7 Best Laptops for Drawing: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Drawing and sketching have been my favorite hobbies.

Nowadays, the format of drawing has transformed from paper to software.

The people who spent their time bringing canvas and expensive colors click far away to sketch anything because the latest laptops are in our hands.

Laptops have made drawing easy because of Adobe Premium for Photoshop, SketchPad, Illustrator, and many more.

Along with drawing, it can also be assistive in photo editing and videography.

Today, an ordinary man wants aesthetic drawings drawn on laptops and steps towards saving time.

Here are some laptops that are best for drawing.

Which are the Best Laptops for Drawing?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best Laptops for Drawing:-

Dell XPS 17(2021): (best laptop for drawing)

My sister recently started my career as a fashion designer.

Having high graphics and resolution with no scattering for any drawing is essential.

I have been leading her project.

She initiated digital marketing and hired me as a photo editor.

My previous laptop was doing well before I started digital marketing.

But when I began working as a digital marketer, its operating system became sluggish and took colossal time to load the websites.

It also deficiency a graphic card media operating system.

I wanted to get more attentiveness to my pictures and drawings by applying HD-quality editing, but it could not save HD-quality files.

Its battery timing is also not long-lasting.

So, I decided to buy the Dell XPS 17 because it gives you all you want from a great drawing laptop.

Let’s have a look at its unique features:

Brand Dell

Series XPS 9710 Laptop
Screen Size 17 Inches
Color Platinum Silver
Hard Disk Size 1000 GB
CPU Model Core i9
Ram Memory Installed Size 32 GB
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Card Description Dedicated
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Hard drive/SSD/SSDH

The laptop has two SODIMM slots and two M. 2 storage slots inside it, which is suitable for me as it affords me favorable speed and storage to compile files easily.

It enables me to work in a comfortable environment.


The laptop has 8GB installed RAM, which can be upgradeable to 64GB, provides me a real performance boost, codes my applications smoothly, and allows me to produce more outcomes in less time.

Display/Battery/Wi-Fi/USB ports

I like that this laptop utilizes a massive 97-watt-hour battery to withstand the demands of its power-hungry CPU and GPU, which lasts about 9 to 10 hours.

It has a 4K screen, 17-inch UHD+ display, and four thunderbolt ports to retain a qualitative web and increase the execution of the computer as a whole.

Processor/Graphic card

The Dell XPS 17 has an Intel Core processor and NVIDIA RTX graphics, which fulfill the best commission for power-intensive single-threaded jobs and assist the operating system in working smoothly without getting hot.


I am delighted with Dell XPs 17, the best laptop for drawing, owing to its astonishing display and fastest operating system, which allows me to do work with mastery.

I instruct that this laptop is unique for video editing and enhances productivity very effectively, so it is best and suitable for any editor or student for their drawings, video editing, and photography.

Go to this link below to get a chance to buy this laptop:

  • Faster and more consistent performance than XPS 17 9700
  • Small footprint for its display size
  • Plenty of Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • Ultra-thin bezels
  • Comfortable keyboard and touchpad
  • No improvements to battery life
  • Poor webcam

Surface Pro 8: (best laptop for drawing)

I have been learning fashion design due to my daughter’s interest.

I wanted to guide her thoroughly. But today, it’s striving to confront expenses.

I have proficient skills in editing photos.

So, I decided to start photography because it is mandatory to fulfill my education expenses.

I began to give my photography skills part-time.

Now, I am a professional photographer with years of experience.

But the problem emerges that my laptop does not work correctly.

It takes a long time to run a program due to the short time, and it’s hard to complete the task within the period.

Its battery timing is worst and creates noise.

It has the lacked tardiest photo editing software.

So, I decided to buy a new laptop.

At last, I bought a Surface Pro-8, the best laptop for photo editing and drawings.

It is the best laptop with the best module of editing equipment, upgraded software, and inbuilt multitasking storage.

The features which affected me the most are given below:

Brand: Microsoft

Series: Surface Pro
Display: 13-inch screen (2880 x 1920)
Size: 11.3 x 8.2 x 0.37 inches
Memory: 8GB | 16GB | 32GB
CPU: Intel i5-1135G7 | Intel i7-1185G7
Storage: 512GB | 1TB (128GB or 256GB removable SSD options)
Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Weight: 1.96 pounds

Hard Drive/SSD/HDD:

It is equipped with an M.2 Samsung SSD.

It is pretty abrupt and can remarkably enhance items without much effort.

Its comfortable keyboard is amusing to work on and delightful to type on.


The laptop has 8GB memory, ample storage for desirable work exploration, and no additional slot for expansion.

I had many of my samples and drawings, which this laptop holds very safely, and my present files are also regulated by fit nicely.

Display/Battery/Wi-Fi/USB ports

I am obsessed with its momentous battery time of about 16 hours and its gorgeous 13-inch pixel sense display with high resolution.

It has two Thunderbolts and 4 USB Type-C ports with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, providing better transfer speed.

Processor/Graphic card

This laptop is equipped with an i7 processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics, making it respite for me to handle numerous tasks simultaneously, improving my multitasking efficiency.


The Surface Pro 8 is recommended to artists who mandate a high level of exactitude for their work because of its excellent stylus assistance and super convenient size and portability.

It is very comfortable carrying around, and its sleek design is also adorable.

This laptop makes me obsessed with its outstanding editing features and noticeably improves the quality of my pictures.

Go to this link below:

  • Gorgeous new design
  • Amazing performance
  • Larger 13″ display
  • Two Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • SSD is easily accessible
  • 120 Hz display makes for smoother writing and drawing
  • The stylus has a haptic motor and keyboard garage
  • Tailor-made for Windows 11
  • Supports external devices
  • No more USB Type-A
  • Slim Pen 2 and Signature keyboard sold separately

Lenovo Idea-Pad Duet Chromebook: (best laptop for drawing)

I was an art student years ago, and after completing my studies, I decided to start my career as a photographer.

I have been pursuing the profession of photography for years.

I sent my drawings and some sample pictures to the company, and they assigned me as their professional photographer and editor.

I always have many projects, assignments, and presentations to review.

But my laptop takes extreme time to load files, and its keyboard also saps me with its sluggish velocity.

Its battery timing also worsens daily, and it takes too long to terminate even a single task.

So, I have been exploring a well-built laptop that is effortless to haul around, has a comfortable keyboard and fantastic battery timing, etc.

After analyzing, I found the Lenovo IdeaPad duet Chromebook best, having unimaginable features and good battery timing.

I consider it the best laptop for drawings.

Finally, I purchased it, and the consequences were astonishing.

It is foremost for learners and online interactions.

Have a look at its features:

Brand Lenovo

Series Ideapad Duet 5 Chromebook
Screen Size 13.3
Color Abyss Blue
CPU Model Snapdragon
Ram Memory Installed Size 4 GB
Operating System Chrome OS
Card Description Integrated
Graphics Coprocessor Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c
CPU Speed 2.55 GHz

Hard Drive/SSD/HDD

It has a 64GB SSD.

I am envious that it can considerably do my work nicely and significantly improve my performance.


This laptop is tooled with 4 GB of RAM, which holds my data for a significant span, and its multi-touch navigation makes it very leisurely to use.

I found this perfect for drawing and art students to store their tasks.

Display/Battery/Wi-Fi/USB ports

The backup of the battery of this laptop is just excellent.

It lasts about 12 to 13 hours and has a 13.3-inch display with actual color effects and two a touchscreen system, making it reliable for use and enhancing my productivity.

It has 2 USB Type-C ports for swift transmission of data.

Processor/Graphic card

It has a core processor, and ARM Mali integrates compelling graphics and multitasking.

Its clock speed processor helps me do my work smoothly and efficiently.


The Lenovo Idea Pad duet Chromebook is best for drawing and editing photos because of its fastest operating system, excellent battery life, and attractive display, which gives you a tremendous visual blow and boosts your working performance.

It is two-in-one with a detachable keyboard and a kickstand cover, which are its most beneficial features and make it pleasant and comfortable to carry around.

Go to this link to get a discount:

  • Ultra portable
  • 11-hour battery life
  • Tablet mode is great for browsing the web
  • Handy tablet gestures and Android phone integration
  • Great pricing
  • It included a keyboard and kickstand
  • Surprisingly solid performance
  • Good display
  • Only one USB-C port
  • No headphone jack

Acer Spin 5: (best laptop for drawing)

I have a lot of interest in photography, so I usually like to spend most of my time editing.

I give my skills to a different platform like Amazon.

My brother is an artist.

He has a lot of interest in drawing.

Firstly, he started drawing as a passion, but it gradually became his profession.

One day, we talked about our professionals, and he suggested I get experience in drawing.

I have a little interest, but I asked.

I have no one who guides me properly.

He asked me constantly to help and support him.

So, I started to practice it.

At part-time, I spend my time with him, and I will learn most of the things soon.

But the problem is that my old laptop does not help me.

Its battery timing is very bad, and running a program takes a long time.

My brother suggested I Purchase a new laptop, Acer Spin, the best laptop for drawing.

Last I purchased it, its battery timing was fantastic, and there was no HD display.

Here are some features:

Brand Acer

Series Chromebook Spin 511 R753T
Screen Size 11.6 Inches
Color Shale Black
CPU Model Celeron
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB
Operating System Chrome OS
Card Description UHD Graphics
Graphics Coprocessor Intel UHD Graphics
CPU Speed 1.1 GHz

Hard drive/SSD/HDD

A large hard drive is more important for doing a different task.

Its hard drive is the default.

Its hard drive is 120GB.

Its sizeable hard drive always helps me store a lot of data and install many applications.


The RAM of this laptop is 4GB, with an extra slot making it 16GB.

It’s very suitable for me because I do many tasks without full tension.

I feel that my brother got a perfect room with this option.

Display/Battery/WIFI/USB Ports

Its screen size is 11.6 inches, and it has a touch screen.

The resolution is 1920×1080 pixels.

Its battery time is 11 to 12 hours; it’s beneficial because I don’t need to carry a charger everywhere.

The laptop supports an 802.11 ax WIFI 6. It has two USB ports.

Graphic card/Processor

Its graphic card is an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 1050 graphic card.

Its resolution is 1920 x 1080. It has no noise.

It has a clock speed processor, Intel Core- i7 7th Gen 7100G.


Acer Spin 5 is the best laptop for drawing.

I use this for both purposes.

Battery timing is long, and it has no noise.

The display is HD.No storage problem.

I suggest this laptop to professionals and students.

If you want to purchase, here is a link below:

  • Bright, colorful 2.5K touch screen
  • Onboard stylus
  • There is a good array of ports
  • Nice webcam
  • No LTE mobile broadband
  • Some bloatware

Asus Zenbook Pro 14 Duo UX482E: (best laptop for drawing)

I have exceptional skills in my profession.

I was satisfied with my career, and most companies like to work with me.

One day, I met my university friend.

He asked that he have a manager in the art club.

He invited you to visit his art club.

My brother and I decided to visit this place for recreation.

When we see this place, it is amazing because people have many talents in drawing.

Some people have experience in hand drawing and some in computer drawing.

We enjoy it a lot.

When you talked about sketching or drawing, one visitor asked me if I had a lot of knowledge about it.

I reply yes, and I am always attracted to and like spending little time of my life in the picture.

He asked me You start to learn and practice.

You will be a success one day.

My brother also agrees with him.

I decided to start a practice for it.

My old laptop does not support me because its model is not the latest and the biggest problem is memory.

So, My brother and I went to the market and purchased a new Asus Zenbook Pro 14 DUO UX482E laptop, the best laptop for drawing.

I used it for one week.

I had a great experience because it has the latest laptop and massive storage.

Its battery timing is solid. The display is HD.

Here are some features:

Brand ASUS

Series ASUS ZenBook Duo 14
Screen Size 14 Inches
Color Celestial Blue
Hard Disk Size 1 TB
CPU Model Intel Core i7
Ram Memory Installed Size 32 GB
Operating System Windows 11 Pro
Card Description MX450
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce MX450

Hard drive/SSD/SSDH

I want to store my experimental photos, provided M.2 (2280) SSD.

Its SSD is instantly attainable and very convenient for multiple tasks and tabs.


Its RAM is 8GB, which is suitable for me to store my data easily.

Its RAM is not upgradeable.

I would always require such memory to have data in safe hands.

Display/Battery/WIFI/USB Ports

The screen size of this laptop is 14 inches with an HD display.

Its battery time is 8 to 10 hours, which suits me.

The laptop supports an Intel WIFI 6.

All these features are a brilliant package for a fresh artist of my expertise.

I got used to it quickly.

Graphic card/Processor

It has no noise, distorted graphics, and a high resolution.

It has a clock-speed processor with a Core processor.


Asus Zenbook Pro 14 Duo UX482E is the best laptop for photo editing and drawing.

I use this for both purposes.

Battery timing is solid; carrying a charger everywhere is unnecessary.

Its processor doesn’t heat.

A program runs fast and with no noise.

The display is HD.No storage problem.

I recommend this laptop to professionals and students who have an interest in and excellent skills in drawing.

If you want to purchase, here is the link below;

  • Excellent productivity performance
  • ScreenPad is handy for apps
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Powerful hardware upgrades
  • Impressively engineered dual-screen design in a trim 14-inch chassis
  • Slimmer 3.5-pound build, with improved airflow
  • Active pen and case included
  • Runs cool and quiet with daily use
  • Dual Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • Loud speakers
  • Still no native dual-screen support in Windows
  • Still narrow ScreenPad angles, even with the redesign

HP Spectre X360(2021): (best laptop for drawing)

I am currently working as a professional photographer at alums in the HCBF.

I weekly capture hundreds of students with their success stories.

After the alums, I did photography as a professional.

Firstly, I gave my skills to various studios, but after some period, I decided to share my expertise on another social channel.

I chose the Fiver platform; I think this is the best platform to show natural talent.

This platform is best because I give my skills to the international level.

But a big problem arises because I have a lot of projects, but my laptop does not work correctly.

Its battery time is very bad.

And storage is also not good.

It takes a long time to run any program.

When I edit even 2 to 4 pictures, the laptop hangs.

My friend is also a professional photographer.

I shared my problem with him, and he suggested that I should purchase a computer of HP Spectre x360 (2021).

I bought an outstanding experience because of its perfect battery time, and I edited many pictures without a problem.

It is the best laptop for teachers.

Here are some features.

Brand HP

Series HP Spectre
Screen Size 13.3 Inches
Color Dark Ash
Hard Disk Size 1 TB
CPU Model Core i7
Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB
Operating System Windows 10
Card Description Integrated
Hard Disk Description

Hard drive/SSD/SSDH

I wanted massive storage space for the high-demand quality of this laptop efficiently.

It has a hard drive of 2 TB PCIe® NVMe M.2 SSD, which allows me to have more excellent storage for the workforce.


It is very suitable because Its ROM is 16GB, which is best for doing different tasks.

I complete my many functions due to its more storage space.

It can extend the RAM by inserting an extra slot.

Display/Battery/WIFI/USB ports

The 13.3-inch variant is one of the best laptops I can buy today and is available with a gorgeous-looking 4K OLED display.

Its battery timing is excellent, and I complete my different tasks without the pressure of the battery being low.

For my fiver projects, these features have been unique to my photography work.

Graphic card/Processor

A Core i7 processor powers it and comes with 8GB of RAM.

The laptop packs 256GB of SSD storage.

Graphics are powered by Intel Integrated UHD Graphics 620.

The resolution of this laptop is perfect.

It’s debatable and manageable to replace.


It is the very best laptop.

I recommend this laptop to students and professionals.

Its solid battery timing always helps me to do different tasks.

Due to more storage, I have done many photos editing and multitasking.

If you buy this laptop, here is the link:

  • Beautiful design
  • 3:2 display with OLED and 1,000-nit options
  • Handy shortcut keys and utility software
  • Rechargeable pen and carrying sleeve inbox
  • USB-A, dual Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • >95 percent sRGB coverage standard
  • Exceptional amped quad-speakers
  • Intel 11th Gen delivers long battery life, instant-on
  • Long battery life
  • No HDMI port
  • No LTE mobile broadband option

Samsung Notebook 9 pro 2 in 1: (best laptop for drawing)

As a photographer, your first responsibility is that your customer is happy with you.

I always try to fulfill my responsibility.

Most of the customers prefer to work with me.

But today, it has become challenging to accomplish our and our family’s needs.

I earn but do not fulfill my family’s needs.

I discuss with my friend what type of skills I need to know.

He suggested that I should learn the skills of drawing. So, I chose a Virtual university for this purpose.

I spend some time in photo editing and know about drawing part-time.

My old laptop is best for photo editing but cannot fulfill my drawing needs.

My old laptop has no HD display, and the battery timing is worse.

I decided to purchase a new laptop.

I shared this problem with my teacher, who taught me about drawing.

He suggested I buy the Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Duo UX482E, the best laptop for drawing.

I had a great experience because Its battery timing is long, and the display is HD.

It has no noise and is easy to carry.

Here are some features:


Series XE530QDA-KA1US
Screen Size 13.3
Color Fiesta Red
Hard Disk Size 128 GB
CPU Model Core i3
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB
Operating System Chrome OS
Card Description Integrated
Graphics Coprocessor Intel UHD Graphics

Hard drive/SSD/SSDH

It’s very convenient to save my data in 16GB memory in the two SSDs.

Its drive is massive to store data and install an application.

I am satisfied that its hard drive never makes my programs run slow and provides output up to the mark.


The laptop has 16GB RAM.

It provides high-speed computing so I can do multiple tasks simultaneously.

It has an additional slot of 32GB memory.

So I can be sure that it is upgradeable.

It has a space to insert ROM but is not installed by default.

Display/Battery/WIFI/USB Port

I found all these requirements perfect for my snap editing as its screen size is 13.3 inches with high resolution.

Its display is very extravagant and precise.

Its battery timing is around 15 hours, which is a benchmark for me.

So, I don’t worry about its battery.

It has 2 USB ports, C-type and B-type.

It has one additional port for the direct connection of the WIFI.

Graphic card/Processor

Its Intel® 8th generation processor has a base clock speed.

It is beneficial because I wanted a supportive machine with heavy software for sketching.

Its processor doesn’t let the laptop heat up and gives an excellent effect immediately.

The NVIDIA 128MB Intel UHD Graphics 620 card makes its pixels exceptional.


The Samsung Notebook 9 pro 2 1 laptop is the best for drawing.

Its battery timing is long-lasting and has high resolution.

It supports HD and 4k quality.

I suggest this laptop to professional photographers and architects.

Here is a link below:

  • Premium design, Decent performance, Solid battery life, Competitively priced
  • Solid build quality, Fast, quiet performance, Sharp, bright display
  • Bright touch screen, Built-in S Pen storage, IR Camera for Windows Hello, 14 hours of battery life
  • Bright, crisp display despite being just 1080p, Great specs for the price, Microsoft Precision touchpad is a sight for sore eyes, The S Pen
  • Display could be brighter, Meh speakers


Alright, guys, that concludes all the laptops we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these laptops? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Laptops for Drawing?

Is there a laptop you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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