5 Best laptops for finance: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Laptops are multipurpose; they are not just for entertainment and content creation.

The discovery of laptops has revolutionized financial arrangements.

Communicating and coping with business data on just one computer has become more efficient.

Laptops are also utilized for business transactions and storing large data files.

The online portals, employ profiling, and corporate records can all be done with just a few clicks.

The laptop has assisted in global economic capabilities since its discovery, and every day, it is becoming more critical to manage the business and personal finance.

Which are the Best laptops for finance?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best laptops for finance:-

Apple MacBook Pro 13: (best laptops for finance)

My sister-in-law is an accountant in a local college and manages financial matters.

Everything is stored on her desktop, from student fee submission records to employment payments.

The computer the college provided her was an old device incapable of handling the massive data, so she suggested a replacement to the management.

The administration agreed to her concern.

They allowed her to use her laptop for a few days until the upgradation of the computers.

She borrowed my Apple MacBook Pro 13 that I use for my Photo-station.

She was impressed by the assistance my laptop provided her for a month or two and claimed that the Apple MacBook Pro 13 is one of the best laptops for finance.

Technical Specifications:

Hard disk/SSD/SSHD:

The storage capacity of the MacBook starts from 258 GB to 2 TB.

Adequate storage is necessary for me to save and transfer massive data and 1 TB SSD of my unit works perfectly in this regard.

The boot drive performance of lower configuration might be slow, so buying 512GB or 1 TB would be a good range for financial handling.


The 16 GB unified RAM of my device is sufficient for multitasking.

My sister said she was able to work on multiple accounts, and the transition from one to another was very fluid.

I have also experienced the same; when I open more than 20 tabs on chrome while editing my photos, the laptop does not show any stutter.


The 13-inch display is brighter than ever, with 500 nits of brightness, providing comfort to my eyes while I am working.

The backlit LED IPS panel with a wide color gamut has a vivid color composition, and everything looks gorgeous.

The battery life is exponential; with 15 hours of longevity, it gives enough time to complete a work day.

Connectivity is with Wi-Fi 6.

The ports include 2 USB C (thunderbolt 4) ports.

Graphics chip/Processor:

MacBook Pro is also available with an M1 chip, but M2 is a little ahead of it for day-to-day performance.

The M2 chip with four efficiency and four performance cores is 40 % faster than the M1 chip, and I consider it a reasonable claim.


The MacBook Pro is a stellar device with a 720p Webcam for FaceTime, a swift keyboard, and an elegant design.

Moreover, the exponential battery life and powerful CPU make it easy to overcome all the load thrown at it daily, making Apple MacBook Pro 13 among the best laptops for finance.

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  • CPU: M2 (8-core)
  • Graphics: Integrated 10-core
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR5
  • Storage: 1TB Solid state
  • Display: 13.3-inch,
  • Battery: 15 hours
  • Ports: 2x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6
  • Camera: 720p HD webcam FaceTime
  • Weight: 3.0 pounds
  • Size: 11.97*8.36*0.61 inches
  • Limited port variety
  • No support for Wi-Fi 6

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9: (best laptops for finance)

I have a small online business.

As a full-time photographer, I wanted to start a company on the go, so I opened an online store.

I am not always in my city, so I had to devise a solution to manage my team’s finance.

I use Zoho Finance plus for my financial management, and organizing all the economic data is convenient.

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9, one of the best laptops for finance.

This laptop is also a substantial gadget for photo editing and daily jobs.

I make many conference calls, create content, and administrate my business from one laptop, making the massive work seem restful.

Technical Specifications:

Hard disk/SSD/SSHD:

512 GB SSD is very swift and suffices for my need to carry out daily operations, data storing, and managing my business.

I never feel any heat heat-ups using the laptop.

It allows me to organize my company and photography files without lag.


16 GB RAM is speedy when I open multiple tabs on chrome, with running Zoho in the background and instructing the team about financial matters on a video call.

The glitches are negligible even when I overwork on this laptop.


The 14-inch anti-glare display is what I need for working outdoors; with 335 nits of brightness, it is a good IPS display to look at.

It covers 98.6% of the sRGB gamut.

I expected a better color accuracy but still not that hazy to be called unpleasant.

Connectivity is with Wi-Fi 6.

Lenovo offers a very long battery life; the 14 hours life span is more than I need for routine use.

The quantity of ports is abundant, with 4 USB ports and one HDMI port.

Graphic chip/processor:

The CPU is much more capable of performing everyday tasks than I anticipated.

I tested the i7 core CPU on Benchmarks, and it did well with 5181 scores in the GeekBench Multi-core test.

The Intel graphics are also suitable for handling moderate graphical tasks.


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 is one of the best laptops for finance; being an all-rounder, it manages everything with grace.

Its performance is a level ahead of all other mid-range laptops.

The operational capability allows a smooth run on every aspect of computing.

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  • CPU: i7-1185G7
  • GPU: Intel Iris graphics
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Display: 14 Inch
  • Battery: 14 hours
  • Ports: 4 USB,1 HDMI
  • Camera: 720p webcam
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6
  • Dimensions: 0.59 *12.38* 8.72 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • No card slot
  • The touchpad is still a bit small

Dell XPS 13 9360: (best laptops for finance)

My roommate is an accounting and finance student, and I am doing a master’s in commercial photography due to my interest.

We both need laptops for our respective fields.

I use the computer to compose my photographs when she needs most of them for her data analysis assignments.

Her laptop wore out a few weeks back; now, she uses mine for most of her work.

She likes my device as it gives her an edgy outcome when she analysis and composes massive financial data for her assignments.

She called my Dell XPS 13 9360 one of the best laptops for finance, and as I have seen and assisted her in work, I can say the same with surety.

Technical specifications:

Hard disk-/ SSD/SSHD:

258 GB Storage was capable of storing, transferring, and booting the system when the laptop was in solo use.

But since my friend is using it, the data on the drive became huge, and I do notice a little bit of slow down occasionally.


16 GB of RAM allows the opening of more than 15 google tabs, browsing, and streaming while I work on my projects without any stretch.

The transition from one window to another and splitting the tabs into two windows when I am working on an assignment is very smooth.


The 13.3-inch display has a matte finish and wide color gamut.

With excellent color saturation and high contrast, the screen looks charming when I work and stream my favorite show with my roommate.

Its battery life supplies 16 hours.

I am mainly on the campus without plugins, and the battery stays the same for hours.

Connectivity is with Wi-Fi 6.

The ports include 3 USB ports with 3 USB 3.0 and a Thunderbolt/USB-C port capable of docking external devices when I need them.

Graphic chip/processor:

I checked the PCMark 8 Work office productivity test after my friend started using it, and the laptop scored 3580, proving its CPU’s proficiency.

It also crushed the board on CineBench and Handbrake test with its beast mode processor.


Dell XPS 13 9360 is one of the best laptops for finance due to its stunning CPU and battery life.

It is a convenient device and can cope with finance, office work, and productivity.

The only inconvenience is the location of the webcam and the omission of the HDMI port; otherwise, it is a versatile gadget.

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  • CPU: Core i7-8550U
  • GPU: Intel UHD graphics 620
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 258 GB
  • Display: 13.3 inch
  • Battery: 16 hours
  • Ports: 3 USB ports
  • Camera: 720p webcam
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6
  • Dimensions: 0.6 *12*7.9 inches
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Non-expandable memory

HP Elitebook 840 G5 14″: (best laptops for finance)

Finance laptops usually need to be all-in-inclusive for both personal and professional use.

It needs to be capable of running mid-level or corporate-level accounting tools such as QuickBooks and Oracle finance cloud.

For buying a compact finance laptop, there is no need to be losing sleep over expenses.

Any mid-range device would be enough to handle the tasks.

The minimum requirement for a finance laptop is 8 GB of RAM and 258 GB of the boot drive.

However, the configuration can vary according to individual needs.

The computer I use for my casual financial management and managing my photography portfolio is HP Elitebook 840 G5 14.

It is one of the best laptops for finance that I have used over the years.

I recommend it to anyone associated with accounting and finance due to its computational abilities.

Technical specifications:

Hard disk/SSD/SSHD:

The NVMe storage is also spellbinding for storing and transferring data.

Its speed is unparalleled, and it manages to operate the system and install software without draining.

On the CrystalDisk test, its read and write speeds were 3238.9 MBps and 2095.4 MBps, respectively.


16 GB RAM has 2400 MHz speed, which gives smooth opening and running of multiple tabs on chrome while I am handling my financial jobs and streaming on HBO.


The Full HD display with HP Sure view is one of the most striking panels I have seen over the years.

The battery life is reasonable and covers the working day with 6 hours.

Connectivity is with Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band.

The ports are insufficient to attach external devices with a single USB 3.1 Gen 1 port on the left, a single Thunderbolt Type-C on the right, and an HDMI 1.4b.

Graphic chip/Processor:

The CPU performs well on benchmarks, with 14205 on the GeekBench Multi-core test, much higher than any device I have used previously.

Its performance dumbfounded me.

However, the only weak link is the Intel UHD graphics with mediocre results.


Whether the CPU performance of the display, this device is a good package for its users.

The massively powerful yet compact HP Elitebook 840 G5 14’’ is one of the best laptops for finance.

HP focuses on providing a robust experience on every end without undoubtedly.

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  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Graphics: Intel HD 620
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Display: 14-inch Full HD
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Battery: 50 WH
  • Ports: 2 USB, 1 Thunderbolt, 1 HDMI
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Camera: HD IR webcam
  • Weight: 1.61kg
  • Dimensions: 326 *234 *17.9mm
  • Average battery life
  • Lacks memory card reader

Acer Aspire 5: (best laptops for finance)

I am a wedding photographer, and I run a studio.

I have to deal with many clients daily as the business is growing fast due to the skills I put into my work.

I don’t have a considerable staff and manage most of the dealings alone.

As my digital assistant, I have an Acer Aspire 5, one of the best laptops for finance.

This device helps me do all my work impressively.

I receive my payments online after the delivery of the photo albums.

This device provides me a platform for smoothly running the finance cloud software.

Technical Specifications:

Hard disk/SSD/SSHD:

The 256 GB PCI SSD is sufficient for booting the system and loading the apps without lag, but I often use an external drive when data is overwhelming, and the laptop needs a break.

But for personal finance, 256 GB is fair enough.


8 GB RAM is good for multitasking.

I often stream Netflix while working on multiple tabs and roaming the browser.

The RAM does not crack much and gives a sophisticated turn from accounts to bills.


The 14-inch 1080 display is matte coated and covers 64% of sRGB, giving a dimmer presentation with little color accuracy, but it’s not that bad to be displeased.

The battery life remains available for my 6-7 hours of work with one-time charging; Connectivity is with Wi-Fi 6.

The ports include two USB 3.2 Type-A, one USB 2.0 Type-A, one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C, and one HDMI 1.4, enough to attach an external drive when I need to transfer client data.

Graphic chip/Processor:

The core i5 processor is packed with four cores and eight threads.

Its performance as a day-to-day device to handle finance and other business-related jobs is reasonable.

I tested the CPU after I bought the machine, and it gave 3902 on PCMark10, obviously too low for productive tasks but can overcome office activities.

Graphics are also mediocre, but finance has nothing much to do with a graphic chip, so it’s acceptable.


Acer is not a very expensive device, but it is far away from the typical pitfall of budget laptops.

I perfectly handle finance.

I also do a little editing on this device, which works well in both tasks; however, Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best laptops for finance, if not a very sturdy one for productivity.

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  • CPU: Intel Core i5 1135G7
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Intel Iris Xe
  • Display: 14-inch
  • Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Battery: 53WH
  • Webcam: 720p
  • PORTS: 4 USB, 1 HDMI
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6
  • Dimensions: 0.71*8.88* 12.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs
  • The body is almost entirely made of plastic
  • Screen isn’t the most vibrant
  • Mushy keyboard


Alright, guys, that concludes all the laptops we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these laptops? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best laptops for finance?

Is there a laptop you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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