12 Best indoor security cameras for your home: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on January 9, 2023 by Sharon Advik

An indoor security camera is a critical installation in these days of isolation, where we often face intruders and breaches when we leave our homes alone.

Smart security cameras are replacing CCTV with much margin because of the reliability and immediate action alerts that do not require a probe to find the culprit.

The high-definition video quality shows what happened and when it happened.

Besides the fantastic surveillance capabilities, smart indoor cameras are also a source of connection to loved ones.

Which are the Best indoor security cameras for your home?

Here are my recommended top 12 Best indoor security cameras for your home:-

Cync Indoor Smart Camera: (best indoor security camera for your home)

Security of any home isn’t just confined to the outdoors; Indoor Security is considered equally important, especially for the photographer on the constant travel.

A few months ago, someone breached into my house, and although I had a security camera on my porch, the thief managed to enter the house without being sensed by the alarm and stole some expensive possession.

After this, I became more alter and installed a Cync indoor Smart Camera in my locker room.


Video resolution: 1080p
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Two-way audio: Yes
Storage: Local and cloud
Dimensions: 3.5* 7.01* 5.79 inches
Weight: 13.9 ounces

Video/audio quality

The Cync has 1080p video quality with sharp, edgy results.

I can see everything through my phone with crisp detailing no matter where I am.

The camera’s night vision is also perfect.

I suspected an intruder last summer while I wasn’t at home, but when I looked closely, I could see my friend who had the keys to my house.

There wasn’t any light; a 1080p video with black-and-white vision let me see my friend with clarity.

I communicated with my friend through the two-way audio, and the audio quality was also very stable to let me hear without distortion.

Sync App

Setting up the sync app was easy.

I downloaded it from the play store the day I installed the camera, created an account, and enabled the app’s Wi-Fi Network in my home to set up the app.

The app is responsive, and I always get prompt notifications from the motion sensor and person detection.

I can also see the video by the events as it’s easy to explore the related or suspected clip rather than going through the whole day’s video.

I was very impressed by the swiftness of the app in sending alerts.

Storage and subscription

At first, I relied on the 32GB SD card for data storage, but it wasn’t a whole approach to effective surveillance, so I had to pay $ 3 per camera for a Cync subscription.

It’s much better to get paid applications that allow me to retain two weeks of the video, and more importantly, I can send the event clips by detection events.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera uses infrared LEDs for black-and-white vision.

It also has a very accurate title that allows me to see the broad view of the home through the camera.

Multiple cameras can be added to the Sync app, and every time you suspect someone in a particular room, you can promptly turn to that camera for monitoring.


More than just a camera, Cync Indoor Smart Camera seems the part of a family that gives a secure and safe overlook of the Indoors because it has a private shutter.

The prime work of the shutter is to turn off the camera and microphone when necessary.

Moreover, the broad view, 1080p video quality, and fast Cync app make Cync indoor the best security camera for your home.

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Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera: (best indoor security camera for your home)

While upgrading my photo studio, I also decided to install an indoor camera in my office because we can’t trust people behind our backs.

Although I had much information about the digital camera, I had an acknowledgment regarding security cameras.

I had to dig into the Internet deeply to get the best device to secure my office.

After reading various articles and watching many review videos, I finally concluded that Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera is the more suitable device for my need.

After installing the camera, I’m much relieved by the possibility of theft, and I can control the system while away.


Video resolution: 1080
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 3.15* 131.89 *92.52 inches
Weight: 4.3 ounces

Video/audio quality

The camera has perfect 1080p video quality and single LED infrared night vision.

Whether it’s day or after sunset, I get the best video quality from the indoors.

A 130-degree field of view lets me see a comprehensive picture of my office, and 12x zoom allows me to zoom in to get a more detailed vision.

The two-way audio quality is impressive, with noise-canceling integration making communication more precise.

Arlo App

The camera comes with a traditional Arlo app like the previous devices.

The application lets me control the camera’s additional features such as camera name, snap button to take a picture, manual video recording action, and privacy shutter.

I can arm and disarm the camera according to the requirement.

The app also lets me select options such as siren activation and calling a friend exclusive to Arlo cameras.

Subscription plan

The basic plan I got with the camera included three months of Arlo Smart Plan that covered one month of recording access.

After this period, I had to pay for a subscription to get a video recording.

Although there were three plans, including 9.9$ per month for unlimited cameras and 2.99$ for a signal camera that comprises 30-day video recording and intelligent alerts, I chose the single camera plan because I have one camera in my office.

Another secure plan for 14.99$ per month comprises unlimited cameras and a 24/7 emergency service center approach that will send the respondent first hand.

Why is this camera the best?

What else can you possibly need to call a camera one of the most effective surveillance devices than access emergency services and call a friend feature in the hours of need?

The camera also features the best possible video quality and smooth two-way talk.


Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera is the best indoor security camera for your home, office, and any indoor area you want to take and monitor.

Arlo has many low-price features that suffice the need for proper surveillance.

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Wyze Cam Pan V2: (best indoor security camera for your home)

My sister is a single mother, and she runs her small business.

She and her two-year-old son were not ready to trust him with a babysitter, so someone advised her to have an indoor camera to keep an eye on the house even when she was not home.

She liked the advice and asked me to help her with a security camera.

As a photographer, I was familiar with security cameras, so I told her to go for Wyze Cam Pan V2.

V2 is the safest and fastest camera for security approaches without going too complicated, so I asked her to buy it.


Video resolution: 1080p
Field of view: 360° pan/93° tilt
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 127.5*60*60 mm
Weight: 8.78 ounces

Video/audio quality

The camera delivers excellent quality 1080p video with punchy colors.

I was delighted by the details I could see in the videos without any distorted or laggy presentation.

The night vision has two settings.

It’s a color night vision camera, and I noticed it uses a starlight CMOS sensor or any available light surrounding the camera environment to deliver the color vision.

Still, once the light is not enough, it turns to the essential infrared LED black-and-white night vision.

Both color and black-and-white concepts are equally impressive in Visualization.

The camera also has 120 degrees field of video, 360 pans, and a 93-degree tilt to give off an extra wide angle to see the whole room, which is more reasons to buy this camera to see what the baby is doing.

I tested the camera’s two-way audio, which worked perfectly fine with good audio quality.

Wyze App

I admire the Wyze app for its snappy features and immediate actions.

The app opens the door to many parts, and I could set enable motion tracking and pan scan the room while we put the camera at my sister’s.

I could also, on and camera, mute the sound and initiate two-way talk with a press of a few buttons.

The Cam Plus plan only charges 1.25$ for its unlimited features.


Wyze has a slot for an SD card for local video storage and also stores 12 seconds of the video clip after sound detection that is stored locally in the cloud.

However, when I first saw these c, lips, I realized that there was a remarkable down period between the clips from sound detection.

I asked my sister to prefer a 1.25$ per month plan with no cool-down periods and unrestricted clips of unlimited length.

Why is this camera the best?

1080p video quality with distortion-free two-way talk and 12 seconds of the clip without a subscription is a perfect offering.

Moreover, the camera has Colour night vision to make subtle details come out with natural color saturation.


The Wyze app is one of the fastest I have seen so far, with multiple options of settings, and the camera is supported by IFTTT, which makes it compatible with many third-party integrations.

Although it’s not compatible with Apple’s home kit, Wyze Cam Pan V2, with many exceptional features, is the best indoor security camera for your home.

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Nooie Cam 360: (best indoor security camera for your home)

I am a photographer, and my studio is at the one end of the city; my wife is an interior designer and has to be at her project sites often.

Our primary concern was looking after our kids during such hectic days.

Although we had a caretaker at home, getting comfortable without knowing what was happening inside was challenging.

Consequently, I decided to place indoor security cameras in my house.

Choosing a camera was also a debatable subject, as there were many exceptional modes, but after considering it thoroughly to ensure the abilities of the camera purchased a Nooie Cam 360.


Video resolution: 1080p
Field of view: 101 degree
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 124.4*78*68 mm
Weight: 259g

Video/audio quality

The camera’s video quality is one of the features that make it worth buying.

The Video presentation of the camera was smooth and detailed with high definition when I checked on my kids having lunch in the dining room.

I could also clearly see my little one sleeping through the camera when my wife and I weren’t home.

One feature that adds to the camera’s video quality is its 360 view.

As the name suggests, it gives me a more comprehensive version of the simple video with motion tracking and 360 rotation.

The two-way noise-free talk is also beneficial for talking to my children’s caregiver when she is in the room and my wife wants to instruct her.

Nooie App

The Noise app is an excellent consumer-friendly app with a swift motion alter system and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

I can control the app and watch the stream on the screen.

However, one of the things I don’t like about the app is its lack of video or picture preview in altering what most other cameras offer.

I have to go to the video history to check the concerned clip, which is quite messy.


The camera has a micro SD card option for video and paid cloud storage.

I was hoping for a short clip storage feature for detection alerts in the cloud but not getting it was not very pleasant.

However, the paid plan covers everything, including 24-hour recordings.

I have noticed that the event clips are only 60 sec of the recording.

A part of me wanted unlimited event clips.

Why is this camera best?

The overall Russian doll-styled camera with crisp video quality is a suitable table option for monitoring the kids.

The 360-degree view makes tracking what’s happening in a broader range easier.


I was impressed by the camera’s specifications, but the subscription lacks features.

However, Nooie Cam 360 is the best indoor camera for your house at a much inexpensive price.

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Panasonic HomeHawk Window: (best indoor security camera for your home)

Indoor cameras are significant in multi-sectional stores where the owner can’t always watch over the customers.

My uncle owns this kind of superstore which is quite extensive.

To avoid any breaches in the store, my uncle wanted to install indoor cameras for immediate action against unwanted events.

He came to my camera lab yesterday to review security cameras, and I showed him Panasonic HomeHawk Window.

After installing this camera in his departmental store, he was happiest with the outcome.


Video resolution: 1080p
Field of view: 150 degrees
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 5.1*2.9*1.3 inches
Weight: 14.4 ounces

Video/audio quality

1080p at 30 fps delivers remarkably smooth and fluid video quality.

The detailing push-out is impressive, and I like the color vision with nothing to hide in the dark and a 150-degree field of view; make sure to include everything around the store sections in Inspection.

No subscription, no fee

I made sure my uncle didn’t have to pay for the app and additional features, and most of the cameras charge heavy money for proper access to features such as watching the event history and 24/7 recording.

With Panasonic HomeHawk Window, the consumer is relieved from the burden of monthly payments as the camera stores the data in a micros card.

I admire the technological integration of the camera with pre-recording of 2 seconds clip following the alert, and the best part is that it comes free of cost.

See what matters

I don’t appreciate the unwanted alerts of the security cameras as their accuracy gets compromised, and the camera sends too many notifications for even unnecessary detection.

HomeHawk, on the other hand, has more precise because when the camera detects a person, it scans the environment and sends the alert; I don’t ship when seeing cars while the setting is switched to person detection.

Moreover, I set customized area detection in the rare areas of the store because people try to steal when there is no one around, and it gives more controlled surveillance.

Why is this camera the best?

When there is too much to pay while buying a camera and getting a subscription to the advanced feature, HomeHawk provides the same core features without additional charges.

Moreover, its build is out of the norm and sticks to the windows with suction adhesion.


Colored night vision, compact design, and vivid video quality make Panasonic HomeHawk Window the best indoor security camera for your home.

In addition to the primary feature, the 2-second pre-recording of the event with microSD card storage seems safer than paid cloud storage.

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Ezviz C6 2K+: (best indoor security camera for your home)

Being a surfing photographer requires me to be at the beach most of the time while my family lives at the other end of the city.

It wasn’t easy to connect to my children and see what was happening around the house, especially when my wife wasn’t there.

I decided to install cameras in my house to take complete control of the home security and watch over my children and dogs.

For someone who has lived around cameras throughout his life, it’s straightforward to comprehend the idea of the best and worst security cameras.

Hence, after the evolution of one or two devices, I decided to buy Ezviz C6 2K+.

I have found this camera more efficient in providing a connection to the family and good surveillance in the hours of need.


Video resolution: 2k+
Field of view: 79 degrees horizontal, 42 degrees vertical, 92 degrees diagonal
Night vision: Yes
Human and pet detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 100*100*96.5 mm
Weight: 22.61 ounces

Video/audio quality

Although the camera is tiny in size, it isn’t compromised of functionality.

The camera has a 2k+ video resolution with remarkably vivid color dynamics and smooth and more apparent video quality.

I can see the proper picture or zoom in 4 times to focus mainly on a subject.

The color night vision is much tamed, and the image is both overexposed and underwhelmed at night.

My children, especially my daughter, always initiate a Video call with me by just waving her hand in front of the camera.

Effective Audio

Another feature that makes Ezviz C6 2K+ more than just a simple indoor security camera is its effective sound detection.

Once I wasn’t at home, and my wife left the children to see her sick mother, my little one slipped from the stairs and started to cry out loud when the camera sent me an alert, and I immediately sent rescue to my home.

Moreover, two-way talk is a very often used feature, and it’s snappy when I want to communicate with my children.

The audio of this camera is much better than many devices because of noise-canceling, human voice enhancement, and 10-meter sound pick-up.


The SD card storage option, which records the video locally and sends alerts when detected, is the primary option, and I like it.

However, many other paid cloud storage plans seem.

I’m writing down a comprehensive overview of the methods to make it easy for the readers.

There are three plans ranging from 3.99$ per month for three days of Video history, 5.99$ per month for seven days of access, and 10$ per month for 30 days of Video history.

The purchaser can choose the plan according to the ire requirements and stick to the free SD card storage.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera is most versatile in the indoor security industry.

From a video calling initiator by a wave to changing sound frequency detection system, this camera has proven to be responsive and resourceful to give the best service in terms of security and connectivity.


As most present-day security cameras are not compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi Ezviz C6, 2K+ breaks the barrier and supports both 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Consequently, it is the best indoor security camera for your home with 2k resolution and 360-degree pan and title for seeing beyond the stander.

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SwitchBot Indoor Camera: (best indoor security camera for your home)

My friend’s boutique went to a huge loss when her assistant stole some exclusive dresses and a set of diamonds in the middle of the night.

After this incident, she closed her boutique for almost a year.

Recently she contacted me to give the news about the boutique reopening, and this time; she ensured an effective security system.

Hence, she asked me about indoor security cameras that would help her look after the boutique in her absence.

Because I use the SwitchBot Indoor Camera at my office, I know the functional capacity of the camera, so I advised her to install it in the boutique.


Video resolution: 1080p
Field of view: 130 degrees
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Two-way audio: Yes
Zone customization: yes
Dimensions: 59*59*34mm
Weight: 2.4 ounces

Video/audio quality

The camera quality is fantastic, with 1080p resolution, a 130-degree field of view, and a wide-angle lens, which helps detect everything in the space.

The night vision is black and white, but when I watched through it as a trial, I found the image quite sharp.

With two-way audio, my friend could communicate with her assistant while she was at my house.

Detecting the humans

The camera has a handy feature for human-only detection.

As my friend has a dog, and we suspected that the camera would give false alerts as the dog would possess the path, we set the superior human detection to get the attention that matter.

Zone Customization

The most concerning area of the boutique is my friend’s wallet.

She keeps meaningful diamond jewelry for particular customers, so we set the zone customized to the wallet area to get immediate alerts when any undesirable person goes that way.

Why is this camera the best?

Many features of interest are included in the camera, from a high-quality video product to intelligent alerts and specific detection systems to give a comprehensive yet crucial sign.

Zone customization enhances the camera’s privacy, which lets us block the areas we don’t want to include in the monitoring and set the specification to highly susceptible areas.


SwitchBot Indoor Camera is the best indoor security camera for your home, workplace, or anywhere you need intelligent surveillance.

The best thing about the camera is its encrypted technology that protects the data in the cloud and ensures the user information is not breached with GDPR and CCPA certifications.

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Wyze Cam v3: (best indoor security camera for your home)

My mother has a respiratory disorder, and I had to leave her at home with a nurse I hired last summer when her respiratory distress was at its peak. One of the effects of the disease is nocturnal Dyspnea.

Although the nurse takes good care of my mother, I have Wyze Cam v3 camera at home to ensure her safety.

I have installed three cameras in the house to ensure I can track where my mother is, and she has no problems with daily activities.

This camera has many helpful features to care for what’s close to her heart.


Video resolution: 2k
Sensor: CMOS
Field of view: 116 degree
Night vision: Yes (IR LEDs)
Digital zoom 8x
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 52*51*58.5 mm
Weight: less than 98.8g

Video/audio quality

The 1080p video resolution and color night vision keep showing everything in the house without any pixilated or blurring effects.

With 130 degrees field of view, I can see wider in the place to monitor my mother’s activities.

The camera’s two-way talk is an immensely enhanced feature and lets me communicate with my mother and nurse whenever necessary.

Wyze App

I control the camera through the app.

It’s simple and lets me set motion zones, which is essential because I know where my mother would go or have chances of falling.

I can control the sound, recording, and other stuff of every camera in the house through a single app.


At first, I used to get 12 sec of video clip with 5 min cool-down period following an alert.

I wasn’t enough for 24/7 monitoring, so I subscribed to Wyze Cam plus, which charges me 1.25$ per camera and gives an unlimited video length with no cool-down periods.

There is also an option for 32 GB SD card storage, which stores uninterrupted video and time-lapse.

Why this camera is best

It’s an improvement over its predecessors with an increased field of view and good color night vision.

The subscription fee is low, and if someone doesn’t want to pay, the 32 GB SD card option can get them through the need for continuous recordings.


Wyze Cam v3 is the best indoor security camera for your home, with low-cost core features that give control over every aspect of security.

Sharp Video quality and reasonably well-heard audio from the other end have their perks.

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Blink Mini: (best indoor security camera for your home)

These days photography is not a field that is just confined to a camera, and when the work is more extensive, a large office is inevitable.

My photography studio was increasing, and I had to get a larger space to work with the team.

Blink Mini indoor camera provides my office with a secure environment from unwanted activities and people.

I have employed this camera in the hall where most team members have their desks so I can also see what’s happening outside my office.


Video resolution: 1080p
Field of view: 110 degree
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 50*49*36mm
Weight: 1.7 ounces

Video/audio quality

Everything that happens outside my office is seeable through the blink Mini.

Its incredible 1080p Video quality and night vision make it the best choice.

The pan and title qualities are the ones I had to compromise because they come with a separate pan and title stand, but my camera is mounted over the wall, so I get a fixed yet good view of the team desks, and I can also zoom in when needed.

If someone plans to place the camera in one spot, they can get 360-degree panning with the stand.

The two-way audio is loud enough to tell my employees that their fun time has ended no call back to work.

Blink App

Blink app gives me an edge over controlling the office’s monitoring through various settings.

I can set the camera to schedule the recording, arm and disarm the camera, develop its sensitivity, and choose the video length I want after the motion stops.

As the employees constantly move, I set a detection zone for the snack area to know who goes there to smoke and snack in between working hours.


The camera has two plans for cloud storage—a basic and a plus plan.

I use the basic one because it’s enough for my office.

The basic plan gives me 60 days of storage access for 3$ per month.

The blink Mini also offers a Blink sync Module that provides 64 GB of local storage. The cost is around 35$.

Why is this camera the best?

There needs to be person detection, which might seem a disadvantage to some people.

Still, as I only want to see what’s happening outside the office without getting alerts whenever my employee moves, it’s an advantage for me.


It’s a good indoor security camera for your home with privacy zone settings that let you successfully block the areas you don’t want under surveillance.

A good quality camera with very effective two-way audio, Blink Mini is a perfect choice to see what’s important.

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Kami Indoor Camera: (best indoor security camera for your home)

The need for indoor cameras isn’t just a hoax, as some people may think.

I have to find indoor cameras essential when looking over the family at work or peak into children’s rooms to see if they are safe in their space.

I have been using indoor cameras at my home for a long time and transit over many devices, but Kami Indoor Camera is the one I liked the most.

I first saw this camera’s results at my friend’s home, which impressed me with its overall performance, so I decided to buy it for my home.


Video resolution: 1080p
Frame rates: 20 fps@ 1080p
Field of view: 340° pan/95° tilt
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 3*3*5 inches
Weight: 9.4 ounces

Video quality

The video quality is a sharp 1080p resolution and an overall detection and field performance.

I like the camera’s 1080p video at 20 fps which makes everything seem realistic.

The camera’s video quality is brilliant, and night vision is illuminated enough to reveal everything in the sight of the camera with clarity.

Detection/sound performance

The motion detection and person detection is also good, and the camera locked its view into my neighbor when she arrived and tracked her throughout her stay until she was out of the field range.

The pan and tile work very smoothly, and I don’t notice any distorted sound when the two-way talk happens.

The abnormal sound detection is excellent as I get notified when my dog barks longer and louder or once the Gardner breaks the lawn mower.

Kami App

Kami home app shows the image preview of the last recording.

I can toggle between the settings through the app quickly and see motion alerts and delete or play the video by clicking on the video’s thumbnail.

The app’s best feature is Auto Cruise Mode, which enables the pan and tile of the room for a specified period.

I can also schedule motion alerts and set the sensitivity level for more precise detection.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera has many outstanding features, and everything worlds healthy.

The camera supports advanced motion tracking and dual-band Wi-Fi which many indoor security cameras lack.


With some very convenient specifications, Kami Indoor Camera is the best indoor security camera for your home that lets you see the whole broad view with mechanical pan and tilt and have lit night vision without compromising the resolution.

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Google Nest Cam (Wired): (best indoor security camera for your home)

Replacing a battery camera with a wired one was a blessing as I was very frustrated by the low battery life of my previous camera.

Whether indoor or outdoor cameras, wired ones are the most reliable and rational in their use.

Although my last indoor camera has an excellent quality video still, the battery life sucked to the extent that I decided to find a replacement.

Some wired cameras have very complex installation, and they are no better, so after careful consideration, I bought Google Nest Cam (Wired) for my home’s indoor monitoring.


Video resolution: 1080p@30 fps
Sensor: 2 MP
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Field of vie135 degree
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud/ Local
Two-way audio: Yes
Dimensions: 3.88*2.52*2.24 inch

Video quality

The punchy 1080p video quality day and night vision delivers everything that is going on in the targeted environment.

Once I was at my friend’s house when I got an alert of an intruder in my bedroom.

I could immediately recognize the face of a drunk lurking in our street; he was trying to open my so-called safe rescue to the location.

Detection with exactness

The camera is built on advanced Al technology that can easily separate humans and animals and send the most critical alerts.

Taking about the same incident, I have mentioned above; I instantly got notified through the app when the camera detected the drunk.


At first, I was using the camera without a subscription, and once I got an alter around noon, but I was in a meeting, so I couldn’t check the event; when I opened the history at 5 pm, I didn’t get any video history then after reading the manual I got to know that the subscription-free access to the alerts is only available till three hours after the notification.

After this incident, I got a 6$ monthly plan from Nest Aware that allowed me to watch the history for 30 days and opened the door to many other features.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera has many clean and progressive technical features, such as AI-based detection, that are much more effective than most cameras in the market.

Moreover, the paid subscription comes with sound alerts and c02 detection, more piece of a kind at the same price.


If you want something advanced with exceptional features and reasonable paid plans, Google Nest Cam (Wired) has it all with no battery drainage headache and easy installation.

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Homam Camera: (best indoor security camera for your home)

Our small family resort is at the Hill Station of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

It’s a beautiful area, yet we are always concerned about robbery or unwanted intrusion due to visitors from around the globe.

The safety of our customers and staff was essential for us.

In addition to the security guards, we ensured the inside of the lobby and small dining area were not subjected to unanticipated events.

Because I’m only sometimes present at the resort, I outfitted the place with Homam Cameras as I wanted to avoid relying on CCTV and wanted to get notified for every minor inconvenience.


Video resolution: 1080p
Field of view: 156 degrees (diagonal), 134 degrees ( horizontal), 75-degree (vertical)
Night vision: Yes
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Local 64 GB eMMC
Two-way audio: Yes
Height with stand: 83 mm
Weight: 9.04 ounces

Video quality

Homam has very high-definition 1080p video quality with a dynamic range that makes the video pop up; the video is delivered at 60 fps.

I admire its night vision, which is more effective by eight infrared diodes.

Moreover, Sony Starvis sensory make sure both day and night vision are crisp enough to deliver undistorted videos.

Mobile App

The Homam mobile was easy to set up as I wasn’t demanding any account for function.

I paired the camera with my mobile devices using the generated keys.

The app gives a fish-eye view of the lobby and dining room.

I can connect the app to the camera when I’m on the far side of the resort because it is a multi-IP system camera that interlinks with the device from the shortest possible Wi-Fi network.


The camera does not deliver any person or animal detection and records the video continuously and delivers alerts when some important activity is detected.

The camera has the world’s first built-in chip storage system that lets me store data locally and access it whenever I want without any additional subscription fee.

Why is this camera the best?

When I compare the video quality of Homam with other apps, I get a much lit and vivid quality because of the high dynamic range.

The camera app is simple to lets me control everything conveniently, and there aren’t any monthly charges to get full access.


It’s a common notion that cloud storages aren’t safe, so with Homam Cameras, you can get built-in storage with nothing to miss and full service of continuous recording, which makes it the best indoor security camera for your home.

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