7 Best Nikon vlogging cameras: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Vlogging is the primary way of communicating on social media.

People love the idea of watching someone go about their day.

It has a sense of belonging associated with it.

Most of the most successful YouTube channels today are vlogging channels.

Vlogging is significantly easy to do.

You pick up your camera, press record, and that’s all it takes.

However, suppose you’re interested in vlogging professionally and are into making revenue from it.

In that case, you need a camera that offers professional results.

The camera must be explicitly made for vlogging because, trust me, it’s almost impossible to vlog with your regular DSLR.

Here are some fantastic vlogging cameras we’re sure you will love!

Which are the Best Nikon vlogging cameras?

Here are my recommended 7 Best Nikon vlogging cameras:-

Nikon Z50: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

As a seven-year-old, I searched for “Disney princess makeup” on YouTube.

It might sound strange, but I dreamed of becoming a YouTuber when I grew up.

Now that I’m all grown up, I managed to create a channel that is doing well.

I needed to upgrade to a new, more professional vlogging camera.

I happen to have found the perfect Nikon camera! It’s the Nikon Z50, the best Nikon camera to get for vlogging.


Incredibly high resolution:

The reason I upgraded to a professional camera was to get high-quality videos.

This Nikon camera allows me to record my vlogs in 4K UHD!

It helps give my casual vlogs a very professional and high-end feel!

Flip-Down Screen for Vlogging:

One of the essential features of a vlogging camera is a screen that can turn into a “selfie camera.”

This Nikon camera has a touch screen that can be flipped down to record in selfie mode.

It’s also relatively light and compact, making vlogging with this camera as easy as vlogging with your phone!

Works for Photos Too:

My favorite part about this camera is that it’s great for vlogging and photos!

I love wandering around the streets, capturing the beauty of it.

This camera allows me to do everything I need to do without being super expensive!

Why is this Camera the Best?

I think it’s the best camera for vlogging because it offers an outstanding level of versatility in my vlogs while being extremely affordable.

It lets me shoot in high frame rates at 4k while being super light, compact, and sturdy.

It has the perfect beginner-friendly interface and a large tilting LCD screen.

It’s the most beautiful vlogging camera I have ever used!


If you dream of becoming successful on YouTube like mine, you’d love the Nikon Z 50.

It has all the features of a professional camera but a tiny light body.

And it has that coveted tilting touchscreen, which makes it the perfect camera for vlogging!

  • Light and compact.
  • Big, crisp EVF.
  • Speedy response.
  • 11fps continuous drive.
  • Strong 4K video quality.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Compatible with Nikon SLR lenses via adapter.
  • Few native lenses.
  • Touch features could be more robust.

Nikon Z FC: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

I created my YouTube channel a couple of months ago, and I was astounded to see that it got more than a thousand hits in a week!

This success was huge for me, and I decided early on that vlogging was what I wanted to do for a living.

I was shooting videos with my phone, but when I upgraded to the Nikon Z FC, the best camera for vlog videos, my videos started doing way better!


Ultra-HD Videos:

Don’t we all love to shoot our vlogs in ultra HD?

This Nikon camera lets me do precisely that! It has an updated Exceed 6 Processing Engine, combined with 4k resolution, giving my vlogs a sharp feel!

It truly makes for a wonderfully professional vlogging experience!

Unique Live Streaming Feature:

This Nikon camera is genuinely a YouTube vlogger’s dream!

It lets me live stream straight from the camera!

Talk about a camera company that understands customer demands.

It also has an in-built Wi-Fi feature for a smooth experience!

Extraordinary Eye Detection Feature:

This Nikon camera has an incredible Autofocus system fully equipped with In-Built tracking.

It also has an eye detection system that lets me get the sharpest and clean vlogs without looking too awkward or blurry.

It just works like magic for me when I’m vlogging!

Why is this Camera the Best?

This Nikon camera has everything you’ll ever need from a camera made specifically for vlogging.

It can shoot videos in HD, has eye and face detection modes, and offers the sharpest clean videos.

The best part is the unique live-streaming feature, which sets it apart from other vlogging cameras of its class.

It’s the best camera for vlog videos I’ve ever used!


I’m super proud to say that I have made a living out of what used to be a casual vlogging YouTube channel.

I must give the bulk of the credit to my Nikon Z FC.

It changed the vlogging game with its sharp-resolution videos and fast autofocus.

I’m never changing my camera anytime soon!

  • Beautiful vintage aesthetics
  • Visible, discrete control dials
  • 11fps burst rate and 4K30 video
  • Articulating LCD
  • Large, sharp EVF
  • Dust and splash protection
  • No headphone jack
  • 8-bit video format
  • No in-body flash

Nikon D5600: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

I’ve been vlogging for a very long time with my family.

Our YouTube channel was doing well, but our performance was linear.

It wasn’t getting better. It took me a while to identify the problem in our channel, but when I did, everything changed.

The problem was the poor quality we were putting out.

We needed to upgrade to a professional camera.

We got the Nikon D5600, the best Nikon camera for making vlogs.


Great for Low-Light Vlogging:

I’m still yet to find another vlog-specific camera with an ISO range this wide!

The Nikon camera has a native ISO range of 100-25600. Its high resolution lets me shoot beautiful videos at a high ISO range without much noise!

It doesn’t require much post-production editing, either!

Large LCD for Selfie Mode:

I have other mirrorless and DSLR cameras at home.

The reason why I can’t use them is that they don’t allow for a selfie vlog.

However, this camera has a 3.2 Inch large Vari-Angle Touchscreen that lets me see exactly how I’m looking when shooting my vlogs.

This is another thing that makes this Nikon camera a bang for your buck if you’re into vlogging.

Versatility in Frame Rates:

This Nikon camera can shoot high-quality 1080p videos with up to 6 frames per second frame rate.

This feature gives me immense control over the smoothness of motion I want in my vlogs!

You get all that without compromising on the consistency and quality of the videos.

Why is this Camera the Best?

It is the best Nikon camera for making vlogs because it allows you to be highly creative with something as casual as vlogging with its versatile features.

The tilting touch LCD, the ISO range, the resolution, and all features are carefully designed to make it the best camera for vlogging. Speaking from experience, it truly delivers the quality it promises.


Upgrading to the Nikon D5600 was the best career decision we ever made.

Ever since we started using this camera, the view on our channel skyrocketed.

It’s all because of its incredible video quality and sturdy yet compact build.

  • 24MP image sensor with no OLPF.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • 39-point AF system.
  • 5fps continuous shooting.
  • Speedy operation.
  • 1080p60 video capture.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication.
  • External mic support.
  • Pentamirror viewfinder.
  • Limited Wi-Fi remote control.

Nikon D5300: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

YouTube is extremely popular these days, and the most accessible niche to pick for YouTube is vlogging.

I love to vlog; it’s a very refreshing experience for me.

It makes me feel connected with a broader audience.

I just wanted to improve the vlogging experience, so I got myself the Nikon D5300.

It was the best vlogging Nikon camera I’ve ever used.


Versatility in Frame Rates:

This Nikon camera is my favorite because it lets me play around with the frame rates.

I can shoot incredible quality videos in high frame rates like 1080 at 60p, 30p, and 24p and allow for even higher frame rates at a lower video quality like 720p at 60p and 50 p.

It can also give you ultra HD videos if you sacrifice a little on that frame rate.

Intelligent AF and Tracking:

I’ve been most impressed with this camera’s autofocus system.

It has a 39-Point AutoFocus System that’s extremely fast at locking focus on the subject.

It also has a beautiful 3d tracking system.

It’s astounding that this camera can keep up with even the sharpest movements!

Impressive Low-Light Vlogging:

Finding a good ISO range in cameras built for vlogging is hard.

This camera, however, breaks all the vlogging camera stereotypes and offers a native ISO range of 100-12800. Its incredible video resolution makes it noise-free even when shooting at a high ISO range.

Why is this Camera the Best?

If I were to recommend the best vlogging Nikon camera to someone, this is the one I’d recommend.

Its low-light performance is still unparalleled.

The autofocus and tracking are the best I’ve seen, and its versatility is hard to beat.


If you want to get into vlogging but need a professional camera, the Nikon D5300 would undoubtedly be your best bet.

It has all the features of a high-end vlogging camera without being too expensive.

  • 24-megapixel sensor with no optical low-pass filter.
  • Sharp vari-angle display.
  • Excellent JPG detail at high ISO.
  • 4.7fps continuous shooting.
  • 39-point autofocus system.
  • Quick startup.
  • 1080p60 video capture.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and GPS.
  • Standard mic input.
  • Single control wheel.
  • Self-timer deactivates after use.
  • Lacks depth of field preview.

Nikon D750: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

Whenever I shopped, I would bust out my camera and make vlogs.

It was a fun and exciting way to engage with the internet audience and meet like-minded people.

My channel started doing great, so I need to get better gear.

The Nikon D750 was the camera I got, and it just made the vlogging experience even more fun and engaging!


Ultra high-Resolution Vlogs:

This camera allows me to explore my creativity using different frame rates, including 65 fps in my vlogs.

The best part about this camera is that it still offers a high definition, no matter my frame rate.

This means that the quality will remain top-notch no matter how smooth or sharp I make my vlogs.

Upgraded Image Processor:

The entire professional vlogging game comes down to high quality and excellent resolution.

To achieve a good resolution, I need a good processor.

This Nikon camera gives me precisely that!

This is what makes it, indeed, the best vlogging camera I’ve ever used!

Tilting LCD Screen:

I needed a super light and compact camera and a screen that could turn back for easy selfie vlogging.

I got that and much more in my Nikon camera.

The Vari-Angle screen it comes equipped with has a touch screen, making the camera even easier to use!

Why is this Camera the Best?

This Nikon camera perfectly combines an incredibly engineered processor and excellent video resolution.

The tilting touch screen allows it to turn into a luxurious vlogging camera.

It allows you to be super creative without having complex controls.

It’s an absolute delight for vloggers all around the world!


The idea of getting to capture your wanderlust and putting it on the internet is a wonderful one.

Still, you need a camera that provides quality for that. My Nikon D750 is precisely that.

It gives incredible video and image quality while being convenient and easy for vlogging!

  • 24-megapixel full-frame image sensor.
  • 6.5fps burst shooting.
  • Solid high ISO performance.
  • Fast 51fps autofocus system.
  • 1080p60 video capture.
  • Intervalometer and time-lapse functions.
  • Dual card slots.
  • Tilting rear display.
  • Loads of physical controls.
  • Uncompressed video output via HDMI.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi.
  • Time lapse limited to 8 hours.
  • Wi-Fi remote function needs improvement.
  • No PC sync socket.

Nikon D7500: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

The Nikon D7500 is the best thing that happened to me in my blogging career.

That’s right; I said, “A career.”

It was the best camera for vlog videography!

Thanks to my camera’s optimal video quality, I can generate tremendous revenue for my vlogging channel.

I never thought blogging would become my full-time job, but it did!


Remarkable Vlogs in 4K:

There’s just some sort of thrill I get when I shoot my videos in 4K.

This Nikon camera doesn’t only allow me to shoot in 4K.

Still, the processor it comes with also makes the videos look ultra-professional.

It’s such an easy-to-use vlogging camera that it offers incredible results.

Great Autofocus:

A good vlogging camera has a sound autofocus system.

It’s a no-brainer.

This Nikon camera offers a brilliant Autofocus system that works way faster than cameras of its class.

It turns on, locks focus, and starts shooting my videos in less than a second!

I couldn’t ask for a better vlogging camera!

Compact and Easy-To-Use:

I’m into professional vlogging, not into professional videography.

This means that I want my camera to be straightforward to use.

My Nikon camera is precisely that; it’s elementary to use.

It has the perfect controls placed at the ideal spots, and the tilting touch LCD makes it an excellent camera for vlogging.

Why is this Camera the Best?

So if you’re looking for the best camera for vlog videography?

I highly recommend getting this Nikon camera because the specs are incredible for vlogging.

It has fantastic autofocus, a tilting touchscreen LCD, and is super compact.


If a camera can help me make a career out of vlogging, you can only imagine what more it can get done.

It has the most impressive features that are explicitly designed for vlogging purposes.

So, get your Nikon D7500 now!

  • 20.9MP APS-C image sensor.
  • 8.1fps continuous shooting.
  • 50-shot Raw, 100-shot JPG buffer.
  • 51-point autofocus system.
  • Tilting touch LCD.
  • Weather-sealed body.
  • 4K video capture.
  • SnapBridge Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Only one memory card slot.
  • No Depth of Field Preview function.
  • No battery grip option.

Nikon D3400: (Best Nikon Vlogging Camera)

The Internet is everything these days, but people ignore the wholesome side.

Vlogging is a wholesome and fun way to connect with an audience in a lucrative way.

I was so fortunate to realize this early and decided to set up my vlogging channel professionally on YouTube.

The camera I decided to get was the Nikon D3400.

It was the best Nikon camera for vlog videography!


Light, Compact, but Sturdy:

I’m always going to all sorts of places because I love traveling.

I love to bring my camera with me for vlogging.

This camera is light, fast, and sturdy enough to withhold the harsh conditions I put it through.

Despite that, it still performs like a heavier, more expensive camera.

Wonderful AutoTracking:

It comes fully equipped with the best autofocus system of any camera in its class.

This camera is such a delight to work with when I’m vlogging.

It gives such smooth autofocus.

Its eye detection and tracking are also the smartest I’ve seen in any camera.

Great in Low-Light:

I go out at night for hiking and such, and I need my camera ready for anything.

Lucky for me, this Nikon camera comes ready right out of the packaging.

Thanks to its outstanding video resolution, it captures videos perfectly well, even in high ISO ranges.

Why is this Camera the Best?

This is your regular high-quality video camera, only lighter, better, and more compact.

Its autofocus system is hard to beat in speed.

The low-light image quality is remarkable and works perfectly well for shooting photos.

It’s just the best Nikon camera for vlog videography I’ve ever used!


Since I got the Nikon D3400, vlogging has become way more fun.

I’m way more motivated to keep going, and I can’t help but credit the camera’s incredible features and consistency!

It’s just the perfect camera any vlogger could as for!

  • Compact.
  • 24MP image sensor.
  • Includes lens.
  • Solid autofocus and high ISO performance.
  • 5.1fps continuous shooting.
  • Guide Mode for beginners.
  • Bluetooth wireless file transfer.
  • Pentamirror viewfinder.
  • Limited buffer when shooting Raw.
  • No microphone input.
  • Video autofocus is not as advanced as some mirrorless competitors.

What Nikon camera is best for vlogging?

Yes, mirrorless cameras are indeed among the greatest choices for vlogging. Mirrorless cameras provide various solutions that satisfy my needs, like the Nikon Mirrorless Z6ii Camera. I distinctly recall looking up “Disney dress instruction” on YouTube for my kid. My YouTube channel, which I manage, is doing reasonably well. I had to switch to a newer, more capable vlogging camera. I used this excellent mirrorless camera to film my daughter’s prom, which I posted on my vlog channel. I have discovered the ideal Nikon camera!

What camera do most vloggers use?

Nikon D750 camera most vloggers use. With this camera, I can use a variety of frame rates, including 65 fps in my vlogs, to explore my creativity. The D780 includes 4K video recording, phase-detect autofocus, and 10-bit log output capabilities, which puts it leagues ahead of the D750 regarding video quality. The most excellent feature of this camera is that, regardless of the frame rate I use, it still provides good resolution. With the best vlogging cameras, you can easily improve your vlogs. It works great for my vlogging channel and brings in a lot of money. I used to take my camera with me when I went shopping and began recording vlogs. It was a pleasant and interesting method to interact with online users and find like-minded individuals.

Which Nikon camera is best for YouTube videos?

Nikon D3500 camera is best for YouTube videos. I can capture films of excellent quality at high frame rates, such as 1080 at 60p, 30p, and 24p, and I can also support even higher frame rates at lesser video quality, such as 720p at 60p and 50 p. If you compromise the frame rate, it can also produce super HD films for you. It boasts a 39-Point AutoFocus System that quickly locks focus on the topic. The most accessible specialty to choose for YouTube these days is vlogging, which is why it is so popular. I like vlogging; I find it to be such a rejuvenating experience. I sense a stronger connection to a larger audience as a result. I wanted to improve my vlogging experience, so bought a Nikon D5300.

Does Nikon have a vlogging camera?

But over the past several years, Nikon has improved, and today they have some great mirrorless cameras that I might want to look into. For those who require a camera for their YouTube channel but also need to capture many photographs, I still suggest Nikon. Let me share my best vlogging camera:

  1. Nikon Z50
  2. Nikon Z FC
  3. Nikon D5600
  4. Nikon D5300
  5. Nikon D750
  6. Nikon D7500
  7. Nikon D3400

Is Nikon D5600 good for vlogging?

The Nikon D5600 is mediocre for vlogging. The native ISO settings for the Nikon camera are 100 to 25600. Because of its great resolution, I can capture stunning films at a high ISO setting without much noise! High-definition 1080p films may be captured with this Nikon camera at up to 6 fps. This tool gives me much control over the motion I want in my vlogs! I’ve been vlogging with my family for a very long time. Although we were performing relatively well, our performance on YouTube was highly linear. With this attractive camera, my daily activities looked fantastic.

Which camera is best for beginner Vloggers?

The ideal camera for beginning Vloggers is the Nikon D3400. Vlogging is a clean, enjoyable method to make money by engaging with an audience. Any camera’s most incredible focusing system in its class is integrated into it. I love using this camera while I’m vlogging. Such a smooth autofocus is provided. It takes films flawlessly at high ISO settings because of its excellent video resolution. I was lucky to discover this quickly, so I put up my wife’s YouTube vlogging account properly. The Nikon D3400, the greatest camera for vloggers, is the one I chose to get her.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the cameras we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your best Nikon vlogging cameras?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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