6 Best Gimbal for iPhone 12: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Most people don’t know what features and things we should look at while purchasing a gimbal.

And most of them make the wrong choice because of a lack of awareness.

So I decided to save the time and money of those people and make them aware of some of the best gimbals that are suitable to use.

Which is the Best Gimbal for iPhone 12?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best Gimbal for iPhone 12:-

Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best gimbals for iPhone 12)

Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best gimbals for iPhone 12)

I am fond of doing adventurous things and recording memories of all the adventures I have had.

Sometimes, taking a heavy camera and a gimbal with me isn’t easy.

I can’t afford to carry the weight of both things.

So, I bought a gimbal for my iPhone and got Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal for me.

It magically works for me, and I love it because of its lightweight and smooth actions.


Easy setup:

The maintenance and design of the Gimbal are straightforward.

And the control system adds more convenience to it.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 balances my mobile pretty awesomely and provides protection as well.

Moreover, the lock mode makes the use easy, as if the Gimbal is in lock mode, it won’t affect my mobile phone.

It is applicable to catch sudden movements smoothly.

Control Buttons:

First comes the joystick with easy control focus and zoom knobs that are within reach of your fingers.

It also supports the vertigo function that can provide a cinematic look to your videos with a more significant time lapse.

It can rotate at 180 degrees and get eye-catching shots of the scenario.

Moreover, some buttons are located on the back side of the handle, complete follow mode, and go mode buttons.

Smooth videos:

Zhiyun Smooth 4 is my most precious Gimbal as it gives extra smooth videos.

Its results are pretty different from previous gimbals with awful results.

If you are shooting while running or driving in a car, it is suitable to provide smooth videos because it comfortably captures all movements.

Why is Zhiyun Smooth 4 Best?

If you are more into getting some quick speed shots, then Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal is best for you with some

excellent and easy control modes.

You can quickly get the method of choice with a single button tap.

The tremendous focusing ability gives you a smooth, cinematic view with a fantastic vertigo mode.


Zhiyun Smooth 4 is one of the unique video-making equipment with improved results.

So, if you also want to get some cinematic views, you must get this Gimbal.

Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best gimbals for iPhone 12) Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best gimbals for iPhone 12) Zhiyun Smooth 4: (Best gimbals for iPhone 12)

  • Phone Go Mode
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Time Lapse
  • Object Tracking
  • Focus Pull
  • Zoom Compatibility
  • Weight
  • No joystick control

DJI OM 5: (Best gimbal for iphone 12)

DJI OM 5: (Best gimbal for iphone 12)

It is annoying when you try hard but do not get a professional look in your videos.

I was also having the same issue with a few videos as I was not feeling much attraction in my videos.

Maybe it was due to poor stability or something else.

Then I changed my Gimbal and got a new DJI OM 5.

It works well for me and provides the professional look I want and have been trying to make for the past few days.


Capture wide angles:

Mostly, I have to capture the shots at a wide angle, which is difficult.

But the extension rod of the DJI OM 5 gimbal makes it easier for me to capture the wide-angle shots.

You can get it by tilting the extension rod from the head and holding it into its position.

Compact Size:

The DJI OM 5 is comparatively small and compact; I can take it easy in the purse.

Traveling with it is not a concern as I don’t have a particular separate consignment for it.

It folds in half and becomes smaller, and I can carry it easily without the fear of being heavyweight.

Amazing Magnetic Clamp:

The magnetic clamp with DJI OM 5 packaging sticks to my phone, and its clutch attached to the Gimbal is firm; it doesn’t break easily.

It also goes super smooth while running at full speed, and that’s awesome.

It automatically balances itself when I attach my phone to it.

I only need to connect my phone to the magnetic clamp configuring automatically.

Why is DJI OM 5 Best?

The small size makes it trouble-free to carry.

Active Track 4.0 is not on an elemental level; it is on a sophisticated level and will remain stuck to the object I am focusing on and track it as I go on.

The magnetic clamp and capacity to organize the features allow me to focus on video, not balancing my device.

The shot guide’s trait automatically analyzes the atmosphere and provides suitable parameters.


All the features in it make it worth the money.

Its exclusive feature makes it different from other random gimbals with few qualities.

DJI OM 5: (Best gimbal for iphone 12) DJI OM 5: (Best gimbal for iphone 12) DJI OM 5: (Best gimbal for iphone 12)

  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Built-in extension rod
  • Active Track 4.0
  • 3 Axis Stabilizer
  • Magnetic Phone Attachment
  • Shot Guides
  • Cumbersome folding arm

DJI OM4: (Best gimbal for iphone 12)

DJI OM4: (Best gimbal for iphone 12)

Stabilization is essential in video shooting; otherwise, no one will pay attention to your videos and move on to the next one.

If you are a YouTuber like me and want the most stable videos, then DJI OM 4 is perfect.

It gives the most durable and smooth video free of distortion or shaking.

To attract viewers to your videos, try replacing your Gimbal.


Magnetic Clamp:

Most Gimbal has an automatic clamp to fix and adjust the mobile, but DJI OM 4 has the distinctive feature of a magnetic clamp.

A band attaches to the mobile, and the magnet becomes a stick to the Gimbal.

The appeal is well-built and can seize mobile securely.

I have used it in different situations; the attraction can never leave the device.

Physical Appearance:

This Gimbal looks so pleasing with a well-padded grip that I can hold it for a long time.

Buttons are well arranged and best positioned within reach.

The lights specify the power left behind; the battery can last 10 hours and has a fast charging ability by double tapping the power button, and the gimbal switches to the orientation.

And triple tapping the power button puts the Gimbal in standby mode.

Balancing of Mobile:

The magnetic clamp offsets the mobile greatly.

Fitting and balancing your mobile, again and again, is annoying and frequently results in the loss of the exact moment you want to shoot.

In comparison, DJI OM 4 configures and balances the mobile no matter where you have to find the clamp on your device.

Why is DJI OM 4 Best?

There is no need to lock each axis separately.

You must single-tap the lock button, and all axes get locked.

The trigger button at the back makes it most pleasing.

By double tapping, the trigger button sports mode is activated.

However, the performance in this mode is improved, the sensitivity of the Gimbal increases, and it provides some smooth results in bumpy movements.

Triple pressing will switch the camera from front-to-back mode or back-to-front mode.


In short, DJI OM 4 is a full-featured box with many surprises.

Easy controls and triggers make it dominate over others.

DJI OM4: (Best gimbal for iphone 12) DJI OM4: (Best gimbal for iphone 12) DJI OM4: (Best gimbal for iphone 12)

  • Magnetic Clamp
  • 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Gesture Control
  • Active Track 3.0
  • Story Mode
  • Unreal Smoothness
  • Compact Design
  • Battery can’t be removed or replaced

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

If you are a daily vlogger and want to shoot the best videos for yourself, you require the best Gimbal with the iPhone.

In my opinion, the FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket gimbal is best for vloggers.

Traveling is easy to carry as it occupies less space, so you don’t need a separate bag.

You can keep it in your standard bag and take it easy because of its compact and small size.


Foldable and small Design:

Being a travel vlogger, I travel a lot, and having a short journey and pocket-friendly Gimbal is a great advantage that keeps me on my top performance.

Feiyutech vlog pocket is beautifully designed and has locks for each axis.

Every axis is locked separately, protecting it from potential damage, especially during my travel.

The small size means I can store it in small bags or even my pocket without worrying about any particular place.

The overall build quality is excellent.

User-friendly Controls:

With the previous gimbals I owned, my biggest concern was always having some issues with the controls, but with

This gimbal is straightforward to control.

On the front, I have a power button and a video or photo capture button with an LED light indicating the mode.

On the back, I have the trigger button, which is very handy and controls most of the functions of the Gimbal.

The best thing I like about Feiyutech vlog pocket is that I don’t need to pay extra attention to balancing my mobile; I stick my phone in, and it handles it like a pro.

Stabilization Quality:

The Gimbal, being small in size, is very powerful in terms of stability.

I have captured videos in all scenarios, like walking and running.

The strength was perfect, having no shake in it.

The power button controls the portrait and landscape orientation and axis lock mechanism, which is relatively easy to use as it is on the front.

My traveling videos with this Gimbal are always the best compared to my other gimbals.

Why is Feiyutech Vlog Pocket Best?

A small gimbal with exclusive features equivalent to any expensive large-size gimbal is enough to make it the best.

I carry this Gimbal everywhere I go, and it is straightforward.

The trigger button being in the back is very easy to operate.

The lock for each axis makes it easy for me to carry my pocket or in my pocket.

It also has a mini tripod of excellent quality so that I can place this Gimbal at a point-and-shoot with it.


Being at your best and always ready to shoot with excellent smoothness with a piece of equipment in your pocket

makes every vlog perfect, and the Feiyutech vlog pocket is best for it.

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12) FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12) FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

  • Anti Shake
  • Direct Control
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and Small
  • Powerful battery
  • One hand Operating
  • The problem really is with the range of motion.

MOZA Mini-S: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

MOZA Mini-S: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

Once, I was going on a three-day study tour with some of my university fellows.

They were all bringing their cameras and gimbals as they planned to hang out.

So I also wanted to buy some good quality gimbals for my phone as they all have the best types of equipment with them.

I searched on Amazon for the Gimbal with the good built quality and affordable price range.

I found the MOZA Mini-S to be the best purchasable product for me.


Practical Design:

The Design of this Gimbal is efficient with a foldable design; it gets smaller and can fit in the pocket.

The alignment of the buttons is very friendly and easy to reach and use.

The axis can be locked with an easy-to-use locking key so I can carry it without any worries; switching to landscape or portrait mode is manually controlled, preventing any mistake I make.

Buttons and Focus Control:

One thing I found missing in many gimbals was manually controlling the focus, but Moza mini S solved it.

Two buttons are on the right side that I can use to manage to maintain the focus.

On the front side is my joystick and capture button with four buttons around it.

On the left, I can easily reach the power button; on the back is the trigger, which controls many functions like Pan and Tilt control and the axis lock system.

Sports and Inception mode:

My biggest secret is creating cool videos with a small pocket and budget-friendly Gimbal.

The four buttons around the capture button control most functions, with the lower button being my favorite.

By clicking it two times, I can enter sports mode, which enhances the sensitivity and response of the Gimbal.

By clicking it three times, I can enter my favorite Inception mode and create those beautiful 360-degree rotating videos.

Why is Moza Mini S Best?

Buttery smooth videos with many options to play around with make my daily usage of this gimbal fun.

Having my favorite Inception mode just a few clicks away makes it easy to stay on top.

The eye-catching small Design makes everyday carrying of this Gimbal easy.

The trigger on the back makes it easy to control the camera’s tilt.

The balancing is also straightforward; I am ready to go with just a few adjustments left and right.


Staying on top of your potential is now made easy with Moza Mini S.

You don’t require expensive, unique pieces to have a smooth video; just a tiny part in your pocket, and you are ready.

MOZA Mini-S: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12) MOZA Mini-S: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12) MOZA Mini-S: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

  • Advanced Shooting Modes
  • Built-in extension rod
  • Powerful battery
  • Easy Filming
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap build quality
  • Short battery life

Zhiyun Smooth X: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

Zhiyun Smooth X: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

I am obsessed with shooting and watching smoother videos.

And for this, I usually try some gimbals that give quality results.

I observed that the Zhiyun Smooth X should be the best Gimbal.

I enjoy shooting videos through this Gimbal.

The way it records videos for me gives me goosebumps.

Its effects and smoothening video quality are just awful.


Compact Design:

Zhiyun Smooth X has an eye-catching foldable Design with both axes locked while it is folded, saving it from the dangers of traveling, and it is the size of my mobile when folded.

The built-in extension rod makes it easy to cover large angles or multiple people in the frame while taking a group selfie.

The overall build quality is outstanding and robust.

Be In charge of Gimbal:

This Gimbal gives you complete control over it.

The buttons are beautifully designed and well placed so I can reach them without any worries.

One plus feature of this Gimbal I like is the zoom control with just a button on the right.

Let’s be honest: going on your mobile, again and again, to zoom in and out is hectic and ruins the video, but with Zhiyun Smooth X, I can do that with just a button.

Technical Specifications:

This small Gimbal is full of options and specifications.

The most important one in my eye is the payload.

Modern phones nowadays weigh around 175 to 230 grams, and this Gimbal can handle up to 260 grams maximum and 75 grams minimum, so I can even use my GoPro on it, but with a few minor adjustments.

The built-in extension rod makes taking low and high-angle shots easy.

Why is Zhiyun Smooth X Best?

Gimbal, the size of your mobile, makes it easy to carry and has a small, affordable price.

The two axes fulfill their duty perfectly and produce extraordinarily smooth results.

Taking a group selfie or covering wide angles is easy for me using the built-in extension rod.

The zoom control button makes it easier for me to control my videos professionally.


Traveling with a small pocket-sized gimbal with excellent video-resulting capability makes Zhiyun Smooth X

exceptionally different from the rest and a must-have piece of equipment.

Zhiyun Smooth X: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12) Zhiyun Smooth X: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12) Zhiyun Smooth X: (Best Gimbal for iPhone 12)

  • Compact Design
  • Intelligent Gesture Control
  • 2 in 1 Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Quick Portrait Mode Switch
  • Extension Rod
  • Powerful Battery
  • 2-axes stabilization
  • Small handgrip


Alright, guys, that concludes all the gimbals we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these gimbals? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Gimbal for iPhone 12?

Is there a gimbal you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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