8 Best Lens For Canon EOS Rebel SL3: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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My journey to click the street’s best shots started as a college boy.

Over time, My interest becomes my passion.

I believe I took the first step by using my android mobile to sell these photos on the online website.

I generated handsome money by selling the mobile clicks of photos of streets.

I have the money to purchase the best street-clicking portable and high-resolution camera, the Canon Rebel SL3.

My successful money-making ride began after buying this camera.

I purchased many high-standard lenses with different focal lengths and apertures to satisfy my clients.

I made a shortlist of different highly compatible lenses with this camera body.

I would help those passionate about developing a successful career in photography.

Which is the Best Lens For Canon EOS Rebel SL3?

Here are my recommended top 8 Best Lens For Canon EOS Rebel SL3:-

Canon 17-55mm F/2.8: (Best lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

I met a person who had come from Canada to enjoy a vacation in New York.

He hired me to take beautiful shots of different streets during the hang-out with his friends and visit some stores to buy family gifts.

This time, my task was to click the most expensive street in New York that name is Fifth Avenue.

I selected the Canon Eos Rebel Handy cam associated with Best Canon 17-55mm F/2.8 lens to accomplish this purpose.

My clicked photos became more zoomable and more evident.


Zoom Lens

Focal Length 17-55mm

Aperture Range F/2.8

2-UD and 3-Aspherical Elements

Super Spectra Covering

Ring-like Ultrasonic Motor

AF System

Optical Image Stabilizer

7-Rounded Blade Diaphragm

Nearer Focusing Distance 1.15Ft

Why is this focal length the best?

I get the extensive focal length with a confined angle of view and higher overall magnification in my snapping images of streets.

A zoom lens is my number one choice for capturing any famous street. 

Perpetual Aperture:

I select the bright constant aperture F/2.8 lens for achieving the maximum illumination in all my focusing zoom ranges while busy taking random photos of clients.

It provides me excellent control over the depth of field while working with my desirable focus methods.

Optical Image Stabilizer:

While busy snapping the client’s photos in the random streets, I have no time to balance my feet properly.

At that point, the stabilization of this lens will work.

The optical image stabilizer option automatically stabilizes my images by up to three shutter speeds.

Ultrasonic Motor:

I attain the fast, precise, and smooth sound autofocus action and get the maximum focusing algorithms because of this ring-type ultrasonic motor.

The motor of any lens plays a crucial role in capturing sharp and fast images.


The Canon 17-55mm F/2.8 is the best suitable lens for the Canon EOS Rebel SL3.

I obtain the high-caliber depiction by just using the single zoom lens.

I frequently utilize this lens power for street, weddings, traveling, clubbing, and family functions.

  • Extremely sharp.
  • Professional quality lens.
  • Good fast aperture.
  • Image stabilization
  • less distortion.
  • Excellent shallow depth of field.
  • Nice blurry backgrounds.
  • Perfect deal lens.
  • Big and heavy.
  • Some distortions.

Canon 50mm F/1.8: (Best Budget lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

When I heard for the first time from my teachers that summer vacation started last weekend, all my school friends arranged a pool party at school.

All my friends have done many things at the poolside to relax my mind from the monotonous routine of school.

By capturing the memorable moments of the minor party.

I took out my best Canon EOS Rebel Camera with the best budget Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens.

I was getting the natural photos that look awesome on my room walls.


Standard Lens

Focal Length 50mm

Aperture Range F/1.8-22

EF-Mount Lens

Super Spectra Covering

STM Stamping AF Motor

7-Rounded Blade Diaphragm

Least Focusing Distance 1.15Ft

Maximum Magnification 0.21x

In Lens Construction 6 elements/ 5 groups

Why is this focal length the best?

The standard 50mm focal length gives me the endmost punch to get the optimal verdict.

It has a fixed focal length over the bright maximum aperture of f/1.8.

It created the natural theme in my snapping images as my eye view with shallow depth of field.

Stepping Motor (STM):

I obtain the STM to convey the smooth and silent continuous move servo AF for movies and effortless AF for still images.

My pool party images became clear and natural in the daylight because of the super-fast STM with AF.

Durable Lens Mount:

The new innovative physical design integrates a metal lens mount for longevity.

It can relocate the focusing ring to sustain the compactness and reliability of my focusing pictures.

It saves my lens for an emergency breakthrough.

Super Spectra Coating:

At the poolside, it is tough to capture glare-free photos.

The super spectra coating has been applicable on single elements to reduce the flare and ghosting.

Clicking pictures under the sun’s intense light is vital for excellent contrast and color neutrality.


It would be a superior quality lens for getting normal eye pictures with ghosting-free effects.

You use it for creating regular daily life shots without any expertise on fixed focal length.

I habitually utilize the Canon 50mm F/1.8 as the best budget lens for the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera power for capturing shots of weddings, traveling, parties, and events.

  • Quite a sharp lens.
  • Amazing build quality.
  • Great autofocus.
  • Pretty cheap.
  • Best prime lens.
  • Great for portraits.
  • Crips images.
  • Beautiful bokeh.
  • Versatile lens.
  • Some barrel distortion.
  • A lot of chromatic aberration.

Sigma 20mm F/1.4: (Best Sharpest lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

Astrophotography is my dream photography.

I took a start from my house roof by capturing the stars and moon pictures using the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 Camcorder joined with the best sharpest Sigma 20mm F/1.4 lens.

Taking off the initial step is tricky, but a lot of success is hidden behind this step.

I found the best wide-angle lens for taking long-distance photos excellently and smartly by making many clients with my struggle in no time.


Wide-angle Lens

Focal Length 20mm

Aperture Range F/1.4-16

EF-Mount lens

2-FLD Elements and 5-SLD Elements

2-Aspherical Elements

Least Focusing Distance of 10.9″

Super Multi-Layer Covering

Hyper Sonic AF Manual Motor

9-Rounded Blade Diaphragm

Made TSC Material, Brass Bayonet Mount

Permanent Petal-Shaped Lens Hood

Adaptable with Sigma USB Dock

Why is this focal length the best?

The wide-angle lens has a considerably smaller focal length than the standard lens for filmmaking and astrophotography.

It provides a broader angle of view to my focus click and reduces the magnification power.

It is a productive lens for snapping architectural and astrophotography pictures.

Fast Aperture Range:

I get the world’s fastest f/1.4 optimal aperture range that is apt for working in low light conditions, even at night on the house roof.

It provides me the entire control above the focusing place when I select the shallow depth of field for catching the ideal shot of the moon and stars.

Global Vision Series:

My dream art line lens is hidden in Sigma international vision series.

I received ideally high optical performance outcomes while in the focusing session.

It is a fully-fledged suitable lens for artistic and creative photography.

Thermally Stable Composite Material:

My lens body is made by utilizing thermally stable composite material.

The rigid material helps me continue shooting in a great variety of temperatures.

The lens mount is built from brass for prolonged durability and mounting precision.


The stunning petal occupies a wide-angle lens that fulfills all demands for astrophotography.

My wish is you should test it once a time in your photography career.

The Sigma 20mm F/1.4 is the sharpest lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3 and is used for my vlogging channel, astrophotography, and street and landscaping photography.

  • Extremely sharp.
  • Less distortion.
  • Exceptional image quality.
  • Good contrast levels.
  • Extremely impressive maximum aperture of F1.4.
  • Best in low-light situations.
  • Fast, accurate & quiet autofocus
  • Does not have image stabilization.
  • Dim corners and edges.

Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8: (Best Wide-angle lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

Architectural photography is significantly different from the others.

This subtype of photography takes more time than the rest.

My interest has been developed in architectural photography for the past two years.

I selected many places to fulfill my thirst for architectural photography.

I sort out the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 Camera. I combined this camera with the best Wide angle Tokina 11-16mm lens to enhance the overall images’ visibility and stability.

I got more reviews and comments when I posted these clicking photos on my Instagram post.


Wide-angle Lens

Focal length 11-16mm

Aperture Range F/2.8

Canon APS-C Format DSLRs

One-Touch Focus Clutch Mechanism

9-Blade Diaphragm Aperture

2-Aspheric Elements

2-Super-Low Dispersion Elements

Multi-Layer Coating

77mm Filter Sense

Why is this focal length the best?

This wide-angle lens has a shorter zoom focal length over the fast constant aperture of F/2.8 and imparts a focal length similar to 17-25mm in 35mm with APS-C digital SLRs.

It is a wide-open lens for developing mind-blowing architectural photography using an extensive angle of view.

WR Coating:

Sometimes my friends have touched my lens for analysis purposes and have no idea how to handle the lens.

The WR (water-repellent) coating of a red-letter compound saves me from those types of friends.

This compound has a unique evaporation process to rescue me against water and oil-repellent emergency.

One-Touch Focus Clutch Mechanism:

I conveniently use this one-touch clutch mechanism for speedy shifting between the autofocus and manual from any point.

The shifting means no need to change the AF/MF switch.

This fantastic feature saved me a lot of time while shooting the architectural building.

Blade Aperture:

I receive out-of-focus images that look more natural and exceptional because of the 9-blade rounded aperture diaphragm.

These blades’ aperture allows the maximum light into the lens to the image sensor to depict bright and stunning images.


It is unique and out of the thinking design lens from the other categories.

By clicking the historical building differently, I satisfy myself using the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 Best Wide-angle lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3.

I mainly used this lens for architectural, landscaping, and vlogging aims. 

  • Solid build quality
  • Popular ultra-wide-angle
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Fast constant f/2.8 aperture
  • The image quality is good.
  • No image stabilization
  • Chromatic aberration.

Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8: (best everyday lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

I made a successful career in modeling by profession for presenting famous brands in my USA city.

My nature is to collect new style outfits to show others by using my Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera held together with the best everyday lens Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8.

I satisfy my soul by getting positive comments on my outfit.

My fashion sense is much better just because of my modeling career.

This camera would help me achieve a cut above the rest of the photos of my outfits.


Standard Lens

Focal Length 18-35mm

Aperture Range F/1.8-16

EF-Mount Lens

APS-C Format

28.8-56mm Equivalent to 35mm

5-SLD Elements

4-Aspherical Elements

Super Multi-Layer Covering

Hyper Sonic Motor with AF System

9-Rounded Blade Diaphragm

Minimum focusing distance 28 cm

72mm Filter Range

Why is this focal length the best?

The standard 18-35mm focal length gives me the most power to get maximum results.

It gives me the standard zoom lens focal length over the bright aperture of f/1.8.

It converted my focus subject into a natural one in my snapping photos with shallow depth of field.

Both zoom and focusing rings operated efficiently without hindrance.

APS-C Format:

I generated the standard zoom power to capture photos of my everyday outfit for posting on my social accounts, only possible for my lens compatibility for the APS-C format mount cameras.

Except for my work, it provides a 28.8-56mm equivalent focal length range.

Sustain Aperture F/1.8:

I took photos of my outfit where I was standing out.

The admirable quality bright constant F/1.8 optimal aperture sets the light right in adverse lighting conditions.

It bestows me complete control over the entire focusing range for using the special techniques.

Thermally Stable Composite Material:

I made this lens using the high-grade thermally stable composite (TSC) material to give me excellent accuracy and utilization in wide temperature variations.

Moreover, a brass bayonet improves the mounting precision and the inability to snap more images without causing any problems moving the mount.


I am genuinely pleased with the speedy performance of this lens.

You received the above thinking results as compared to me.

The Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera binds Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens to make videos on everyday life hacks, weddings, family functions and walks around, events, and informal friends gatherings.

  • Sharpness
  • Excellent wide aperture.
  • Very affordable in price.
  • The image quality is terrific.
  • Pleasing bokeh.
  • Heavy & Big.
  • No image stabilization
  • Some barrel distortion.

Sigma 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3: (best telephoto lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

Capturing the live action of your favorite game players is very hard, as per my experience in sports photography.

I love the Brazilian volleyball player Giba.

I left my city in Canada because I enjoyed the Giba playing volleyball action in the Brazilian city.

I hold my Canon EOS Rebel SL3 polaroid united with the best telephoto lens Sigma 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3, for achieving the high-demand actions of my dye heart player.


Telephoto Lens

Focal length 18-300mm

Aperture Range F/3.5-22

EF-Mount Lens

APS-C Format

28.8-480mm Equivalent Focal Length

4- FLD Elements and 1-SLD Element

3-Aspherical Elements

Super Multi-Layer Covering

Hyper Sonic Motor with AF System

OS Image Stabilization System

1:3 magnification,

1.3′ Least Focusing distance

7-Rounded Blade Diaphragm

Why is this focal length the best?

My lens comes with an 18-300mm focal length and pretends to have a shallow depth of field.

It means they can focus on the minor, focusing on faraway objects present at a specific distance.

Global Vision Art Design:

My lens can make a super-fast balance between convenience and performance and is a part of the contemporary art line in the sigma global vision series.

I have a firm grip on the compact, lightweight, and versatile lens with exceptional optical attributes.

APS-C Format:

My all-lens structure is perfectly designed for APS-C Format Canon EF-mount for attaining unspoken images.

It offers me the 28.8-480mm equivalent focal length for getting the far-way action with extreme clarity and transparency.

Dispersion Elements:

I obtain the color edging and chromatic anomaly-free photos by exploiting the dispersion element features in the optical design.

The one exceptional low dispersion (SLD) and four F low dispersion aid me in enhancing my sports action-focusing images’ clarity and color transparency.


The integrated HSM and stabilization vast system in this lens makes it dominant in the eyes of the photographers.

I highly admire this lens feature for all sports activities lovers.

The Sigma 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 is the best telephoto lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3 for achieving excellent outcomes for the far focusing on objects like live-action sports, wild action, and a bird flying movements.

  • Image stabilization.
  • Compact & lightweight.
  • Best in lower-light situations.
  • All-around great lens
  • Some distortion.
  • Dim corners.

Canon EF-S 60mm F/2.8: (best macro lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3)

I have an artistic mind from the legacy of my father.

I put the tiny drop of water on the glass surface and added the different colors into this drop one by one.

The amalgamation of the contrasting colors made my mind click.

Why not take some macro pictures of this colorful drop?

I take my Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera and bind it with the best macro lens Canon EF-S 60mm F/2.8 lens.

I obtained excellent par images of this small drop by maintaining a small distance and sharing with friends through social media.

I was surprised by the commands and appreciation from my friends only using the macro lens.


Why is this focal length the best?

On the longer focal length, 60mm has obtained the least minimum focusing distance for taking the macro pics of any insects, jewelry, and nature specification.

This lens can take close-up shots near at hand, focusing on the maximum magnification of 1:1.

Macro Lens:

I click the top-class shots of the focusing color drop to use the designed Canon EF-s mount DSLRs, and they take me to the stunning 96mm equivalent focal length.

I set my lens on a maximum magnification of 1:1 and a limit focusing distance of 7.9″ for taking the mind-blending close-up clicks of the different color-mingling drops.


I develop the ghosting and flare-free images using the super spectra coating.

Sometimes, I click macro shots of nature and small animals under the sun’s intense light.

This lens feature will help me diminish my focusing photo flare and increase the chance of disparity and color impartiality.

Internal Focusing:

The internal focusing work combined with the ultrasonic motor (USM) keeps the overall focal length and autofocus to impart faster and more speedy responsive outcomes.

I am entirely pleased by the internal focusing performance for getting exceptional close-ups of any subject.


This macro lens focal length has delivered fabulous results for any focusing object.

I openly suggested that you buy this lens to complete the craving for macro photography.

The Canon EF-S 60mm F/2.8 is the best macro lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3 for excelling in the victorious career for macro photography. 

  • Macro Lens
  • Focal Length 60mm
  • Aperture Range F/2.8-32
  • EF-S-Mount Lens
  • APS-C Format
  • In APS-C Format 96mm Focal Length
  • Super Spectra Covering
  • Magnification 1:1
  • Least Focusing Distance7.9″
  • Ultrasonic Motor with AF System
  • Full-Time MF Overrule,
  • Internal Focusing
  • 7-Rounded Blade Diaphragm
  • 12 Elements in 8 Groups in Lens Construction
  • Not for FF bodies

Canon EF 85mm F/1.8: (best portrait lens for Canon EOS Rebel SL3) 

Portrait photography focuses more on the half-body of any person.

Being a portrait photographer father, I took my daughter into the park to click some photos of her.

My daughter’s face is full of redheads.

I found the best solution for producing the mind-grabbing photoshoot.

I hide the half face of my daughter behind the big dry leaf.

My snapping image looked mind-blowing using the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camera tied up with the best portrait Canon EF 85mm F/1.8 lens.

I got a great lens for making my daughter’s face more attractive.


Why is this focal length the best?

This short telephoto lens has a long focal length of 85mm, a smaller angle of view, and maximum magnification power for creating any portrait shot perfectly, just like my killer face shot of my daughter.

Greatest Aperture F/1.8:

When I clicked on my daughter’s photo, many dark clouds covered the sky correctly.

At this time, my bright F/1.4 maximum aperture works best in low light conditions to produce my beloved daughter’s art line portrait shots.

Stereo Autofocus:

My lens system is speedy just because of the ring-like ultrasonic motor.

The quiet, silent autofocus performance and manual focus are also included in this system, but usage of it depends on me.

Rounded Diaphragm:

My image became more prominent and brightened because of the eight rounded diaphragm out-of-focus light points near the aperture.

While opening, a large amount of light gets into it to illuminate my focusing daughter’s portrait image against the bokeh effect.


It is the primary lens for turning out incredible shots and increasing my daily sales.

The Canon EF 85mm F/1.8 is the best portrait, wedding, and video-making lens for the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 camcorder.

  • Short Telephoto Lens
  • Focal length 85mm
  • Aperture Range F/1.8-22
  • EF-Mount Lens
  • Full-Frame Lens
  • Super Spectra Covering
  • Ring-like Ultrasonic Motor AF System
  • 8-Rounded Blade Diaphragm
  • Closest Focusing Distance 2.8 ft
  • No weather sealing
  • No image stabilization

What kind of lens does the Canon SL3 use?

My knowledge of photography leads me to believe that the “Canon 17-55mm F/2.8is the ideal lens for the Canon EOS Rebel SL3. I can also use either the larger, more expensive EF lenses or the smaller, more affordable EF-S lenses with the Rebel SL3 because it has the smaller “crop” sensor. This Canons lens is the all-purpose zoom for anyone who enjoys taking portraits or working in low light, and it has always been my primary priority. That was utilized by me last week for my niece’s graduation ceremony, which took place in a dark auditorium. I like that this lens captures a lot of light and produces beautiful backdrops of her in my portrait photographs.

Is Canon SL3 good for photography?

I think Canon SL3 has been an excellent entertainer for my photography. “Sports and wildlife photography” works out well with the Canon SL3. It generates reasonably clear photographs and has a relatively quick maximum shutter speed. Its focusing mechanism performs brilliantly while filming during frantic racing and other extreme sporting events. Recently, I did photography for a high school sports day event. It delivers acceptable overall image quality and has a focusing technology that works well for following moving objects. I conclude that it also has a pretty good battery life for images that, counting on how I use it, may last for several days on a full charge.

Do EF lenses work on SL3?

Yes, on my SL3 camera, EF lenses do indeed function nicely. To utilize either the larger, more expensive EF lenses or the smaller, more affordable EF-S lenses, I would suggest that has the relatively small “crop” sized sensor. I adore the Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS STM lens since it is inexpensive and has 2.5 times the reach of a 100mm lens. If I ever decide to go to a Canon with a bigger sensor, the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III can fit on the following body. On my trip to the Safari Park, I utilized both of these EF lenses to take pictures of wild animals. I captured incredible full-zoom shots of kangaroos, tigers, and Lions.

Is Canon SL3 worth buying?

Yes, Canon SL3 is worth buying, in my expertise. Although I know the SL3 is more expensive, the extra money is worthwhile. It offers the best APS-C sensor from Canon, excellent Live View autofocus, a touchscreen with various angles, and 4K video in the ideal package for beginners. I have used this for wildlife photography for a Channel. They engaged me to take pictures of lovely creatures for the debut of a new show magazine. It’s difficult to capture animals at any time, but this camera made it possible. Thanks to it, I can take portraits, landscapes, and street photography. I believe this is the most excellent multitasker and is worthwhile purchasing.

What Canon lens should every photographer have?

I being an expert, suggest that every photographer must have a Standard zoom lens (~24-70mm)According to Canon, this lens is the go-to choice for many photographers since it can handle various tasks. In a small area, broad angles at 24mm always work well for me. I can also zoom in and take sharp close-up pictures. It works well with my beloved Canon SL3 and is frequently used for street photography. It allows me to capture stunning images and flawless expressions from a distance. I always obtain a deeper depth of field and many more exciting options so far.

What is the Holy Trinity of camera lenses?

When I refer to the “holy trinity” of lenses, I mean a set of three lenses that, when used together, provide photographers the freedom to shoot accurately and effectively in practically every circumstance. A wide-angle zoom, a standard zoom, and a telephoto zoom often make up those three lenses. I have used these lenses with many Canon cameras, but I found them perfect for my SL3 camera. I love to use this for landscape photography on my journey to Las Vegas. It made me capture Clark County and its surrounding mountain ranges.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lenses we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lenses? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Lens For Canon EOS Rebel SL3?

Is there a lens you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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