6 Best Nikon Cameras for Landscape Photography: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Sharon Advik

Nature is alluring, its beauty enchants mystery, and I believe it invites people to explore its divine secrets and adore it.

I’m a wholehearted fan of mother nature and love to capture it through good-quality cameras.

Hello respected audience, I’m a professional photographer and have done enormous landscape shoots.

Many of my field mates often inquire about recommending the Best Nikon Cameras for Landscape Photography.

And today, I’m here with the six best shots for you to try!

Which are the Best Nikon Cameras for Landscape Photography?

Here are my recommended 6 Best Nikon Cameras for Landscape Photography:-

Nikon Z7: (Best Nikon Camera for Landscape Photography)

I always bet on the best, whether the small flower pot resting on the table or a great camera to take spectacular landscape shots.

It’s a zesty lemonier ride to keep that reputation and expectations of the clients high and rested.

My perfectionist nature becomes fluttered with the thoughts of blurred images and pixelated details on the screen.

I pitched on Nikon Z7 for challenging and exciting landscape projects.


Mirrorless Design:

A Mirrorless camera is an ideal choice for refurbishing seraphic views of nature.

This Nikon Z7 holds exciting power and perks.

It’s been built with a compact frame, which I love to hold and showcase my talent to the world.

Its mirrorless design allows more light and details to let in the frame while ensuring not to miss any action.

My favorite part is its versatile compatibility with lenses.

Brilliance Image Quality:

Life is filled with attractive opportunities, which was proved when I saw this camera’s magical image quality.

A bunch of appreciation to its 45.7 MP Full-Frame Sensor, which functions smoothly while taking in all the beauty the view offers.

With its 9 fps still shooting specification, I capture split-second moments effortlessly.

UHD Videos with Ethereal Modes:

I’m wholly amazed at its superb video quality.

When the powerful and intelligent system spreads the fine details on the screen with a full 4K UHD resolution, the views of nature look spectacular.

And 10-Bit HDMI Output splashes the screen with bright colors and balanced exposure, appreciating the perfection of nature.

Why is this the best camera?

It gets every box checked for the best Nikon camera for landscape photography.

Its ultra-strong Magnesium Alloy body guarantees strong durability on the field, whereas on the contrary, its ergonomic design with intuitive controls takes care of my hectic shooting schedules.

The 493-Point on-sensor Phase Detect System forces me to clap with its razor-sharp focus and rich details on the screen.

I like to get some outstanding excellence of dramatic Slow-motion at 12fps with 1080p resolution.


The Nikon Z7 is the name of ultimate freedom to showcase and encourage your inner artist and present only the best to the world.

Click here to buy yours:

  • FX-Format Mirrorless Camera
  • 45.7MP Full-Frame Resolution
  • Lightweight Design
  • Versatile Lens Compatibility
  • Focal Plane-Phase Detection System
  • 55mm Z Mount
  • Expandable ISO 25600 Range
  • 9 FPS Shooting Mode
  • 493-Point On-Sensor PDAF
  • 4K Videos
  • 10-Bit HDMI Output
  • Autofocus could be better.
  • Single memory card slot.
  • No PC sync socket.

Nikon Z7ii: (Best Professional Nikon Camera for Landscape Photography)

I believe in this digital freelancing world, and showing off your successful work on social media is extensively beneficial.

I have built an incredible online presence for more than five years.

And it helped me excellently in huddled-up immersive landscape photography projects with renowned agencies and brands.

I have even done some elite ad campaigns for international brands.

This Nikon Z7 II is notable addition and shining sun of my work.


Immersive Masterpiece in Landscape Photography:

It’s an absolute masterpiece when it’s about showing off the stunning creation of God.

Specifically, its outstanding Multi-Exposure feature is mind-boggling.

I can compose up to 10 images from different angles and time zone.

Its super excellent feature blends them all with seraphic exposure on the screen.

4K UHD at 60p:

The secret recipe to my successful career is some high-end UHD landscape videos on the feed.

Through the back working of one of the robust image sensors of 45.7 MP, I take ethereal stills and videos of wonderful nature, opening their every secret and beauty on the way.

My camera allows the freedom of creating smooth silk videos at 60p, 30p, 25p, or 24p.

Slay in the Dark:

Because of my camera’s Forward Low-light AF Performance, I wrapped up enormous night landscape projects in the previous days of my career.

Its AF System covers 90% frame with utmost focused details.

I love to be helped with its 493-Focus Points.

I have no words that could entail the depth of appreciation I have for this Z7 II.

Why is this the best camera?

My Nikon Z7 II is a notable and best professional Nikon camera for landscape photography.

Here, I would like to appreciate Nikon’s Superior Color Science.

From vivid whites to deep shadow blacks, it exhibits a perfect dynamic range in every landscape stills and video.

And the continuous shooting mode of 10 fps with a buffer is my sweet friend in the trickiest shooting situations.

The cherry on top is its deep grip and balanced weight glued to my hands.


While many beginner photographers are scared to lay their deep talent on night landscape photography, I was incredibly confident.

The Nikon Z7 II was that magical reason.

Click here to buy yours:

  • FX-Format Mirrorless Camera
  • 45.7 MP Sensor
  • Two Expeed 6 Processing Engines
  • ISO 64-25600
  • 5-Axis VR Image Stabilization
  • 493-point Hybrid AF System
  • 90% frame coverage
  • Excellent Low-light Performance
  • Rugged Design
  • Dual Card Slots
  • 900-Second Exposures
  • Not many third-party lenses are available
  • Raw video support costs extra

Nikon D3500: (Best Top-Notch Nikon Camera for Landscape Photography)

My office needed a perfect renovation, and I wondered about arranging the funds for it.

In the Christmas season, I give my office space a new look to attract fantastic opportunities and projects on the way.

Gladly, destiny was on my side, and I got pinged on a beautiful and inspiring Cloudscape Photography project.

The payment was alluring; their only condition was “Perfection.”

So, I clinched the definition of perfection, Nikon D3500.


Friend In Need:

This D3500 is indeed the friend in need.

Since Cloudscape Photography calls for patience and holding the camera, waiting for the right moment, its portable and compact design was a blessing in disguise.

I admire its sturdy and versatile frame that supported me in the whole project while I was whining about immersive masterpiece shots and videos.

It was the entire day tripper.

Capture Split-Second Moments:

It was mesmerizing to capture remarkable views of waving clouds resting on the comfiest air bed.

But, not missing any details got brutal in windy air.

The 11-Focus points and Full-Time AF Lock are tailored for vivid description and exquisite realism in such situations.

Because of such advanced and significant specifications, I was capable of jumping the hills of perfection in my cloudscape photography project.

Seizing split-second moments now don’t cause an arm and leg!

Enjoy Thrill Possibilities:

Versatile compatibility is something I call for in my every shooting essential, and in landscape photography, it’s more than a necessity.

My D3500 understands the assignment and knows how to slay every shot with intense and endless possibilities.

Close Up Macro Lens was my luckiest shot that day; exploring the sky’s world was a cherished experience.

Why is this the best camera?

Fortunately, the Nikon D3500 and the best top-notch Nikon camera for landscape photography rest in the same boat.

If someone asks me about the most majestic feature, my shot would be its Automatically Fine Tune Settings.

With the functioning of the Expeed Image Processing System, the vibrant stills and rich videos of the world are just a few moments away.

And you know what the most likable factor is?

It’s super easy to operate in!


Give the Nikon D3500 a shot, and you, my dear friend, won’t regret this decision.

In landscape photography, this monster has proved its worth.

Click here to buy yours:

  • Fast and Responsive
  • Balanced and Lightweight
  • 5 FPS Continuous Shooting Mode
  • Tack-Sharp Focus
  • Expeed Image Processing System
  • Live View Lever
  • 11-AF Points
  • Autofocus Lock
  • Compatible with Immersive Lenses
  • 1080p Full HD Videos
  • Fixed LCD omits touch support.
  • The contrast-based live view focuses are not ideal for video.
  • No mic input.

Nikon D5600: (Best Nikon Camera for Low-light Landscape Photography)

Competition is such an uncommon word.

It brings excitement and fear simultaneously.

When I stepped into the field of landscape photography, I was overwhelmed with every other person’s completive nature.

In such circumstances, it was impossible to seize any project.

So, I played masterstroke and did free River landscape photography for the sake of my goodwill and portfolio.

The Nikon D5600 accompanied me on this journey!


A Familiar Friend:

I was hesitant and all sweat up. It was my first official project, which was also to reproduce authentic views at the trickiest time of night.

I would be famished if the Nikon D6500 didn’t hold my hands on that day.

Its operating functions revolve around Swipe, Pinch, and Zoom. Sounds familiar?

Yes, it’s just like taking high-end shots with your smartphone.

I must say, it’s an innovative and creative approach to the galaxy of photography.

Freeze it Down:

Birds are quirky creatures.

So, whenever they hovered over the river to seize the opportunity of relishing delicious lunch, I clinched my camera and froze down the focus.

Thanks to my camera’s 39 AF Points, the bright, zesty details with extensive background welcomed me every time I looked at the screen.

The seraphic freshness of the river with enormous laudation never looked that breathtaking.

Best Low-light Performance:

Shooting from day to night has never been that thrilling to me.

That day, I had excellent protection of ISO 25600 and Night Landscape Mode on my camera.

In the deep shadows of night, the alluring river waves looked mesmerizing with expansive color tones in the field.

This low-light powerhouse also features a built-in Flash that could be a perfect blessing in lighting up the views.

Why is this the best camera?

Do you want to experience joyous landscape photography in low light?

The Nikon D5600 is the best Nikon camera for low-light landscape photography.

I would strongly recommend you explore its In-Camera Tools.

Its built-in HDR aids the procedure of bracing details with dynamic exposure, and that intellectual Viewfinder winds up all the sunlight and distractions that could hinder the best landscape shot of my life.

Not just I aced that project, but destiny landed another fantastic opportunity on my lap, accredited to this gem!


The Nikon D5600 is an all-time leading landscape photography camera, and everyone appreciates it.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to buy yours;

  • 970 Shots Per Charge
  • Large High-Resolution Sensor
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Swiveling Touch Display
  • 39 AF Points
  • 5 FPS Continuous Shooting
  • ISO Expandable to 25600
  • Night Landscape Mode
  • 24.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • Expeed 4 Image Processor
  • 1080p Video Recording
  • Pentamirror viewfinder.
  • Limited Wi-Fi remote control.

Nikon Z9: (Best Digital Nikon Camera for Landscape Photography)

My father loves to snuggle in the drapes of nature, and capturing some exquisite natural features is one of his signature hobbies to perform.

Sometimes, I wonder if photography runs in my family’s veins.

On holidays, you would find every other person in my family ready to explore while Nikon Z9 is hanging on their shoulders.

This outstanding and well-crafted camera is an all-rounder in landscape photography.


Highly Professional Camera:

I’ve been in this field for years, and trust me, on it, Nikon Z9 could be seen in every photographer’s kit.

This remarkable creation has been powered by EXPEED 7 Image Processing System.

It enables smoother and quick functioning power while driving every tiniest detail of the view into the frame.

Being an experienced player in the landscape field, I even get struck with the buttery procedure!

8K Videos with Ethereal Drape of Colors:

My sister made us see her crafted landscape videos on the big screen some time back.

It was her college project, so she needed our say on it.

I don’t know about her photography talent, but this camera’s 8K UHD Resolution sprinkled some needed magic on natural features.

And overall, color tones excellently enhanced the vibrancy.

Fast and Powerful AF System:

Focus on the frame is the heart of refurbishing seraphic realism.

This camera’s spectacular AF System brings divine magic, complimenting every attribution of the nature view.

In scenarios of taking pleasant stills and videos of beautiful land, the Subject Detection tracks and locks the focus, increasing my work quality.

Isn’t it something every photographer craves for?

Why is this the best camera?

Have you emptied your pockets on buying some futile digital camera?

This Nikon Z9 is the best digital Nikon camera for landscape photography.

Its robust 45.7 MP Stacked CMOS Sensor takes prime responsibility for delivering high-end landscape shots and videos with stunning focus and rich colors.

The Two Hours Recording Time is everything that goes along with my hectic shooting routines.

What a majestic camera!


The Nikon Z9 is leading the market with its powerful specifications and quality performance.

Just take this opportunity and thank me later!

Click here to buy yours;

  • 45.7MP Stacked CMOS sensor
  • EXPEED 7 Image Processing
  • Powerful AF System
  • Subject Detection Mode
  • 120 FPS Stills at 11 MP
  • 8K/30p Video Capture
  • 4K 120p Slow motion
  • Raw File Format
  • Banding may appear in scenes with digital signage

Nikon D810: (Best Performed Nikon Camera for Landscape Photography)

Christmas is an absolute treat to my nature.

It’s soothing to celebrate with family and friends.

Thanksgiving, Santa, and New Year feel like a festival of festivals.

And those snowy days, ah!

Man, this season is my all-time treasured.

I always visit my family, and we all gather to show gratitude for little things.

Earth, too, looks grateful with piles of snow and colorful lighting, so I always want to cherish it.

Nikon D810 is the key to exquisitely captured shots.


The Trendsetter:

I’ve seen some elite cameras but this D8100 by Nikon is the trendsetter.

The array of perfectionism ignites my creativity to experience angles and frames.

Every feature boggles my mind with its powerful approach, from its rugged, firm frame to intuitive controllers below my fingers.

And the cinematic quality in stills and videos fuels my passion to no limits.

Robust Engine on the Go:

In the fast-moving world, this camera serves as a lifesaving hack.

Its 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS sensor without an Optical Low Pass Filter exhilarates the sharpness and brightness of land, decorated with beaming lights and vivid snow huddled up the spaces.

Its EXPEED 4 Processing Engine performs 30% more than the average one.

Thus the crystal details and keen focus on the screen is just moments away.

Treasured Low-Light Performance:

At night, the earth glows naturally.

It would be unfair not to seize these scenes on my elite camera.

My buddy features ISO 64 12800, which is expandable to 51200, following the criteria of particular shooting scenarios.

Here, the help of the 51 Point AF System deserves endless compliments.

It gathers with 1080p HD resolution to bring the dynamic range in the hollows of night.

No wonder this camera is all hyped up on the internet.

Why is this the best camera?

It’s the best-performed Nikon camera for landscape photography.

Its exceptional picture quality sets the highest bar for the upcoming crafting of Nikon.

And that effortless operating functions are fuel to the fire.

Its small LCD is a blessing in recreating Christmas and the Land’s beauty.

I can zoom the scenes up to 46× to check the authenticity of details and focus.

Sounds incredible.

Doesn’t it?


Performance weighs more than trend and hype.

This Nikon D810 is the gift of destiny for landscape photographers.

Click here to buy yours;

  • 36.3 MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • Expeed 4 Image Processing Engine
  • 1/8000 to 30 SEC Shutter Speed
  • 51point AF System
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering III
  • 91,000 Pixel RGB Sensor
  • ISO 12,800 Expandable to 51,200
  • 16MP Images
  • Professional Camera
  • Small Raw mode is limited to 9MP.
  • No integrated Wi-Fi or GPS.


Alright, guys, so that concludes all the cameras we will talk about today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Nikon Cameras for Landscape Photography?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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