6 Best Leica camera for street photography: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Do you have a devotion to street photography?

Or are you Determined in candid photography and want to boast it as a profession?

Being a street photographer means you are a zealous shutterbug who sees the whole lot from another perspective.

When I started street photography, I clicked from a little kitten walking around to children playing nearby.

I worked with a variety of cameras to capture these full-of-life moments.

Still, Leica cameras have always been at the top of my list, so if you are searching for a high-quality, sophisticated, compact camera that can turn your shots into reality, read our guide.

This guide will share our personal experience with these outdo cameras.

So, here’s the list of the best Leica cameras for street photography.

Which is the Best Leica camera for street photography?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best Leica camera for street photography:-

Leica M11: (best Leica camera for street photography)

I had wanted to get some street photography practice but had yet to find the time or opportunity.

After doing some research, I decided that a great place to start would be the city of Prague.

Its vibrant markets, quaint cobblestone streets, and historic buildings seemed the perfect place to hone my skills and capture fascinating street photography moments.

So, I packed my camera gear and excitedly journeyed to Prague.

Soon, I walked around the city, enjoying its beauty and charm.

The warm afternoon sun illuminated all the vibrant colors in the city streets and gave them a unique energy that was hard not to get caught up in.

I looked around carefully for exciting angles and scenes to capture with my Leica M 11 camera.

Plenty of unique shops and cafes throughout the city made great backdrops for my photos, and lots of colorful graffiti art and outdoor sculptures added an unexpected flair to certain areas.

I took advantage of all these elements by framing them with my camera lens, allowing me to create truly captivating shots showcasing Prague’s beauty at its best.


  • Model: Leica M11
  • Sensor type: Full-frame CMOS
  • Effective megapixels: 60.3MP
  • Shutter type: Electronic
  • Shutter speed: 1/4000 to 60 sec
  • Internal memory: 64GB
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Screen size: 2.95″
  • Viewfinder type: optical
  • Focus type: Manual focus
  • Built-in flash: No

ISO/ Shutter speed

At this moment, it was about mid-day when the bursts of sunshine were at their peak.

By setting my camera ISO at 200, I ensured that there should be no more than that due to enough natural light sources.

After that, to make movements still of people walking around and birds or even small kids who were having fun with their mates and fast-moving vehicles, I kept the shutter speed 1/2000.

Aperture/ Depth of field:

To capture perfect street moments or to keep the beauty, I decided to keep the aperture short of having a wide depth of field.

The aperture f/22 was perfect, so I could get all the surroundings caught up in my camera.

White balance/ Frame rate:

My conscious choice was to keep the white balance in auto mode.

I want my photos to be clear from the light.

So, I let my camera decide by setting AWB mode.

For these perfect shots, I used 12fps for excellent stills.

Why is this the best camera?

So, if you’re looking for the best Leica camera for street photography, the answer is simple: the Leica M11.

Its rangefinder design and quiet shutter make it perfect for capturing candid and unposed moments on the street, while its excellent autofocus system ensures sharp photographs every time.


The Leica’s full-frame sensor captures incredible depth and detail in your photos, not to mention dynamic color that makes shots pop out of the frame.

Asymmetric lenses provide unique perspectives when you want them, and an intuitive menu lets you customize your settings without needing any extra equipment or tools.

Best of all, there’s no need to swap out lenses — everything you need is already built into this fantastic camera!

Click to buy:

  • Bright optical viewfinder
  • 60MP full-frame sensor
  • Iconic industrial design
  • Quiet mechanical shutter
  • Vast M lens compatibility
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • Visoflex EVF available
  • Supports Wi-Fi and USB-C file transfers
  • No video support
  • Niche appeal

Leica Q2: (best Leica camera for street photography)

The people on the street also made great subjects for me to photograph as they went about their day without paying much attention to me or my presence behind the Leica Q2 camera lens.

This allowed me to capture candid moments between strangers interacting in their daily lives – moments full of life and emotion that could never be reproduced in posed photographs taken in a studio setting.

I spent hours wandering around Prague’s narrow alleyways and winding cobblestone streets, building up a collection of photos from different perspectives that told beautiful stories about life within this charming cityscape.

Using light creatively and focusing on small details such as subtle facial expressions or intricate architectural features, I produced consistent results every time – making each one unique yet still staying true to their overall theme.

In a short time, I felt confident enough in my skill level that I knew I could take on any photography job, regardless of where it was located worldwide!


  • Model: Leica Q2
  • Sensor: 47.3MP full-frame sensor CMOS
  • Lens: 28mm F1. 7 Summilux stabilized lens
  • ISO Range: 50-50000
  • Focus: fast autofocus and manual autofocus
  • Video resolution: 4k video capture
  • Water and dust resistant: IP52
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Screen: 3 inches touchscreen LCD
  • Shutter type: Electronic
  • Shutter speed: 1/40,000 sec

ISO/ Shutter speed:

First, I select the manual mode on my camera to get more control over the entire settings for perfect street photography moments.

Keeping my shutter speed at 1/200, I was sure to get as sharp-tack images as possible and ISO at 300 so the photos don’t appear noisy.

Aperture/ Depth of field:

To keep most of the things in focus or the camera frame, I chose an aperture of f/16.

In most street photography, it’s good to choose a smaller aperture that would help gain a wider depth of field, except for very few cases where you intentionally want to blur your subject’s surroundings.

White balance/ Frame rate:

Usually, I keep the white balance at Auto mode, but for now, I set it manually at daylight mode, setting it at 32000k.

That means I want more cool effects in my photos, and setting a frame rate of 24fps helped me to achieve my desired results each time.

Why is this the best camera?

The Q2 is not just any camera; it’s a high-quality digital camera designed specifically with the street photographer in mind.

It features an astonishingly sharp full-frame sensor, high-quality image processing capabilities, and lightning-fast autofocus to capture fantastic images at the decisive moment.


The camera’s intuitive user interface lets you quickly adjust all settings without fumbling around or searching for the right button.

Its slim design makes it perfect for discreet photography, ensuring that you can travel light and stay under the radar when shooting in public spaces.

In short, it is the best Leica camera for street photography.

Click to buy:

  • High-resolution full-frame image sensor.
  • Quick, accurate autofocus.
  • Bright, sharp lens.
  • Optical stabilization.
  • IP52 weather protection.
  • Big, sharp EVF.
  • Up to 20fps capture.
  • 4K video.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Doesn’t track subjects at the top burst rate.
  • No flash.

Leica SL2: (best Leica camera for street photography)

Continuing my journey around town with newfound energy, my luck continued.

An elderly gentleman walking his dog caught my eye as he strode past a busy intersection – his slow pace seemed almost out of place amidst all the hustle and bustle around him.

Yet there he was, calmly observing his surroundings, finding solace in every step he took.

As soon as he turned his head towards me to meet my gaze, his expression changed completely – and without wasting any more time, I seized the opportunity to take another breathtaking shot of life just passing by before me!

The truth is that each street photography session brings its unique rewards – these priceless moments are extraordinary and never fail to bring me immense joy no matter how many times they happen!


  • Model: Leica SL2
  • Sensor: 47.3MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Image stabilization: 5-Axis Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization
  • ISO Range: ISO 100-50000, Up to 20 fps Shooting mode
  • Image processor: Maestro III Image Processor
  • Autofocus: yes
  • Screen: 3.2″ 2.1m-Dot Touchscreen LCD
  • Shutter type: Electronic
  • Shutter speed, Mechanical Shutter: 1/8000 to 1800 Seconds
  • Electronic Shutter 1/40000 to 1 Second

ISO/ Shutter speed:

To shoot this scene, I kept ISO at 200 and shutter speed at 1/2000 to freeze the gentleman’s motion along with his pet.

Ultimately, I get sharp, clear images of the whole lot.

Aperture/ Depth of field:

As I didn’t want to blur the effect, I kept the aperture at f/18 as this set my frame to focus wider, which meant I achieved a wide depth of field.

White balance/ Frame rate:

I also shoot a few videos as this man allows me to shoot videos of his cute pet.

So, I took full advantage of the golden opportunity that came my way and shot the scene to full 20fps and AWB white balance mode to get full 4k videos.

Why is this the best camera?

This has been heralded as one of the best Leica cameras for street photography due to its easy portability, advanced autofocus capabilities, and impressive image quality from the 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and Maestro III processor.

Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to carry around all day yet powerful enough for any high-end photographic tasks.


Its autofocus speed of 0.05 seconds means you’ll capture even swiftly moving subjects in no time.

Best of all, the camera has an adaptive dust reduction system to help keep your photos free from any disruption caused by specks of dust on lens elements or mirror boxes.

The Leica SL2 is the perfect companion for street photography – sleek, versatile, and packed with features.

Click to buy:

  • Stabilized full-frame sensor.
  • 47MP resolution.
  • Speedy autofocus.
  • Big, sharp EVF.
  • IP54 weather protection.
  • L-mount lens support.
  • Records 10-bit 4K 60fps video to the card.
  • Live view quality drops during autofocus.
  • Finicky EVF eye sensor.
  • Fixed display.
  • Subject tracking struggles in dim light.

Leica SL2-S: (best Leica camera for street photography)

I took a stroll around the city center, Leica SL2-s camera in hand, looking for exciting street photography opportunities.

I was captivated by the unique atmosphere of the urban landscape – a hum of activity and life-filled streets filled with vibrant colors, movement, and character.

The sun began to set, casting a golden light across the city and warmly painting everything in its path.

I made my way to an area with plenty of foot traffic and exciting architecture.

I noticed people milling about on their way home from work, enjoying an evening stroll, or meeting up with friends at the nearby café.

Everywhere I looked, there were moments worth capturing – from children playing tag and laughing to older folks conversing over coffee.

I snapped photos quickly to capture those special moments before they disappeared.

Every time I stopped to take a picture, I admired how each scene told its story – stories worth preserving forever through my lens.

Before long, my camera’s memory card was full of beautiful photos of everyday life in the city center.


  • Model: Leica SL2-S
  • Sensor: 24.6MP Full-Frame BSI CMOS Sensor
  • ISO: ISO 50-100000, Up to 25 fps Shooting
  • Image stabilization: 5-Axis Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization.
  • Autofocus: Contrast-Detect 225-Area AF System.
  • Shutter: Mechanical Focal Plane, Electronic
  • Screen: 3.2″ 2.1m-Dot Touchscreen LCD
  • Viewfinder: 5.76m-Dot 0.78x-Mag. EyeRes OLED EVF
  • Video resolution: 4k
  • Still image resolution: 6000 x 4000, 24MP

ISO/ Shutter speed:

For evening photography, keeping the ISO on the higher side is ideal.

I set my camera ISO at 2000 and shutter speed at 1/2000 to get clear, sharp images that would perfectly describe the glory of the evening.

Aperture/ Depth of field:

For a few specific scenes, I set a wider aperture of f/2.8 to keep a shallow depth of field, only focusing on my subject, while for the few, I set it at f/11 for a wide depth of field, taking most of the things in the frame.

White balance/ Frame rate:

I caught a few enchanting and mesmerizing moments in my camera, so I aimed for a 6fps frame rate as I wanted a few photos by setting AWB mode.

Why is this the best camera?

Leica’s have been a favorite on the market for street photography for years, but now this camera has made them even more sought after.

This camera perfectly combines classic high-end aesthetics, quality construction, and cutting-edge features to capture impressive shots at any angle.

It features a full-frame CMOS sensor with an ISO range of 50 to 10,000 and fast autofocus and burst mode so you can take quick action shots.


With discreet shutter sounds, dust and moisture protection, convenient handling, and wireless synchronization with PC or mobile devices, you can be sure that your images will turn out amazing regardless of the conditions.

Whether you’re a professional looking for easy access to manual settings or an enthusiast hoping to get into street photography, this is hands down the best Leica camera for street photography.

Click to buy:

  • Stabilized full-frame sensor
  • 24MP BSI CMOS design
  • 25fps drive with electronic shutter
  • Intelligent autofocus system
  • Stunning OLED viewfinder
  • IP54 weather protection
  • 4K60 video at 10-bit quality
  • Limited to 5fps with continuous focus
  • Fixed rear display

Leica D-Lux 7: (best Leica camera for street photography)

On my way home, I felt joy at capturing these entrancing moments of street photography with my camera.

The pictures reminded me of how fleeting these moments are – but they are worthy of being documented and savored forever.

Later that day, reviewing all the shots on my laptop screen was like reliving an entire afternoon spent exploring the streets and discovering new perspectives on life in this bustling city!

The next day, when I went out for another photography session in the same area, it felt like visiting an old friend – familiar yet ever-changing, still offering so much more to explore than what you can see at first glance.

As much as every moment holds its beauty and wonder – no two experiences are ever truly alike!


  • Model: Leica D-Lux 7
  • Sensor: 17MP Four Thirds MOS Sensor
  • Lens: DC Vario-Summilux 3.1x Zoom Lens
  • ISO: 11-fps Shooting, Extended ISO 100-25600
  • Viewfinder: 2.76m-Dot Electronic Viewfinder
  • Image resolution: 4K Photo Modes, Post Focus
  • Video recording Mode: UHD 4K30p Video Recording
  • Connectivity: Built-In Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Screen: 3.0″ 1.24m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor

ISO/ Shutter speed:

The general rule of thumb is to use a low ISO in the daytime due to enough natural light source out there if you want to give a motion blur effect, so ideally, the Shutter speed should be 1/250 as in a particular scene when I want to blur out the motion fast-moviegoing bike I used it.

Aperture/ Depth of field:

Now, I set an aperture of f/1.8 to have a shallow depth of field as I want to blur the surroundings to create the effect of a speed bike; with that, its fast autofocus with speedier depth and contrast recognition can handle any situation.

White balance/ Frame rate:

I wanted a more remarkable effect, so I set a white balance of 5000k and a frame rate of 10fps to get enough shots of the scene.

Why is this the best camera?

If you’re in search of the best Leica camera for street photography, it’s hard to go past this camera.

Its superior quality lens and enhanced performance capabilities make it perfect for capturing all kinds of shots – whether you’re an amateur just starting or a professional looking for the perfect shot.

And with its advanced features like 4K video, weather and dust resistance.


But what sets the Leica D-Lux 7 apart is its creativity; it’s designed to help photographers capture spontaneous moments without restrictions – truly making it stand out from other cameras on the market.

Whether you’re shooting travel photos, special events, or street scenes – this is the go-to camera for all your needs!

Click to buy:

  • Beautiful, sturdy and compact
  • An affordable Leica camera
  • Manual controls
  • 4K video and photo
  • Native aspect ratio button
  • Remote access via Android/iOS app
  • Decent battery life
  • Low-light performance

Leica M (Typ 240): (best Leica camera for street photography)

Capturing entrancing moments of street photography is something I love.

Every time I venture out with my Leica M (Typ 240) camera in tow, my excitement and anticipation are indescribable.

I find so much joy in observing life through my lens and preserving those moments that could otherwise be fleeting.

On a recent outing, I carried only my trusty camera and a few accessories, ready to capture whatever beauty welcomed me onto the streets.

After winding down several alleyways, I saw an older woman enjoying her morning tea at a small cafe near the corner.

Curious about how she was taking in the day, I stepped closer to get a good view of my camera.

And then it happened – as soon as I brought up the viewfinder and aligned my lens with her gaze, she shifted slightly, and our eyes locked for what felt like an eternity.

A chill ran down my spine after realizing at that moment how truly alive this woman was – her face radiated such warmth and kindness that it was impossible not to take in its beauty.

Knowing that this moment could easily slip away if I didn’t quickly press the shutter button, I snapped away – feeling like all sense of time had vanished entirely while doing so.


  • Model: Leica M (Typ 240)
  • Sensor resolution: 24 Megapixels full-frame 35mm CMOS
  • Image stabilization: No
  • Shutter speed: 1/40,000- 60 sec
  • Display: LCD optical
  • Focus type: manual focus only
  • Built-in flash: none
  • Still image resolution: 24MP
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • ISO: ISO 6400, 3 fps Continuous Shooting mode
  • Viewfinder: 0.68x optical viewfinder

ISO/ Shutter speed:

As I mentioned earlier, it was morning time when the woman was having her morning coffee.

Thus, I set ISO at 500 to get sharp contrast images of her beauty.

I put the shutter speed at 1/1000 to capture this scene by giving it a slight dark effect.

Aperture/ Depth of field:

I wanted to capture a portrait and kept the aperture on the wider side.

An aperture of f/2.8 helped me get a shallow field depth by merely focusing on my subject while keeping the rest of the surroundings blurred.

White balance/ Frame rate:

I mostly love playing with my camera settings and experimenting to get something more exciting out of the class.

Thus, I selected a frame rate of 3fps for the particular scene while keeping the white balance at 10000k for the orange tint.

Why is this the best camera?

Leica M is the definitive choice when it comes to serious photography.

It produces stunning results, whether you’re shooting stills or videos.

While other cameras might offer more bells and whistles, it is the best Leica camera for street photography because of its lightweight form and renowned image quality.


Its selection of lenses also gives photographers complete control over their compositions.

As a result, you get consistent shots—sharpness and clarity that you won’t find with other cameras.

With the M at your side, do what you love without worrying about equipment limitations; the camera does half the work for you!

Click to buy:

  • Big, bright optical viewfinder.
  • Large, high-contrast rangefinder focusing patch.
  • Full-frame CMOS image sensor.
  • Compact for a full-frame camera.
  • Live view with focus peaking.
  • Detailed images at every ISO.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Sharp rear LCD.
  • Resistant to dust and splashes.
  • Sapphire glass display cover.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is included.
  • A little slow to start up.
  • Manual focus only.
  • 1080p video could be better.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the cameras we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Leica camera for street photography?

Is there a camera you love to use for street photography that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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