11 Best lens for Nikon Z50: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Sharon Advik

The term “nature” can be used in many different contexts.

The trees, mountains, and wildlife are all parts of the earth that make up our environment.

Nature’s beauty rests in its diversity.

Nature and its breathtaking views attract a traveler to travel again and again.

I’ve always wanted to live near nature to breathe in fresh, pure air, let go of my worries, and take limitless photos of the natural views.

The calm environment allows me to think more clearly and be more creative.

Nature is a vast source of inspiration for me.

Being a traveler and nature lover, I’m fond of exploring new lenses for my best capturer, the Nikon z50.

No matter where I travel, it’s a constant in my photography kit.

So let me carry you on my journey of trying the best lens for the Nikon z50.

Let’s dig into this.

Which are the Best lens for Nikon Z50?

Here are my recommended top 11 Best lens for Nikon Z50:-

Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4: (Best lens for Nikon Z50)

As I have told you, the Nikon z50 is my all-time constant camera for travel.

Aside from traveling with this master, I also use it for my personal use, such as capturing portraits or using it for daily random shots.

And for this casual shooting, I was interested in having the lens that fits best with its mount to be perfect for random shots but with flawless, mind-blowing quality. Because zoom lenses are suitable for close-up images, I was eager to get a zoom lens.

I’ve found Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4, which appears to be the best lens for Nikon Z50 for this purpose.

It allows for stunning close-ups while maintaining image quality and details.

It’s always been my first choice for Street photography; I enjoy it for this.


Zoom lens

Focal length 24-70mm

Constant f/4 aperture

New optical formula

Silent focusing

5-axis image stabilization

Customizable control ring

Optical technology


The focal length is versatile and allows viewing from wide-angle to medium telephoto zoom while being the best compatible with the stunning Nikon z50.

It seems the best lens for the Nikon z50 because it sits nicely with virtually no distortion.

A new optical formula achieves extraordinary sharpness across the whole frame.

At every focal length, its constant f/4 maximum aperture ensures consistent exposure.

Also, its innovative optical technologies get benefit from the Z mount.

Focused images:

For both stills and movies, this reinterpretation of the classic everyday zoom, optimized and adapted for modern Z cameras, offers unprecedented image quality and performance.

All this, with the smooth, silent focusing.

The focus never overlooks the details.

It delivers edge-to-edge, unprecedented new levels of clarity and distortion control.

A redesigned stepping motor provides smooth, silent focusing, even shooting at an extended length covering a vast panorama.

Low-light bright shots:

This adjustable, quick lens can deliver edge-to-edge sharp photographs in any setting.

Its aperture guarantees superior low-light performance and compatible exposure across the zoom range with high-cinematic attractive details.

By avoiding aberrations, its glass elements help remarkable contrast in edge-to-edge sharpness in low light.

The maximum aperture is always f/4 and is designed to be shot wide open.

The images show epic details and definitions from the center to the corners.

Glass elements:

ED and aspherical glass elements have increased the lens’s overall performance.

The new nanocrystal coat is used, successfully suppressing flare and preventing any ghosting effects.

The glass parts aid in obtaining the highest image quality with sharpness throughout the frame.

The aspherical lens element produces razor-sharp images without obscuring any details.

Eliminating color aberration in the very first place secures improved color consistency.


Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 has sets the benchmark for being the Best lens for Nikon Z50.

This lens produces unrivaled results.

Its optics will sweeten your commands and bring out the fairest in you.

Passionate cinematographers and videographers benefit from technological improvements.

Experience the close attention ability that is class-leading by getting this now!

  • Very wide aperture.
  • Excellent focal length.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Good colors & contrast.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Image stabilization.
  • The focus ring is very smooth.
  • Quick focusing motor.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Some distortion.

Sigma 105mm f/2.8: (best macro lens for Nikon z50)

I’ve always wanted to work in the field of wildlife photography.

My lifelong passion for animals has led me to pursue wildlife photography as a career.

Once, I applied for the position of cameraman at a nature channel.

They requested samples of my work and any movies or wildlife images.

I took this best macro lens for Nikon z50, the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 lens mounted to my camera, making the best combo.

I have randomly taken photographs of street dogs or any other animal.

The macro shots from this combo have come out outlandish.

It allowed me to capture incredible moments with ease.

I have sent these recently captured samples with some of the previous wildlife coverage, and fortunately, I have got selected.


Macro lens

Focal length 105mm

Constant large f2.8

9-blade circular diaphragm

HSM for autofocus

SLD glass elements

Multi-layer coating

Optical stabilizer

Floating focusing system


This 105mm is compatible with the Nikon z50 for the best close-ups so far.

This focal length produces stunning macro images with a wealth of detail.

This focal length’s unique perspective allows me closer to the subject’s most delicate details without distorting the image’s integrity.

With this focal length, I can keep a comfortable distance from my subject while getting the best angle with sharpness across the frame.

Because of this, the effective focal length makes well-defined outcomes with excellent visibility achievable.

Sharp performance:

For effective results, this lens introduced a high-power optical formula.

The lens’s optics are substantial and robust, giving sharp and clean images with this focal length.

The Special Low Dispersion glass reduces chromatic, spherical, and curvature aberrations.

Macro shots are more prone to fudged by aberrations, but its glass elements won’t let any disturbance destroy the image’s goodness.

This Multi-Layer Coating lessens flare and ghosting while maintaining high-contrast images.

Sturdy image stabilization:

It has an optical stabilizer that allows for accurate close-up photography and macro shots while shooting in hand.

This stabilization provides outstanding visual results free from vibrations and distortive beats.

It provides approximately 4 stops of effective correction.

Even the shaky hands don’t bother the virtue of the scene.

The lens’s rounded 9-blade diaphragm makes the out-of-focus portions beautifully blurred.

Steady focus approach:

This lens has a hypersonic motor that is controlled by ultrasonic waves.

This sturdy focus system has been backed by advanced image stabilization.

It has smooth and quick autofocus.

It sharply focuses on the subject with powerful zoom and high resolution while creating a superb bokeh.

The drifting inner focus contributes to the sharpness.

Even though the lens is set to autofocus, it allows full-time manual focus.

This manual focus enhances precision while allowing for quick focus change.


Sigma 105mm f/2.8, the best macro lens for Nikon z50, provides superb photographic results.

This lens is well-made, featuring a splash-proof function for usage in inclement weather.

Display your abilities with confidence with this lens’ innovative perspective.

Add this to your collection straight away!

  • Excellent optics
  • Fast & relaible autofocus
  • Dust, splash, and fluorine protection
  • No image stabilization

Samyang 85mm f/1.4: (best portrait lens for Nikon z50)

Portrait photography has always piqued my interest.

I appreciate how the photographer emphasizes the model’s attributes.

With his abilities and a perfect weapon in his hands mounted by the best lens, a photographer may turn an ordinary scene into a glamorous one.

I once collaborated with a company on a glamour shot for which they gave me a model.

Because of its effective focal length for portraiture, I mounted this Samyang 85mm f/1.4, the best portrait lens for the Nikon z50 n my camera.

It created breathtaking results, making me proud of my skills.

By magnifying every detail, it supplied me with beautiful, eye-catching portraits.

I had a memorable time shooting with this fantastic combo and the brand!


Short telephoto lens

Focal length 85mm

Manual aperture

Internal focus

Excellent low-light performance

Ultrasonic dual linear motor for AF

ED glass element

High refractive index elements

Ultra-multi coating

Compact and lightweight


The 85mm focal length allows me to work from various distances from the subject.

This short telephoto focal length is ideal for getting close-up photos or headshots.

This focal length produces properly framed and sharp images all the way around.

It enables the most remarkable close-up photographs by highlighting the product’s beautiful details.

It focuses everyone’s attention on the topic, and that’s why I call it the best portrait lens for Nikon z50.

Stunning portraits:

It produces a high-resolution image that is distortion-free.

It allows for the optimum shot and working distance from the subjects while allowing me to control the depth of field.

It creates a bokeh effect, which dramatically defocuses the background adding more depth to my portraits.

Due to its aperture, it is feasible to shoot late at night and indoors without extra lighting.

Its most significant aperture allows light to pass through the lens, enhancing its ability to work in low-light conditions.

Capable focus:

For autofocus, a linear high-level ultrasonic motor has been added.

It entitles for a quick and smooth focus.

It focuses quickly and precisely, with edge-to-edge sharpness.

It also includes an internal focus system that successfully removes distorting effects and enables precise focus.

It aids my portraits in achieving a clear and consistent focus with crispness throughout the frame.

This improved focus technology produces a well-defined and sharply balanced color image.

Robust optics:

It has the best optics that captures breathtaking portraits and produces flawless results.

It has UMC technology, which decreases the amount of reflection and provides a clean image with explicit details.

The aspherical glass, which efficiently works with other optics to reduce aberrations, is one of the lens-building elements.

Flare and ghosting are also reduced, and contrast and color integrity show eye-catching enhancement.

It smoothly handles image integrity by reducing the image’s distorting influences.


The Samyang 85mm f/1.4 is the best portrait lens for Nikon z50, working ideally best for interior and outdoor portrait photography.

It’s simple to operate and grip.

It captures more captivating establishing close-ups.

You will never come across something better than this.

With its specialized features, you can capture portraits like an expert.

Take it now!

  • Good value for money
  • Fast Bright aperture
  • Excellent optics
  • Solid build quality
  • Dust & splash protection
  • Nice bokeh
  • Great image quality
  • Noticeable chromatic aberration

NIKKOR Z 24mm f/1.8: (best prime lens for nikon z50)

Sunrises have been the most pleasing thing to my senses.

The sun’s dazzling golden rays enliven the soul and energize the body for the day ahead.

I casually used to witness the sunrise at the hill station by holding the best combo, the NIKKOR Z 24mm f/1.8, with my Nikon z50.

This best prime lens for Nikon z50 gives me the most satisfactory outcomes with its vast angle of view for capturing sunrise.

One day, I got up early and traveled to the hill station to catch a glimpse of nature at its most beautiful.

I brought this along as usual. I recorded the beautiful sunrise, extending its golden beams higher in the sky.

The scene is beyond description, yet this lens captured it exactly as it was.

I can’t describe how I felt at the time, but the lens by my side can.


Wide-angle lens

Focal length 24mm

F1.8 aperture

Stepping motor

ED glass elements

Nanocrystal coat



This fantastic lens is an extraordinarily brilliant, sharp, prime wide-angle lens developed for Nikon’s breakthrough Z mounts.

It fits so ideally with my Nikon z50.

Their revolutionary light-gathering capability tells extraordinary immersive stories with a focal length that’s comfortable to capture any scene.

Wide-angle applications are handled beautifully by the lens, which has excellent resolution throughout the frame and naturally soft bokeh which grabs the viewers’ attention.

Bright images:

This camera assures sharp and bright imagery in all shooting circumstances by controlling total distortion.

It corrects all kinds of aberrations with an Extra-low Dispersion element that has been mindfully added to the system.

Also, the Nanocrystal coating eliminates flare and ghosting while improving image integrity.

Optical improvements have also improved the sharpness of point-light sources, which means edge-to-edge brightness and sharpness.

Also, the exposures are bright and even, with slight vignetting.

Unwavering focus:

This lens gives me the precision and speed for the focus, which I think is the need.

It has involved an Autofocus Multi-Focus System that never fails to acquire focus with precision and never lags.

This all-new multi-focusing mechanism has been featured for quick and precise focus.

I obtain a fast, silent, and accurate focus for stills and video thanks to an ultra-quiet stepping motor.

This motor allows noise-free outcomes with accuracy and deep contrast across the frame.

Distortion-free outcomes:

The ability to maintain equal illumination, especially at the corners of the frame, impresses me the most.

I capture beautiful moments without extra effort or professional skills with their scene-setting.

With a bright, quick f/1.8 aperture that makes it incredibly adaptable in low light, it is ideal for landscapes, cityscapes, and environmental portraiture.

I capture more of a scene with sharpness and clarity throughout the frame.

It won’t allow disturbing elements to bother my imagery at any cost.


NIKKOR Z 24mm f/1.8 captures the tranquility of a magnificent panorama or the lovely natural setting of a treasured portrait.

It is the best prime lens for the Nikon z50 because its specs show remarkable compatibility.

It’s also a must-have for video projects, covering everything from establishing shots to editing.

Even at the most extensive shot, it won’t show any distortion.

  • Wide f/1.4 maximum aperture.
  • Sharp images.
  • Full-frame coverage.
  • Dim corners.
  • Some barrel distortion.

Nikon Nikkor Z 70-200 F2.8: (best telephoto lens for Nikon z50)

Going to a football game to see your favorite player at his best and not being able to get a clear look at your favorite one?

Do you have the same problem?

But not me for now. I looked for an outstanding sports lens, which probably should be the telephoto lens for my camera.

And I finally found this Nikon Nikkor Z 70-200 F2.8, the best telephoto lens for Nikon z50.

This rapid telephoto lens never lets me down at any sporting event like my favorite athlete.

Its consistent focus and excellent optical performance provide me with crisp, accurate photographs.

With this lens, I’m getting breathtaking images of my fav sports.

Getting close to my fav player with the eyes of this camera thrills my senses as the outcomes appear pretty realistic.



This lens has given me a new obsession with small details.

It has guaranteed a zoom without compromise.

With this extensive focal length, sports, concerts, weddings, wildlife, portraiture, and much more may all be captured with the remarkable low-light performance.

This is my on-go adventure lens to capture my adventurous moments without lagging.

It features impressive aberration correction, smooth, quiet autofocus, and breakthrough performance.

Stable VR:

The quality of this lens is at its best with the class-leading zoom without missing the most delicate details.

It shows superior suppression of aberrations—also the most extensive optical VR image stabilization.

Optical VR is more steady and stable than ever, with an operating range of 5.5 stops.

In addition, it works with the in-body image stabilization with my Nikon z50.

The resolution is stunning, with absolute control of aberrations, even to the frame’s boundaries.

Low-light capacity:

At 70mm, this lens allows minimum focusing distance from the subject, allowing the lens speed and ability to shine in incredibly tight shooting situations.

For the portraits, it works miraculously best.

Furthermore, an SR refractive element combats chromatic aberrations induced by difficult short-wavelength light.

The details appear truly explicit, even at the boundaries, which adds overall accuracy and balance to the portraits.

The exceptional combination of a bright f2.8 aperture with a high resolution allows for clean, sharp shots and faster shutter speeds.

Focus and control:

It captures highly cinematic visuals.

The AF is virtually silent and does not affect the angle of view.

It was good that I didn’t detect any evident focus breathing.

The Zoom and Focus rings are adequately damped and sensitive even at cold temperatures.

I like that the lens does not expand in and out, but it does come at the expense of being lengthy and hefty solely for professional use.

And the best is the control ring allows for smooth aperture, focus, and exposure adjustments.


Nikon Nikkor Z 70-200 F2.8 is fast, strong, extremely desirable, and the best telephoto lens for Nikon z50.

It sets a high bar for fast telephoto zoom lenses designed for Nikon’s next-generation sophisticated mirrorless cameras.

The best lens for sports, concerts, weddings, wildlife, portraiture, and other types of photography.

It’s highly recommended for devoted cinematographers and videographers!

  • Telephoto lens
  • Focal length 70-200mm
  • Constant Aperture F2.8
  • Standard 77mm filter thread
  • Optical zoom 2.9
  • Customizable function buttons and control ring
  • Vibration reduction (VR)
  • Bit heavy

NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4: (best zoom lens for nikon z50)

I moved to Turkey for a study exchange program, where I met a friend who introduced me to photography.

I gradually became interested in photography and decided to learn more about it.

On my birthday, a friend gave me NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4, the best zoom lens for Nikon z50.

As I only had Nikon Z50 at that time, I to my surprise, they amazed me with their combo.

As everyone knows, the architecture of turkey has been globally famous for a decade, and to be honest, that’s what inspired me to get my hands on camera.

I have captured some of the best cityscapes with this lens which I enjoyed immensely.

The beauty I discovered in my photos convinced me that this is the best wide-angle zoom lens.


Wide-angle zoom lens

Focal length 24-120mm

Aperture F/4

STM stepping motor

Custom control ring

Manual focusing ring




This wide-angle zoom lens shows outstanding compatibility with the Nikon z50.

The specs are admirably strong to get me the perfect image.

The focal length is all-good to get me near my subject’s beautiful details.

I get as close to my subject as 1.15 feet at any zoom point to capture the tiniest details, including 120mm.

Close focusing, edge-to-edge sharpness, and no virtual color leakage or focus breathing are all possible thanks to a stepping motor that assures precision.

Customizable control ring:

This lens has given me control over the settings by adding a customizable control ring.

Aperture, ISO, and exposure compensation are all controlled by turning the ring on the lens.

Also, the Manual focusing ring is dedicated to smooth and precise manual focusing.

The focus ring quickly gets me to the focus settings that seem satisfactory.

I face no issue in controlling it. It isn’t complicated at all. That what’s makes it a beginner-friendly lens.

Ultra-quite focus motor:

Nikon’s Stepping Motor ensures that autofocusing is smooth, quick, and silent.

STM is a quiet partner where camera noise is an issue, such as at weddings, ceremonies, and video production.

With the incredible zoom range, the silent, steady focus seems cherry at cherry on top.

Manual focusing, aperture control, and exposure compensation are all possible options with stabilization.

The lens never loses focus, even in critical shooting situations.

Vivid visuals:

It provides explicit images with nearly no field curvature or color aberrations, allowing it to be used wide open and confidently in difficult, low-light circumstances.

Despite operating at the maximum focal length, it never overlooks the details.

The images always appear detailed the sharpness across the frame.

The contrast and exposure seem impressive even in low-light shooting circumstances.

The lens gives virtually fast and reliably accurate graphics.


If you want an extensive zoom range with a relatively fast constant aperture, the NIKKOR Z 24-120mm f/4 is the best of the group.

It earns the merit of being called the best zoom lens for the Nikon z50.

Its superior image quality and edge-to-edge sharpness will not leave you disappointed.

It’s travel-friendly and has a wide focal length range to fulfill that promise.

  • Stellar lens
  • Extremely sharp
  • Image stabilization.
  • Standard zoom lens
  • Good value for the money.
  • Some distortion.
  • Dim corners at wider angles.

Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3: (best wildlife lens for Nikon z50)

I’ve always longed to hold nature’s beauty in my hands.

My passion for the environment and wildlife animals drove me to pursue photography as a vocation, particularly wildlife photography.

The natural surroundings and wildlife patterns soothe my psyche.

I went to the Grassland, a central vegetation region covered in dense, tall grasses. I held the best wildlife lens for Nikon z50 in hand to photograph the stunning wildlife in their natural habitat.

During my visit, I have blessed with some of the most beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife moments.

Angry bison, a lofty giraffe, and the sweetest deer were among the animals I skillfully captured with this master combo I brought on this trip.

This trip has helped me clear my head and purify my soul of all negativity.


Telephoto lens

Focal length 150-600mm

Lens aperture f/5-6.3

Hypersonic motor

Optical stabilization

Compact and lightweight

Water and oil-repellent coating


This lens is an incredible piece with its outlandish specs.

It has been introduced with the tag of being the first hyper-telephoto zoom lens whose specs fully support wildlife photography.

I love its optimal portability with image quality that’s on point.

It fits perfectly with the Nikon z50 appearing to be the best wildlife lens for Nikon z50.

The focal length is pretty impressive, with a variable aperture that nicely controls the critical lighting situation for wildlife photography.

Zoom power:

It can handle any long-reach photography condition.

This new lens features Sigma’s latest technology, including a silent and refined Hyper Sonic Motor and a contemporary Optical Stabilizer with an accelerometer for improved vertical and horizontal panning.

Along these lines, it impressively supports wildlife photography.

The flexibility to shoot close and long distances inspires Creativity.

They have an extensive zoom range, which is especially beneficial when photographing subjects at different distances.

Quick and steady focus:

The feature list is so appealing. Starting from the focus.

Whether the silent hypersonic motor or operating manual focus assures the best results.

With great focus, it has included the new dual-mode optical image stabilization that confirms the clean, immaculate quality of the image across the frame.

Also, I’m impressed by the new zoom lock switch that can be locked at any focal length and a new manual override function for greater focusing control.


It’s a fusion of versatility with portability.

And these two things are essential for wildlife photography.

This lens can be fully customized via the Sigma USB port that tweaks the focus limiter, AF speed, and OS view. Getting control in your hands always feels good.

So I feel no issue because I can control the settings by myself.

Also, I faced no issue with the zoom range because it didn’t crop the subject.

Instead, it involves more significant details with appealing color reproduction that seems true to life.


Feel comfortable on your field with Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3, the best wildlife lens for Nikon z50.

A gorgeous design, remarkable build quality, superb image quality, optical stabilization, excellent overall performance, and a highly enticing focal length range at very reasonable pricing combined.

A mind-blowing packaged lens to add to your kit for your next safari visit!

  • Excellent telephoto reach.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Quick autofocus
  • Image stabilization.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Some chromatic aberration.
  • Some pincushion distortion.
  • Heavy.
  • No dust- and splash-proof.

Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8: (best video lens for nikon z50)

Who wants to spend money hiring other photographers when you have a photographer at home?

My brother did the same thing.

He hired me as a photographer for his engagement ceremony.

Being a photographer is a significant disadvantage, but it makes me pleased when someone says I contributed to their wonderful day.

I also prepared the Nikon z50 with the Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8, the best video lens for Nikon z50, and the most fabulous wedding video lens.

I covered the entire event with it and recorded the beautiful moments of love.

Everyone’s appreciation brightened my day.

The bride and groom’s happy faces inspire me to be my best at it.


Zoom lens

Focal length 24-70mm

ED and aspherical lens elements

Nanocrystal coating

Exceptional low-light performance

Internal focus

Silent wave motor AF system

Dust and moisture resistant


The focal length of this lens is impeccably impressive for video shooting.

And to my surprise, it has shown admirable results with my Nikon z50 means it has proved to be the best video lens for Nikon z50.

This 24-70mm effective focal length gives me a larger viewing and recording field.

In this way, I can get incredible details while, on the other hand, beautiful close-ups.

As a video enthusiast, I found this focal length the handiest to handle critical shooting possibilities.

Sharp zoom:

Even in unfavorable lighting, it works phenomenally, giving me sharp imagery.

This adjustable, quick lens can deliver edge-to-edge sharp photographs in any setting.

Its aperture ensures excellent low-light performance and consistent exposure across the zoom range.

The optical efficiency of this lens allows cinema-quality visuals.

Its glass elements assist excellent contrast even in low light by avoiding aberrations.

This lens has good framing across the zoom range and produces consistent results in every setting.

Sharp focus:

The ring-type USM brings my subject into sharp focus while preserving its details when working at the closest zoom range.

This lens also has a high-speed CPU, allowing for sharp and quick focus on my images and dynamic operation and processing.

These qualities help me maintain a quiet and consistent focus.

Internal focus allows for precise tracking of moving objects.

The focus provides exaggerated sharpness and continuous exposure with deep contrast with accuracy in color fidelity.

Durable lens elements:

I’m glad it not only examined optics but also worked to ensure the lens’s long-term dependability.

Weather and dust sealing have secured sophisticated optics for long-term durability and effectiveness.

Fluorine coating impedes soiling to my images, whether I shoot outdoors while traveling or indoors.

ED and aspherical glass elements have increased the lens’s overall performance.

The new nanocrystal coat is used, successfully suppressing flare and preventing any ghosting effects.


BECAUSE OF THE UNRIVALED RESULTS, Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8 deserves the title of the best video lens for Nikon z50.

Its optics will enhance your abilities and bring out the best in your videos.

I’ve used it to cover various events and have captured many great moments.

Try it by yourself and capture the moments that will last a lifetime.

  • Very wide aperture.
  • Excellent focal length.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Good colors & contrast.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Image stabilization.
  • The focus ring is very smooth.
  • Quick focusing motor.
  • Significant in a low-light situation.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Some distortion.

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8: (best landscape lens for Nikon z50)

I’ve been looking for a lens that will work well for landscape photography and videography, as it’s been a long time since I have been working as a full-time travel photographer who loves nature and is crazy about capturing beautiful vistas and landscapes.

After experiencing a vast collection of lenses, I discovered this Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, the best landscape lens for Nikon z50.

This lens is for you if you’re looking for a lens to capture a great landscape shot that highlights all of your image’s features.

It can produce the perfect shot with endless details utilizing shallow depth or F/2.8 settings.

This lens is ideal for photographing tranquil sunrises and beautiful sunsets.

Don’t wait for the perfect lighting to capture the scene; instead, be the best in all circumstances.


Wide-angle lens

Focal length 11-16mm

Aperture range f2.8 to f22

Two aspherical and super-low dispersion lens elements

Multi-layer coating

Nine blade diaphragm

Internal focusing motor

Manual focus

A/M focus switch


This lens suits nicely with the Nikon z50.

It fulfills my craving for landscape photography.

This focal length offers a wide field of vision, making it the best landscape lens for Nikon z50.

With its wide range of view, the 11-16mm focal length helps to capture more details with the sharpness that attracts the audience to the elements.

It also provides a broader, distortion-free picture with a controlled depth of field.

It resolves low-light capture concerns and provides a crisp image in any lighting condition.

Wide-angle landscape capture:

This wide-angle landscape lens helps obtain the highest image quality in every situation because of its constant fast aperture of F/2.8. Its nine-blade diaphragm generates a stunning bokeh effect by softly defocusing the backdrop.

It has good contrast and clarity across the frame, making my images crisp and fresh.

I love how it produces a finely focused image with outstanding image clarity.

It features excellent edge-to-edge clarity and provides well-detailed wide scenes.

It gives me a distinct viewpoint on both large vistas and small details!

Sharp and sound optics:

This lens gives me an artistic wide-angle, even in low-light shooting possibilities that improve the overall image quality.

It has exceptional low-light performance.

Razor-sharp optics provides cinema-quality visuals.

Flare and ghosting are prevented by the multi-layer coatings, resulting in a clean image with barrel distortion.

It’s also scratch-resistant! Its glass parts contribute to the great contrast.

Even at night, its maximum aperture provides excellently brightened-up photographs while preserving details.

Clean focusing:

For a quick and exact focus, an internal focusing motor is included.

It focuses on the subject, allowing the details to stand out.

The combination of excellent focus and the bokeh effect creates beautiful landscape imagery.

It also has a manual focus option for greater precision and accuracy.

My photography mastery gets aided by the rapid auto-to-manual transition with simple ring control.

For high-end performance, it has fitted highly sophisticated glass lens elements.

They produce a sharp image with definite contrast throughout the frame.


Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 owns the Perspective that Inspires Creativity.

It is the best landscape lens for the Nikon z50 that inspires and encourages the best landscape shots.

This lens gives you expensive views by allowing you to photograph any landscape view better than ever before.

With this lens, you’ll never miss another dramatic shot. Seize the opportunity of getting it now.

  • Solid build quality
  • Popular ultra-wide-angle
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Fast constant f/2.8 aperture
  • The image quality is good.
  • No image stabilization
  • Chromatic aberration.

Nikon Z 14-30mm F4: (best wide angle lens for nikon z50)

The sky and the brilliant stars have always captivated me.

Last year, when I visited Chile, I experienced one of the most unforgettable nights.

I’ve traveled to the Atacama Desert for stargazing and astrophotography, my dream for so long.

Stargazing is best done in a quiet location with a clear sky.

The pristine sky above my head, with its fascinating view of the dazzling stars, still gives me a sense of peace and calmness.

There’s no way I could have had such a beautiful experience and didn’t keep it forever.

The Nikon Z 14-30mm F4, the best wide-angle lens for the Nikon z50, was the first thing I packed for it.

The best astrophotography pair.

The images came out beautifully and mesmerizing same as the view was.



There is a reason why I call it the best wide-angle lens for my Nikon Z50. It is precisely constructed to match Z camera bodies.

It is developed with next-dimension optical performance for image production freedom.

It’s ideal for giving stills and videos more depth and drama.

The 14-30mm zoom range is compact, with a fixed f/4 aperture ensuring excellent image quality.

Also, the retractable lens mechanism reduces the lens by around 3.5 inches in length for secure and minimal packaging.

Stepping motor (STM):

This lens gives a breakthrough performance with its endless capabilities of providing the best full-frame outcomes.

The stepping motor for integrated autofocus works mindfully and doesn’t miss any point for focusing.

It gives edge-to-edge focus around the frame.

The STM secures that autofocusing is smooth, quick, and silent.

Even while shooting wide open, I get edge-to-edge sharpness.

Also, It helps to shoot in near-silence for stills or video.

14mm filter-attachable lens:

It should be mentioned that the first 14mm lens is filter-attachable.

I have found it pretty cool for a wide-angle lens.

Because of this innovation in optical design, a circular polarizer may be added to minimize reflections, improve colors, and increase contrast drastically.

The image quality has shown a drastic refinement in contrast and colors.

It also reduces the light intensity and shutter speed with a neutral-density filter.

I found it ideal for highlighting motion blur or video applications that require big apertures in the daytime.

Clean, Clear image:

The design is likable and pretty space-saving. It’s fun using it to create stunningly realistic establishing shots that captivate the audience.

I set focus nearly 11 inches for the story-telling background in vast, cramped spaces.

This tiny, handy shape fits nicely in the palm of my hand.

Its superior 5-axis VR and extra electronic VR image stabilization successfully prevent unwanted camera wobble and vibration in any case.

Excellent aberration correction has been assured with nearly no flare, ghosting, coma, or chromatic aberration, even at the frame’s boundaries.


This Nikon Z 14-30mm F4, the best wide-angle lens for Nikon z50, is a must-have lens for travel, adventure, events, video, etc.

This compact, portable ultra-wide zoom lens benefits travel, adventure, events, and wide-angle video applications.

It owns the performance and capacities that are unprecedented. Go, get yours right away!

  • Wide-angle lens
  • Focal length 14-30mm
  • Fixed aperture F4
  • Stepping motor for autofocus
  • Compact
  • Filter-attachable lens
  • VR image stabilization
  • ED glass elements
  • Fluorine coating
  • Nanocrystal coating
  • Some distortion

NIKON NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3: (best all-around lens for Nikon z50)

Every photographer requires a versatile lens that may be employed in various situations.

When I started, I couldn’t afford to spend much money on lenses for different niches.

What I needed at the time was an all-rounder.

According to one of my seniors, the great all-around lens for my Nikon z50 is the NIKON NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3.

As the experience spoke, I trusted my senior’s recommendation.

I instantly ordered the lens and fell in love with it the first time I used it.

This lens has never let me down in any situation since the first day I bought it.

From professional vacation photography to local family gathering occasions, I’ve used it, and every time, it has gotten me phenomenal outcomes.

From the telephoto to zoom range, it’s a superstar.

This lens proved the best all-around lens for Nikon z50 by being the best in all shooting possibilities.



I found it the best versatile, all-around lens, especially with my Nikon Z50, because it suits the settings of the mirrorless camera quite satisfactorily.

Excellent video and image quality with remarkably smooth, quick, and quiet autofocus.

Beautiful clarity from edge to edge and accurate point light reproduction.

The VR is strong enough to handle vibrations pretty nicely.

It possesses a stash of features that support the fact that it’s the best all-around lens for the Nikon z50.

Great all-rounder:

With the lightweight and greater extent of convenience, this lens has done a great job of supporting vibration-free photographs.

When I put the Z50 on, the VR seems rock-solid, locking in visuals and eliminating vibration through the viewfinder.

My photos have appeared fantastic without any sun stars or flare.

I’ve never had a problem with light, so this lens is an excellent all-rounder that allows me to take it anywhere and shoot without any worries.

Good quality images:

This incredibly lightweight telephoto lens has just slid right under my radar by a stroke of luck.

I’m pleased to be introduced to this lens that assures the good-quality in every photography situation.

Nikon believes in its image quality and other aspects such as build quality and focus.

I’m confident its lens element never lets any of my images get destroyed by glare or chromatic aberration.

The sharpness of the images is admiringly impressive, even at the corners.

Autofocus precision:

Keeping the legacy of Nikon, despite being the lightest in weight, it hasn’t put its hand down from the grip on autofocus.

The remarkable performance of autofocus precision is maintained.

It exhibits good zoom range performance, has usable close-up skills, and has robust image stabilization on the long end.

Moreover, the click-less control ring provides quick and quiet access to the most commonly used camera settings.

It allows me to directly manage one of the most critical shooting settings from a lovely ring on the lens.


An incredibly versatile NIKON NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 is an all-in-one zoom ready to record every moment of your next adventure.

It is the best all-around lens for the Nikon z50 that can capture stunning vistas, spectacular architecture, vibrant street photography, and much more.

All of this is done with the ease of a single, lightweight grab-and-go lens.

  • Telephoto zoom lens
  • Focal length 24-200mm
  • Maximum aperture f/4-6.3
  • Built-in VR
  • Aspherical lens element
  • ED glass element
  • ARNEO and Fluorine coat
  • Optical zoom 8.3
  • Click-less control ring
  • A little slow to focus
  • The sensitive control ring isn’t that useful

What lenses can I use with my Nikon Z50?

 A traveler is drawn to the natural world and its stunning vistas. I can think more clearly and be more creative in a peaceful setting. As a traveler and lover of nature, I like discovering new lenses for my favorite camera, the Nikon z50. It always comes with me when I travel and is part of my camera gear. So let me take you along on my quest to find the most extraordinary lens for the Nikon z50.

Is Nikon Z50 a professional camera?

Yes, Nikon Z50 is a professional camera, in my learning. The Nikon Z50 is an excellent camera for first-time camera owners since it provides the highest quality out-of-camera JPEGs among the APS-C mirrorless cameras I’ve examined. It falls short as the second outfit for a professional. Regarding photo and video image quality, the Z50 is a formidable competitor to practically every other APS-C camera produced. The 20-megapixel sensor from Nikon’s most recent generation is unique, offering excellent image quality at its natively low ISO of 100 and even higher ISOs. Last month I shot wedding photography with its help. It went terrific due to its features as mentioned above.

Does the Nikon Z50 need a lens?

Yes, the Nikon Z50 does need a lens for better functioning. The Z50 is compatible with all Nikon Z-Mount full-frame and DX lenses. It uses the same massive mount as Nikon’s full-frame cameras, giving it a considerable look around an APS-C sensor. Additionally, it implies that the rear ends of all DX Z lenses are more significant than they need to be. For this use, I’ve discovered that the Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 lens for the Nikon Z50 is the ideal option. The lens length is flexible and enables wide-angle to medium telephoto zoom views while being the most compatible with the gorgeous Nikon z50. The advancement of technology benefits passionate videographers and cinematographers.

Is Nikon Z50 for beginners?

I found out that Nikon Z50 is fantastic for beginners when I used it. It is an excellent mirrorless camera for new Nikon camera users who want one with a sturdy body and a complete feature set they can learn and grow with. Its outstanding autofocus technology can capture moving objects in razor-sharp focus even when it’s dark outside. I have let my son use this as a trial camera during travel. For the epic waves, surfers go from around the world to Ericeira. Due to the strength and regularity of the waves and the surf culture, it is the only beach town in Europe with a World Surf Reserve status which my son filmed brilliantly with its help.

Is Z50 good in low light?

Yes, absolutely; Z50 is good in low-light conditions. The sensor used by the Z50 has been upgraded to add phase detection sites on the sensor. That was a wise decision because the sensor is still among the finest in its class, has superb low-light performance, and is an excellent crop sensor. I find it amazing while capturing my wife’s stunning photographs at Costa Nova beach. Owing to their frequently exceptional in-body image stabilization, high-ISO performance, and low-light focusing characteristics, they do an excellent job while taking night photographs. Costa Nova is a well-known destination for both visitors and residents, and it is where my family and I go to create cherished moments while taking in the breathtaking scenery.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lenses we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lenses? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is the Best lens for Nikon Z50?

Is there a lens you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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  1. Nice, nice article. I’m looking for a lenses for my Z50, like a all-round lens.
    Due the fact that Z50 is a crop-sensor, did you ever feel a draw back using full frame lens? I mean using 24-200 mm, that will give a 36-300mm equivalent, right? Or starting at 36 mm is manageable – you just move a little bit around the subject.

  2. The Sigma 105mm sounds good for macro shots where you need to keep some distance between you and the subject, such as snakes, etc. It’s nice to know that the fact that it’s an FX mount lens did not cause problems using it on a DX camera, although you would have also had to use the heavy FTZ adapter to go to the Z mount body.

  3. Hi
    Did you maybe use Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 or Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (not G2) with z50 and what are your thoughts? Did autofocus worked OK on them?


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