10 Best Nikon street photography lens: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Do you know precisely about street photography?

Accidental and random clicks are often beautiful to watch but can be risky too.

I get frank with the strangers walking around the street and ask them to take pictures.

I don’t ask and wait for the excellent pose to capture in my Nikon camera most of the time.

But this can be unethical if you take their face picture without permission.

Don’t be confused by the name; street photography is not necessarily done on the streets.

I do random photography anywhere, in the shopping mall, at the beach, along a road, and more.

I clearly define my subjects in the photograph as people or any other object, with a good background capture.

The images look like they are a visual illusion of the story.

I involve many tricks in the photographs according to the situation and take pictures from various angles to zoom the object; it depends.

I have selected a collection of the best Nikon street photography lenses.

Please take a look at them.

Which is the best Nikon street photography lens?

Here are my recommended top 10 best Nikon street photography lenses:-

Nikon 35mm f1.8 AF-S DX: (Best street photography lens for Nikon dx)

Nature attracts me more.

I like the rising of the Sun, none other than anything in the world.

So once I decided to shoot the sunrise from the mountain’s peak.

I reached there before Dawn, set up my camera, and waited for the sunrise.

It was Nikon 35mm f/1.8 lens within me my Nikon DX camera.

I have decided to take the wide-angle view of the rising Sun.

I set my camera to take a wonderful picture of the rising Sun.

I decided to publish it in a newspaper, and it was a great experience with this Lens.

Here are some of its features:

Standard Lens
Maximum focal length 35mm
Picture Angle with Nikon DX 44 degree
Compatible with Nikon DX camera
Aperture range F/1.8 to 22
Silent wave motor AF system
8 elements in 6 groups
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.16x

Now, it is time to come up with the advantages of the best Lens for street photography.

Let’s take a look;

Compact Lens:

Nikon has designed a superb-quality lens with a beautiful structure.

It is a compact lens that is easy to carry and use.

It is lightweight.

You will not feel it in your pocket. It gives phenomenal photos incessantly.

Low light situation:

It performs well in low-light conditions.

Its super-integrated coating gives the Lens a good amount of light for a visual explanation.

You can use the lens for street photography day and night, outdoor or indoor, near or far.

All options are there for you!

Blur background:

Its wide aperture makes it ideal for the blurred background and enhancing the subject.

It creates excellent quality street photography.


It minimizes aberration and enhances the quality of the image integrity.

It delivers excellent outcomes.

You can take pictures with creativity and angles you choose for them.

The versatile Lens provides you perfect perspective for taking outstanding photos.

Exclusive Super Wave Motor:

It is the best lens for street photography.

It has a super integrated coating responsible for sharp color stability and decreased flare, making your photos look live.

Thanks to its Exclusive Nikon silent wave motor, it does not make any sound while focusing.

The Lens in the Nikon Dx camera takes perfect, quick, and accurate photos.


Street photography relates to the random clicks you take of anything in front of you, just like I took the pictures of the Sun rising.

You will find many pictures of the Sun growing on the Internet.

But the vision I took with my Nikon camera was the best, and its result was sensational.

You can experience the same.

Just click the link below!

  • Lighter & compact.
  • Better in low-light situations.
  • Silent autofocusing motor.
  • Excellent sharp.
  • Low-budget lens.
  • Weather sealing gasket.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Nice bokeh.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Good value for money.
  • Some vignetting & barrel distortion.
  • No image stabilization.
  • Purple fringing.
  • The focus ring isn’t good.

Sigma 35mm f/1.4: (Best street photography lens for Nikon d750)

I went to the street in New York.

I decided to take a good photograph literally, which will be a street photograph.

I took my camera, which has the Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens.

When I set the angle of my camera and did what I precisely wanted to do, the result was outclassed.

The perfect focal length created beautiful images with the d750 camera.

It was a broad picture of the street with a queue of vehicles at the side of the road.

On the other side of the road were beautiful alike houses.

Some people were walking around there, and the angle that the Lens created was undoubtedly perfect.

Here are some of the features of this fantastic Lens:

Maximum focal length 35mm
Minimum aperture 16
Ultrasonic ring-type focus
High speed with a large aperture
Hypersonic motor
Inner focusing System
Accurate autofocus
Compatible with Nikon d750 camera
USB Dock Compatibility


USB Dock Compatibility:

If you want to upload the software to your Lens, you can do it with Sigma 35mm F/1.4.

You can update the last firmware and adjust the measures with it.

This Lens put me way ahead of the competition!

High-speed photography:

The large aperture F/1.4 of the Lens ensures quick photographs without delay for the subject’s movements.

It focuses correctly on taking images.

That enhances the subjects and gives beautiful background in the photo.

Hypersonic Motor:

Sigma has the specialty of developing its lenses with hypersonic motors that are used for the autofocus mechanism of the Lens.

These are ultrasonic waves that perform a quiet operation of focusing the subject.

Inner focusing System:

You can focus on the subject by just twisting the focus ring.

The Lens has been made with an internal focus quality that can easily enhance the object in front of you.


I got a great result with the lens and fitting it in the Nikon d750 camera, and I got the perfect and isolated images and the unpredictable blur background that speaks for itself.

So what are you waiting for? Just click the link below and get the lens for you!

  • Razor-sharp lens.
  • Superfast aperture.
  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Versatile focal length.
  • Wider angle of view.
  • Nice bokeh.
  • Autofocus is super quick & accurate.
  • Killer lens.
  • Great value for money.
  • Big & heavy.
  • Manual focus.

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8: (Best street photography lens for Nikon d5600)

Before 2 months, I was on vacation with my family.

We visited the village, which was so beautiful.

There was greenery, mountains, and valleys around there. I took some pictures of the scenes.

Suddenly I saw some children who were playing around the fountain.

It looked beautiful.

The water was splashing around there, and the children were playing.

I took great pictures.

It was a wonderful experience with Sigma 18- 35mm f 1.8 lens, which was there in my d5600 camera.

Let’s discuss its features:

Standard Lens
Maximum focal length 35
Minimum focal length 18
17 elements in 12 groups
Maximum aperture F/1.8
No. of rounded diaphragm blades 9

Some of its significant advantages are:

Wide Angle:

Sigma 18-35 mm f/1.8 lens gives you complete freedom for what you want to capture in your camera.

The wide angle is secured to provide the best angle for your photo.

You can experience the great opportunity of Street photography with this fantastic lens, and Sigma delivers it to you!


It has an exceptional part which is its autofocus.

You can capture any object far or near you, and it will be automatically focused by the bright lens ever in the Nikon d5600 camera.

Sharp photos:

With all of its best products, Sigma provides you with the world’s best sharp photos.

As a photographer, you could be disappointed when you lose the sharpness of the image.

All the efforts and time wasted when it happens.

But what about this superb-quality lens?

You will get perfect quality sharp photos even when you zoom in.

Best for Street Photography:

It distinguishes its value among all the lenses for its best angle for street photography.

The wide aperture fascinates your photos as the maximum you want to take in.

The best part of the lens is to focus the front subject, make a perfect angle, space it out and take your photo in outstanding quality.


I customize my images by using the lens.

Sometimes I get more blurred background, and sometimes I want sharpness in the pictures.

I took photos of beggars who were sitting along the side of the road.

It won a prize in street photography.

I love to capture the people going to their work, the birds in the sky, the natural and sudden expressions when someone takes the first bite of ice cream, and more.

I did it all with Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens.

Buy now with the button below.

  • Sharpness
  • Excellent wide aperture.
  • Very affordable in price.
  • The image quality is terrific.
  • Pleasing bokeh.
  • Heavy & Big.
  • No image stabilization
  • Some barrel distortion.

NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G: (Best street photography lens for Nikon d7500)

It was raining last month.

I was standing at the window of my room when suddenly I took out my Nikon d7500 camera.

The camera had a Nikkor 50mm f 1.4 G lens in it.

I wanted to take a picture of the people walking around in the rain with their umbrellas.

There were many people because it was when the people returned to their homes from their offices.

They were walking fast to reach their homes. I took some clicks.

The best one was of a man who was walking with his umbrella.

He was wearing a black jacket, and I captured his expression on my camera.

I captured the movement of his limbs. It was an awesome-looking picture that I have ever taken.

The features of the camera lens are there:

Standard Lens
Maximum Focal length 50mm
Ultrasonic focus
F-1.8 aperture
Newly focused developed optical system
Silent wave motor
Edge-to-edge sharpness
Best result in low light
Beautiful background blur
Nikon’s super-integrated coating


Good quality photos:

You can use the best camera lens every day, anywhere, anytime.

It is initially designed to take random clicks.

It gives you the shape and appearance of the objects in your photos while distinguishing between close and distant objects.

That sounds cool! The camera focuses on a point.

Brilliant in any light:

This is compact and lightweight.

You can easily keep it and carry it with you wherever you want.

Traveling with this lens in your camera allows you to capture unpredictable happenings in your journey, whether in daylight or nighttime.

You enjoy the fascinating part of the lens; it is the best for any light conditions. No doubt it is a sharp lens.

Beautiful background blur:

Traveling can provide you the opportunity to get some good random clicks.

Maybe you are fortunate enough to take an image of an unknown flower, the unique colors of the sky, etc.

Perhaps a person is wearing the same outfit as the billboard model.

What do you do then? You take your camera and capture the moment in it forever.

The photos have beautifully blurred backgrounds to focus on the main subject.

It is excellent to take pictures when others appreciate you.

Details shoot:

The essential quality of any camera lens is to take detailed images.

This is the assurance of a life-looking picture.

Its super-integrated coating gives me a better light transmission and a consistent shot with deep detail.


Rain is mesmerizing weather for humans.

People want to enjoy it when it rains, and those who walk around the streets have great expressions on their faces.

The rain boosts the mood of the people.

You can also try catching some random clicks in the rain. All you need to do is to purchase a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens.
Shop now!

  • Extremely sharp.
  • Fast, bright aperture.
  • Good value for money.
  • No aperture control ring.
  • No vibration reduction.

NIKKOR 28mm f/2.8D: (Best street photography lens for Nikon d850)

After the rain, its effects were there on the street.

I wanted to take another street photograph, for which I decided on an angle of deviation.

There was a little rainwater on the street, and it was drizzling.

The people were walking around.

I took a beautiful picture of a tower in which a shadow was seen in the water on the street.

The weather was foggy and the drizzling made my view more beautiful.

I did this splendid work with my Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens. The lens was set in a Nikon d850 camera.

See its features:

Prime lens
Maximum focal length 28mm
53 degrees picture angle with Nikon d850
Super Integrated Coating
Good color balance
Foot close focusing distance 0.85
Screw drive focus from the camera

The advantages of these features are as follows:


It is a wide-angle lens that gives you sharp and beautiful images covering the object’s distance and background.

It is perfect for street photography because its maximum focal length is 28mm.

It also functions well in dim-light scenes.

Improve Contrast:

The super-integrated coating of the lens is responsible for flaring and ghosting-free images.

It gets better contrast of the photos, and color representation is perfect for the best quality street photography.

Compatible with Nikon d850:

Nikon d850 camera is reliable to its users.

It captures complex objects in such a way that I don’t believe I have done it with the camera.

And when I use Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 D lens, the outcomes go beyond the expectation.

You can take photos anywhere and enjoy its perfection!


Suppose you want to make the best street photographer buy the lens for your Nikon d850 camera.

These are perfect partners, and you can enjoy the best images taken for Street photography.

Don’t miss the chance to purchase it!

  • Lightweight & compact.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Excellent bright and fast at f2.8 aperture.
  • Excellent color and contrast.
  • Some distortion.
  • Some chromatic aberration.

Tokina 11-16mm F2.8: (Best street photography lens for Nikon d3500)

It was a spooky night, and I wandered around to take some good clicks in my Nikon d3500 camera.

I saw a red light on the street, making the night spooky.

I decided to set my camera there and took some shots there.

A man was there who was wearing a hat and a long coat.

He was also looking horrible at that red light on the street. I tried to capture him and took a great shot as horrific as that night.

The red light and the nighttime made it more horrible, but it was a Masterpiece of my collection.

I did it with Tokina 11-16mm f 2.8 lenses.

Let’s consider its features:

Maximum focal length 16mm
3-year warranty
Aperture range F/2.8- 22
2 aspherical lens elements
2 super-low dispersion lens elements
Multi-layer coating
Good center sharp images
The closest focus is 1 ft
9 blade diaphragm

Advantages included;

Autofocus/ Manual focus:

It has the perfect speed of autofocusing the distance and the objects.

I can also utilize its manual focusing to pull the focus ring toward me.

It rotates and gives me the perfect focused thing.

Flare and Ghost:

It avoids flaring in the light. When the bright light enters the camera, it can spoil my photo quality.

The lens keeps the flaring away from my photos to make me fully satisfied with what I captured is the best!

The reflecting lights vanish the image’s quality.

The lens does not allow it to take place.

Sharp images:

Tokina 11-16 mm F/1.8 gives me sharp images.

It does not let the picture be blurred.

When I zoom the photo, I find it as clear as the accurate picture.


I exposed the dark reality of the street light in my photo.

It was not always easy to take good pictures and random clicks.

I do it very comfortably with this lens.

You can also try it yourself!

So, Book the Lens for you!

  • Solid build quality
  • Popular ultra-wide-angle
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Fast constant f/2.8 aperture
  • The image quality is good.
  • No image stabilization
  • Chromatic aberration.

Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G: (Best street photography lens for Nikon Fx)

Sometimes the people walking on the road get excited when they see me with the camera.

When I ask them for their picture, they agree to be a part of my street photography.

I remember once there was a family with their kids.

The kids were walking along the road.

Their hands were in their parent’s hands.

It was looking just the perfect pose for the picture.

So I just decided to take it off my camera.

I had a Nikon Fx camera, and the lens was a Nikon AF-S FX Nikkor 50mm f /1.4 lens.

I took a great view of the kids with their parents.

Their faces were so clear, and the background was a pretty blur.

Let’s see the features of the Lens:

Standard Lens
Maximum focal length 50mm
F /1.4 maximum apertures
Ultrasonic-type AF motor
Manual focus
Minimum focusing distance 0.45 mm
Silent wave motor
Rounded 9-blade diaphragm

Please have a look at its advantages:

Best for street photography:

This is my best partner in street photography.

It works best in lowlights.

THE LENS COVERS UP ALL when I want something to be recorded at night or in dim light conditions.

It isolates the objects that capture attention towards it. The beautifully blurred background makes my photos look stunning.

Compatible with Nikon FX:

When the Lens fits in the Nikon FX camera, it sets forth splendid photographs.

It covers the full frame.

When I take random clicks of landscapes or on streets, I come up with great variety in my photos with this remarkable combination of camera and Lens.

They are precisely compatible with each other.


The fast aperture controls over isolation of the subject and slightly blurs the background.

It gives me the best outcomes in low-light situations.

It entertains me in lowlight conditions like never before!

The versatility of the Lens offers me a reduction in flare and ghosting.

I can take quick and easy-going photographs that are sometimes breathtaking!


If you love to take Street portraits, go through the Nikon AF-S FX Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens.

You can add real meaning and flavor to your work.

Purchase the one for you now!

  • Extremely sharp.
  • Fast, bright aperture.
  • Good value for money.
  • No aperture control ring.
  • No vibration reduction.

Nikkor 35mm f/1.8: (Best Lens for street photography crop sensor)

I went on hiking with my friends. We were in a mountainous valley.

The people there with us were not talking to each other because the valley was super mesmerizing.

It was taking our hearts, and we lost ourselves in the beauty.

I wanted to get images of the mountain far from us.

It was a rocky mountain but had exceptional beauty in it. I did it with my Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens.

But the distance was so much. So I had to crop the image with my camera. That was a superb shot.

See the features of the Lens:

Standard Lens
Maximum focal length 35mm
44-degree picture angle
Manual focusing
Aperture range F/1.8 – 22
Silent wave motor AF system
8 elements in 6 groups
Maximum reproduction ratio 0.16x
Rounded 7-blade diaphragm

Here I will tell you the advantages of it:

Field of view:

The perfect focal length of 35mm provides a wide angle for street photography.

The Lens deals with the problems with a wide angle of view and delivers the ideal results in my photos.

Its focal length provides a slightly better pick of the object than the focal length of 50 mm.

I can capture something unique in front of me.

Limit aberration:

It does much of the correction itself, including limit in aberration.

It can deal with the depth of field in a better way.

It arranges sharp pictures of street photography that look like the real assets for my photography portfolio.

Naturally beautiful photos:

It has a wide aperture of F/1.8 which contributes to in-depth field control and the best performance from dawn to dusk and then dusk to dawn.

Crop sensor photos:

It deals with the crop sensor, meaning I can cut the edges of my image and take a picture of the perfect field of view.

I can capture less of the projected image.

That means my photo is just what I want to be there!


It did good work with the crop sensor.

It provides an excellent level of image quality.

It offers tremendous advantages to the photographer.

It is very effective for taking pictures of nature, wildlife, and of course, Street photography.

Purchase for you now!

  • Lighter & compact.
  • Better in low-light situations.
  • Silent autofocusing motor.
  • Excellent sharp.
  • Low-budget lens.
  • Weather sealing gasket.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Nice bokeh.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Good value for money.
  • Some vignetting & barrel distortion.
  • No image stabilization.
  • Purple fringing.
  • The focus ring isn’t good.

Nikon 50mm f1.8: (Best focal length for street photography)

Nikon 50mm f 1.8 is an ideal lens for street photography.

It can capture all the details in the image and enjoy the perfect street photograph with your Nikon camera.

It captures the depth of field and zooms in on the object for the best image.

The blurred background gives the best effects to your picture.

I did it many times with the lens.

It is a versatile lens that gives you nothing but perfection.

Please have a look at its features:

Standard lens
Maximum focal length 50mm
Quick and precise focusing
High speed
For shooting full-length portraits
Distortion-free images
Superb resolution
Color rendition
High contrast image

The advantages are;

Best for traveling:

It is the best thing I keep with me on my journey.

I can develop any of my street photography skills in my journey, so better to keep a good partner last with me.

Nikon 50mm f 1.8 gives me the perfect shot of my random clicks.

High-speed normal lens:

I take street images with this prime-quality lens.

It provides me with high-speed pictures of better quality.

Its fast 1.8 aperture allows me to take stunning photographs within no time.

Distortion-free images:

I can take sharp images which are free from distortion.

The lens works best in low-light situations.

It can beautifully highlight the subject and blurred background that looks awesome in the photographs.


If you want to travel to the best places in the world, please do it with this lens in your Nikon camera.

You will make your trip memorable because it will provide you with the best memories of your life, which will last forever in your album.

Shop now!

  • Sharpness.
  • Compact & light
  • Good Fast aperture.
  • Worth the price.
  • Best in the low-light situation.
  • The focus ring is smooth.
  • No image stabilization.
  • Purple fringing.
  • Chromatic aberration.

Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8: (Best budget street photography lens for Nikon)

I was working on a project.

I have a team with me. We had a break and just took some rest.

After that, when some people were taking tea, I got the perfect angles of the random click in my camera.

I was amazed to see that because the click was excellent with Sigma 17-50 mm f 2.8.

It is the best budget lens that provides you with the perfect quality of pictures for street photography.

So you don’t have to worry!

It will not be heavy to carry in your camera or your pocket.

Standard lens
Maximum focal length 50 mm
Wide Angle
The large aperture of f 2.8
Ideal for many types of photography
Fast and quick photos
Flare and ghosting free
Sharp images
High contrast images
Magnification ratio 1:5
Compact and lightweight
Focusing distance 11 inch

The advantages are as follows:

Best budget lens:

Sigma presents us with the best budget lens, giving us incredible quality photos within my budget.

If You are a professional photographer or do it as your hobby, you can get the lens for your Nikon camera.

It will be the best spending of your money on a gem.

Sharp images:

It delivers me fast and quick photos.

The photos are flare-free, and no space for ghosting is there in the lens.

The brilliant colors seem attractive to my eyes.

I enjoy working with this lens because I get unbelievable outcomes.

Ideal for street photography:

Street photography is not as simple as it sounds.

I have to make the exact angle of my photograph and enhance the object.

I can do it perfectly with this lens.

It is the best lens that can give me a wonderfully detailed picture despite any angle I want to take.

I can highlight the objects as much as I want.

The broad angle of the background gives my image a great look.


To indulge in street photography, you must buy Sigma 17-50 mm f/2.8 lens.

It will provide you the beautiful photos and be pocket-friendly for your exclusive Nikon camera.

Hurry and click the link!

These are some of the best lenses I have used for street photography.

You have read their features in detail. Now you can select the one for you!

  • Affordable lens.
  • Excellent fixed f/2.8 aperture.
  • Versatile lens.
  • Useful zoom range.
  • It best focal length.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Excellent in low light conditions.
  • Soft wide open.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lenses we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lenses? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best Nikon street photography lens?

Is there a lens I didn’t mention in this article that you love using for your street photography?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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