7 Best Dance Studio Lights: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Dance performances are much illustrated and attractive for the people.

People love to watch ballet dance, hip hop, and jazz dancing.

A couple of dances are too famous.

There are many competitions organized for dancing in the studios and on stages.

We have selected some best dance studio lights.

Let’s learn about them.

Which are the Best Dance Studio Lights?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best Dance Studio Lights:-

GVM RGB LED Video Light with Bluetooth Control: (Best Couple dance RGB lighting kit)

The ballroom dances are much popular among couples.

Once I got the chance to shoot Rumba dance in my studio with its sophisticated music and romantic feel.

I shot the dance between a young couple.

They were dancing for a video shoot that would be uploaded on the internet to motivate others.

I shot the dance with GVM RGB LED video light with Bluetooth control.

It is the best couple dance RGB lighting kit.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

This light is the best because it has upgraded 640 pieces of spotlight LED beads.

The light has a grip that can be controlled by the app using Bluetooth.

It has eight memorable lighting scenes that you can choose your own choice.

The high color rendering produces natural and vivid shooting effects.

This light runs with its battery power and power adaptor too.

It is a portable lighting kit that can be best for dance photography.

Super Bright Video Light:

This video light best captures the dance videos because its 96 RGB SM LED beads perfectly support the scene.

This studio light has 45 Watt high power and super brightness that can be the best for vivid shooting effects in the studio.

Updated Scene Modes:

This light has updated scene modes.

I can capture the scene in 8 modes for my TV, candle mode, lighting, Paperizze, Disco party, and lousy bulb modes.

This light is the best for capturing dancing videos.

Its Bluetooth can control it.

I can download the app on my phone to control this studio light.

Two Power Ways:

The light works in two powerful ways: AC adaptor or lithium-ion battery.

It can support master-slave control mode.

The light can be easily controlled with the same channel and group.


This lighting kit is superb for dance photography.

It enhances the dancer’s body with perfection.

It gives creativity in shooting different angles to the dance moves.

  • RGB 800D LED Lighting Kit
  • 40W Capacity
  • 168 LED and 84 RGB Beads
  • Long-Lasting 100000 hours
  • RGB 800D master and Slave Control Mode
  • Color Temperature 3200K and 5600K
  • Color Saturation 0% to 100%
  • Bi-color Temperature Scenes
  • 8 Kids of shades Effects
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Large LCD Screen
  • CRI 97+
  • Build LCD Display
  • Bluetooth App Control System
  • AC Voltage 100-240V
  • Lights good, App controls AWFUL

Litake Party Lights Disco Dance Ball Lights: (Best Dance Party studio lights)

Teenagers throw dance parties, too, whenever they plan to have social gatherings.

There are many themed dance parties you can decide to organize in any scenario.

The dance parties are held around the swimming pool and club.

I always shoot the dance parties with Litake Party Lights Disco Dance Ball Lights.

It is the best dance party studio light.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

This is the best light for capturing dance parties in the club and the studio.

It can be controlled with its remote control.

It is a sound-activated light having automatic features and different pattern effects.

It gives the perfect scenes for dance parties and other parties too.

Wonderful Party Atmosphere:

This lighting kit creates a perfect and excellent party atmosphere.

It gives various effects with different colors that can be best for dance parties.

It has a disco ball light with two mainstream home party lights.

It also has easy-to-use features with its remote control and different modes.

Wide Application:

This light possesses wide applications due to its portable and easy-to-place features.

I can also hang this light on the wall.

It is suitable for birthday parties, studio shooting, stage lighting, dancing, or clubbing.

It can also be the best for Christmas parties and Halloween party too.

Special Features:

This light has high-quality material that is durable and good quality.

It is the safest light having a long life and safe and reliable performance.

This light has multifunction party lights with three sound-activated and mixed lighting modes.


This light creates a perfect scenario for a dance parties party then.

People feel more excited to dance.

It can be easily hung on the wall or the ceiling.

  • 2 in 1 strobe lights
  • Square party light with magic disco ball
  • Various effects
  • 3 sound-activated modes
  • 3 auto mixed lighting modes
  • Operated with a remote control
  • Powerful voice-activated sensor
  • Portable and easy to place
  • Machine power: 10 Watt
  • Short cord
  • Remotes work at very short distance

Party, Disco DJ Lighting Projector Flash Strobe Light: (Best Romantic dance strobe lights for the studio)

There are many romantic dances among the couples, such as Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, and others, in which the ballroom dancers take steps with romantic moves.

Sometimes these dances are seductive and enhance the feeling of attraction between the opposite gender.

I shot these dances in my studio with a Party Disco DJ lighting projector flash Strobe light.

It is the best romantic dance strobe light for a studio.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

It is the best lighting kit made with metal.

It has a projector finish type and gives beautiful rotation strokes with different colors.

It has vibrant colors and other modes.

The light switch can be controllable.

It is a much more practical and compact studio light for a romantic dance.

Party Disco Light Effects:

This light has different party disco rotations and strokes with red and green colors.

It works best for night parties.

It has perfect colors that are vibrant and can be the best for dance photography.

The romantic dance can be captured with its lighting modes perfectly.

Sound Activated Automatic strobe:

This light has a sound-activated stroke to move the lighting effects on the music beats quickly.

It gives perfect textures and different effects for romantic dancing.

A remote can control it.

Special Features:

This light has a controllable speed with its remote.

It is a practical and easy-to-use light suitable for scenes like romantic dance, dance parties, birthday parties, weddings, and more.


The romantic dance looks much more seductive while using this light at night in the studio.

It awakens the people’s imagination as if they are watching dance in a dramatic scene and enjoy.

  • Different light effects and colors
  • 3 party modes
  • Adjustable speed
  • Convenient and practical
  • Sound-activated automatic strobe
  • Remote controller operated
  • Automatic flash
  • Works well enough for the price, but is cheaply made/defective in some areas.

LINCO Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light: (Best Umbrella style dance studio lights)

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light is the best umbrella-style dance studio light that can be the best for capturing Jazz dance.

The performer was doing a cakewalk in her dance.

Her dance moves urged the people to watch her continuously.

For shooting the dance, I used the Linco lighting kit.

This lighting kit provides the perfect scenario for capturing dance photos and videos.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

This lighting kit has 2 umbrella-style softbox reflectors with a silver inner face.

It also has a photography white premium photo soft umbrella.

They are made with Nylon cloth that diffuses the light.

The smooth shape lamp holder can be adjusted to different angles.

There is a photographic backdrop kit that is portable and lightweight.

The 23 Watt light bulbs create fluorescent light.

These accessories can be kept in a premium quality bag.

High-Quality Material:

This light is made with high-quality material.

It has a feature of sound activation and automatic features too.

The light kit has diffusers, lamp holders, backdrops, and other accessories for shooting.

All are made with durable materials.

It delivers impressive scenes for dance photography.

Portable Lighting Kit:

It is a portable lighting kit having a compact and convenient style.

It benefits me with a carrying bag that makes it portable.

The bag is made with a heavy-duty material.

It also has waterproof quality.

All the equipment can be put in the bag for traveling.

It is a good option for outdoor shooting.

Superb Performance:

This lighting kit creates a beautiful effect in the scene.

It has an ergonomic design V-shaped handle that can be adjusted according to needs.

The silver reflector umbrellas minimize the light brightness.

The backdrop can create professional looks in the scene.


This lighting kit is suitable for the studio as it has diffusers, lighting stands, and more products for creating a perfect scene for studio dance performances.

  • 2 Umbrella Style Reflector
  • Square diffuser
  • High-frequency moving studio setting
  • 33-inch premium quality Nylon cloth diffuser
  • The huge light-emitting area
  • Smooth shape lamp holder
  • Professional Photography backdrop
  • Compact and portable package
  • Durable build and superior ergonomics
  • Cheap products for sure. But I am impressed with the light boxes & stands.

Sutefoto P80 Studio Led Video Light: (Best dance Youtube Studio light)

One of the prominent dancers asked me to help her shoot her Zumba dance video.

She wanted to make people learn about Zumba dancing for fitness.

She also explained that it is the best cardio exercise too.

I invited her to my studio and used Sutefoto P80 Studio LED Video Light.

It is the best dance YouTube studio light for capturing videos.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

This light is the best, giving 80 Watt brightness that is adjustable up to 1% -100%.

It has 5 lighting effects modes: TV mode, lighting mode, bad bulb, firework mode, and flashing mode for capturing perfect dance videos.

It can be controlled with its wireless remote control.

The light can run with its battery power.

Adjustable Brightness:

This light has 80-watt brightness with different effects.

It works with its 80 Watt LED beads and adjustable 1%- 100% brightness.

It is built for daylight and night scenes too.

This light is the best for dance YouTube videos.

Easy Set-up Design:

The light follows easy setups with its compact design and full gear.

I can have a heavy modifier with excellent heat dissipation.

The light can accurately tackle and automatically performs its perfect functions.

Compact LED Light:

This compact LED light is much more comfortable for shooting dance videos.

It can be controlled with its 2.4G remote controllers and can support multi-lighting modes.

The light has a standard Bowen mount.

It is well designed to prevent sharp brightness in the scene.


It is the perfect light for shooting dance videos.

It has all the great features for this purpose with its five lighting effects.

It creates a dramatic scene for recording dance videos.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • High Power 80 Watt LED beads
  • Adjustable brightness: 1- 100%
  • Built-in 5 pre-programmed light effects
  • 2.4G wireless remote control
  • Standard Bowen Mount design
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Storage gear design
  • 3 power Ways
  • The mount for the light itself is made out of plastic, and I have concerns about its long-term durability.

Dazzne D50 LED Video Light Panel Lighting Kit: (Best dance Competition studio lights)

It was a dance competition in the biggest city New York.

Hip-hop dancers were showing their dance steps to attract people on the street.

They moved their bodies like they had the flexibility and did not have bones.

I shot the whole dance competition with Dazzne D50 LED Video Light Panel Lighting Kit.

It is the best dance competition studio light.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

This studio light is the best bi-color soft LED light.

It has dimmable quality up to 0% -100%.

It can be controlled with its wireless control.

This light is perfect for capturing videos.

The light has a stable tripod and a large panel with an ultra-thin body.

The light comes with an all-in-one, durable portable, easy-to-carry bag.

Easy Access and Adjustable Brightness:

This light has easy access to its brightness.

It has bi-color temperature and 0% -100% dimmable quality.

The light can show all the parameters on its LED screen.

I can work efficiently while setting this light for dance competitions.

Master and Slave Function:

The light offers enslaver and slave functions with its 48 channels and 6 groups.

It can control all the features and operations going on for the light.

It has a dual power supply, so I can use its battery to give it power or an AC adaptor.

I can control this light with its remote control.

All in one Travel Bag:

This light has a portable design, and it is foldable.

It can be kept all in one travel bag that is only 20 inches to 74 inches high.

It has solid blocking for easy traveling.

This bag can have a light tripod stand and other accessories for photographic purposes traveling.


Shooting with this light gives me ease for outdoor capturing because of its convenient travel quality and compact design.

I take the benefits of its features up to the maximum.

  • Bi-color temperature
  • Adjustable brightness: 0% to 100%
  • Wireless remote control
  • Master and enslaved person function
  • 48 channels and 6 groups
  • Dual power supply
  • All in one travel bag
  • But don’t expect to light anything large or farther than 5 or 6ft.

Godox 2Pack DP800III Speedlite Studio Flash Strobe Monolight: (Best Belly dance lamp studio light)

I mainly go to watch belly dance.

It is my favorite type of dancing that attracts me the most dancers.

I love belly dancers who move their bodies with the balance and strength of the coordination between the music beads and the dancers’ moving steps.

I shot belly dancers with Godox 2 pack DP800III Speedlite Studio Flash Strobe Monolight.

It is the best belly dance lamp studio light.


Why is this the Best Studio Light?

This light works with its wireless remote control that can control all options.

It has a super clean display screen that shows its parameters.

The light has a built-in Bowen Mount that can use a diffuser ball for shooting.

You can set 16 groups and 32 channels of this light.

It has three modes and a solid hand grab handle.

This light has a wireless remote control port.

Outstanding Functions:

This light keeps all special functions.

It is a lamp-type studio light with a built-in 2.4G stream system.

It can have 1 second recycling time.

The light also possesses 61 steps of flash output.

Easy Functions:

This light works with its accessible functions because of its strong anti-interference ability.

It has various light shaping accessories so that I can adjust the light accessories according to my need.

The light allows me to set with its 16 groups and 30 channels.

It has a super clean display screen and a built-in wireless system.


The light works best for capturing dance videos and photos.

It delivers outstanding performance with its modeling lamp having 150 Watt capacity.

It throws perfect light with brightness to shoot belly dances in the video.

  • 10W Modelling lamp
  • 2.5G wireless X system
  • 61 steps of flash
  • Anti-interference ability
  • New generation high-power studio light
  • Super clean display screen
  • The modeling bulb gets hot


Alright, guys, that concludes all the cameras we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these studio lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Dance Studio Lights?

Is there a studio light that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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