10 Best IP camera for your security system: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on January 9, 2023 by Sharon Advik

IP cameras are now considered more appropriate for security purposes because they are handier and give asses to data more promptly than CCTV.

There are compound devices with a video quality that is clear as crystal even in low-light performance leaving behind the traditional distorted pictures of CCTV.

The use of IP cameras for the protection of offices, buildings, and household comes with a meager price and easy installation.

Here is a list of some cameras to protect the property on the go.

Which is the Best IP camera for your security system?

Here are my recommended top 10 Best IP camera for your security system:-

Nest Cam Outdoor: (Best IP camera for your security system)

Security of any house and property is critical when an increasing crime is unpredictable.

Last year, a few theft and robbery incidents happened in my neighborhood, which worried my wife.

As I am a travel photographer and have to be out on my projects for an extended period, I wanted to ensure that my family is safe and protected at home.

My choice of installing a Nest Cam Outdoor was a perfect decision in this time of need.

I used to feel worried due to my family’s protection, but now that Nest Cam backs up my home security, I am much relieved of the possibility of a house breach.

The nest camera is among the best IP camera for your security system if you are looking for proper protection.


Camera: ½.8-inch/ 2MP sensor
Video quality: 1080p@30 fps
Field of View: 130 degree
Digital Zoom: 6x
Night Vision: Yes (HDR)
Audio: 2 way
Motion detection: Single motion sensor
Dimension: 3.27*3.27
Weight: 398g

Video/ audio

The 1080p video quality stands out to provide a clear video.

I never felt any difficulty recognizing the faces around my doorway, even at night, because the night mode perfectly presents what happens in my yard after sundown.

The two-way audio with built-in microphones and speakers adds to the monitoring capabilities of the camera.

Field view/Nest Aware app

The 130-degree field of view feels sufficient as I can oversee what I need within this diagonal field range.

The Nest Aware app has a very high rating in the Google store.

At first, I had a 6$ monthly subscription that offered familiar face detection and sound alerts.

I remember once in my office when someone broke the window glass of why bedroom; I could immediately call 911 from the Google Home app.

However, after my travel increased, my wife suggested I upgrade the subscription to 12$ per month to get 60 days of video history.

Battery life

I wanted the cam to be wireless to avoid messy connection problems because I don’t have any males at home.

My battery-powered Nest Cam has been outfitted with three estimated battery life depending on use.

If my camera records 20-25 events per day, I get 1.5 months of battery life; the longevity increases to three months with 9-12 events per day and extends to about seven months with 2-4 recordings per day.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera can be described as one of the most reliable, proficient, and picture-perfect, with its weather resistance built, 24/7 surveillance, and 1080p video quality.

However, I admire the activity zone specification that comes with even without a Nest Aware subscription.


Nest Cam Outdoor is an exceptional camera for your security system, with an easy-to-install design and intelligent alerts.

The battery life and Dual-band Wi-Fi give fast monitoring at one tap of the mobile phone.

However, it is still expensive with Google Assistance integration and Face recognition.

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Reolink RLK8-820D4-A: (Best IP camera for your security system)

I bought my mom and dad an apartment in Harlem because I had to move to California for a summer photo shoot for a brand.

This was a long-term project, and I had to be out for the whole season.

Harlem is where my parents spent their childhood.

Still, it was a bit crowded, so I ensured the apartment had ample security as I connected the camera’s IP address with my father’s and cousin’s phones while I was gone.

My cousins could take care of my parents whenever needed and keep an eye on the house via this IP camera.

Reolink RLK8-820D4-A is the best IP camera for your security system, with reliable connectivity to ensure the house’s safety.


Camera: ½.49-inch/ 8MP sensor
Video quality: 4k@25 fps
Field of View: 87 (horizontal) and 44 ( vertical)
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: audio recording
Motion detection: Person, vehicle, and pet( beta)
Dimension: 105*95 mm
Weight: 467.5g


This camera goes a step ahead and is installed with 4k resolution.

The main reason for choosing this camera is that it is 1.6x clearer than super high Definition and about 4x clearer than 1080p resolution.

Everything that’s going on around the apartment is obvious in crystal clear streams.

I never worried about the night disturbance as Harlem is very overpopulated, and there is always something going on.

Still, the night vision camera with 18 pcs infrared LEDs makes everything visible to protect around 100ft in night vision.

Moreover, the built-in audio can record even a tiny bit of disturbance.

Continue recording

Another feature that makes this camera a better model than everything in the market is 24/7 recording with a 2TB Hard drive disk and expandable storage capacity to 12 TB.

The cam can record all-day video without missing a single movement around the apartment, and I can assess the data conveniently.


The Reolink App detects persons and vehicles with its intelligent system.

There is no additional subscription cost for innovative features; I get notified immediately when the camera detects a person.

The camera also allows me to schedule the recording and define a motion zone for focused one-area monitoring.

Why is this camera the best?

Offering reasonable smart security in my absence without even costing a subscription for the app makes Reolink exceptional.

Moreover, the easy-to-install Power over Ethernet technology needs only one cable to connect the IP camera and NVR, consequently permitting power supply and video signal transmission with a single line.

PoE cameras are mess-free than non-PoE cameras that need two cable connections.


Are you looking for something that relieves the hectic monthly subscriptions to take care of your home or business?

Reolink RLK8-820D4-A camera gives prompt alerts of security breaches without the additional cost.

It is the best IP camera for your security system without battery limitations as it is wired, and 4k video quality takes out the subtle details in the doorways.

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Ring Spotlight Cam Wired: (Best IP camera for your security system)

Some drunk thieves had attacked my photo studio, and after that, I became much more conscious about my place’s security.

At first, I used to have a CCTV camera, but then I realized I needed to keep an eye on the business inside and outside with a proper IP camera.

I went to a security company for assistance, and they suggested Ring Spotlight Cam Wired.

The security guard manager guaranteed that Ring Spotlight is the best IP camera for your security system as they have received excellent feedback on its working ability from consumers.

It is a very sturdy and proficient device to keep things under surveillance.


Video quality: 1080p
Field of View: 140 degree
Alexa, IFTT: yes
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two way
Motion detection: Yes
Storage: Cloud
Dimension: 2.5*5.5*4.5 inches


I was impressed by the sharpness of the 1080p camera when I first saw my photo-studios front door through the camera.

Both night and daytime video quality are exceptional.

I could see every detail through the camera; even the scratch on my car was visible.

The two-way audio worked well when I talked.

I warned a stranger lurking around the office when I was working at night.

The audio is sharp and isn’t too loud but well audible for quick conversations.

Field of view

The 140-degree field of view covers the whole office area and lets everything I want in my sight.

I can see who is standing outside clearly without any field restriction.

This app leaves behind some of the other contenders in the market that give a narrow view field with more price.

Ring app

The Ring app gives me a live feed of the watch, but I can also assess the recorded clips and review the motion alerts.

Once I saw a minor disturbance on the front road, I manually activated the alarm to scare the possible intruders.

Although the app was supported, live stream still had to get a monthly subscription for recording.

The basic 3$ per month plan is enough to obtain 60 days of cloud storage, video reviews of events I miss, and share the video.

Why is this camera the best?

The camera’s motion detection is very snappy and gives the spotlight as soon as something unprecedented enters the detection zone.

Also, I like the wired model over the battery because there are no power drainage issues.


Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is the best IP camera for your security system, it also offers a 1-year warranty, and the Ring app also comes with lifetime purchase protection.

Everything about this security system, from built to video quality, is outstanding.

However, I would like a subscription-free recording to make the security system more viable.

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Reolink Duo 2: (Best IP camera for your security system)

My cousin runs a small clinic that recently went through a renovation.

As she wanted to upgrade the system installation, she also came to my camera lab for assistance regarding the security system.

She wasn’t much impressed by her last IP camera because of the video quality; so after evaluating some models, I recommend her Reolink Duo 2.

As she was much disappointed in the experience, I assured her that Duo 2 would be the best security camera for your security systems.

Now that she has it installed and used for a month, she is much more satisfied with the outcome.


Camera: ½.7-inch/ 8MP sensor
Video quality: 4608*1726@20 fps
Field of View: 180 (horizontal) and 60 ( vertical)
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: Person, vehicle, and pet( beta)
Dimension: 195*103*56 mm
Weight: 680g


This camera’s video quality makes it an excellent choice for a security system in small business setups, clinics, and offices.

The 4k video gave a crystal clear view of the garden outside my cousin’s clinic when I looked through the cam for the first time.

I was impressed by the night mode and could identify some vehicles roaming the clinic.

I communicated with the car’s driver when this unwanted vehicle stopped in front of the clinic.

Fortunately, he turned out to be someone new in the city; finding his way to a hotel, I guided him through the built-in mic and speaker.

Field of view

The camera has two lenses and two fields of view.

There is a 180-degree horizontal and 60-degree vertical field view.

The two lenses merge the images and show them as one without any gaps.

When I first saw the footage, I didn’t see any overlapping parts in the dual lenses, as the final panorama double field of view came out too smooth and clean.

Reolink app

The Reolink app is very responsive in alerting when danger is detected.

I checked the response by picking up the package from the clinic’s front door wearing a black hoodie.

The camera app caught it as suspicious activity and sent an alert via push notifications.

I was also able to oversee the clinic when my cousin was in a meeting, and she suspected some intruders.

My cousin then played back the video when she returned.

She didn’t have asses to the mobile and later filtered the video to get to the concerned part to see who was trying to breach the clinic.

Why is this the best camera?

This camera has its perk with wide field angle dual lenses and zone detection.

My cousin manages the clinic alone, so she did not need to hire a guard because this camera provided her with more security oversight than a guard would have.


This surveillance model is top-tier and the best IP camera for your security system and is easy to manage and eye-pleasing to watch.

No battery outs and multiple cable attachments make it easy to handle.

Also, the various 24/7 recording options and 256 GB micro SD card storage give enough room for continuous recording.

The feature that may attract the videographers is its cinematic time laps that can capture the sunrise and other dynamic processes.

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Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24: (Best IP camera for your security system)

My Blog is all about cameras.

I have been working to investigate the specifications of DSLRs, and the mirrorless camera’s for a long time.

Still, with the advancement in the technical landscape, more types of capturing devices are being introduced. I

P cameras are one of the latest wonders of tech, which allows the surveillance of businesses and households with continuous information.

The question of the best security camera has been trending on the Internet, so I also decided to list some IP cameras in my latest article.

After careful evaluation, I listed some cameras for best consumer use, and eufy Solo IndoorCam P24 was at the top because of its prompt and fast response and presentation quality, and I bought one for home.


Video quality: 2k
Field of View: 360 (horizontal) and 96 ( vertical)
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: Person, crying, and pet
Dimension: 2.97*2.97*4.21 inch
Weight: 10.6 ounces


This camera is one of the devices that inspires critics.

As the writer and evaluator, I chose this camera to protect my home with its 2k video quality (1080P while using the Homekit).

The video let me see everything that matters; when a pet to copious details of the scene, I can see unerringly what’s going on in my house day and night.

I often communicate with my wife and children while I am in my photo library to enquire about dinner and ask for a glass of water.

The two-way audio is very sharp and clear in delivering the massage.

Field of View

The 360-degree horizontal and 96-degree vertical tilt makes P24 even more efficient in object tracking.

The pan, tilt, and action tracking are versatile features when detecting a motion.

I can get the desired view of the house when I title the camera to 96 degrees vertically or pan it to 360 degrees.

eufy Security app

When I connected the cam to the Apple Homekit, Google assistance, and Alexa to get the alerts and ensure I got everything under control, I had to add the device to the eufy Security app and complete the activation.

After this initial setup, I could get alerts of unwanted activity or my child crying outside.

The built-in Ai notification that detects noise disruptions lets us know when our children need attention.

Why is this camera the best?

Some people may feel reluctant to use an indoor IP camera because they fair the invasion of their privacy but lets me clarify that eufy makes sure everything that happens in the house remains within its walls.

The owners can only assess the recording and storage, which makes this battery-powered snappy surveillance system secure.


From customizable activity zone to instant detection, eufy Solo IndoorCam P24 gives tremendous results to protect the household.

It is the best IP camera for your security system that saves your data locally and in the cloud for later assessment.

It has vivid and dynamic video quality, and nothing can remain hidden from your eyes with the motion tracking and on-time alerts.

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X-Sense S21: (Best IP camera for your security system)

One of my friends started his programming and Web development firm and rented a building for setting up his office.

As it was a small building and he wanted to ensure he got a fast and reliable surveillance camera, he asked my thoughts.

X-Sense S21 was the camera I used at my workplace then, so I told him to try it.

IP cameras are handier and easier to check for small firms and offices than CCTV. I

have never suggested CCTV for households and workplaces that do not require a proper surveillance system.

Anything at a small scale can be confined within the range of an IP camera.


Video quality: 2k
Sensor: 4 MP
Field of View: 156 degrees
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: yes
Dimension: 170*70*70 mm
Weight: 265g


The 2k video quality is what I needed to inspect my outdoors while peacefully working at my place.

The 4 MP sensor delivers very illumine and crisp.

I have seen that many cameras need to perform better in low light conditions but S21’s night mode gives evenly exposed black-and-white video.

However, the camera’s two spotlights activate automatically when any motion is detected and provides full colored video even in the darkness.

I often use two-way audio to communicate with the amazon delivery man to drop the package in the box in front of the door when I’m at home.

Field of view

The camera’s wide 156-degree view angle lets the vision get broad and includes the porch and the doorway in the video.

I once saw someone trying to get onto the patio through the wide-angle field view and was able to interfere immediately to get the porch pirate arrested.

Xsmartview app

I can see the live feed from the camera whenever I want and switch between the various modes.

The app has options to mute the sound choose the night and day modes, and change the resolution.

I am also impressed by the activity detection setting of the application that lets me set the alarm for motion and human detection separately.

From activity zoning to triggered intervals, this application offers many advanced settings to get complete control of the camera.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera supports 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections that give uninterrupted video.

The build of the camera is very sturdy and weatherproof.

Although this camera is very affordable, as I bought it for under 50$, there is still no compromise over the quality.


While I compare this camera with others in the market, I admire not only the affordability but also the quick and responsive application that makes X-Sense S21 an unparalleled option and the best IP camera for your security system.

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Ring Indoor Cam: (Best IP camera for your security system)

The indoor camera is suitable for a single office as it doesn’t need to cover the area from far away and only tells what’s going on inside the room.

I installed Ring Indoor Cam in my office at my wedding photography company.

I didn’t need any surveillance equipment in the central doorway or reception because I own a 3-room working floor.

Moreover, I keep all the essential documents and cash in my office’s locker.

Therefore, I wanted something that could give me an overlook of what is happening in the office while I’m away; for this reason, I prefer indoor cam, and it suffices my need to keep an eye on my staff.


Video quality: 1080p
Field of View: 140° (diagonal), 115° (horizontal), 60° (vertical)
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: yes
Dimension: 1.81*1.81*2.95 inch
Weight: NA


This camera is a desktop device as it’s small and perfect for compact places such as living rooms and offices; however, the size does not represent the camera’s capability.

It’s a power punch with evident 1080p video quality that lets me see whatever happens inside my office when I am away.

I once communicated with my receptionist via the camera when she entered my office to get some files.

Field of view

Indoor cam has a three-way view of the field that encompasses everything within the space from corner to corner.

I can see the complete picture of my office from the window to the locker with 140 degrees diagonal, 115-degree horizontal, and 60-degree vertical views.

Ring app

This application saved me from a massive loss when my ex-receptionist tried to steal some files and cash from my office.

It was the first day of the camera in my office, and she did not know about it.

I was in an important meeting when I got a real-time notification and was able to scare her off through the two-way audio.

As I have 3.99$ per month subscription plan, the application saved the video for later viewing, and I could complain to the police about the attempt to theft with proof.

Why is this camera the best?

Apart from everything that comes with a security camera Indoor ring cam integrated with the ring app also allows me to add authorized devices and select a linked account.

After this receptionist incident, I also included my wife’s account so she could monitor the office or get alerts in case I was not in contact.


The ingenuity of this best IP camera for your security system comes with its compatibility with Alexa, including the Echo sensing abilities.

Ring Indoor Cam is wired, so there is no trouble with the power supply.

The easy installation, Motion-Activated Notifications, and distinct Night Mode make it stand out from similar contenders.

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Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera: (Best IP camera for your security system)

Being a parent and full-time outdoor photographer is a tough place.

My child is only 3, and I had to keep him at home with a babysitter.

I was apprehensive about my flat’s security and the child’s wellbeing because trusting a stranger with the most valuable possessions is difficult.

To overcome the worries of home, I installed Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera in every room of my flat.

With an IP camera, I can now see what’s happening on my mobile phone.

These cameras are a blessing in disguise as they permit the relaxation of working and monitoring simultaneously.


Video quality: 1080p@30 fps
Field of View: 360 degree
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: yes
Dimension: 50*49*36 mm
Weight: 48g


Home is often said to be safe heaven, and I didn’t want my child to feel otherwise; that’s why I made sure my 3-year-old knew that his dad was watching over him while hiring a babysitter.

I can see my home in 1080p video quality during the day and night; moreover, I talk to my baby with two-way audio.

When I am gone for a long time, I can communicate with the babysitter when necessary.

Field of view

The 360-degree view of the camera completes with 110 degrees diagonal, 350-degree pan range, and 125 degrees tilt range.

The pan range goes from right to left and covers the entire room when I want to see where my baby is playing in the room.

The up-and-down tilt range gives me a view of stairs while I feed the living room.

Blink App

As I have multiple cameras around the flat, I use 10$ per month subscription plan to record the video and assess the additional features.

Although live feed and motion alerts are free with Blink Mini and it does not require any additional cost, I still had to record what happening for much more controlled monitoring is.

Why is this camera the best?

The camera works with Alexa and can get instructions with voice control.

The wired camera is very convenient and has super High definition video quality.

The field view is broad and lets me explore the home without limitations.


Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera is the best IP camera for your security system, with several options for the subscription plan.

I recommend using 3$ per month for those with two or three cameras, but the 10$ per month goal is more suitable for multiple device holders.

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Reolink RLC-811A: (Best IP camera for your security system)

My brother lives in a boy’s hostel in Coventry, working part-time.

Hostels are full of people that can’t be known or judged easily, and boy’s hostels are particularly crowded.

Moreover, his absence from the room most of the day urged him to watch over his belonging. Consequently, he asked for my advice to install an IP camera outside his room.

As I only know a little about security cameras and my major is in photography, I decided to go over the Internet to find some suitable devices.

The only thing I know of is the picture quality, so I dug into what cameras can serve my brother best in recognizing the person that tries to enter his room, and the only device I could find was Reolink RLC-811A.


Video quality: 3840*2160p@25 fps
image sensor: 1.28 inch CMOS (8 MP)
Field of View: 105-31 degrees (Horizontal), 55-17 degrees (Vertical)
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: yes
Dimension: 80*72*238 mm
Weight: 838g


I recently visited my hostel, and I was impressed by the 4k quality of the camera.

I was at home when his parcel arrived, and I could see the vivid contrast between the yellow and red of the delivery guy’s uniform.

I then communicated with him through two ways audio.

The camera’s night visions are also powerful enough to elaborate the scenes clearly when the sun goes down.

Field of view

The camera is equipped with a motorized varifocal with 105-31 degrees horizontal and 55-17 vertical coverage, and 5x zooms give a full field view.

As my brother owns the first room of the hostel and it is directly attached to the porch, he can see who lurks around the hostel.

Reolink APP

The relink app does not need a subscription, making it a more practical home security system.

While I was at my brother’s, I got a real-time notification and snapshot of a possible criminal, and I got him off by two-way alarm with a siren and spotlight.

Why is this camera the best?

Several features give this camera 10 out of 10 on my scale, but the double warning system enthralled me.

I did not witness this feature in other cameras with expensive subscription applications.


Reolink RLC-811A is the best IP camera for your security system, with easy-to-install and easy-to-approach 24/7 monitoring.

The 5x zoom of the camera can let you see what’s happening in the opposite building to take proper action in case of theft or domestic abuse.

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Annke NightChroma NCD800: (Best IP camera for your security system)

Using IP cameras in the house was not a trend in the early 20s.

Still, since it’s more convenient and less complicated to install and use IP cameras, it has become a choice for around 20% of families to prefer IP cameras over CCTV.

I am one of those Americans who believe in the all-time content availability, so I also choose an IP camera to watch my house and office.

My Last camera had some lens issues, so I had to replace it with Annke NightChroma NCD800.

Although my last camera was a working beast, I still get improved monitoring with NCD800.


Video quality: 4k
image sensor: 2×1.18 inch CMOS (4 MP)
Field of View: 180 degree
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Two-way
Motion detection: yes
Dimension: 118.6*105.1*305.4mm
Weight: 1420g


Installing this camera was an upgradation to 4k video quality, and I started enjoying the watch.

The video quality is superb with vivid contrast of scenery, and the night vision of the camera with color vision doesn’t let anything hidden in the darkness.

As there is much clamor from the traffic in front of the office, I still get noise-free two-way audio when I need to communicate.

Field of View

I get a remarkable technological advancement with this dual-lens camera.

The broad field view of 180 degrees comes from stitching two photos together and completing the passage.

I see a comprehensive view of everything around my house and office without missing out.

ANNKE Vision App

The quick view of the office and house with one device integration makes monitoring easy.

I can see whatever happens in front of the office while I am at home and vice versa.

I got a notification via the app that an unwanted vehicle was detected around the house porch, and I set off the alarm to scare it away.

There are customizable options for choosing siren sounds and flashing modes for the strobe.

Why is this camera the best?

People often get annoyed by unwanted alerts, but ANNKE let me know what matters with its 2.0 algorithm, an AI-based motion detection system.

I get 99% accuracy with state-of-the-art software technology.

Reliable security with more accurate motion detection, 4k video quality, and a 180-degree double lens field of view has its advantages and makes Annke NightChroma NCD800 your security system’s best IP camera.

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