12 Best lenses for Sony A7R III: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Sharon Advik

The modern era of technology eases our life in various fields.

Cameras and their equipment are one of the essential needs which we have in our daily life.

We all know enough about cameras and how they will benefit us, but most of us don’t know what equipment a camera needs to capture an image or a video.

The answer is many, including the lenses, gimbal, battery, and much more.

I will be highlighting the needs and features of lenses and why they are essential for cameras.

I have been working in this industry for 8 years now, and I know it is difficult and sometimes time-consuming to find the best lenses.

I made it easy for you; here are the best 12 lenses for Sony A7R III.

Which are the best lenses for Sony A7R III?

Here are my recommended top 12 Best lenses for Sony A7R III:-

Sony Planar T FE 50mm f/1.4: (Best lens for Sony A7R iii)

I am a fitness enthusiast and, by profession, an athlete.

I recently started my YouTube channel to spread my knowledge to a vast majority.

It is essential to have the quality to satisfy others.

For that, I needed a camera lens that does work best in places where light is low.

I was shooting at the gym, where the lights are dimmed.

I am satisfied with my choice so far; this lens of Sony 50 F1.4 is the best lens for shooting indoors.


Lens Type: Standard

Wide aperture prime lens

Superior contrast and resolution

Aspheric elements for smoothly defocused backgrounds

Dust and moisture-resistant

Compact in size, lightweight, and portable

Low light indoor photography:

It was the perfect choice for the people like me who work indoors where the lights are dimmer.

It provides a bright f/14 aperture with superb lowlight performance.

It also offers one of the best portrait modes for photography and outstanding resolution.

The wide aperture and focal length of 50mm:

Aperture helps the light to get in, and a standard prime lens offers a 50mm aperture.

It helps to control the clarity and blurriness of an image or video.

The focal length is the distance from the lens to its sensor.

The more focal length a camera offer, the more comprehensive camera will go physically.

This range is more versatile and enough for indoor shoots.

Compact in size and portable:

It is compact and portable to carry them anywhere you want with ease.

These 50mm lenses are light weighted and dust and moisture resistant, advantageous for shooting in dust and moisture risk areas.

Why is this lens the best?

This lens is best for indoor shooting, and you can even use it outdoors.

I used it for both and am fully satisfied with its performance.

This lens is portable and lighter in weight, and it also provides clear, sharp, and bright content.

The videos were better than ever after using it.


If you are looking for a lens that shoots the best quality videos even in dim light, then this is what you are looking for, my friend.

I experienced this product and am completely satisfied with all of its features.

Buy it from the link below.

Trust me, and you will thank me for this.

  • Excellent bright f/1.4 aperture.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Less distortion.
  • Solid, weather-sealed build.
  • Physical aperture control.
  • Not optical stabilization.
  • Dim corners at wide apertures.

Sony 24-70mm f/2.8: (best zoom lens for Sony A7R iii)

My client asked me to cover a wedding event a few weeks back.

I was thinking of having my Sony A7R III for that.

I chose my Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens.

You must cover both intimate and wide-angle images at weddings, including portraits and landscape photography.

Last week when I sent my data to the client, he was delighted and offered me to work with him in the future.


Reduced Aberration

9 Blade Aperture

Nano AR Coating

Camera Compatibility

More extensive and heavier than a prime lens

Reduced Aberration:

This lens offers a reduced aberration rate which helps in providing the best resolution images.

It is essential to have this feature in your camera because when I was using it for both wide and close angles, it helped me capture high-quality images with excellent details.

Nano AR Coating:

Nano AR coating allows the optimum light transmission to enhance the image’s clarity, contrast, and quality.

I bought this camera because I mostly shoot in events where I need to click portrait and landscape images of variable range. This lens always satisfied me with its contrast and clarity.

Bigger and heavier:

It is a zoom lens, so it will be heavier and more extensive than a prime lens.

You can carry it in a camera bag with ease.

It offers a variable aperture, which is very beneficial for avoiding blurriness and clarity. It has a different focal length which gives an option to adjust the range of the camera.

It is Nano AR coating helps in contrast and provides quality images.

Why is this lens the best?

The best zoom lens in the market offers everything a zoom lens requires; it provides variable aperture, which helps me in clarity and avoids blurriness in images of all ranges.


If you are working in events and need this type of lens, then this is it.

I am suggesting this because I want everyone to benefit from what advantages me in my career.

If you are interested, then buy it from the link below.

  • Amazing build quality.
  • Autofocus speed is just incredible.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Sharpness.
  • High contrast.
  • The colors are really wide.
  • Great focal length.
  • Bit heavy.
  • Some distortion.

LAOWA 100mm f/2.8: (best macro lens for Sony A7R iii)

I am working for a cooking channel; my job was to click images of foods and maintain a social media profile.

I used a macro lens with my camera Sony A7R III, LAOWA 100mm f/2.8 2:1 Ultra macro Apo lens.

I still believe this was my best decision because the result I received from this lens was superb, and also my editing skills also led to such excellent results.

Last month I got a promotion and incentives for essential needs of life.

Credit goes to this fantastic combo of this camera and lens, which helped me through my way.


Ultra macro lens

Full frame sensor size

100mm focal length

Hybrid image stabilization

Tele photo portrait lens

PO design reduces chromatic aberration to a minimum

Ultra macro lens:

The Ultra Macro lens replicates images of subjects at a magnification far greater than 1:1.

Sometimes my magazine requires highly magnified images, and I click it quickly because of my Laowa 100mm lens.

You will never struggle for quality, no matter how much you magnify the image.

Hybrid image stabilization:

Hybrid image stabilization enables OIS (optical image stabilization) and EIS (electric image stabilization).

It is my favorite feature of this lens because it gives me options.

These features prevent you from getting demotivated during a long day of work.

A professional photographer can relate to this for sure.

100mm focal length:

Its 100mm focal length is best for portraits, and it enables flattering close up without twisting the facial expressions.

When I used this lens to capture close-ups of foods, the results were mind-blowing.

It shows the grains and pores on the bread without losing the quality of the image.

Why is this lens the best?

It is the best Ultra macro lens camera for portrait photography.

It gives a high magnifying range with hybrid stabilization.

The 100mm focal length never twists the subject’s expressions.

I have been using this fantastic lens for a while now, and I never found any error.


If you are searching for an Ultra macro lens for professional photography, you have reached the perfect destination.

All of its features are amazing yet productive.

I suggest you buy it from the link below if you need this lens.

  • Solid build quality.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Excellent colors & contrast.
  • Excellent chromatic aberration control
  • Excellent macro performance.
  • Flare prone
  • Bokeh can be slightly busy at certain focus distances

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8: (best wide-angle lens for Sony A7R iii)

Architecture has always been in my best interest.

I grew up watching and searching for the best architectural images and how much innovation and creativity someone had put to build such a masterpiece.

Now I am an architectural photographer by profession and living my passion.

IT is a vast industry, and if you thrive on competing, you should have the best equipment; this is what I learned.

I chose Sony A7R III with Tamron 17-28mm lens, which is best for architectural photography.

I click top-notch images with these fantastic tools.


Flexible wide-angle range

Superb image quality

The RXD stepping motor

Moisture-resistant construction

Flexible wide-angle range:

This lens covers ultra-wide to wide focal lengths, perfect for landscape, astrophotography, and architectural photography.

As an architectural photographer, it allows me to capture wide-angle with enormous details.

This is a plus point because most clients nowadays prefer wide-angle shoots.

The RXD stepping motor unit:

RXD (Rapid extra-silent stepping Drive) stepping motor unit increase for AF control.

This is again a high-quality feature for capturing videos.

It provides MFT, an alternative to a full-frame camera.

This allows us to capture professional-quality images.

Moisture-resistant construction:

This camera is a fluorine coating, ideal for resisting moisture and dust particles.

It is an essential feature because it helps your lens retain its quality and durability longer than a standard lens.

As a professional, it is essential to retain high quality in your work.

Why is this lens the best?

This lens is best and ideal for the one looking for a lens that captures elite quality, both wide-angle and close-ups.

I have been using this for years now, and it boosts my career and helps me get various clients.

It is the world’s most light-weighted large aperture wide-angle zoom lens.


If you are interested in a lens like this, don’t waste your precious time searching here and there.

You are absolutely on the right spot; buy it from the link below.

  • Lightweight & smaller.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • The contrast & colors are beautiful.
  • Autofocus is like a champ.
  • Excellent for the video.
  • No chromatic aberration
  • Solid build quality.
  • Super creamy bokeh
  • Suitable for the price.
  • Some pincushion & distortion.

Sony FE 85mm f/1.4: (best portrait lens for Sony A7R iii)

It was prom night at my high school last month.

I was excited to spend quality time and create the best moment of my life with non-other than my friends and my girlfriend with whom I went on prom.

I wanted to capture those moments for the future, so I took my Sony A7r III and Sony FE 85mm lens, which is best for portrait photography.

I captured multiple images of my girlfriend and friends, and they clicked mine.

It was a hell of fun, I enjoyed it a lot there, and later when we saw the photos on my laptop, they were true gems.

Everyone complimented me well about my choice, which happened because of this combo.


E-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format

Minimum Focus Distance

Aperture Range: f/1.4 to 16

Nano AR Coating


Linear SSM Focus System

E-Mount Lens/Focus Distance:

The e-mount offers a full-frame format on mirrorless cameras.

This lens also offers a minimum focus distance of AF 2.79 Ft and MF 2.62 Ft.

Aperture range:

This aperture of f/4 is ideal for capturing a portrait of a single subject outside, and an aperture range of f/11 is ideal for capturing a group photo and a landscape.

This lens offers a vast range, ideal for capturing moments with loved ones.

I purchased this because I want to use this lens for capturing images with premium quality to retain memories.

Nano AR Coating:

Allowing Optimum light transmission enhanced the clarity and contrast of the image.

Nano AR Coating also helps to capture high-quality images.

I love to have clarity and contrast in my images because it helps to enhance the look of the subject and maintain the colors around it.

Why is this lens the best?

It is one of the best portrait photography lenses on the market.

It provides various features useful in portrait photography, including a high aperture range, which gives landscape photography options.

It also provides Nano AR coating, enhanced image quality, and outstanding features.


My experience was unique with this camera and if you are looking for the same, buy it from the link below.

I have less experienced, but you will admire my choice in this.

  • Extremely sharp at F1.4.
  • Buttery smooth out of focus background.
  • No distortion.
  • Dust & splash resistance.
  • Crisp and sharp focus
  • Good value for money.
  • Dimmed corners

Sigma 150-600mm 5-6.3: (best telephoto lens for Sony A7R iii)

I am a wildlife photographer, and in my profession, quality is everything.

It was challenging to capture the best shots in the wild where you even risked your life.

Carrying the best tools made this journey worth it for me.

I was assigned to visit Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest to capture some stunning photos for the magazine I am working on.

I took a sigma 150-600mm lens, the best telephoto lens, with my Sony A7R III.

When I returned, I was back with the most OK photos for the magazine, which led to my promotion the day before yesterday.


Maximum Aperture Range

One SLD and Four FLD Elements

Super Multi-Layer Coating

Hyper Sonic Motor AF System

Optical Stabilization

The maximum focal length of 600mm

Super multilayer coating:

The super multilayer coating overpowers flares and ghosting by preventing reflections within the lens.

It helps to get in more light which ultimately flourishes the contrast and resolution of images.

The SLD and FLD glasses control the dispersion of light in lenses.

FLD element also offers higher optical performance.

Optical stabilization:

Image stabilization is essential when you don’t have enough light to get a fast shutter speed.

Image stabilization will provide you with the same image quality at 3 to 4 shutter speed and stops slower than usual.

Sometimes, when light is dimmer in the wild, this helps me retain my images’ quality.

The maximum focal length of 600:

This is a medium telephoto lens with a focal length of 600mm, making this lens ideal for professional sports and wildlife photography.

It helps me a lot to capture close-ups from a wide range without affecting the quality of the image.

In the wild, all the images I click on are random, but to make them unique, this lens helps to stay far from the subject, so they don’t get distracted.

Why is this lens the best?

Well, here is the best telephoto lens for sports and wildlife photography.

It provides various features, including 600mm focal length, optical stabilizer, hypersonic motor AF system, the maximum aperture range of f/3.5 to 6.3, and much more.

I can’t find a better lens in this price range with such appealing features.


This is the best telephoto lens for you.

I used this when I was in the wild, and it fulfills all of my needs.

Be the first to have it and buy it from the link below.

  • Excellent telephoto reach.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Quick autofocus
  • Image stabilization.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Some chromatic aberration.
  • Some pincushion distortion.
  • Heavy.
  • No dust- and splash-proof.

Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8: (best wedding lens for Sony A7R iii)

I am a photographer by profession, and it’s been 9 years in the industry.

It was my best friend’s wedding last week, and he assigned me to take charge of his wedding photography.

Previously I had handled such a situation, but it was different this time.

I wanted to make my best friend’s day memorable, so I took the Sony Fe70-200mm lens, the best lens for wedding photography.


G Master Design

The class-leading minimum focus distance

Spherical elements & circular aperture

Nano AR coating suppresses reflections

Rigid construction with constant lens length

The maximum focal length

G Master Design:

It provides perfect sharpness and smooth bokeh.

It has a constant maximum aperture which maintains exposure and depth of field.

The depth of field controls the amount of photo that is in focus.

It weighs 3.3lbs approximately.

It might be heavier, but with such unique features, it is worth it to have in your bag.

Strong construction:

The robust construction provides continuous lens length during focusing and zooming, capturing breath-taking images.

It also offers high-performance optical steady shots, which help in stabilization.

This lens is also dust and moisture resistant which helps in the durability of the lens and retains quality.

The focal length200mm:

It is a telephoto lens that helps to capture some appealing portraiture and even product photography.

It helps me a lot while capturing both zoom-in pictures and close-ups satisfied.

It provides a few hundred yards range in which you can even use it for wildlife photography.

Why is this lens the best?

This is the best lens for many reasons; first and foremost, it can be used for portrait photography with a bit more range availability for background.

It can even be used for safari and birding, making it flexible and unique.


Take the lens with such features.

This one is for you, mate.

Sony FE 70-200 gives various options, and my experience of using it at a wedding was out of this world.

I can’t wait to use it in future shoots.

I suggest not to waste time and buy it from the link below.

  • Lightweight & compact.
  • Excellent Bright F2.8 optics
  • Speedy linear focus motors
  • Extremely sharp results on high-resolution cameras
  • Sturdy, dust- and splash-protected construction
  • Works with teleconverters
  • Tripod foot doesn’t fit Arca mounts

Sigma 14-24mm F2.8: (best landscape lens for Sony A7R iii)

I am a nature photographer and enthusiast to discovers other natural beauty.

Two months ago, I planned to purchase a new camera for my trip to Hawaii.

This time I wanted a camera with an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens and clicked the supreme quality picture of the mountains of Hawaii.

After searching for hours, I finally found this great sigma 14-24mm lens, the best landscape lens for Sony A7R iii.


Ultra-wide-angle zoom lens

Fast F2.8 maximum aperture

Falls into Sigma’s Art range of lenses

Fast HSM autofocus

The maximum focal length of 24mm

Ultra-wide-angle zoom lens:

The ultra-wide-angle zoom lens allows you to fit extra elements into the surrounding.

This is essential to beautify the landscape and architectural photography.

In Hawaii, it helped me positively capture those ever refreshing green mountains with a noticeable change.

Fast F2.8 maximum aperture:

The aperture is the hole that allows the light into the camera.

It offers an F2.8 aperture, which will allow a large opening, and more light will enter the camera.

This kind of open aperture is used for portrait photography.

Fast HSM autofocus:

It gives a fast hypersonic motor which is quieter and offers a fast focus on the subject.

This feature is essential when capturing a candid picture of animals because it doesn’t take much time to focus on the image.

Why is this lens the best?

This lens is the best for nature photography.

It worked well when I was in Hawaii, and I even used it here as well, and the results are worth it.

You can even use it for portrait photography, isn’t it amazing?


If you are searching for a lens ideal for your Sony A7R iii nature photography, this one is for you.

What else do you need with an ultra-wide-angle lens that captures beautiful shots and fast autofocus?

I suggest you have it as early as possible; buy it from the link below.

  • Lighter & compact.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Sharpest ultra-wide-angle zoom
  • Incredibly sharp optical performance.
  • Ultra-wide field of view.
  • Fast, accurate & quiet autofocus.
  • Excellent Bright aperture.
  • Impressive image quality.
  • Dust & splash resistance.
  • Some vignette.
  • Barrel distortion.

Sony 24-105mm F/4: (best travel lens for Sony A7R iii)

I am a traveler; I visited historic, classic, modern places, and much more.

Four months ago, I planned to visit India.

One of the historic places with ancient buildings like tombs, mosques, and full of south Asian rich culture.

I needed something magical with all essentials in my bag that captured India’s appealing scenic beauty.

After a while, I came across Sony FE 24-105mm lens, the best travel lens for Sony A7R iii.


G-lens design

Constant 9-Blade circular aperture

Excellent focusing distance

F4 aperture maintains exposure and depth of field

Unique DDSM internal focusing system

Maximum Focal Length of 105mm

G-lens Design:

The G-lens offer high-quality and best images.

The 4 spherical and 3 ED glass help to cause light rays to converge and diverge.

Spherical lenses are the most common lenses used because they project images onto the sensor without affecting their aspect ratios.

Maximum aperture and depth of field:

The constant f4 maximum aperture maintains when it zooms in or out. It doesn’t affect the exposure.

The depth of field controls the amount of photo that is in focus.

The maximum aperture is great for low light conditions.

These features are best if travel logs and even photography.

Maximum Focal Length of 105mm:

Focal length is the distance between the point of convergence of your lens and the sensor recording the image.

The longer the focal length, the longer the lens travels physically.

I know this is basic information, but for those who don’t know it.

The 105mm focal length is ideal for 45-degree shots.

Why is this lens the best?

This lens is best for those who need a lens that offers quality results for traveling.

This lens is compact and has optimum weight compared to lenses of this range, making it easier to carry.


If you are looking for a travel lens for your Sony A7R iii, you can try this fantastic product.

I have used this lens to date and have never had any problems.

I strongly suggest you purchase it from the link below; trust me, it is worth buying.

  • Standard zoom lens
  • Lighter & compact
  • Constant maximum aperture.
  • Good, fast focus.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Dust & splash protection
  • Sharp contrast & nice colors
  • Dimmed corners
  • Not out of focus background

Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6: (best budget lens for Sony A7R iii)

I started working as a photographer for newspaper channels last month.

I felt short of some money later after paying house bills.

I looked for a cheap lens with excellent image results for my Sony A7R iii.

I found the perfect candidate for my camera, the Sony 16-50mm lens, the best budget lens for Sony A7R iii to present.


Lens Type: Wide-Angle, Normal


ED glass and spherical lens elements

Built-in image stabilization

The focal length of 50mm


The power zoom helps in smoothing the zoom, which is challenging to do manually.

It also gives superb operability and quietness, which I like the most.

Focus noise is also reduced through weight reduction of the focus element group and a linear motor.

ED glass and spherical lens elements:

The ED glass comprises rare-earth elements that include zirconium dioxide, calcium fluoride, titanium dioxide, and other earthly exotica.

They are easier to create and polish.

The spherical lens elements are constructed so that light enters the lens by convergence and divergence depending on the lens type.

It is suitable for the reflection of light entering the aperture.

Built-in image stabilization:

Image stabilization helps to reduce the blurriness of an image or video when taking a shot or shooting a video.

It also takes care of the angular and continuous shakiness of the camera.

It is built in this lens which will automatically work by 5 axes vertical, horizontal, roll, yaw, and pitch.

Why is this lens the best?

This is the best lens for both photography and videography.

It provides such stunning features as a wide-angle lens to capture landscape images even, and its built-in stabilizers will ease your life and save your money from buying a gimbal to some extent.


When you see a superb lens with multitasking under budget, you want.

This one is in my top 3 list of affordable and cheaper lenses.

Then what are you waiting for? Order this fantastic lens from the link below and take advantage of such great products.

  • Lightweight & compact.
  • Excellent sharpness
  • Excellent optics.
  • Autofocus is fast & reliable.
  • No dust and splash protection.

Sigma 16mm f/1.4: (best prime lens for Sony A7R iii)

I pursued freelancing after high school to earn some bucks for my expenses.

Adam’s idea motivated me to work as a part-time photographer for outdoor shoots and events.

Like everyone, I searched for a lens for my Sony A7R iii, perfect for landscape photography.

It took some time, but I got my lens which is sigma 16mm, the best prime lens for Sony A7R iii.


Perfect for nature & event photography

Superb lowlight performance

The compact size makes it very portable

Fast Hybrid AF

The maximum Focal length of 16mm

Perfect for nature & event photography:

It is perfect for nature and event photography because of its wide-angle lens, ideal for landscape photography.

You can use it for portrait photography.

I have used it many times, and it is genuinely satisfying with the quality and contrast of the image.

It also provides zoom-in and close-ups, essential if you work outdoors or in an event.

Large aperture for superb lowlight performance:

The aperture range of f/1.4 allows a large opening, so more lights enter the lens and make it ideal for low light conditions.

A wider aperture also helps faster shutter speeds, resulting in lesser camera shaking and sharp images.

Fast hybrid AF:

It connects the traditional Contrast detection AF with Phase-detection AF. Connecting these autofocus features is impressive for added precision and ideal for a quick response when tracking fast-moving subjects.

Why is this lens the best?

It is the best prime lens because it is perfect for nature and event photography.

It is compact and lighter in weight, making it easily carry anywhere.

The fast hybrid AF allows you to capture fast-moving subjects.

What else do you need from a prime lens?


You are right if you are searching for the prime lens that works best for nature and event photography with unique additional features.

Quickly order it from the link below with ease.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Best for video.
  • Excellent wide-angle field of view.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Dust & splash protection.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Gorgeous bokeh.
  • Best in low light conditions.
  • Heavy.
  • Some barrel distortion.

LAOWA 12mm f/2.8: (best lens for astrophotography Sony A7R iii)

Have you ever thought about how beautiful and vast our galaxy is?

I grew up living the dream to be an Astro-photographer so that I could capture the beauty of the galaxy.

When I was 18, my family allowed me to pursue my passion, and I still remember how happy I was that day.

My father gifted me a Sony A7R iii for my new beginning, but I needed the best lens for astrophotography.

After browsing for a while, I find LAOWA 12mm ultra-wide-angle lens, the best lens for astrophotography for Sony A7R iii.


Barely noticeable distortion

Ultra-wide angle of view

Supreme optical quality

Minimizes chromatic aberration

The maximum focal length of 12mm

Light, tiny, and easy to carry

Ultra-wide angle of view:

The 122-degree ultra-wide-angle of views gives panoramic views.

It is essential when you click a landscape picture; I like it using the top of the tall building for most of the surrounding scene and even skies at night.

It gives a classy look. You can try this one if you have this lens.

What amazed me yet was happier is that the details and sharpness of the image remain the same as the standard angle view.

Minimizes chromatic aberration:

This lens limits the separation of light when it goes through the glass element.

By this, chromatic aberration will be reduced.

You will only find this feature in high-quality lenses like this LAOWA 12mm.

Light, tiny, and easy to carry:

It is compact and easy to carry; you can carry it anywhere without any hustle because it can even fit in pouches.

Optical quality is made up of plastics and metals which are malleable.

This offers easy adjustment and a better lens fit, making it last longer.

Why is this lens the best?

This lens is the best astrophotography lens for Sony A7R iii at affordable prices.

It is small and lighter in weight but gives impressive and unique features like minimizing chromatic aberration.

It gives barely noticeable distortion.


Buy the lens at such affordable prices, and then you are in the right direction.

You can buy it from the link below; hurry up and avail this offer.

  • Lightweight & compact.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • No distortion
  • The beautifully damped manual focus ring
  • Good flare resistance.
  • Excellent chromatic aberration control and resolution (at narrower apertures)
  • A large number of lens mounts supported
  • Manual everything (no autofocus, no electronic connection to camera)
  • Some vignette
  • Soft corners at wide apertures


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lenses we will talk about today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lenses? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best lenses for Sony A7R III?

Is there a lens that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use for Sony cameras?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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