7 Best Portable Studio Lights: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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In the ideal photograph and the recording videos, many factors impact the outcomes of the photos and the videos.

Requiring the equipment above is always essential to warranty the performance, but talent and skill play a vital role.

The best portable studio lights are called for up-to-mark photography, which is why photographers ensure portability before getting the right studio light.

I have prepared a wise list regarding the best portable studio lights only for your guidance.

Which are the Best Portable Studio Lights?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best Portable Studio Lights:-

GVM Great Video Maker 80W LED light: (best portable studio lights for YouTube)

I have worked on the miniature cooking channel on YouTube to show my art cooking skill in the small kitchen form to the world audience to get the bulk of subscribers and the money.

I bought the GVM Great Video Maker 80W LED Light to get transparent results even during the night hours.

Sometimes, I don’t have the mood to make the videos in the morning, but this light gives me the morning light for my videos that are made daily with this full light support.

The best portable studio light for my YouTube channel.


Why is this studio light the best?

80W power-continuous output and high splendor COB-led beads with a wide variety delivering execution of over 97+ CRI worth, and high brilliance cause you to reestablish genuine nature in your youtube recording videos.

It includes the RGB color filters that cause the standard different color shades in your set-down videos.

It is the portable dream light for shooting any YouTube category videos, live streaming, and live interviews.

High Power Light:

I have the optimal power to deliver light during the miniature cooking hours.

The efficient 80W COB-led light beads create steady and well-ordered continuous light resources.

Make my photos and videos illuminant more than expected without producing the flash in my recording videos.

Natural Look Causer:

It has the perfect color rendering index above 97 plus, letting all my dishes look natural and original.

The best range of color temperature matches the sun rays in the sense of the light rays and blends smoothly over the recording miniature cooking process as white light imparts a more natural look.

Excellent Heat Dissipation:

The premium heat skin and the constructed silent fan cooling system never overheat my COB-led light in the long shooting-heavy hours.

I comfortably perform video recording without any hitch.

It enhances the shelf life of the led light and protects the lamp beads from overheating.


The solid base and the portable light with the small size and the lightweight 1kg than the heavy
Orthodox spotlights.

It is the ultimate option for outdoor photography but excellent for catching advertising products and modeling shots.

The GVM Great Video Maker 80W LED light is the best portable studio light for YouTube channels that need maximum light.

  • Power Capacity: 80W
  • Model: GVM P80S Led Video Light
  • CRI: 97+
  • Color Temperature: 5600k
  • Beads: COB Lamp Bead
  • Lux: 11500lux/0.5m
  • Brightness: 10%-100%
  • Filters: RGB Colors Filters
  • Bowens Mount
  • The only issue I have had is the Bowens mount release pin breaking off.

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light: (best portable video lights)

I made Instagram reel videos to present the architectural view of the whole world.

It is an extremely tough job, but after overcoming the hardship, you get the bulk of fruit from money after publishing on different social platforms.

For this purpose, I purchased the Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light for achieving cut above professional photos and videos.

The best portable video light for getting out-of-the-ordinary outcomes.


Why is this studio light the best?

The sturdy and powerful standing light on the compactly gripping tripod stand.

The best panel u-bracket design with the three golden screw knobs perfectly matches your house decor.

The long-height stand is best for generating videos along with soft lighting effects.

The light’s broader face occupies many light lamp beads to amplify your set-down videos with ultra-high CRI.

Versatile and Portable Light:

The architectural portrait photos need a massive amount of led light for creating the splendor documentary with the 480 beads led video lights.

Each bead offers me a considerable glow and non-stop bi-color illumination for Instagram reels, portraits, architectural documentaries, and Youtube vlogs.

Customizable Lighting:

I comfortably customized the dimming from 0 to 100% using the control knobs and the color temperature from 3200 to 5600k.

The U-Bracket enables me to rotate the light to get the maximum angle beam.

It has a white diffuser that puts forward the soft and flattering lights in which my architectural photos look exceptional.

It will require minor editing after applying this light glow.

Adjustable Light Stand:

I got the most desirable huge height light stand.

It is lightweight and portable.

I can alter the height (90cm to 190) by modifying the 1/4″ screw.

This screw is compatible with many devices and relieves me from handling this stand on a long journey.


The solid material light with a sleek design swells the beauty of this led light.

The U-shaped bracket and the casing are unaffected by rust and scratches.

The silver and golden screw knobs bring a stylish and elegant glance to the light.

The Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light is the best portable video light for multi-purpose tasks.

  • 480 led Light Nature: Bi-color
  • Color Temperature: 3200K to 5600K
  • Brightness: 0% to 100%
  • CRI: 96+
  • Diffuser: Single Large
  • 240 White Beads: 240 Yellow Beads
  • Stand: 75″ Inches Long
  • Body: Aluminum Alloy
  • Design: U-Bracket along with
  • 3 Golden Screw Knobs
  • The power cables were shorter than I’d hoped.

Ulanzi U-Bright LED Video Light: (best brighter and portable studio lights)

I made the sculpture bodies for the selling intentions.

I obtained the Ulanzi U-Bright LED Video Light to get the different shades of photos to enhance my sales on my online website.

I responded positively by showing the single white sculpture in multiple lights.

The brighter in every shade and the portable studio light.

My walking business runs after applying these light variant shades to my sculpture bodies by generating stunning images and videos.


Why is this studio light the best?

The stunningly simple design is a multi-color dimmable led pocket light.

The upgraded design with the smooth softbox reduces the light beads’ harshness and the powerful little toy light that is in action for about two hours.

It is super comfortable to utilize the 5 levels of brightness and the temperature adjustment options.

The six colors and shades fulfill your shooting needs by attaching them to any camera with a hot shoe mount.

Soft Nature Light:

The upgraded soft light board multiplied the intensity into the soft light and protected it for making the shadows on the focus sculpture.

The beauty of creating sculpture becomes double after applying the six multiple shades of the available filters with this deal.

Special Attribution:

The 36 beads led to light modifying the brightness from 10-100% over the ideal color temperature 2700k-6500k.

The five indicator light is best for my work and the less power-consuming light when I charge with the USB type-c port.

It can realize the nature of every scene.

Expanding Battery Life:

The multi-tasker DSLR light is constructed with an expanding rechargeable 3000mAh lithium battery.

I take full advantage of this light for the complete two hours.

I make videos of these sculptures in different directions just for customer satisfaction.


It has three cold shoe mounts with multiple light panels to buoy the brightness and transfer the buffer lighting effects.

The Ulanzi U-Bright LED Video Light is a brighter and more portable studio light for building many videos for a more extended period.

  • Model: Ulanzi U-bright Led Video Light
  • Quantity of Led Beads: 36
  • Filter: Six Colors Filter
  • CRI: 95+
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
  • Lasting Time: 15 hours
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Charging: Type-C Charging Port
  • No of Mounts: Three Cold Shoe Mounts
  • Output Power: 7.5W
  • Luminous Flux: 750LM
  • DC Power Input: 5v/2A
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Weight: 138g
  • Light works great, but the glue looses it’s stick and it falls

Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box: (best portable studio light box for jewelry)

Trends and business methods have changed and moved towards advanced methods.

I have a diamond-selling jewelry store in New York.

I required the best portable studio lightbox to capture each new design’s fine details.

I picked up the Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box for my online shop photos and the video’s intentions.

My online business has expanded by applying this light power of my diamond jewelry to get the extra shine on the diamond surface.


Why is this studio light the best?

The portable light for the perfect jewelry caption.

The stepless dimming and the high color rendering index create more sparking and genuine color effects.

This lighting box offers me multiple shooting angles to get more suitable product features with fine detail.

It provides the epic six-shade backdrops made stress bearable thicker PVC material.

You enjoy advanced photography with the led light box, expand your jewelry, toys, and home decorative home showpiece business, and compete with competitors.

Stepless Dimming and High CRI:

Incorporate 112 excellent LED Light Beads with a Dimmable Range of 1%-100 percent; I can undoubtedly change the splendor to get the ideal lighting impact for my diamond jewelry store.

High Color Rendering Index (95+) and no strobe make brighter and milder lights and help me leave my photographs looking more regular and with extraordinary surfaces.

Multi-angle Shooting:

This led light box has three sides opening for my shooting of the diamond jewelry position to get the more superior product facet and clarity.

I mostly prefer the front view because it is the best suitable angle of view for the caption of jewelry.

Six Color Backdrops:

The more acceptable photo box size comes into existence with a fantastic combination of colors with detachable backgrounds (white, black, orange, blue, green, and red).

It is made of thicker PVC material and sounds in the body and gets no wrinkles while used for photos.

I take full advantage of these backdrops for clicking the various shooting scenes of the same home decorative show pieces.


The single light with multiple traits makes it best for my business.

The conveniently foldable design to set in 10 seconds and easy to carry in the waterproof and compact bag where you need it anytime.

The Glendan Portable Photo Studio Light Box is the best portable studio light box for jewelry, toys, and home decorative showpieces.

  • Brand: Glendan
  • Studio Light: Portable Box
  • Items Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • No of Light Beads: 112
  • Backdrops: Six Drops For Jewelry
  • Dimmable Range 1%-100%
  • High Color Rendering Index: 95+
  • It works well if the items your photgraphing don’t reflect light.

EMART 6″ LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand: (best portable studio lights for advertising)

I posted the Instagram daily diet story by decorating my platter subject line for my followers.

I bought the EMART 6″ led ring light with the tripod stand to make the daily morning diet plan by showing exceptional results.

My followers became attracted to this diet plan to get them slim bodies.

It is the best portable studio light for advertising my nutritious subject line to all audiences all over the globe.


Why is this studio light the best?

The simple eye-pleasing design is in the form of a 6″ ring light.

The three modes of lights have the bulk of traits for advertising purposes.

Most advertisers utilize this light for expanding their business by turning to account for this 11 level of brightness.

The small tabletop ring light has a cut-above performance, especially at night.

USB-powered modes connectivity technology has relieved you to put the light advantage into service without restricting the specific location.

Lights Modes:

I experienced the three light modes for capturing the full decorative platter for the calculated health diet.

The cold, warm, and warm+cold lights modes offer me this light, but I mostly pick the warm plus cold because it shells out the authentic colors of photos in nature.

Brightness Level:

It brings me the 11 levels of brightness in every three modes of light.

I have the 33 kinds of light brightness levels waiting for my attention.

I place this ring light at variant angles to diminish the shadows that mostly happen in indoor photography.


It has USB-powered base connectivity technology conveniently adapted to the desktop, laptop, USB charger, AC adapter, etc.

I take full advantage without the location restriction.

The compact stand folds back inside the base of the stand to provide quicker and more appropriate storage.


The elegant, straightforward design of the light is available in three modes.

It is a perfect fit for tabletop studio photo-shooting lights.

EMART 6″ LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand is the best portable studio light for advertising toys, baking, jewelry, cooking, live streaming, reading books, photography, and videos.

  • Brand: Emart
  • Led Ring Light: 6 inch
  • Modes: Three Different Mode Lights
  • Brightness: In Each Mode, 11 levels of Brightness
  • Power Capacity: (2x) 15W
  • Tripod Stand: (2 x) 79.’’
  • Connectivity: USB Powered
  • They have only usb power as an option

NEEWER 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light: (best portable studio lights for portraits)

I have a small setup studio in my house where I make portraits of my in-demand customers, but this time I made the portrait of my family and sent it to my grandparents, that live far from me.

They reside in the city’s rural sites and cannot meet with them daily.

I made this painting portrait of my family completed in a single day, even at night, by placing the NEEWER 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light to complete the thousands of portraits using this indoor house studio.

The best portable studio lights for portraits, interviews, and live streaming.


Why is this studio light the best?

New redesigned dimmable Bi-Color 660 LED video light with medium LCD screen, CRI 96+, hard metal with U section, and four barn doors.

The best portable features light separate handles on the back of the board to change the variable temperature from 3200K to 5600K and the brightness according to your requirements.

It is redesigned with the LCD screen’s arrangement; it can accurately show the light’s dimmer, color temperature, and power status.

It moves to the top of the selling mountain because of the dual power option and the portable 2.2″ to 6.2″ light stand.

Bi-color Habitual:

I used this light’s 330 warm yellow modes because my small studio room became warm by these light power beads.

I miss my grandparents a lot and thought of surprising my grandparents by sending the portrait of my family.

I completed this picture by awaking at the last light.

The ideal dimming range video light grants me the full radiant brightness from 0 to 100%, which is best for developing my family’s natural portrait art.

LCD Screen and Solid Body:

I picked up the top queen solid light with a medium-size LCD screen showing the all current setting of the light for making the best possible portrait art of my small family.

I think my grandparents miss me too.

I made this photo by satisfying their body’s souls and emotions toward them.

The black shade of aluminum metal strong shell imparted me with an exemplary result record and flawlessly matched my studio wall patterns.

Easy Installation:

I helpfully modify this light by appending the portrait light with the stand through the U-mount section, permitting me to impeccably change the bar point to the open side of the present portrait-making stand.

I open the four attachable barn doors to prevent the light from straying and maintain the beam of light over the main portrait page.

It has a detachable diffuser for relaxing the light and less bothering while working on the under-pipeline project.


It runs utilizing the dual power mode, the underlying one is the AC connector, and the subsequent one is the Li-particle battery for open-air use.

They give the significant burden of conveying a zippered sack for voyaging.

The NEEWER 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light is the best portable studio light for portraits, filmmakers, youtube videos, and product photography.

  • Brand: Neewer Bi-color Video Light
  • LED Beads: 660 Pieces (330 White+330 Yellow)
  • Voltage: DC 12-15V
  • Power: 40W
  • Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Lumen: 3360 Lux/m
  • CRI: ≥96
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Power Source: Dual Power (Adapter and Li-ion Battery)
  • White Diffuser: Single
  • Power Cable: Single
  • Barn Doors: Four
  • Body: Metal Shell
  • Display: LCD Screen
  • No remote control or phone app

VL-81 LED Video Light with Softbox: (best portable studio lights for DSLRs camera)

I feel butterflies because I did the first live interview last night.

The VL-81 LED Video Light with Softbox has boosted my confidence and given me the extra level of illuminance outcomes for getting out of the impressive glowing background and face.

The best portable studio light for my DSLR camera or the laptop tabletop light.

My expectation is higher from this interview, and let’s see what happens next.


Why is this studio light the best?

The light’s ultra-lightweight and solid body mini softbox is the best.

The small structured body has one in a million attributes in the daily life of the modern world.

The 150 hours long battery life of this light is best for doing anything necessary for an extended period; it may be vlogging, different sorts of videos, and selfie aims.

It has the cut above the CRI 95+ over the white and the warm color temperature, imparting me the extra high-quality genuine outcomes in both categories.

It is a superb choice of the experts.

81 Beads Light:

The Vl-81 led video light is an improved edition of the Vl 49 2000mah led video light.

I fully practiced my interview by turning on the 81 beads softbox light right next to my laptop.

My interview yesterday became awesome, just like this light sparkling glow.

Softbox Design:

It presents my body language accurately by the high CRI 95+ along with 3200k-5600k softbox design, not showing the dazzling and confusion on my face while interviewing in the precious hours.

It combines 41 white light beads and 40 warm light beads.

I can adjust fastly according to the replacement of the application scenario.

Restore charging Led Light:

I get the long brightness hours of softbox light for making multiple videos for my channel.

It is assembled with a 3000mAh lithium battery with a type-c interface for complete charging.

I have no tension on the battery.

The total charging time is 3 hours, and the power loss is 150 minutes in optimal brightness.


The cold mount light can connect the multiple lights to create the boom of lights for your daily vlogging.

It can also be mounted with a microphone, camera, iPhone, smartphone, etc.

The VL-81 LED Video Light with Softbox is the best portable studio light for DSLR cameras, travel records, selfies, youtube videos, and much more.

  • Model: VL81
  • Working Power: 3.7v
  • Power: 6.5w
  • Brightness: 850lm
  • Lighting Angle: 120°
  • Lighting Distance: 3-6m
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Lamp Beads (white): 41 PCS
  • Lamp Beads (yellow): 40PCS
  • Charging Method: Type-c Charging
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Lighting is very good because you can adjust it but Battery life only last less than 2hr.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the cameras we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these studio lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Portable Studio Lights?

Is there a studio light that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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