9 Best Instant Cameras: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Instant cameras are the choice of every fun-loving person.

Some of the reasons that they are very likable by youth are the instant prints, in-camera filters, and many other effects to make pictures cool.

Besides perfect image presentation with a hint of the midlevel and vintage element, the cameras are lightweight and inexpensive compared to digital cameras.

The camera’s portability makes them more suitable for trips and events, so they capture unforgettable moments with friends and family.

This article is dedicated to all instant camera lovers with some exceptional features.

Which are the Best Instant Cameras?

Here are my recommended top 9 Best Instant Cameras:-

Polaroid Now+: (Best Instant Cameras)

Winters, holidays and festivals, how can someone restrain from going out to enjoy warm events in the freezing night of Minnesota?

My sister had a winter festival at her college, and she wanted to take a camera with her.

She asked me to lend her my heavy cam, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it, so I gave her my instant camera.

Polaroid Now+ has always been my companion whenever I’m going out with friends for dinner or a hangover in clubs, and it’s a very cool small gadget to take shoots at hand.


Lenses: Polycarbonate resin
Shutter system: 1/200 – 1sec
Focal length: Standard Lens: 102.35 mm
Close-up Lens: 94.96 mm (35mm/35 equivalent)
Field of view: Horizontal 40°, vertical 41°
Flash system: Auto-Adjust Output
Dimensions: 150.16 mm* 112.2 mm *95.48 mm
Weight: 457 g

Image performance

A new touch to retro with amazingly improved picture quality over other Polaroid cameras.

I always enjoy clicking by adding fun elements to the pictures, such as different filters.

The camera offers five lens filters, each giving a distinct appearance to the photos. I

advised my sister to use blue and starburst filters to provide more eye-catching effects in her festival photos.

As instant cameras don’t have an exact viewfinder as digital ones offer, I asked my sister to keep the targeted scene in the center so that that camera prints the picture without losing angles.

More creative control

One feature that gives more creative control over the pictures is the app, which is available for Android and IOS.

The app expands the possibility of more desired shot with portrait, light paintings, and night photography modes.

I also like the inclusion of aperture property, double exposure, and manual methods.


Because the camera has a built-in rechargeable battery, the shots aren’t limited by the film, and the battery life saves the day after one-time charging.

I use I-Type films, which are expensive but don’t come with a battery as they utilize the camera’s native rechargeable power cells.

The I-type movie has a comprehensive fundamental 80s-type show showing everything clicked.

Why is this camera the best?

The first camera to see that has a tripod stand in addition to many excellent features.

I like the five-filter lens, the film prints, and the rechargeable battery.

Although the camera doesn’t have a selfie mirror, the integration with the tripod stand solves it all.

When I want to click a selfie, I mount the camera and set the timer to capture amazing selfies from a certain distance.


Best instant cameras have to have something out of the box, and Polaroid Now+ offers the features such as creative capabilities with the h app and exceptional retro-style film prints.

Nonetheless, Now+ delivers cinematic photos with a bold and bright presentation.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo ·: (Best Instant Cameras)

My niece had a class project to go to the botanic garden and take pictures of the plants and herbs they had been reading in the syllabus.

My sister doesn’t know much about cameras, so she asked me to assist my niece.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo has good picture quality.

I have seen some reviews online and used it for my son’s 10th birthday photography, so I told her to purchase Mini Evo as it doesn’t charge much and has many features to offer.


Image Sensor: 1.5 inch CMOS
Aperture: F2.0
ISO: 100 to 1600 (automatic switching)
Shutter speed: 1/4 sec- 1/8000 sec (automatic)
Storage: Internal memory
Dimension: 87* 122.9* 36 mm
Weight: 285 g

Image quality

The creativity and perfection to get the desired picture is endless with Evo.

It provides ten lens effects and ten filters to make the images more effective in appearance.

My niece clicked some fantastic photos with fisheye lens effects to zoom into many plants in integration with sepia, canvas, and pale film effects.

The 4.9 MP camera gives its best to deliver vivid and crisp images.

App integration

The camera is compatible with the Evo app.

I downloaded the app on my phone to try the remote shooting feature, and it worked fine.

Another thing that I could do with the app is transferred some phone images to the camera for printing.

As the camera is hybrid, I could also share pictures taken from the camera to the phone.

All the photos I took at my son’s birthday were printer from the camera, and then I transferred them to my phone via the application.


Apart from the artistic ability of the camera, its battery and storage need to be on par to allow the photographs to complete the day.

EVO has a long battery life, and it got my niece through the whole day in Botanic Park.

A 1 GB SD card expands the storage of the camera.

At first, I used it without an SD card, and it stored 45 images internally, but when I inserted the Card, its capacity increased to around 850 pictures.

Why is this camera the best?

A wholesome device with an aesthetic that gets you astonished by the combinations of more than 100 effects.

The camera works on a 1.5-inch image sensor, ensuring a picture is illuminated enough to highlight the details.


Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo is among the best instant cameras with outstanding image performance, long battery life, and a roomy storage option.

The Evo app makes sure to enhance the modernization of the gadget.

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Polaroid Now ·: (Best Instant Cameras)

Turkey is my favorite country, a rapidly growing vacation destination with a Middle Eastern and modern European touch.

I planned to visit Turkey this winter to explore one of the most enchanting places.

The excitement for this family trip was at its peak, and my daughter demanded a camera of her.

It was an end-time request, and I didn’t have much time to think, so I bought her the first camera I could think of.

Polaroid Now · is a never used flagship for me.

Still, after reading the manual, I was satisfied with the camera’s specifications, which didn’t disappoint us.


Lenses: Polycarbonate and acrylic
Shutter system: customized design
Focal length: Close-up, 94.96 mm/
Distance, 102.35 mm
Field of view: Horizontal 40°, vertical 41°
Battery: 750 mAh
Dimensions: 150. 2mm* 112.2mm *94 mm
Weight: 434 g

Image quality/film

Before buying the camera, I was familiar with its specs.

I like the flash system that doesn’t overexpose the image and complements every environment where the picture is captured.

The flash system works well in low light as my daughter took amazing photos when we were in a resort with a dimly lit ambiance, yet the images came out clean.

It’s one of the favorite captures with Polaroid Now on the I-Type film.

Although the camera is compatible with 600 movies, I always go forx the I-Type.

Double exposure/Autofocus

Some of the clips with double exposure were also very cool as they combined two frames in one photograph for a more artistic touch.

The 2-lens autofocus system works very well in analyzing which lens is more suitable for particular pictures and delivers astonishing sharp images.

Battery life

Battery life rechargeable batteries are always a sound installation in any device that achieve the day.

The camera has long battery life; we didn’t have to charge the battery when exploring Taksim square for a whole day.

Why is this camera the best?

There are many neat and technically improved features in Polaroid Now, including the flash system and autofocus to make the pictures more visibly applied.

The battery life of excellent longevity allows the fun to be completed without caring much about the charging.


Looking for the best instant cameras is challenging with too much rush in the market.

However, Polaroid Now combines on-par features without spending much, bringing more fun to your vacations.

Double exposure is the most exciting element, which gives a distinct artistic notch to the pictures.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 11: (Best Instant Cameras)

A school play was going to be held at our County’s junior High, and my friend’s son goes there.

He is very passionate about photography and often comes to my studio to learn.

As he wanted to get a camera for covering the play, he called me to give her something of use.

I had a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 in my office as this camera came for testing from a review website.

I gave it to my friend’s son, who clicked some fantastic pictures with the device.


Picture Size: 62mm x 46mm
Lens: f = 60mm, 1:12.7
Viewfinder: Real image finder
Shutter: Programmed shutter 1/2 to 1/250 sec
Exposure: Automatic (ISO 800)
Flash: Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment)
Dimension: 107.6mm × 121.2mm × 67.3mm
Weight: 293g

Image quality

Instant cameras from mini range wide devices but one of the best is only Mini 11.

While I was testing, the most impressive feature that elevated the image quality was the flash system.

I tried it in low and bright light settings and was surprised by the flash performance.

It carefully considers the surrounding light and gives a balanced illumination to the picture.

I didn’t find the low light images underexposed and bright light pictures overexposed.

The automatic exposure system work to the best of its ability to give sharp, vibrant, and undistorted picture prints.

Selfie mode

Selfie mode doubles the fun of an instant camera, as navy doesn’t offer this feature.

The tuning from a simple rare camera ta o selfie may seem unnecessarily inconvenient, but after using it a time or two, it starts to feel easy.

While testing, I noticed that the camera could take selfies around 30-50 meters away in an incredibly retro style.


The AA alkaline battery is what the company could outfit the camera with.

Although there are instant cameras with rechargeable batteries, and they seem more reliable still, mini 11’s is manageable for battery life.

I tested the storm, and the company claimed ten packs of instant mini film with ten exposure each, and it wasn’t a false claim.

Why is this camera the best?

The programmed shutter ranges from 1/2 to 1/25 seconds, and it automatically gets to the slower end when the low-light environment is the target.

Moreover, the actual image finder viewfinder gives a solid preview in selfie mode.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is among the best Instant Cameras not only in the mini-series but also compared to many other flagships.

Its image quality is more apparent, sharper, and brighter.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6: (Best Instant Cameras)

Christmas Eve brings chaos and fun to the town.

This eve was terrific as we had planned a bone fire on campus.

The event was perfectly organized, with music, food, lights, and photo shoots.

Unfortunately, my camera broke from falling off my hand the minute I clicked the first photo. I

t wasn’t enjoyable, but my friend’s instant camera saved hours.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 gave a new turn to the events as everyone loved the old-style instant picture capturing.

SQ6 is a fantastic device to take to parties and preserve life’s best moments.


Picture Size: 62 mm x 62 mm
Lens: Retractable lens
Viewfinder: Inverted Galilean finder
Focusing: 3 separate moods
Shutter: Programmed, 1.6 sec – 1/400 sec
Exposure Control: Automatic (ISO 800)
Film Developing Time:
Approximately 90 seconds
Dimensions: 118.7 mm x 128.1 mm x 58.1 mm
Weight: 393 g

Square prints

The perfect old-school vibe with square prints is what I get from SQ6.

The broad pattern includes much of the scene I want to capture.

Square photos are much better than landscape and portrait prints and have a 1.3 times wider image size than other Instax series.

Image performance

This camera has a lot to explore because it has many excellent modes to add more aesthetics to the pictures.

The effect I used the most on Christmas Eve was double exposure mode.

People asked me to click their photos with a Christmas tree or render.

The light and dark modes also gave gen z vibes very coolly with low-key and high-vital effects.

Apart from these, Macro and Landscape modes capture close-up or distance photos.

The macro mode allows the camera to have 30-50 cm of distance while the landscape will enable it to have 2m to I finite distance for capturing photos.

Selfie mode

Any instant camera with selfie mode properly integrates old and new.

I used a selfie mirror to have some selfies with my friends.

The camera is very advanced as selfie mode makes the camera choose the correct brightness and focal length for the pictures to be ideal.

Why is this camera the best?

Picture perfect; that’s what I call this camera because of so many exciting elements that increase the fun of being an image maker from multiple modes.

Choose from a small viewfinder to look at what’s in the scene.

This camera is outstanding.


Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is one of the best instant cameras with an auspicious old-school design and adorable picture quality.

Moreover, two lithium batteries give enough shots during every critical event.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini EVO: (Best Instant Cameras)

My obsession with retro and typical old-school photos never disappears, so I created an Instagram page to attract instant camera lovers.

Clicking pictures by adding fun elements is an enjoyable activity for me.

I am always wandering around the city to click photos of landscapes, street art, and other subjects that are wonderful enough to catch my attention.

Fujifilm Instax Mini EVO is the best companion in providing me with terrific still for my page, enabling me to get punchy colors with good-quality images.


Image Sensor: 1.5 inch CMOS
Aperture: F2.0
ISO: 100 to 1600 (automatic switching)
Shutter speed: 1/4 sec- 1/8000 sec (automatic)
Storage: Internal memory
Dimension: 87*122.9*36 mm
Weight: 285 g

Image quality

An artist is always looking for ways to make his pictures more interesting by adding fun colors and effects.

Evo allows me to combine 100 products through 10 lenses and ten film effects.

I have used combinations in my pictures; I once used mirror and sepia while clicking an image of an old piece of the Victoriana jewelry box, and I light leak with blue to capture some exotic food in a local restaurant.

EVO app

The most crucial feature that let me choose EVO over many other devices is its compatibility with the EVO app.

I use this application to transfer the picture in my smartphone for a digital format that I upload to my Instagram page.

The only annoying thing is that I have to take a print of the photo before transferring it to the smartphone.

However, the camera generously allows me to print pictures from my phone gallery with its built-in small printer.


A good battery life saves my day when clicking pictures; I do it for long hours.

The storage also gives me enough space to keep the data in the device.

I use a Micro SD card that expands the storage capacity tenfold.

The IGB card gives me enough space to store 800 pictures.

If I use the camera without an SD card, I can only save 40-45 images in the camera’s internal memory, so I recommend taking advantage of the external storage slot.

Why is this camera the best?

Any camera that satisfies the need of its user is considered the best, and EVO takes a step ahead in providing the highest possible potential in making the image perfect.

The use of various camera effects is pretty straightforward and can be changed by film and lens dial.


The camera includes a small 3-LCD that lets me see what my chosen effect looks like, and the Sturdy build of the camera is pleasing to use without hand getting burdened.

With remarkable features to let the world see what your instant camera has clicked, Fujifilm Instax Mini EVO is one of the best instant cameras in town.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9: (Best Instant Cameras)

The instant camera trend is becoming more popular over the years.

Millennials and gen Z want a taste of the early 90s in their modern photography.

Seeing the trend, more and more flagships begin manufacturing instant cameras, but which ones are worth it?

In my experience of going through the numerous cameras, I have found Fujifilm to be one of the best companies to build quality instant cameras.

I recently bought Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for my little one, which was a good choice.


Picture size: 62 x 46mm
Viewfinder: Real image finder
Focusing 0.6m – infinite
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec.

Dimensions: 116*118.3*68.2mm
Weight: 307g

Brightness adjustment

Adding a modern hint to the retro is one of the most successful features of the camera.

I have often seen that many instant cameras do not have good low-light performance or a darker edge in addition to the desirable vintage effect.

To tackle the issue, Instax has included a brightness meter, and I can adjust the brightness when the camera informs me about the appropriate settings for a particular ambiance.

High-key mode

Another striking feature of the camera is the high-key mode, and it’s the first camera to include this kind of setting.

The high-key mode lets me soften the picture impression after stimulation.

When I compared the typical and high-key mode picture of a toy train that my son clicked, I could see the illumination and balanced Colour outcomes.

The high-key settings happen by tuning the brightness adjustment dial to the high-key mark.

Selfie mode

A selfie mode in an instant camera is another Gen z’s favorite inclusion.

I could quickly turn the selfie mode on by pulling the camera out, and the small viewfinder at the side enabled me to see what I would click.

The close range of the camera is up to 35mm, which is stander with the Instax Miniseries.

Why is this camera the best?

Having a perfect picture is the dream of every image maker, and mini 9 provides enough technical support to click and stimulate the views to give the shots their best finishing.

I have found the selfie images of this camera much sharper than its predecessor, as getting the focus closer often makes pictures blur.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 has some features that no other instant camera offer.

The brightness adjustment and high-key effect exclusive to mini 9 are much more efficient, even when they may exist on other models.

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Fujifilm Instax Wide 300: (Best Instant Cameras)

My friend planned a family trip to Edinburgh, and as the place is famous for the old castle, green lands, and royal footprint, it was best to suggest an instant camera to take on the journey.

I recently bought Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 because it’s an excellent device with a low price for vintage features.

I gave my camera to my friend for the trip so she could preserve the memories in one instant shot.

At first, she was reluctant to take it, but after seeing the pictures of downtown New Jersey that I clicked with the camera, she took the camera with her and was happy with the results.


Lens: Retractable lens, f = 95 mm, 1:14
Viewfinder: Real image finder
Shutter: Programmed shutter, 1/64 sec – 1/200 sec.
Exposure control: Automatic (ISO 800)
Flash: Built-in, automatic electronic flash
Dimensions: 167.8mm x 94.7mm x 120.9mm
Weight: 612g

Wider prints

The Instax Wide 300 is not an ordinary instant camera.

Instead, it is compatible with Instax wide film white and Instax wide film Monochrome.

I have used both films, and the results were terrific.

The comprehensive film is about 50% more than the mini, with 86*108 mm prints that include the whole scene in the group photos and make sure to print without any washed-out areas.

The close-up

Close-ups are made easy with lenses that increase the photo shooting range.

I once clicked photos of birds sitting on the wire in front of my apartment.

The close-up to 40 cm gave a spectacular shot and retained a detailed image.

Perfect for Low-light

The best feature of the camera is its low light performance that comes with automatic flash.

As I go to clubs regularly and often take my camera to parties, especially when I am downtown, the flash system works well in calculating the light of the surroundings and managing the brightness accordingly.

I never got any dark pictures with this camera.

Apart from the flash, the camera also has an exposure compensation mode that gives a choice to alter the picture presentation in D (dark), L (light), and N (normal).

Why is this camera the best?

The camera has a Focal zoom dial with ranges from 90 cm to 3m and 3m to infinite, enhancing the scene recognition and ensuring the camera focuses well.

Moreover, the camera operations are pretty straightforward, and a button can control the brightness.

The camera also has a Rear mounted LCD to let the image maker know the settings.


Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 is one of the best instant cameras due to its handy build and easy-to-control settings.

There isn’t any complex menu to set desired modes, and the picture performance is perfect in dark and light environments.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 40: (Best Instant Cameras)

My foster daughter was very interested in photography from her teenage, and she particularly has a taste for instant cameras.

I have always gifted her an instant camera on her birthday, and she had a wall full of frames.

This year I decided to go with A Fujifilm camera instead of any other flagship.

I dug into the Internet and went through many Fujifilm Instax models.

Still, after careful evaluation, I concluded that Fujifilm Instax Mini 40d an excellent picture quality with perfect film prints, so I gifted her the mini 40.


Photo size: 62 mm × 46 mm
Lens: f = 60 mm, 1:12.7
Viewfinder: Real image finder
Shutter: Programmed shutter 1/2 to 1/250 sec
Exposure: Automatic (ISO 800)
Flash: Constant firing flash
Power Supply: Two AA-size alkaline batteries
Dimensions: 104*121*65 mm
Weight: 330 g

Image quality:

When craving retro photography, I always rely on mini 40 because its image quality is excellent due to the fixed f/12.7 lens with a 60 mm focal length.

The camera works best in both portrait and landscape mode, and moving away from the scene doesn’t kill the detailing.

The camera preserves color integrity with blended darks and lights, making the picture perfect in vintage hues.

Selfie mode/ Automatic flash

The mini 40 has the same typical pull-out selfie lens as other Instax mini cameras.

I can shoot between 30 to 50 cm from the camera, and when I get closer to the subject, the mirror gets blurry, which is evident in instant cameras.

The flash works very well indoors, especially when I decide not to rely solely on automatic exposure.

The flash highlights the targeted subject and the background in a dimly lit environment with much illumination.

Battery life

The AA batteries work well than CR2 batteries, and I can finish 10 Instax mini film packs and 100 shots before the battery gets drained.

The battery used in this camera are alkaline, and the company mentions explicitly that manganese batteries cannot be used in the camera.

Why is this camera the best?

The exclusive feature that manages the bright and dark ambiance photography is the automatic flash that changes the shutter from ½ to 1/250 after the shutter button release.

The picture comes out well-defined, and the contrast is perfect.


The pin-and-shot operation of the camera is intelligent and easy, as it just needs the press of a button to get the picture ready.

The retro styling and affordability of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 make it one of the best instant cameras in the mini-series.

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Polaroid Go: (Best Instant Cameras)

Instant cameras have been reinvented after their declined use from the early 200, and many flagships have introduced their models.

Still, when I look back and see the history, I always get stuck because Polaroid instant cameras have the traditional fingerprint of the basic vintage features that give the true essence of the last century.

Polaroid Go is one of the devices I use whenever I want to get tired of the digital camera and want to dive into the medieval days.


Battery: 750mAh,
Lenses: Polycarbonate resin
Aperture: f12- f52
Focal length: 51.1mm
Shutter speed: 1/250-1sec
Field of view: (Diagonal) 65.1 degrees/ (Horizontal) 48.1degrees/ (Vertical) 49.1 degrees
Flash System: Automatic flash
Dimensions: 5.9* 3.3* 2.4 in
Weight: 0.53 lbs

Image quality

Although the camera and the film are small, it doesn’t affect the image quality.

The camera lens has an aperture range of f/12-f/52 with a focal length of 51.1 mm.

The 65.1 degrees diagonal, 48.1 degrees horizontal, and 49.1 degrees vertical field of view let me incorporate all the elements to make the small print seem big.

The retro touch is my favorite feature, as the effect of the last century often comes with dull colors, but the vintage styling of the camera keeps the color’s sharpness intact.

The automatic flash also worked fine when illuminating the darker surroundings and lit the background similarly.

Perfect for selfies

Although there isn’t any pull-out separate selfie mirror as we see in Instax mini cameras from Fujifilm still, the viewfinder at, the same size as the lens, makes it easy for me to take selfies by watching the preview; all I have to do is find the perfect light for reflective selfie mirror, set the time and pose.

Battery life

The camera is outfitted with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that get charged fast and stay the same until I finish my work.

The long battery life and rechargeable features are much appreciated over alkaline or CR2 batteries, as they finish before the fun is half its way.

Why is this camera the best?

The camera does not work on the shutter adjustment, but it has an aperture range that gets switched according to the lighting condition when the camera is fired.

The only problem I face with the Polaroid Go film is that it takes 15 minutes to fully develop, which is very long compared to 90 sec film development time of other cameras.


Charming pastel-like color and the ability to retain the detailing make Polaroid Go one of the best instant cameras.

The rechargeable battery and camera portability add to the ease of its usability.

One of the things that can be improved is the fixed focus which may restart the camera’s versatility in some instances.

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