5 Best Gimbal for Canon M50: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Cannon M50 is not just a camera.

It’s a legend in itself.

This camera was the first in its series to support 4k video quality.

It is capable of shooting 1080p quality at 60fps.

It was not long before it became the go-to camera of many video and photographers.

However, gimbals play an essential role in video shooting.

Which is the Best Gimbal for Cannon M50?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Gimbal for Cannon M50:-

Zhiyun Crane Plus: (Best gimbal for canon m50)

Light weight, easy setup, and compact design are the demand of every person looking for the best gimbals.

And for this purpose, they often make the wrong choice for them and get their gimbals damaged in a few weeks or months.

So I thought to inform people about the best gimbals and the features they should remember while purchasing their tools.

According to my personal experience, I found Zhiyun Crane Plus as the best gimbal for the canon m50.


Stabilized shooting angles:

Stabilized video shooting is always my priority because unbalancing and distorting angles while making videos frustrates me immensely.

I searched hard for the instrument that met all my needs and found the Zhiyun Crane Plus as the best.

It provides the most stabilized 360-degree Rotation.

It lowers my stress, and now it’s my great companion.

Battery life:

The remarkable battery life of this gimbal blows it out of the fire.

It has a battery life of 18 hours.

I always keep it with me because of its long battery life; moreover, it only takes three hours to become full charge from zero.

It comes with the friendliest budget, so it’s easy for everyone to buy it.

Night lapse:

One of the significant causes of the massive sales of Zhiyun Crane Plus is its astonishing night lapse.

It can turn it into night lapse mode with only a single button.

I love to do street photography at night when there is total darkness and the moon is at its peak.

This gimbal supports me a lot in getting my pictures smoothly.

Upgrade motors:

Somehow motors are also responsible for the light or heavy weight of gimbals.

The engines of this gimbal have been upgraded now and are light in weight.

Moreover, they can detect even a minor change in the angle.

Interestingly it consumes less battery as compared to others.

Why is Zhiyun Crane Plus the best?

You can fully control the Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal only using your thumb.

It was the first gimbal that only a single press could control.

However, its designs and overwhelming quality are more competitive, along with its price tag in the marketplace.

The most exciting thing about this gimbal is that you can now control it remotely through your smartphone.


After viewing all the above features, everyone is automatically compelled to try them.

It saves your money and time and keeps you easy and stressless.

  • 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer
  • 360-degree Rotation
  • Motion memory
  • POV modes
  • Supports large payloads
  • 12-hour run time
  • Night lapse modes
  • Intelligent object tracking

Feiyutech AK2000: (Best gimbal for canon m50)

Finding all the necessary qualities in one thing is somehow tricky.

Similarly, I was searching for a gimbal with multiple features at a suitable price.

I asked my friend to facilitate me in this regard, and he gave me his gimbal, Feiyutech AK2000.

He bought it for temporary use and now it was useless for him, so he gave it to me.

After giving it a little try, I decided to use it for my professional purpose as it magically met all my requirements.



The vibration of a gimbal is the most common issue that leads to the vibrating or blurring of an image.

Feiyutech AK2000 has great stabilization power.

It favors capturing a pretty clear vision without any deterioration.

Moreover, I only need to fix it once.

Autofocus ring:

It is a ring that allows you to focus your target image quickly.

By slightly rotating, I easily got the focused idea.

Spinning the magic wheel allows the lens’s level to be fixed smoothly.

Effortless Controlling:

You can control the Feiyutech AK2000 effortlessly, even with oily or wet hands.

Its touch screen system is very accurate in its results.

I think owning any system is a bit hectic, but if you find an instrument like this gimbal that is very responsive in its mission, you get all your problems solved.

Exceptional Battery power:

Its battery life is of 12 hours if you use it continuously.

However, when the battery charging is low, it gives red light, and then I came to know that it needs charging as the gimbal detects how much percentage of battery is left.

It takes very little time to set.

Why is Feiyutech AK2000 the best?

The build quality of this gimbal is quite attractive.

It gives a decent look, just like its performance.

Moreover, the rubber grip is firm, preventing the gimbal from slipping when carried.

The light weight makes it more suitable for outdoor use.

So, in my opinion, Feiyutech AK2000 is best.


Getting such an in-one product at a suitable price is impressive.

So this gimbal is best in all aspects, whether quality, design or anything else.

  • 3-axis handheld stabilizer
  • Integrated handle grip
  • Cable control
  • Compatible size
  • 6lb payload
  • Hand wheel
  • Angled motor arm
  • The gimbal itself is awesome, but the one I received had a bad battery

DJI Ronin SC: (Best gimbal for canon m50)

I saw most people demanding a compact design for ease of carrying.

They precedence to lightweight products to keep themselves safe from fatigue or stress.

DJI Ronin SC is the best of all, as it comes with a foldable design and is easy to set.

In my opinion, it is also time-saving equipment.

Now, you don’t need to panic because it comes with all the solutions to your problems.


Dynamic stability:

A video or image can’t be interesting unless leveled and attractive.

I was facing the same issue: my videos were not as impressive as they could be due to not getting good reviews.

I thought of replacing my gimbal.

So I ordered a DJI Ronin SC gimbal as I heard a lot about its dynamic stability.

And it proved a good tool and gave me a cinematic view of my videos.

Highly compatible:

It favors the payload of about 2 kg and still provides an elegant image view.

I greatly appreciate it because it is resistant to vibrating and has excellent performance standards.

Its focus feature is also adorable instead of heavy payload.

Safety features:

The safety features of DJI Ronin SC include axis balancing and easy setup.

Its effortless performance is appreciable that saves you from any complexity.

So why not try the instrument that provides you fantastic results with more excellent safety and effortless setup?

Why is DJI Ronin best?

Beginners often face issues in fixing the gimbal according to their needs.

I always recommend this gimbal to beginners, according to my experience.

It facilitates them in getting the most stabilized and elegant image, and they can easily manage all its functions because this equipment is very responsive in its functionalities.

Moreover, its feature of foldable legs makes it more demanding.


The DJI Ronin SC is the best gimbal due to its excellent, effortless stabilization features.

It gives a specialized look to my videos or vlogs.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3-axis handheld gimbal
  • Automated features
  • Dynamic stability
  • Greater compatibility
  • Simple setup
  • Foldable design
  • Takes time to set up
  • Built-in battery can’t be changed

Zhiyun Crane M2: (Best Gimbal for Cannon M50)

I am a fan of wildlife.

I capture photos and videos of it for my hobby.

I was looking for a robust and user-friendly gimbal, so I bought Zhiyun Crane M2.

This gimbal enabled me to take my experience up a step.

Wildlife photography and videography are a challenge for me and this gimbal, but after using it, this is the Best Gimbal for Cannon M50.


Design and Balancing:

The design of the Zhiyun Crane M2 is compact, which makes it the best companion for traveling.

This gimbal supports your mobile and the camera with an integrated mechanism in the base plate.

The camera balancing is manual by making micro adjustments which can be mastered with practice.

I have to care for the center of gravity, and everything goes well for me.

Control Buttons:

The controls of Zhiyun Crane M2 are very well located and configured.

On the right side of the handle are Menu and Power buttons.

On the left side are Zoom controls and ¼ inch screw for Microphone or Monitor.

The joystick, recording button, and modes control are on the front, and the backside is the trigger button.

Creative Modes:

By default, the gimbal is in Pan follow mode, and the mode button and trigger button control all other ways.

The integrated screen allows menu control and makes it simple without using any app.

The motor sensitivity can be controlled to best suit your style.

The two most useful hidden features of the Zhiyun Crane M2 are Go Mode and Vertigo Mode.

Go mode increases the gimbal’s sensitivity and response to sudden movements or running.

In vertigo mode, you can shoot excellent professional videos and give transitions to them.

Why is Zhiyun Crane M2 Best?

The overall build quality is excellent, and small in size, making it easy to carry.

Various modes, especially motor sensitivity control, make you go out of the box and surpass others in your videos.

I am actively using this gimbal in my daily vlog shooting, and it amazes me every day with its results.


The market is full of many gimbals, but the quality of this gimbal is matchable to any of the others.

All the features and controls make Zhiyun Crane M2 the best gimbal for Cannon M50.

  • Compact Design
  • Creative Modes
  • Integrated Fill Light
  • Powerful Battery
  • Quick Release
  • Fast Charging
  • Fiddly to setup
  • App is unintuitive

Zhiyun Crane V2: (Best Gimbal for Cannon M50)

Street photography and videography are becoming a trend as the days pass.

I have been using Cannon M50 for a long time and recently started street video and photography.

Although the camera gave astonishing results, they were not that great.

So, I bought a Zhiyun Crane V2 gimbal for myself.

Instantly I feel the difference between raw footage and gimbal footage.

Zhiyun Crane V2 is the Best Gimbal for Cannon M50.


Packaging, Design, and Performance:

I have to talk about the packaging of this gimbal.

It comes in a case with a separate pocket for each component.

It is padded with foam inside.

The unboxing experience of the Zhiyun Crane V2 is excellent.

The design is very compact and iron, making it slightly heavier than the rest.

With matt black finish on it, this gimbal has an appealing look.

The batteries are powerful and can go for 12 to 16 hours.

Remote Control:

Another valuable feature of this gimbal is the remote control, which is very useful, especially if you are shooting solo.

With the remote control, I can place my camera on a tripod at one point and control all the functions with the remote.

The remote control is quite responsive.

There is no delay or lag in it.

360-degree Rotation:

One of the issues with my other gimbals was that whenever I wanted to rotate the camera to 270 or 360 degrees, the parts of the gimbals collided with each other.

But with Zhiyun Crane V2 taking 360-degree turns and giving cool transitions to my video is straightforward.

Why is Zhiyun Crane V2 Best?

With buttons integrated into the handle, which is reachable by the thumb, which makes controlling easy.

The remote control is helpful.

I don’t need someone else to shoot my videos.

It can handle all the functions, which is a great advantage.

3-Axis can be locked all together in PAN mode, which saves the hustle of locking each axis separately.

Mounting and dismounting are accessible without the need for any unique tool.


The remote control feature is a tremendous advantage of the Zhiyun Crane V2 over others.

Combined with all other elements, it gives smooth video results, which makes it the best gimbal for Cannon M50.

  • 360-degree Rotation
  • Remote Control
  • Powerful Battery
  • Tool-less Mounting
  • Built-in Compact Slip Rings
  • Integrated CCI
  • Battery Location
  • Setup


Alright, guys, that concludes all the drones we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these drones? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Gimbal for Canon M50?

Is there a drone you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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