5 Best Cameras for Gaming: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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One might wonder what relationship cameras have with gaming, but technological progress has allowed the world to see what you play.

Streaming of online games has become a norm on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Streaming has become more popular because people like to see others get excited while having exciting gaming moments during the play.

It can also be regarded as an activity to let young people connect around the globe to witness their gaming skills.

Cameras allow gamers to explore no matter the background and current status of online gaming.

This article is exceptionally written to shed some light on the best webcams and cameras for online gaming, so let’s take a look without further delay.

Which are the Best Cameras for Gaming?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Cameras for Gaming:-

Logitech StreamCam: (best webcam for online gaming)

Online gaming is the only indoor fun activity that gives me enough relaxation after long working hours at my photo studio.

At first, I used to play without online streaming, but then I started learning more about Twitch.

The more I got into online gaming, the more fascinating it became.

I used an old webcam that wasn’t efficient for some time but realized I needed good picture quality to stream well, so I bought the best webcam for online gaming.

Logitech StreamCam improved the picture quality and gave me a clear audio experience.


Lens: Premium FHD Glass lens
Aperture: f/2.0
Focal length: 3.7 mm
Field of View: 78 degrees (diagonal)
Focus: 10 cm –infinity
Max Video Resolution: 1080p/60 fps
Supported Frame Rates: 5-60 fps
Live Indicator: White LED
Dimensions: 85*58*48mm
Weight: 222g


It may be a very pricy device, but it has improved the video quality of my streams to the extent that I am gratified with how I look in the videos.

I was getting little from my old, inexpensive device, and the transition to StreamCam was an excellent progression.

I had yet to find Jerky movements or lags when I used the cam for the first time.

I was also satisfied by the life-like color presentation and crystal picture at 1080p/60 fps, which is superb video quality.

With a dual omnidirectional mic, my voice sounds sharp and vibrant even when I have moved my chair to a distance from the setup.

Field of view/Special feature:

The webcam supports 78 degrees of field of view.

I have streamed in the landscape and portrait modes, giving the same 78 degrees of view.

Once, I was streaming and noticed a shadow in the video due to some background lamps; I added a ring light to improve the evenness of the luminosity.

Besides the sturdiness and efficient video performance, there are some features, such as Smart Auto-Framing.

This feature keeps me in the frame while I am streaming effortlessly.


The webcam supports Logitech Capture software, which is versatile and provides many video settings.

I can adjust the aspect ratio, add text, and adjust the filters and audio of the video.

The webcam settings from the software are not very complex and can be done effortlessly.

Logitech’s compatibility with other software, such as Streamlabs Desktop and Open Broadcaster, gives more edge to streaming to social platforms.

Why this camera is the best:

I have also used the video quality at 720p and 360p, and the camera supports 24-60 fps for these lower-than-full HD video qualities.

The autofocus of the webcam is also efficient in facial tracking with its AI-enabled technology.

The square design of the webcam is very sturdy yet clean and eye-pleasing.

I like how it looks when I mount it on my monitor.

Moreover, the webcam comes with a 5-foot USB-C cable that enables me to connect it to a monitor.


Logitech StreamCam is a very appreciative device for regular gamers and content creators.

Besides its audio and video quality, the Capture software is also very smooth and gives multiple options for making streaming even more fun.

Undoubtedly, StreamCam is the best webcam for online gaming, but a privacy shutter would be a step ahead of the improvement.

  • Crisp, smooth video.
  • Lots of recording options.
  • Includes screen and tripod mounts.
  • Logitech Capture software doesn’t stream.

Razer Kiyo Pro: (best webcam for low light performance)

A gamer usually needs the best webcam for low-light performance because this unaccompanied issue often keeps them from streaming well.

My cousin is a regular streamer and made his gaming setup in an outstanding studio with a low-light ambiance.

Unfortunately, his webcam ruined his streams because he could not find good picture quality.

Last week, he came to me at my camera lab and asked me to help him buy something sturdy and proficient.

As a photographer, I have lived around cameras and camcorders; thus, I was already familiar with the Razer Kiyo Pro, the only webcam suitable for low-light gaming studios.


Lens: wide-angle
Field of View: 103°/90°/80°
Focus: auto and manual
Max Video Resolution: 1080p/60 fps
Dimensions: 2.71* 2.71* 1.91 inches
Weight: 6.9 ounces


The picture quality of the Kiyo Pro is particularly striking when it comes to darker environments.

I could retain the background detailing while testing the picture quality of the webcam, which is why I suggested this webcam to my cousin.

The low-light rooms often make the picture quality grainy as there is inferior exposure, but that’s not the case with Kiyo Pro, as the Adaptive light sensor and wide aperture ensure the capture of enough light to nullify the effect of darkness.

My cousin could also play Minecraft at 1080p/60 fps without lags.

The microphone of the device is suitable for streaming.

Field of view unique feature:

I have seen many webcams, and most are restricted in the field of view; however, Kiyo has three field view ranges.

There are 80 degrees (narrow), 90 degrees (medium), and 103 degrees (Wide) preset.

I told my cousin he might transit between the views through Razer Synapse Software. Kiyo’s video quality is confined in that its Pixel size is better than even 4k, which permits better low-light performance.


The Razer Synapse allows basic and advanced settings for the picture.

I changed brightness and contrast through Basic and aperture, tilt, and PowerLine frequency settings through the advanced menu while mounting the webcam on my cousin’s monitor.

Why is this camera the best?

One feature that elevates the crisp and vivid image eminence is its HDR-enabled picture quality, which defines what’s being shown to the world.

Furthermore, the 2.9-micrometer pixel size, which is more than 2-micrometers of 4k, is an astonishing feature of this cam.


Apart from being the best webcam for low-light performance, it’s also a high-end device for maintaining the quality of pictures in more demanding software such as Zoom.

The 1080p video ability elevated by HDR support and uncompromised 60 fps sleek run makes this webcam a premium gaming streaming option.

  • Sharp video for 1080p
  • Good exposure, even in low light.
  • Crisp, clear microphone
  • Bloated Razer software

Logitech C920S: (best value webcam for online streamers)

With the increasing gaming trend, people are allowed to play with others.

Instead, they share their experience with the whole world through streams.

The need for webcams is inevitable when streaming on Twitch, but some good quality webcams are too expensive, and the moderately priced ones need more picture and sound quality.

However, Logitech is one of the flagships that has produced some of the best-value webcams for online streamers.

I have been using Logitech products since I started streaming, and with the launch of the Logitech C920S, the experience has been elevated tenfold.


Lens: Glass lens
Field of View: 78 degrees
Focus: Autofocus
Max Video Resolution: 1080p/30 fps
Dimensions: 43.3*94*71mm
Weight: 162g


The video supported by C920 is 1080p/30 fps; however, I can also switch the resolution to 720/20 fps.

The video frame rates are not 60 fps, which I usually see in other webcams; still, the appearance of the video neither stutters nor lags.

I can also see the background with everything defined realistically.

Even when I am transiting between the positions, the camera’s autofocus tracks my face and omits the chances of blurring my picture.

The omnidirectional mic outfitted in this cam is very sharp and separates the background sounds and my voice while streaming, making my voice sound clear.

Field of view/Special feature:

This model has the same 78-degree field of view.

It’s a standard in Logitech, and I haven’t seen any improvement.

No matter which picture presentation I use, the 78-degree field of view is un-adjustable.

The special features include a RingLight addition for better luminosity and a dual mic for stereo audio.


This model also comes with the same Logicapture software that provides creative and functional control over the video.

Every setting, such as white balance, switching off the autofocus, and adjusting the white balance, is doable from the software.

Why is this the best camera?

The camera includes a privacy shutter, which I have yet to witness in more expensive Logitech devices.

Moreover, the automatic HD light correction with Logitech’s RingLight 2 technology optimizes lighting according to the conditions.


I looked at the price range and overall performance; the Logitech C920S is the best webcam for online streamers.

Though it does not include 60 frame rates per second, it has a privacy shutter, a feature that some high-end webcams from Logitech lack.

Moreover, I also like the small but sturdy outer of this machine.

  • Great quality on a budget
  • Sturdy, reliable build
  • Autofocus is fantastic
  • Framerate capped at 30fps
  • Lacks variable FOV
  • White balance is a bit ‘meh’

Sony A7C: (best all-around camera for gamers)

My son has recently started his gaming setup and needed a camera to stream.

Sony A7C has been in my photo studio for a long time, and I am familiar with the video quality of this device.

This camera served me best with photographic performance, and I can vouch for it.

I was also impressed by the terrific video quality and streaming abilities.

A7C is the best all-around camera for gamers, streamers, and photographers.

I handed over this camera to my son as I was taking a few months off from work and didn’t need it.

However, before using this camera for streaming games, there is a need to switch some settings.


Sensor: Full-frame BSI CMOS
Max Video Resolution: 4k
Effective pixels(video): 24.2 MP
Supported Frame Rates: 24-30 fps
Field of view: 100%
Viewfinder: 1.0cm/2259296dots equivalent
Focus: Hybrid AF
Dimensions: 124.0*71.1*59.7mm
Weight: 509g

Video quality:

Online gamers can maintain image quality like webcams while streaming from dimly lit rooms.

The camera supports 4k ultra HD video at 30 fps, and I have seen how smooth it gets during ongoing streams.

Multiple shooting modes include Single Shooting, Continuous Shooting, and Self-timer.

The A7C can shoot continuously at 10 fps and with autofocus tracking up to 8 fps during live view mode.

When I handed over my camera to my son, I changed the autofocus settings from video mode to Touch Tracking.

Audio quality:

I particularly noticed the headphones and mic sockets that allow clean audio production while making videos or streaming games.

The microphone I bought my son to pair with this camera has a noise-reduction ability to make the audio clear and crisp.

Field of view:

Don’t be fooled by the camera’s small size because its ability to cover 100% field view makes it more versatile.

I found the field of view very satisfactory while allowing my son to stream by including foreground and background in the picture with defined detailing.

Moreover, The 4k movie making that comes with a depth of field control by changing the aperture also gives space to create beautiful bokeh and explicit scenes with a full-frame sensor.

The sensor uses full-pixel readout and 6k sampling for 4k shots that enhance the detailing of the view while streaming or video making.

Why is this camera the best?

The camera is the most diminutive beast with a sized image sensor befitted in the magnesium alloy chassis.

The image sensor and the lens with 28-60mm focal length make this compact camera an exceptional device for my son to stream.

Note: Streaming is possible with the MTP setting enabled through the menu.


Although the Sony A7C comes with a small and hefty price tag, it is still the best all-around camera for gamers and those multitasking content creators who want to get 24.2 MP resolution in image making and 4k UHD for video making.

Regardless of the aim, A7C always comes up with a way to achieve it.

  • A full-frame camera in a small, compact design
  • Sturdy, bright, articulating screen
  • Excellent retracting lens
  • Great Sony autofocus performance
  • EVF is on the small side
  • No front command dial and focus joystick
  • 4K tops out at 30fps

Canon EOS M50 Mark II: (best value mirrorless camera for gamers)

I have seen that DSLRs are much better known in the gamer communities rather than mirrorless.

However, I feel more comfortable working with mirrorless cameras.

I have a Canon EOS M50 Mark II, the best value mirrorless camera for gamers, and a fantastic image maker.

It has been my companion on my tours for years, and it also helps me stream my videos on Twitch when I pair it with EOS webcam software.

I got a potent webcam with smooth streaming quality with M50 Mark II.

Moreover, this camera’s ability to stream depends on my lens.


Sensor: Full-frame BSI CMOS
Max Video Resolution: 4k
Effective pixels(video): 24.2 MP
Supported Frame Rates: 24-30 fps
Field of view: 100%
Viewfinder: 1.0cm/2259296dots equivalent
Focus: Hybrid AF
Dimensions: 124.0*71.1*59.7mm
Weight: 509g

Video quality:

I can shoot footage at 4k videos at 25 fps and high-speed videos at 720p.

Being a regular content creator and gamer, I am impressed by this device’s vertical video recording feature to facilitate productivity, as this is the best format to upload videos on social media sites.

The camera is compatible with streaming on YouTube.

As mentioned above, with EOS webcam software, I can reliably use this camera for streaming with increased picture quality with an appropriate lens.

I mostly use the wide-aperture lens to create an artistic background while streaming.

Audio quality:

One issue with this device is that it does not have a built-in microphone, so I had to connect an external microphone to process audio.

However, it’s a norm for gamers to have Britney-style microphones, so the lack of built-in ones does not bother gamers.

Field of view:

The field of view of the video while shooting and streaming with cameras originally made for photography depends upon the lens’s aperture.

Mark II is an intractable lens camera.

Hence, I mostly use a wide-aperture lens to get a bokeh effect during video making and streaming.

Why is this camera the best?

The camera is small and easy to hold but a comprehensive gadget that allows me to capture photos while on travel and stream by mounting it to a tripod.

The LCD touchscreen is sharp, and the viewfinder has 2.36 million dots, giving me a crisp preview of what is being shot.

The chassis is plastic, but it’s not expensive; I have seen the durability of this camera on my travels well.


Canon EOS M50 Mark II is a value mirrorless camera for gamers who can improve picture quality by letting more light fall on the sensor.

Moreover, the vertical video recording, Eye AF for stills and videos, makes it multipurpose in its utilization.

  • Lightweight build with lenses to match
  • 24MP APS-C imaging
  • Wide focus coverage with 10fps bursts
  • Swing-out touch LCD
  • Integrated eye-level EVF
  • Supports external microphone
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and webcam support
  • Short battery life
  • It doesn’t support USB charging
  • Small burst capture buffer


Alright, guys, that concludes all the cameras we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Cameras for Gaming?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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