6 Best Gimbal for Android: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on December 7, 2023 by Sharon Advik

Gimbals play a significant role in the making of a video.

Today, the technology of gimbals has become very advanced and innovative.

Everyone is looking for a gimbal that best suits their shooting styles, from beginner to professional.

Below, I have compiled a list of the best gimbals for Android.

Which is the Best Gimbal for Android?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best Gimbal for Android:-

DJI OM 5: (Best Gimbal for Android)

DJI OM 5: (Best Gimbal for Android)

History always attracts me, and I constantly travel to different historical locations.

It always fascinates me how those people used to live.

I filmed everything I found there; I needed a gimbal so that my videos looked more professional.

I bought DJI OM 5 for this purpose. The overall build quality is excellent, and its features make it user-friendly and easy to use, making it the Best Gimbal for Android.


Extension Rod:

Taking wide-angle shots is easier using the extension rod, as I always have to capture wide angles for better explanation.

The extension rod can be tilted from the head, holds its position, and doesn’t snap back on its own.

Taking low-angle shots is easy.

Compact Size and Foldable:

The DJI OM 5 is relatively small and compact; I can carry it easily in the pouch.

Traveling with it is not an issue as I don’t have a special separate place.

It folds in half and is much smaller, and I can carry it in my pocket.

Magnetic Clamp and Configuration:

The magnetic clamp, which comes with DJI OM 5, attaches to my phone, and its grip with the gimbal is firm; it doesn’t come off quickly.

I could also shoot brisk walking and running videos, which went smoothly.

DJI OM 5 configures itself in whichever position I attach my phone to; as I turn it on, it configures itself, and I don’t have to calibrate or rebalance it.

Shifting to a horizontal view or vertical view is quickly done by a button.

Why is DJI OM 5 Best?

The magnetic clamp and ability to configure its features enable me to focus on video and not the balancing or calibration of my device.

Active Track 4.0 is not on a fundamental level; it is pretty advanced, sticks to the object I am focusing on, and tracks it as I move on.

The shot guides feature automatically detects the surroundings and provides parameters that best suit it.


All the features make it valuable to money.

Active tack, magnetic clamp, shot guides, and the extension rod all feature one gimbal, making it stand out.

DJI OM 5: (Best Gimbal for Android) DJI OM 5: (Best Gimbal for Android) DJI OM 5: (Best Gimbal for Android)

  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Built-in extension rod
  • Active Track 4.0
  • 3 Axis Stabilizer
  • Magnetic Phone Attachment
  • Shot Guides
  • The iPhone app is more capable than the Android app

Zhiyun Smooth 5: (Best Gimbal for Android)

Recording videos while running is a milestone accomplished using Zhiyun Smooth 5.

I love basketball and started filming basketball guides for my YouTube channel.

It was never easy to record all sorts of angles and tactics for the game.

One of my friends bought Zhiyun Smooth 5 for me for better recording.

With Gimbals’ help, I could cover more angles and give my videos a professional look.

This gadget is the Best Gimbal for Android.


Shine with the Light:

This gimbal comes with a light that attaches to the top.

The attachment of the light is quite simple; I have to align the magnetic connection of light with the gimbal, which snaps into place.

A button controls the light on the holding bar, and the knob can control the intensity.

Modes (Pan, POV, Vortex):

The different modes in Zhiyun Smooth 5 make it easy to shoot complex shots.

I can cover the complete ground with PAN mode, and stability in this mode is rock solid.

With POV and Vortex modes, I can take complex close-up shots like 360-degree rotation or tilting the video; all are supported with stability.

Size and Packaging:

The packaging this gimbal comes with is exquisite.

The size is small and compact; carrying it in hand is easy, and the motors are mighty and can handle every situation.

I have used it while walking and running and had no problem with the engines and build quality.

Why is Zhiyun Smooth 5 Best?

Smooth recording with a wide range of angles covered and giving various transitions to my videos make them professional with a cinematic touch.

Three axes calibrate themselves and can be locked in a position, with each axis having its separate locking mechanism.

All the buttons and joystick are within reach of my thumb.

Wise follow can track objects actively, and you can configure face tracking or gesture tracking.


All these features make Zhiyun Smooth 5 user-friendly, and a beginner can operate it.

This gimbal is now my ace card; I cannot go without it.

Zhiyun Smooth 5: (Best Gimbal for Android) Zhiyun Smooth 5: (Best Gimbal for Android) Zhiyun Smooth 5: (Best Gimbal for Android) Zhiyun Smooth 5: (Best Gimbal for Android)

  • Steady as rock
  • Multiple angles covering
  • Powerful Motor
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Portable
  • Smart Follow 4.0
  • Shine with light
  • The charging port is covered by a plastic strip that’s awkward to get on and off

Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)

Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)

My friends and I are bike enthusiasts; I love my bike and always travel on it for fun and traveling.

We shot videos of our traveling and bikes, but they never looked professional.

Then I bought Zhiyun Smooth 4; with the help of this gadget, all the issues with my videos were removed, and videos popped up.

This gismo is the Best Gimbal for Android.


Modes of Zhiyun Smooth 4:

The Pan Follow mode covers wide angles and actively balances my phone.

The lock mode locks the mobile in one place, so the gimbal’s movement will not affect my mobile.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Full Follow Mode actively tracks and balances your phone.

In Phone Go mode, the mobile becomes steady as a rock, shots are taken while running, and sudden movements are smooth.

Control Buttons and Functions:

The buttons in Zhiyun Smooth 4 are convenient to use.

Joystick with integrated controls, zoom, and focus knob is at the thumb’s reach.

Complete Follow and Phone Go mode buttons are at the back of the handle.

In 180-degree and 3×3 Panorama, I can place my gimbal at any point, and it will capture beautiful shots.

The time-lapse function is also supported, and last but not least, the Vertigo function gives cinematic looks to my videos.

The smoothness of the Gimbal:

The thing that matters most to me is the smoothness of the video.

With shocking results, Zhiyun Smooth 4 feels comfortable and sturdy while holding it.

I recorded quickly on my bike, and everything went smoothly.

Zhiyun Smooth Q-3 is the smoothest gimbal I have ever used.

Why is Zhiyun Smooth 4 Best?

Why should one get this gimbal?

This gimbal feels way more solid in hand; the mode switch button is easy to access; I can reach all the methods with just one button.

The joystick is within the realm of the thumb, and the zoom and focus knob is also easy to get, especially the vertigo mode, which gives cinematic touch.

The smoothness it gives saves me the hustle to think correctly before taking the shot.


Professional videos and cinematic touch make the videos different from others.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a must equipment for your videos.

Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)  Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)

  • Phone Go Mode
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Time Lapse
  • Object Tracking
  • Focus Pull
  • Zoom Compatibility
  • Weight
  • Payload limit

Zhiyun Smooth-Q3: (Best Gimbal for Android)

Free running requires agility and strength.

I actively compete with other free runners and shoot their videos as well.

But as it required a lot of running, my videos were never smooth; they were constantly wobbling.

I needed a gadget for this, so I searched a lot and bought a Zhiyun Smooth Q-3 Handheld gimbal.

I was amazed by its results and had to say this is the Best Gimbal for Android.


Control Panel Trigger Buttons:

The design of this gimbal is user-friendly, and the buttons are pretty easy to reach, with each button being in the range of thumb and finger.

The power and trigger buttons are on the back of the handle, on the left side are zoom buttons, and everything else from joystick to modes control is at the front.

Trigger Buttons:

The trigger button in Zhiyun Smooth Q-3 has different functions; by pressing it, the tracking mode is turned on and actively tracks the subject.

You can reset the gimbal by double-tapping the trigger button to return to its original orientation.

You can switch between landscape and portrait modes by triple-tapping the trigger button.

Shine and Track:

LED light is also supported, attached to the gimbal’s top, and has a magnetic attachment mechanism.

It can be rotated to face front or back for extra light for your photos or videos.

The light intensity is controlled by tapping in the morning and has three levels.

The track mode in Zhiyun Smooth Q-3 is enabled by single pressing the trigger button and actively tracking the subject.

Why is the Zhiyun Smooth Q-3 handheld best?

The three axes of stabilization give a super smooth video result.

I always got the best result doing parallel and push shots, to name a few.

A single finger tap easily adjusts the modes, and light indicates the currently active way.

The battery life is quite long; it gave me 11 hours of non-stop shooting time.

All these features make Zhiyun Smooth Q-3 the Best Gimbal for Android.


The features of this gimbal do not match the price range.

It gives more features than its price and can be operated by a new user.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q3 Handheld: (Best Gimbal for Android) Zhiyun Smooth-Q3 Handheld: (Best Gimbal for Android) Zhiyun Smooth-Q3 Handheld: (Best Gimbal for Android)

  • One Step Balancing
  • Built-in 26650 Li-ion Battery
  • Auto Tracking
  • Time Lapse
  • Gesture Control
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Instant Zoom
  • LED Light
  • Some features locked behind paywall

Hohem iSteady X2: (Best Gimbal for Android)

One of my clients started a brand of shoes and wanted to shoot some videos and photos to advertise her brand.

She contacted me for this purpose; I preplanned everything for the shoot and took my Hohem iSteady X2 gimbal for this task.

I have been using this gimbal for quite some time, but it always amazes me on my every shoot.

This time, it didn’t back down and maintained its standard.

This gimbal is the Best Gimbal for Android.


Remote Control and Size:

This gimbal has a remote control.

Many Hohem iSteady X2 features are controlled by the remote, like modes selection, taking the picture, moving the gimbal left and right, landscape to portrait orientation, and all other helpful things, especially when shooting solo.

I usually place my gimbal on the tripod and control it with a remote.

The size is compact and small, and all the buttons are well-integrated and easy to reach.

Modes and Active Track:

This gimbal has different modes: Time-Lapse, Slow-Mo, and Moment Mode.

The moment mode is like a story mode, which gives more of a memory feel.

The active track lets you focus on your object; in my case, the shoes and gesture control are also supported.

The sensitivity of the motor is adjusted through the app according to your needs.

User Experience:

I always shoot longer videos using Hohem iSteady X2 than I need because this gimbal is so much fun.

With motor sensitivity set to low, I can take videos with a steady, professional view.

When I need the gimbal to react actively to sudden movements or running, I set the sensitivity to high; also, the gimbal rotates the mobile itself when I turn it 360 degrees.

Why is Hohem iSteady X2 Best?

The response of the gimbal in balancing the mobile is quite active, and with motor sensitivity control in hand, I can adjust the gimbal to my will and style.

Different modes provide extra room for beautifying your videos, and the user experience of this gimbal is fantastic.


The remote control and motor sensitivity management make this gimbal exceptionally useful.

All other features combined with these two make you go out of the box.

Hohem iSteady X2: (Best Gimbal for Android) Hohem iSteady X2: (Best Gimbal for Android) Hohem iSteady X2: (Best Gimbal for Android)

  • Portable and Foldable Design
  • 3 Axis Stabilization
  • 4.0 Anti-Shake Algorithm
  • Powerful Battery
  • Stylish Appearance
  • Remote Control
  • Buttons make a loud click when pressed
  • The handle could be larger

DJI OM 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)

DJI OM 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)

Making a movie on your mobile requires various aspects, including stabilization, which plays a pivotal role in creating a video.

To achieve this, I use GJI OM 4, which offers different features and stabilizes the video.

This gimbal is the Best Gimbal for Android.


Magnetic Clamp:

The gimbal has a mechanical clamp to fix and adjust your mobile, but the DJI OM 4 has the unique feature of a magnetic clamp.

A band attaches to my mobile, and the magnet sticks to the gimbal.

The appeal is strong and can hold mobile sturdily.

I have used it in various conditions, and the interest never leaves the device.

Physical Appearance and Controls:

This gimbal’s view is appealing, with a well-padded grip so I can hold it for long durations.

Buttons are well configured and best located within reach.

The lights indicate remaining power; the battery can go for 10 hours and has fast charging.

Double tapping the power button switches the orientation.

Triple-tapping the power button puts the gimbal in standby mode.

Balancing of Mobile:

The magnetic clamp features the gimbal balance device on its own.

Fixing and balancing your mobile, again and again, is a hustle and often results in the loss of a particular moment you want to shoot.

In contrast, DJI OM 4 configures and balances the mobile no matter where you have placed the clamp on your device.

Why is DJI OM 4 Best?

The trigger button at the back makes it the best.

Single tapping will lock all the axes of the gimbal without the need to close every single axis separately.

Double tapping the trigger button activates sports mode; the performance in this mode is enhanced, the sensitivity of the gimbal increases, and it gives smooth results in sudden, jerky movements.

Triple pressing will switch the camera from front to back or back to front.


All in all, DJI OM 4 is a box full of features and surprises.

Easy controls and triggers make this gimbal stand out from rest, and the magnetic clamp is easy and quick to use without wasting time.

DJI OM 4: (Best Gimbal for Android) DJI OM 4: (Best Gimbal for Android) DJI OM 4: (Best Gimbal for Android)

  • Magnetic Clamp
  • 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Gesture Control
  • Active Track 3.0
  • Story Mode
  • Unreal Smoothness
  • Compact Design
  • The battery can’t be removed or replaced


Alright, guys, that concludes all the gimbals we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these gimbals? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Gimbal for Android?

Is there a gimbal you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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