7 Best Mirrorless Camera for Street Photography: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Photographers are looking through the eyes of a lens.

They always want to capture the beauty, the colors, and the scenes.

The true essence of photography lies in candid pictures, which are sometimes captured randomly, sometimes purposely.

Many photographers went into parks, streets, and places to capture some of the moments of people.

Sometimes it depicts the hardness of life.

Photographers went into the streets to capture the moments most people were unaware of.

Here are some of the mirrorless cameras that are fit for street photography.

Which is the Best Mirrorless Camera for Street Photography?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best Mirrorless Camera for Street Photography:-

Fujifilm X100 (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

My passion for photography takes me toward street photography.

I went into the street to find the people that could steal through the camera.

People sometimes find it insane as you roam into the streets like crazy and take random pictures.

But it is an art that tells its story by itself.

It depicts to me how life is hard for some people.

I showcased their life through pictures.

For capturing such moments, like kids playing in the streets, and the sellers with their small stalls, I prefer the Fujifilm X100 camera, the best mirrorless camera for street photography.


  • Model: X100V
  • Effective megapixel 26.1 MP
  • Image sensor X-Trans CMOS 4
  • ISO range 80-25600
  • Shutter speed 1/4000 sec
  • Storage SDHC, SDXC
  • Viewfinder 0.52x magnification
  • Lens 23mm F2.0
  • Dimension 2.1*5.04*2.94 inches
  • Weight 1.05 pounds

ISO / Shutter Speed:

I randomly walked through a street when I saw a kid playing football.

Though it was a day, I set ISO at 200 and shutter speed to 1/1250 sec to capture the picture before the kid moved.

The click turns out impressive.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

While walking, I was standing on the signal when I saw a man crossing the line.

I set the aperture at f/2.5, creating a larger field depth and capturing the scene.

I want the focus to be deep.

I like the deep field; I got the perfect click-through in this setting.

White Balance / Frame Rate:

I set the camera on daylight for white balance as I want to take the real colors of the street.

The camera itself adjusts the light according to the light temperature.

I set the frame rate at 5fps to take continuous shots.

Why is this camera the best?

A camera has a high resolution, lower distortion, and more focused performance.

Color chrome effect makes changes in pictures by adding blue color in it.

Multiple exposures, high video quality, and trusted battery life make it the best photographer choice.

A photographer who wants to explore a new photography horizon must try it once.


I like shooting from this camera as it gives me high-resolution results.

A handy camera with a sleek body is easy to handle and use.

Photographs themselves tell the beauty of the camera.

Video with 720p effects is worth to shot.

I recommend one to try this beautiful gadget.

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Panasonic Lumix LX100 II (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

My family was planning to spend a vacation in Paris.

My only attraction was to do street photography there, as I have always been doing this as a hobby.

I have heard a lot about Paris, the beautiful views, and the streets’ colors.

I went to Montmartre street, one of the oldest and home to many artists.

The street was full of artists; they were painting with a small dance by a little setup.

I captured some of the artists who were busy making paintings.

I had my all-time favorite Panasonic Lumix Lx100 II with me, and I realized on my trip to Paris it is one of the best mirrorless cameras for street photography.


  • Model: LX100 II
  • Effective megapixel 17 MP
  • Image sensor high-sensitivity multi-aspect Four-Thirds MOS
  • Lens 24-75 millimeter
  • Shutter speed 60sec to 1/4000sec
  • Storage SD, SDHC, and SDXC
  • Viewfinder EVF 2,764k-dot
  • LCD 3 inches
  • Dimension 4.52 x 2.61 x 2.17 inches
  • Weight 13.9 ounces

ISO / Shutter Speed:

It was a sunny day, with a lot of light.

I was taking pictures in the sunlight.

I set ISO at 200 as no more brightness was required and the shutter speed at 1/4000 sec to capture the right moment at the click.

The result was splendid and beautifully captured the colors.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

I was taking random pictures and had to take a picture of the painter who was painting a tree with kids standing down the tree.

I have to focus on the painter.

I set the aperture at f/2.8.

The image gives me a shallow depth of field by focusing painter and the rest background blur.

White Balance / Frame Rate:

It was a clear day when I was heading to showcase some of my photography skills.

So, I adjusted the camera to a clear sky setting and a 10 fps frame rate.

The results show outstanding results by showing the real colors of the scene.

Why is this camera the best?

The impressive picture and video results, along with a focused capability, make this camera an enormous choice for photographers.

Easy to handle and fun to use, the fast and flexible lens help in encourages creative pictures.

Although, its features give photographers to shoot anything from wide landscapes to close-ups.


Photographers who want to travel and enjoy a camera as a travel diary should grab it and start clicking.

It will surely impress them with its results.

With 17 MP results and a highly sensitive sensor, it will surely become a lifetime partner.

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Sony RX100 Mark VII (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

The love of exploring and photography brings me to discover new places—this time, I want to discover something extremely colorful.

I decided to go to Alcati street, Izmir, Turkey.

For this, I want the best camera; I found Sony RX100 as the best mirrorless camera for street photography.

I purchased it immediately and headed toward my trip to Turkey.

The street was full of colors, with beautiful flowers covering the walls.

The road was full of food points where the setup was in the street; we had to walk through it to capture the beauty.

I take a lot of clicks of people sitting, chattering, and enjoying food.


  • Model: RX100 VII
  • Effective megapixel 20.1 MP
  • Image sensor CMOS
  • ISO range 64-12800
  • Shutter speed 1/32000 sec
  • Storage SDXC/SDHC/SD
  • Lens 24-200mm
  • Aperture f/4.5
  • Dimension 4*1.68*2.38 inches
  • Weight 9.7 ounces

ISO / Shutter Speed:

I want to capture the street with beautiful colors around it.

I set the ISO at 300 to capture the beauty.

Shutter speed is set at 1/1250 sec as I want to capture the moment at once.

The results were according to my requirements.

The clicks were right on time.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

I want a large field depth to capture everything in focus without blurriness.

I focused on the people in front of me, took a sip of coffee, and set the aperture at f/2.5.

The results show everything in focus, from the flowers on the wall to the hand of the man grabbing the cup.

White Balance / Frame Rate:

I don’t want the picture to turn blue or yellow due to sunlight, so I adjust it in daylight with 10 fps to take the best shot among them.

Pictures come out with a perfect blend of colors and give the actual color tone.

Why is this camera the best?

Many reasons make it perfect for photographers.

Its easy and sleek body makes it ideal for photographers who want to grab it and takes photos on the go.

With epic image quality and enhanced features, it comes in a full fledge package.


This camera can shoot at 20 fps with upto 120fps while shooting 1080p video.

I love catching slow-motion videos from this camera.

The one who has it will surely be inspired by its feature.

Those new to photography can enhance their skills by using this splendid device.

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Fujifilm X-Pro3 (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

I am a photographer blogger, and I post almost post on street photographs on Instagram.

For this, I always look for the best streets for photography.

This time I made a destination towards Dubai.

I packed my luggage with a Fujifilm X-Pro3 in it as I found it the best mirrorless camera for street photography.

I went to Dubai downtown, Burj khalifa, and the fountain show.

The street was full of Palm trees covered with lights.

I took shots of people walking near those trees.

It was a rushy place with food stalls in every place.

I took many photos, like a person making ice cream, a little boy mesmerized by the fountains, and an older man with a full smile.

This day wants the best day in my street photography career.


  • Model: X-Pro3
  • Effective megapixel 26 MP
  • Image sensor X-trans CMOS 4 and X-processor 4
  • ISO range 80-51200
  • Shutter speed 1/32000 – 900 sec
  • Storage UHS-II
  • Viewfinder 0.52 magnification
  • Image stabilizer 1 62M-dot
  • Dimension 2.4*7.9*4.9 inches
  • Weight 2.4 pounds

ISO / Shutter Speed:

I always prefer low noise in pictures, so I set the camera at low ISO levels.

I have to grab a shot while a man gives ice cream to a kid.

I set the iso at 200 and shutter speed at 1/ 4000 sec to click the picture on time.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

For Instagram, I always prefer to focus on one object, highlighting it and creating a blurred background.

It is my signature style, and my followers like it a lot.

I set the aperture at f/2.5 while taking a picture of a kid standing in front of fountains with balloons.

It gives a shallow depth of field by focusing on kids only.

White Balance / Frame Rate:

I prefer adjusting the white balance according to the light temperature.

There are 8 setting options available in the camera, along with reducing blue light associated with underwater lighting.

I took pictures in the evening, so I set the white balance to shady and took shots at 10 fps.

This gives me the right shot at the right time.

Why is this camera the best?

This camera comes with 26 MP with X-trans CMOS 4, and X- the processor Image sensor gives splendid pictures and video results.

I love using it due to the color contrast it provides, and it is easy to handle.

It gives me my desired picture with efficient shutter quality that clicks a perfect moment.


I love using it, so I recommend it to anyone.

Day-to-day photography comes to perfection with this splendid device.

It will work for any photographer who wants to capture portraits, scenes, or indoor pictures.

It will captivate you with picture quality and make itself worth buying.

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Fujifilm X-S10 (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

During my university days, I lived in the hostels for my studies.

Besides studies, I have my companion Fujifilm X-S10 with me.

I usually walk on the streets near the hostel and take random shots.

Then I fell in love with street photography and walked around the streets to take beautiful shots of people standing, sitting, and selling food items.

My teachers and friends appreciated my pictures.

Due to their appreciation and encouragement, I took part in the competition.

I will send some of my photographs for the competition captured by Fujifilm, the best mirrorless camera for street photography.


  • Model: X-S10
  • Effective megapixel 26.1 MP
  • Image sensor X-Trans CMOS
  • ISO range 80-51200
  • Shutter speed 1/32,000 sec
  • Storage SD, SDHC, and SDXC
  • LCD 3.0 inches
  • Image stabilizer 5-Axis In-Body
  • Dimension 4.96 x 3.35 x 2.56 inches
  • Weight 1.03 pounds

ISO / Shutter Speed:

I usually get some free time in the evening, which is my photography time.

I set ISO to 400 to give more brightness and capture the time’s beauty, for this is et shutter speed at 1/1250 sec to capture the right moment.

My picture is the best one.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

My picture shows hard work, and I always imagine how to capture the photo to beautify it.

I set the aperture at a short level to get a shallow depth of field.

For this is used an f/2.5 aperture, and the results never disappointed me.

White Balance / Frame Rate

For manual setting, it gives some options in white balance.

I set it on shady due to low light in the evening, with 8fps as I take a continuous shot.

It will help me to make a picture story.

Why is this camera the best?

The effective resolution, perfect image stabilization, extended ISO range, and fabulous lens quality makes it perfect among other cameras.

One who has it falls in love with it.

This camera tells its worth by showing outstanding image results and up-to-the-mark videos.


I trust this camera when I have to take any click beautifully.

I am sure you also like using this as it is a more unusual and fun-loving camera.

Its easy handling and low weight make worthy.

The bomb in the small pack gives a perfect shot like the first one.

Photographers must try it to have good image quality.

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Canon r5 (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

I was in London with my friend for assignment work at University.

After completing our assignment, we have time to explore London streets.

I have a Canon R5 camera, the best mirrorless camera for street photography.

We walked around streets randomly, and I saw an old couple holding hands and walking on the road.

I clicked some of their pictures.

Next, a man painted himself golden with golden clothes and stood still.

I took some photos of him.

This tour becomes memorable through my photography.

I had a lot to show my friends and family about London street.


  • Model: R5
  • Effective megapixel 45 MP
  • Image sensor CMOS
  • ISO range 50-102400
  • Shutter speed 1/8000 per 30 sec
  • Storage Cfexpress/UHS-II
  • Viewfinder 5.76 m dots
  • Image stabilizer 5-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS)
  • Dimension 5.45*3.84*3.46 inches
  • Weight 1.62 pounds

ISO / Shutter Speed:

We used to hang around in the evening, so we like to grab pictures in the evening too.

When there is adequate light, I use an ISO of 200 and a shutter speed of 1/500.

The picture comes with no noise retention.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

I want a click with a blurriness but not a fully blurred background.

I take the aperture at slightly high levels, around f/8, to get a deep depth of field.

White Balance / Frame Rate:

I usually do not experiment with white balance.

Usually, I set it on auto, this time, while taking the evening shot, I set it on shady with 10 fps for continuous shots.

Why is this camera the best?

I recommend this camera as it is 45MP with a sensor to give results like the one I dreamed of.

I love to use this, and it has become my contact camera.

I used it for portraits, scenes, and groups of people pictures.


I use this camera to give new vibes to my photography skills.

Results encourage you to try it more.

Photographers who are in love with nature must use it while traveling.

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Sony a7iii (best mirrorless camera for street photography)

I used to travel a lot on my Bike; I always have Sony A7iii with me.

I travel through places and take a break in between my journey.

I usually stop at tea stalls near the roads.

Where a lot of people were also sitting and chattering, I took a lot of clicks.

My passions are my regular buddies, traveling, and photographs.

During my stay at hotels, I usually walk down the street to capture something that remains forever in my memories and makes me remember that beautiful journey.

Children playing in the street, people chattering on a cup of coffee, and a girl sitting alone waiting for someone to become my photographs from one of the best mirrorless cameras for street photography.


  • Model: Sony a7 III
  • Effective megapixel 24.2 MP
  • Image sensor Exmor R CMOS
  • ISO range 50-204800
  • Shutter speed 1/8000 sec
  • Storage SDXC/SDHC
  • Lens 28-70mm zoom lens
  • Image stabilizer available
  • Dimension 5*3.88*3 inches
  • Weight 1.44 pounds

ISO / Shutter Speed:

I was heading towards the mountain.

I took a short nap near a short street for tea and saw a man sitting and advising some people.

I decide to take a shot.

The light was low, so I set ISO at 400 with a shutter speed of 1/500 sec.

The results were stunning.

Aperture / Depth of Field:

I wanted to focus on a man; the shot was tricky as I had to take a wider depth of field.

So I use a lower aperture setting, f/2.8, and take a shot.

I give myself a sharp picture of everything.

The results amazed me by capturing each detail in focus.

White Balance / Frame Rate:

The light was adequate, with full sun blooming.

I set the white balance at sunny and the fixed frame rate at 20 fps.

I want to take a perfect shot with little brightness.

My picture comes out well with these settings.

Why is this camera the best?

For me, the camera is the best.

It is my partner throughout my traveling and gives me remarkable results with effective megapixel 24.2 and 28-70mm zoom lenses.

It is available with 10 fps tracking and 4k HDR video with silent shooting.

Make it worthy for nature lover photographers.


It is the best mirrorless camera available in the market.

So those who want to shoot without interruption can grab this beautiful creature and trust its results.

The picture quality with tilting touch LCD is a good use to buy.

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Alright, guys, that concludes all the cameras we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Mirrorless Camera for Street Photography?

Is there a camera you love to use for street photography that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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