.

The tracking system this camera comes equipped with is also incredibly speedy and sharp.

Face and eye detection are also on par with the most high-end cameras available.

It locks focus on my model in a fraction of a second and captures the image in the blink of an eye.

It also has inbuilt image stabilization, which is an excellent feature if you’re into handheld videography.


The Fujifilm X-t4 is the best camera available on the market.

I have recommended it to some of my fashion blogger friends.

Each of them has been satisfied with my recommendation.

Some even regard it as the best camera to ever exist!

  • 1 megapixel APS-C
  • Pro-grade, dust- and splash-protected body
  • Excellent EVF
  • 160-12800
  • Articulating LCD
  • 15fps mechanical shutter
  • Improved battery
  • The excellent in-camera film looks.
  • Stabilized image sensor
  • 4K at 60fps
  • Some might not like a flip-eschewal screen.
  • The lowest shadowing focus area isn’t that small.

Sony Alpha A6600: (best budget mirrorless camera for filmmaking)

Directing videos is an underrated art that only those profoundly familiar with filmmaking and theater can appreciate.

I always wanted to be a director. I had a fascination with movies growing up.

I would pay attention to things most people wouldn’t, like the lighting used in shots, the angle, the exposure, etc.

Then a while back, during Christmas, I was gifted the Sony Alpha 16600.

It is the best budget mirrorless camera for filmmaking.

My life hasn’t been the same since.


Phenomenal Autofocus and Tracking:

Film-making is all about expressing emotion through action.

It’s about building a story through movements.

It requires a fantastic camera in tracking movement.

This Sony camera is precisely that.

It locks focus on the subject accurately in about 0.2 seconds.

It is incredible to focus on the subject even during sharp movements.

It has an accurate tracking system.

It also has an excellent eye and face detection system, making it an easy and fuss-free filmmaking experience.


This camera is not only optimal for filmmaking, but it’s also great for capturing high-quality photos.

It has allowed me to expand my filmmaking and photography horizons truly.

The 24.2 Megapixel APS-C sensor provides quality, high-resolution images.

It also has a 5 step Shutter speed advantage, which offers versatility when playing with exposure.

Since I naturally gravitate towards action photography due to my filmmaking roots,

I love the 11 fps continuous shooting features.

In-body Stabilization:

I can’t emphasize how crucial In-body stabilization is for filmmaking and photography.

Some lenses on the market come with in-built image stabilization, but it is not wise to rely on the lenses.

This Sony camera comes with in-body image stabilization on all 5 axis.

This feature gives stability and sharpness to images.


The Sony Alpha A6600 helped me kick-start my movie director journey.

I have decided to stick with this camera for as long as possible.

It offers the most for my buck. It has all the features filmmakers would ever need to produce exceptional films in a tiny and compact body.

I always suggest it to anyone looking for a high-quality multi-tasking camera.

  • AF at 0. 02 sec.
  • 2MP APS-C Exmor sensor
  • Wide 425-phase/425-contrast detection.
  • Up to 11fps continuous shooting
  • Real-time AF Tracking
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization
  • 5 step shutter speed advantage
  • Continuous focus tracking of your subject
  • Single, slower UHS-I card niche.
  • Drops in-camera flash.

Fujifilm X-T3: (best video camera for filmmaking on a budget)

I have enjoyed long walks on the beach, staring at the night sky, and sitting by the fireplace.

I was just always been very observant, and I love to live in the moment.

Last summer, I finally realized that I could put this wanderlust to good use and got myself the Fujifilm X-T3.

It is the best video camera for filmmaking on a budget.

Now I get to capture the beach, the night sky, and the fireplace and string them together in a story for my viewers to watch.


Excellent Resolution:

It’s a 26 MegaPixels Cropped Sensor camera that can shoot videos in 4k resolution.

I have gotten the sharpest, hyper-realistic videos with this camera.

I have shot incredible videos of the beach at night in 4k with 30 frames per second.

You usually have to turn up the ISO pretty high when shooting at night.

This Fujifilm camera performs exceptionally well even at high ISO ranges.

The sharpness and clarity of the video give life to the night-time beach scene.

Full Autofocus Coverage:

As a filmmaker, I love to work with the manual focus system in cameras, but it can get pretty tedious at times.

At some point, you have to switch to Autofocus.

I can’t, however, stand an inaccurate and slow Autofocus.

This FujiFilm camera locks focus on the subject in less than and second.

It also has an exemplary tracking system, making it one of the best cameras for filmmaking.

The Autofocus points also cover 100% of the sensor, providing the optimal accuracy and sharpness in images.

Sturdy Build:

Sometimes filmmakers put too much emphasis on the features of a camera.

They forget that the build, portability, and ease of use are just as important, if not more.

This Fujifilm camera has a sturdy build and dust and splash-resistant body.

I’m not scared to take this camera for shooting in extreme conditions.

I know it can withstand some roughness.

It also has easy-to-navigate features, a great LCD screen, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


It’s essential to have a camera that offers versatility to express the full scale of your creativity.

This FujiFilm X-T3 is exceptionally versatile and easy to use.

It almost seems too good to be accurate, but the movies I’ve shot with this camera are evidence of its competence.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Fujifilm X-T3 now!

  • 26MP BSI APS-C image sensor.
  • 20fps full-resolution shooting.
  • 30fps at 16.6MP.
  • Full sensor autofocus coverage.
  • 4K video.
  • Dust and splash protection.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • No in- body stabilization.
  • No erected-in flash.
  • Battery life could be better.

Nikon D500: (best cheap 4k camera for filmmaking)

Being an animator and a filmmaker is a lethal mixture.

It means that I’m more than capable of combining the two.

I began making CGI movies with my friends.

I had never gotten around to doing it because I never had a camera that produced videos with enough quality for CGI.

Last summer, I decided to finally splurge on my first professional camera, the Nikon D500.

I have to say, best cheap 4k camera for filmmaking you could buy!

This camera changed the path of my career!


Affordable with Great Build:

This Nikon camera is a bang for your buck, with is a sturdy body and easy-to-navigate features.

It has toggles for all the features and a superb control layout, which helps in easy operation with professional results.

It has a tilting fully touch supported LCD, and HDMI output, which helps you know exactly what you’re filming.

It has both XQD and SD Cad slots available. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Despite being sturdy, it’s still light and has portability.

High resolution provides versatility:

I want to be a CGI movie maker, which means that any camera with even a decent resolution is a no-go.

I need the best of the best. I need a camera that can withhold magnification and quickly shoot at high ISO ranges.

This Nikon camera is precisely that! It’s a 20.9-megapixel camera with a high-quality CMOS sensor.

Even at high magnification and high ISO ranges, the resolution is off the charts.

I once shot a realistic-animated short film.

It was a night-time movie with dragons.

I don’t know entirely how I pulled that off.

I know, though, that my Nikon camera was a significant catalyst.

Exemplary Autofocus:

Another essential feature in a camera to look for filmmaking is Autofocus.

A slow and inaccurate focus is a recipe for disaster when it comes to videography.

More often than not, when beginners are using a camera with poor Autofocus, they think it’s their fault that the camera isn’t focusing.

In reality, it’s the camera’s fault.

The Nikon camera we’re talking about is such an excellent camera for those who shoot mainly in Autofocus.

It turns on and fixes focus in less than a second.

The tracking system in this camera is also exceptional.


I remember starting my career as a cartoonist and wondering if I could animate these cartoons in a realistic setting.

The incredible resolution of my Nikon D500 has made that a possibility.

It has the perfect features for a filmmaking camera.

I couldn’t recommend it enough!

  • 9MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • Solid build.
  • Advanced, edge-to-edge autofocus system.
  • 10fps capture with tracking focus.
  • Large buffer for extended shooting.
  • Superb high ISO image quality.
  • Clean HDMI output.
  • Excellent control layout.
  • It was tilting touchscreen LCD.
  • XQD and SD card slots.
  • 4K videotape is cropped.
  • No erected-in flash.

Canon EOS 90D: (best canon camera for filmmaking on a budget)

Music Videos are essential to music these days.

They’re a story combined with another story.

The amount of your creativity you can explore in music videos is incomparable.

Using a subpar camera can limit can creative flow, though.

This is why I got myself the Canon EOS 90D, the best Canon camera for filmmaking on a budget.

Adding visual personality to music has become more fun, easy and engaging.


Highest Resolution with Affordability:

Leave it up to Canon to produce high-resolution cameras at affordable prices.

Here, the particular camera we’re talking about has a 32.5 Megapixel cropped sensor and DIGIC 8 Image Processor.

This combination provides ultra-high quality images with the least amount of effort.

It also has a 220,000-Pixel AE Metering Sensor Shooting.

It has Ultra high definition 4k in 30 frames per second video recording, which is lovely to work with when shooting my music videos.

Optimal Autofocus and Tracking:

This camera has a Movie Servo AF mode, which gives incredible accurate and natural focus when moving between different subjects.

It also has optimal subject tracking with the dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus, along with eye and face detection abilities.

It has a speedy Autofocus no matter what model you use.

Easy-to-use Controls:

I don’t like to fuss around with controls when shooting music videos.

This Canon camera allows me to shoot professional videos and explore my creativity as a filmmaker without the hassle of complex controls.

It’s fantastic for capturing photos, with the 10-fps continuous Shooting mode.

It comes fully equipped with an optical viewfinder and a large LCD.

It also has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


I used to be a freelance videographer.

The Canon EOS 90D has earned me a real job with a successful musician as a music video videographer.

The sharp Autofocus, realistic resolution, and incredible performance of this camera are impossible to beat!

  • 5MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 8 Image Processor
  • UHD 4K 30p & HD 120p Video Recording
  • 45-Point All Cross-Type
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • 10-fps Shooting
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Electronic Shutter Function
  • 220,000-Pixel AE Metering Sensor
  • No sync socket.
  • Single memory card niche.

Sony Alpha a6400: (best Sony camera for filmmaking on a budget)

Storytelling is one of the most profound arts ever.

It lies at the heart of creativity.

Modern technology has allowed us to explore storytelling in the most expressive and convincing ways.

Filmmaking is my favorite way to tell stories.

To tell compelling stories, you must have the best equipment.

I found my favorite camera for filmmaking back in January of last year.

It was a Sony Alpha a6400, the best Sony camera for filmmaking on a budget.


World’s Fastest Autofocus:

This camera claims to be the world’s fastest, and it lives up to its claims.

It has an Autofocus that’s so fast it locks focus on the subject in the blink of an eye.

I’ve never had another camera that works as quickly as it does.

It also has a precise and accurate tracking autofocus system, which allows me to shoot videos with optimal accuracy.

Best of Both Worlds:

With its exceptional ISO range and 24.2 MP Exmor CMOS sensor, this camera is superb to work with.

It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting videos for my movie or doing casual street photography.

It just works exceptionally well in both cases.

It has an 11fps continuous shooting mode, which is impressive for action photography.

It allows you to shoot videos in 4K movie2 w/ 2.4x oversampling4, full pixel readout, with no pixel binning.


We tried to make a movie similar to Blair’s Witch Project and needed a camera to film ourselves.

That was when I realized that this camera had a tiltable LCD that could rotate up to facilitate self-filming. I was astounded at this fantastic feature. The screen is also touch-supported.


I’m yet to find another camera on a budget that works as exceptionally as the Sony Alpha a6400.

I have made the best movies and captured the best pictures with this camera and have never complained.

I’d recommend the Sony a6400 to anyone looking for the perfect camera on a budget,

  • 2 MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  • 02 sec AF with real-time AF
  • Wide 425 Phase/ 425 contrast-detection
  • 11Fps continuous shooting at 24. 2MP
  • Time-lapse movies or slow/quick motion videos
  • Tiltable LCD screen
  • No in- body image stabilization.
  • Some functional frustrations.
  • UHS-I card niche.

Nikon z6: (best Nikon camera for filmmaking on a budget)

I’ve had many chances to have a career in many different professions.

Still, I never had a passion for any of those professions.

I always knew, though, that I loved movies.

They’d always leave me in awe.

Last summer, I was invited to shoot a movie, and I instantly knew what I wanted to do.

I asked the director what camera to get to start my career.

He recommended the Nikon z6, the best Nikon camera for filmmaking.

I dived headfirst into the filmmaking venture with my Nikon camera and never looked back.


Advanced White Balance Feature:

The White Balance feature allows you to be a wizard.

You can make an evening scene look like a bright daytime scene.

It helps to adjust the mood of your scene no matter what time of the day you film it.

It gives you massive creative control.

This Nikon has excellent white balance features.

Suppose you’re on the perfect set at the perfect time of the day.

In that case, this camera’s auto-white balance will give an accurate representation of what you’re seeing.

If not, the white balance adjustments allow you to manipulate the lighting and temperature to your creative desire perfectly.

Sharp at high ISO Ranges:

This camera works exceptionally great even at high ISO ranges.

I have shot some night scenes at ISO 6400 and above.

I have gotten the sharpest and cleanest results.

Sometimes I mess up the angle of the videos and have to magnify my videos.

The 24 Megapixel Full Frame sensor provides such high-quality resolution that even magnification in high ISO range shots looks terrific.

Most affordable Mirrorless Camera:

It’s a Full-frame Mirrorless 24 Megapixel camera at the price of a regular DSLR.

It’s a Mirrorless camera.

It also has an Electronic Viewfinder and in-body stabilization on all 5 axes.

It also has a high-speed Autofocus covering 90% of the full-frame, 12 fps continuous shooting in RAW format.

It can produce 4k supported high-resolution videos and a Touch screen LCD.

What more can you ask for a camera at this price?


My Filmmaking job just became the highlight of my day, thanks to the Nikon z6! Can you get a mirrorless full-frame camera in this price range?

It’s a steal!

I highly recommend this camera to all amateur and professional filmmakers alike.

It’s a delight to work with!

  • 24MP full-frame sensor.
  • Mirrorless camera.
  • 90 percent autofocus.
  • 12fps Raw continuous shooting.
  • In-body image stabilization.
  • Tilting touch LCD.
  • Big, clear EVF.
  • 4K video.
  • Oversensitive lens control ring function.
  • Single memory card niche.
  • No PC Sync socket.

Canon 80D: (best budget dslr for filmmaking)

I used to keep asking my father to buy me DSLR for my filmmaking ventures.

Even though he wanted to, he never did.

He wanted to see me make it on my own and fulfill my dreams by getting up on my feet.

That’s what I did. I hustled for a bit and got myself the Canon 80D camera, the best budget DSLR for filmmaking.

I’m proud to say that I’ve made a lot of money with my canon camera and have gotten up on my feet.


Portable Build:

This Canon camera is an average-sized camera that’s super lightweight.

Most of the weight comes from one of the finest viewfinders you’ll find in a camera.

The quality of the Viewfinder alone makes this Canon camera worth buying.

The body of this camera is also water and weather-resistant.

Optimal Videography and Lens Compatibility:

I love shooting from all different distances and focal lengths.

So, I need a camera that can support a plethora of different lenses.

This Canon camera provides versatility as it can support many different canon lenses.

It comes equipped with its lens and the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens. It has a 24.2-megapixel sensor and a DIGIC 6 image processor.

This combination gives this camera one of the most satisfying resolutions available in any camera.

Quick AutoFocus:

This camera has a 45-point cross-type autofocus system.

It focuses on the subject and captures images in a matter of nanoseconds.

It also has an improved tracking system for focus, which is extremely important when shooting with a low aperture lens.

It’s just an overall important feature to have.


Looking for a career in filmmaking?

Get yourself the Canon 80D now, and kick-start your career immediately.

That’s what I did, and I have come pretty far!

  • Optical Viewfinder
  • 2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • Built-In Wi-Fi with NFC
  • EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens
  • 0” 1.04m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen
  • Full HD 1080p at 60 fps
  • 45-point all cross-type autofocus system
  • No 4K videotape support.
  • Single SD card niche.
  • No PC sync connection.

Panasonic GH5: (best camera for filmmaking and photography on a budget)

Some people are tech-savvy, some are business-savvy, and I like to call myself history-savvy.

Finding the perfect solution, I had to incorporate this passion into my career.

I channeled my passion for history into making historical documentaries and visiting historical sites to capture images of artifacts.

I needed the perfect camera, and then I found the Panasonic GH5.

It is the best camera for filmmaking and photography on a budget.

I have increased my passion for history.


Astoundingly excellent Image Quality:

12 Frames per Second continuous capture mode and inbuilt image stabilization make for incredible quality action photos.

The image quality is off the charts with this camera.

It also works wonderfully for portrait shots when I use the right lens.

It has a beautiful autofocus feature, which supports faces and eye detection.

Incredible Video Quality for Filmmaking:

This Panasonic camera can capture videos in 4k at 60 fps max and 6k at 30 fps max modes.

I’m yet to see another camera that can shoot 6k in 30 fps, giving incredible resolution to my videos!

It also has in-body stabilization, a feature that all filmmakers find essential to quality filmmaking.

Incredible ISO Range:

This camera has an ISO range of 200 to 25600, but it can be further extended to ISO 100.

High resolution allows it to perform incredibly well, even in low light.

I have captured the Auroras in Alaska for a documentary on the most beautiful places in the world with this camera.

I did that with my camera set to ISO 6400 and still got the most amazingly clean and sharp results.


Historical documentaries, product photography, or vlogging, the Panasonic GH5 is an all-rounder, which does a fantastic job no matter what you’re capturing.

I would recommend everyone to go out and get this camera now!

  • Mirrorless camera
  • 3 MP micro four-thirds sensor
  • 12 fps continuous shooting speed
  • Strong image quality
  • In-body stabilization
  • 4K and 6K photo modes
  • Vari-angle touch LCD
  • EVF
  • Videotape autofocus can drift at 24 fps
  • Does not support Raw videotape recording

Canon EOS M50: (best budget cameras for film students)

I have many film student friends that have large collections of cameras.

It’s almost as if they’re obsessed with hoarding cameras.

The idea of hoarding or having too many things to manage gives me anxiety.

So, I was looking for a camera to fulfill all my filmmaking needs, so I wouldn’t have to buy 10 different ones.

I was lucky to find the Canon EOS M50, the best budget camera for film students.

I never felt like buying another one.


A videographer’s Dream:

This Canon camera is a 24 MegaPixel APS-C mirrorless camera, which gives it an excellent resolution for such a light and compact camera.

It allows you to shoot in 4K, which any filmmaker would appreciate.

Its LCD is also quite large and touchscreen supported, which provides a crisp and clear display.

Compact Build and Easy Controls:

My Canon camera can do everything any heavy and bulky I can do.

It has easy-to-use controls placed at the perfect spots to aid me in my filmmaking ventures.

The right side of the camera has all the top controls.

I don’t have to think twice to find them.

It comes with a built-in flash, a 3 inch LCD, and is Wi-Fi supported.

Quick Autofocus:

The Autofocus is one of the main features that make this Canon camera worth it.

It tracks the subject/object and locks focus, and quickly shifts focus when moving the camera around from subject to subject.

It works exceptionally well even in low-lighting, which is super helpful for a filmmaker like me.


The Canon EOS M50 offers the best resolution of any camera of its kind.

Ever since I bought it, I haven’t thought of getting another camera, and it’s that impressive!

This is saying a lot since filmmakers are usually obsessed with collecting cameras.

  • Compact
  • 24MP APS-C image sensor
  • 10fps burst
  • 4fps with tracking
  • Wide focus coverage area
  • Vari-angle touch LCD
  • Mic input
  • EVF
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4K videotape is cropped with slower autofocus.
  • Native lens options are still limited.


Alright, guys, so that concludes all the cameras we will talk about today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your best cameras for filmmaking on a budget?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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