8 Best Sony camera for Vlogging: (2022 Guide & Reviews)

Vlog is a short term used for a video log.

It’s a type of blog which is in the form of video.

A vlog can be a video of yourself talking about a topic or reviewing a product or an event.

Most of all, the content is usually in video format in a vlog.

You can shoot a vlog on anything or of any type.

You can make travel vlogs, motivational or study vlogs, or just a daily vlog.

To start vlogging, the first thing you have to do is, know your audience and then decide your niche.

I started vlogging 2years before.

In the beginning, I started vlogging by using my phone, but soon I realized that a camera is necessary for a good vlog.

You can’t shoot a winning vlog from a phone.

A good vlogging camera allows you a better view to shoot.

I admire Sony for manufacturing the most suitable cameras for vlogging.

Tell me about a few Sony cameras that I have used for vlogging.

Which is the best Sony camera for Vlogging?

Here are my recommended top 8 best Sony cameras for Vlogging:-

Sony ZV-1: (best cheap vlogging cameras with flip screen)

I spend hours and hours watching youtube videos and vlogs.

During the last summer holidays, I also decided to start vlogging as, at that time, I had a lot of leisure time.

I started learning about it. After spending days researching and practicing vlogging on my phone, I realized that it’s not a phone’s job.

Then I bought Sony ZV-1, the cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen for this purpose.

I have seen many vlogs shot by this camera which impressed me greatly.

It’s the most comfortable camera I have used for vlogging.

The best thing I love about it is its flip screen.

I’ve been using it for vlogging for a year and enjoying it.

Have a look at its features that will make to fall in love with it;



No matter in which lighting or location I vlog, this sensor always helps me through.

The enhanced low-light performance makes it the most suitable choice for indoor and outdoor vlogging.

The 125-12800 ISO range illuminates my photos and videos and brightens up my mood with its results.

The 5472 x 3648 pixels provide me with brilliant and crisper image quality.

The accuracy in colors is beyond my expectations.

Flip-screen and mic:

The 3.0” LCD touchscreen with a side slip-out design gives me easy access to my outcomes.

The screen can tilt up and down for a more manageable and comfortable framing of the best shots.

I record my vlogs with perfect selfie angles. This feature makes it ideal for filming myself during vlogging.

The incorporated microphone is particularly inserted for forward-directional audio recording with which I record my voice too in my vlogs.

Beautiful bokeh effect:

The camera’s sensor creates a beautifully defocused background that appears so captivating.

This system has many built-in advanced focusing features that enable fast and precise focus.

I can switch between two modes of the bokeh effect to get the scene of my desire.

This shift to maximum aperture setting using bokeh and shallow depth of field increases the overall performance.

I confidently shoot with it in any lighting situation by controlling the overexposure, making my vlogging even more enjoyable.

Automatic exposure:

The auto-exposure detects my face and makes sure that it always looks well-lit and perfectly fitted.

This face priority auto-exposure resolves the exposure to guarantee that my face is portrayed flawlessly in an ideal brightness.

This technology also retains the changes in direction.

The prevention of shots being turned out, blown out, or dark is why I opt for this camera to initiate vlogging.

Stable performance:

The active Steadyshot image stabilization technology helps me out during handheld shooting.

The vlogs are at high risk of getting ruined by the camera shakes because of shooting handheld, but the image stabilization mode tackles each jerk or vibration.

The fast hybrid and real-time eye autofocus gave me a sharp focus and better subject tracking, enhancing my vlogs.

The product showcase setting makes it perfect for vlogging that precisely focuses between faces and other objects.


Sony ZV-1 has a perfect construction that offers high-end results.

Its soft skin effect mode allows a natural and healthier-looking skin, making it an ideal choice for vlogging.

Its sleek and lightweight design is complemented by easy to hold hand grip.

It’s a pack with all the advanced technologies. It has many features which will turn your vlog attractive.

Order in now!

  • ISO range 125-12800
  • Maximum resolution 5472×3648 pixels
  • Hybrid and real-time eye autofocus
  • 0’’ LCD side flip screen
  • BIONZ X image processor
  • Automatic exposure
  • Forward-directional onboard mic
  • Detach-able windscreen
  • Image stabilization
  • Enhanced skin-tone
  • Switch between background bokeh modes
  • A wider-angle lens would be welcome
  • Limited touch features
  • Face discovery struggles when wearing a defensive mask
  • Underwhelming battery life
  • No in-camera flash

Sony Alpha ZV-E10: (best vlogging camera with mic input and flip screen)

Daily vlogs are so popular nowadays.

The audience loves to watch the daily events in the life of their favorite Youtuber.

After seeing the popularity of daily vlogs, I also decided to upload daily vlogs for my channel.

Daily vlogs don’t need much effort and are easy to shoot.

It’s also the best way to update your audience on your life and easily interact with them or share your views on recent topics.

I searched for a camera with the best mic input and a flip screen.

I talk a lot in my videos, so I needed a good mic and, of course, a flip screen.

I bought the best vlogging camera Sony Alpha ZV-E10 that fulfills my every need.

It has a good mic input for sound and a flip screen.

Besides this, it has many more features;



I achieved a highly detailed 4K video using the entire width of a 24.2MP sensor.

This large sensor offers me smooth image quality with minimum noise.

The 3840 x 1920 pixels video resolution brings a realistic effect to my vlogs.

This resolution gives 4K Ultra-HD video in available light.

The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100-32000, enhancing its working capabilities and performance.

This sensitivity benefits me to utilize this camera better in low-light conditions efficiently.

Flip-out LCD and mic:

The side-opening flip-out LCD screen allows me easy selfie shots and checks my framing.

This lightweight and sleek design give me a comfortable hold.

The grip is designed for stable storage in any situation that benefitted me while vlogging for hours.

This camera has a directional 3-capsule mic for clear audio recording, making it the perfect pick for vlogging.

A windscreen that can easily attach to MI (multi-interface) shoes to reduce wind noise has also been incorporated.

Real-time autofocus:

Artificial intelligence drives real-time autofocusing and tracking to bring precision to my vlogs.

This system provides me a steady focus to hold on my subject.

By simply touching the monitor, I can quickly focus on the subject I want.

It also beautifully defocuses the background.

It allows an instant background blurring on and off by pressing a single button.

It has powerful focus settings which highlight you or your subject perfectly.

Large format sensor:

The impressive and eye-catching quality results from its large sensor of 24MP.

This large sensor gives me better area coverage to shoot vlogs.

I record well-defined and professional-looking vlogs.

The high resolution furnishes my vlogs with details and lifelike colors.

The vertical shooting feature helps me encounter complications to produce the best outcomes, making it a perfect choice for vlogging.


Sony Alpha ZV-E10 is a sizeable APS-C sensor mirrorless camera which anti-reflecting properties.

It benefits you to work in bright light situations.

It’s specially built for vlogging, featuring high-quality imagery.

It makes your vlogs better than before with its interchangeable lens characteristic.

It’ll give you a professional-looking vlog with an artfully blurred background and sharp focus on the subject.

Buy it now by clicking the link below!

  • Large 24.2MP APS-C sensor
  • Video resolution 3840 x 1920 pixels
  • ISO sensitivity 100-32000
  • 4K recording
  • Side-opening LCD screen
  • Directional 3-capsule mic
  • Instant background defocus switch
  • Easy live streaming
  • Real-time AF tracking
  • Multi-interface shoe attachment
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Battery drains snappily
  • Digital stabilization adds crop to videotape
  • Limited touch controls
  • In-camera charging slow for on-the-go use
  • Slow- stir limited to 1080p

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV: (best Sony vlogging camera with flip screen)

I used to travel a lot and shot my travel journey.

Once a friend of mine suggested uploading my travel videos on social media.

When I uploaded my travel videos, I got unbelievable responses and love.

After seeing the appreciation I received from everyone, I decided to be a full-time travel video blogger.

I was nervous in the beginning.

Then I bought a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV, the best Sony vlogging camera with a flip screen, and started using it, and I felt comfortable.

It’s rightly said that every tool is for a particular task.

I have got the right tool for vlogging, which helped me gain confidence in my skills.

The flip screen is a blessing for me while shooting during travels.

I enjoyed more than ever before traveling with this best travel companion.

Due to this camera that gives me the best shots, I have got lots of recognition from those travel vlogs.

Have a look at its features;



This camera system has a 20.1MP sensor to record 4K crisper and sharper videos or vlogs.

The ISO sensitivity of 12800 allows better low-light performance.

This camera gives me a super slow-motion movie recording with a high frame rate of up to 960fps and a fast shutter.

With outstanding image quality, I receive high-speed performance.

Fast intelligence AF:

The integrated artificial intelligence autofocus helps me quickly capture crucial moments and fleeting opportunities.

This autofocus enables me to quickly and accurately focus on moving objects.

This autofocusing system delivers high-speed, high-precision contrast-detection with a fully focused subject.

Its multi-layer coating can effectively reduce the light-reflecting elements that I encounter while shooting outdoors.

Multi-angle LCD:

This camera includes a well-fitted 3” LCD, making selfie shots more manageable than ever before.

The Xtra fine LCD rotates at multiple angles with which I shoot from any angle any desire.

The white magic technology of this camera dramatically enhances bright daylight visibility without any distortion factor.

I confidently vlog on sunny days.

Super speedy shutter:

The fast sensor readout minimizes distortion caused by the rolling shutter.

This anti-distortion shutter system captures accurate shots of my fast-moving subjects.

Additionally, a super-high-speed shutter lets me shoot with a defocused background, making my vlogs pretty tempting.

The large aperture setting allows brilliant outcomes in bright light situations.

I record professional-quality video with its high-resolution clip-4k movie with direct pixel readout.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV is a highly specialized camera with unique features.

No line skipping and pixel binning result in images and video with higher resolution.

Its advanced features enhance its performance.

Its multi-angle flip LCD screen makes it an ideal choice for vlogging.

You won’t get a better option than this.

I had a great experience using it. Try it yourself!

Order now!

  • ISO sensitivity 12800
  • Super speed anti-distortion shutter
  • Super slow motion movie – High frame rate (HFR) up to 960 fps
  • 4k movie recording
  • No pixel binning
  • Fast, intelligent AF
  • Sharp 3” multi-angle LCD
  • Easy connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi
  • Short drone range.
  • Shallow bowl not included.

Sony a6400: (best Sony camera for vlogging and photography)

Nothing is better than having a two in one offer.

I had planned a vacation to Disney land.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I decided to record the whole journey.

I wanted to save the memories of visiting my dream destination.

I started preparing for each and everything for the trip.

As I decided to record the memories, I searched for the best camera for vlogging and photography.

The luggage limitation won’t allow me to carry many things with me.

Searching for a camera that could work best for vlogging and photography was challenging.

Luckily, I got a Sony a6400. It serves the best services in both niches.

It helped me save my worth-remembering memories in video and photo format.

I loved vlogging the whole tour with this camera.

It has many features that you must need to know;



Sony a6400 is a fast imaging tool with specialized technologies.

The 24.2MP image sensor gives me the sharper end photos.

The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100-102400, effectively increasing its working capabilities in low-light that benefit me shooting indoors.

While using the mechanical shutter, this camera can continuously shoot up to 11fps.

The slow and quick motion settings allow me to shoot videos at various frame rates ranging from 1-120 fps.

Fastest autofocus:

This camera upholds the world’s fastest autofocus system that can allow an accurate and sharp focus on my swiftly moving subjects.

This system effectively tracks my issues as they move across the frame with real-time object tracking.

This real-time autofocus employs artificial intelligence that results in improved precision.

I enjoy vlogging by utilizing this speedy devil that brings end-to-end accuracy to my vlogs.

The advanced new generation subject motion prediction algorithm has boosted the autofocus and tracking performance.

LCD flip screen:

This camera has included a fully tiltable screen that can move 180 degrees, making the vlogging more comfortable.

The 3” LCD flip screen of high resolution offers me effective and easy selfie-style shooting.

I boldly monitor the composition and framing throughout the shooting by using this feature.

The flip screen has the touch functionality with which I quickly activate and maintain real-time tracking.

Effective sensor Quality:

The image sensor has 24.2 effective megapixels, which allows an efficient light collection and helps in achieving a wide sensitivity range.

Even at high ISO, this camera keeps the low noise performance.

This low noise performance benefits my vlogs by maintaining the quality and resolution.

I record 4k videos with a full pixel readout and no pixel binning.

This brings exceptional depth and detail to my image.

All these factors help in improving the clarity of my vlogs.


Sony a6400 gives the best performance for both videos and photography.

Its advanced features allow high-resolution results even in any condition.

It’s a two-in-one offer.

It offers both without compromising on the quality of any of them.

Its autofocus and resolution won’t let you down ever.

It has incorporated all the features you can wish for in a camera.

Don’t lose the opportunity. Grab the piece now!

  • ISO sensitivity range 100-102400
  • Frame rates 1-120fps
  • Continuous shooting at 11 fps
  • Real-time AF and tracking
  • Contrast detection
  • Time-lapse
  • Slow/quick motion
  • Flip LCD screen
  • Fast hybrid autofocus
  • No in-body image stabilization.
  • A flip-up screen is not ideal for vloggers.
  • Some functional frustrations.
  • Shallow bowl not included.
  • Only full-frame lenses are rainfall sealed.
  • UHS-I card niche.

Sony a7S III: (best Sony mirrorless camera for vlogging)

I’m a vlogger.

When I was new, I had a challenging time recording while walking.

It’s strange for many people to walk while having a camera in their hands.

My videos didn’t turn out stable because of the camera’s shakiness while walking.

I got tired of it, and I skipped vlogging for many days.

Then I started researching to prevent it and learned about Sony a7S III.

It’s a mirrorless camera that provides more image stabilization and less shakiness.

I immediately ordered the camera, and it changed my life.

Now I also became a pro at vlogging, but this camera helped me in my initial days.

It was outstanding support to me at that time.

Now I comfortably walk around anywhere while shooting with a camera.

Its features are incredible as its results;



This camera has a 12MP sensor with a BIONZ X processor, promoting impressive sensitivity.

The ISO sensitivity expands from 40-409600, which enhances its low-light performance so that I can comfortably shoot in at any location.

The 4k recording is also possible at high speed of 120p frame rates.

All its characteristics combine to increase its overall performance and benefit me while vlogging.

Full frame sensor:

The full-frame improved sensor enables faster readout speeds and effectively reduces rolling shutter.

This feature ensures flexible control over motion with shifting frame rate selection.

The enhanced readout speed benefits the ultra-clean low-light images.

Additionally, the SteadyShot reduces the appearance of the camera shake, which I often face while recording vlogs handheld.

Fast Hybrid AF:

This camera has fast hybrid autofocus with impressive phase-detection points.

This updated feature offers me intelligent subject tracking that chases my subjects for precise focus.

This camera gives a clear and steady focus on fast-moving objects.

This highly advanced AF mechanism ensures the critical and sharp focus on moving subjects in all recording modes, which I enjoy vlogging.

Speedy Image processor:

The built-in BIONZ XR image processing engine delivers a wealth of speed and 8x more processing power.

This powerful processor enhances the full pixel readout in all recording modes.

I adore its impressive sensitivity, with an expanded range from ISO with a more comprehensive dynamic range and improved capability noise reduction.

This minimized noise enhances my vlog’s integrity.


Sony a7s III is a full-frame mirrorless camera with optimized video, sensitivity, and speed.

This model has raised the bar for what full-frame mirrorless cameras are capable of doing.

Its features make it the best choice for vlogging.

It’s well-constructed with all the advanced technologies which benefit its outcomes.

Take your passion to the next level by having the best technology in your possession.

Grab the piece now without wasting a second!

  • ISO sensitivity 40-409600
  • Continuous shooting at ten fps
  • Phase detection autofocus technology
  • BIONZ XR processing engine
  • Low noise images with ISO
  • Full pixel readout
  • 4K recording
  • Sleek and compact
  • CFExpress cards needed for stylish quality slow-stir videotape
  • Videotape autofocus does not work SLR lens appendages

Sony ZV-1: (best Sony vlogging cameras for beginners)

As a beginner, you have to face many ups and downs.

You cannot get the best results by giving your effort like others.

The early days of anything are the learning phase.

At that time, you fail and, that failure gives you a lesson.

The best takes time and experience of many failures.

In the early days of my youtube career, I also got frustrated because my videos weren’t attractive like others.

I researched for many days and then bought the Sony ZV-1.

I’m happy that I got the right partner at the beginning of my career, which helped me boost my confidence.

I had covered a milestone with this camera, and now I’m an expert.

Everyone just needed a little push to achieve their goal, which I got by this Sony best vlogging camera ever.

Have a look at its features;



The sizeable 20.1MP sensor allows me to receive high performance even in low light.

The enhanced low-light performance makes it the best choice to vlog indoor and outdoor shooting.

The 125-12800 ISO range gracefully brightens my photos and videos.

The 5472 x 3648 pixels give my vlogs sharper and crisper image quality.

My vlogs appear to have better color grading, high-speed continuous shooting, and color balancing.

Flip-screen and mic:

The 3.0” LCD touchscreen with a side slip-out design has benefitted me the most while vlogging.

This can also tilt up and down for effortless and comfortable composing the best shots.

This allows me to get perfect selfie shots and recordings from any angle I desire.

This feature makes it ideal for filming myself and vlogging.

This camera also incorporated a microphone specifically inserted for forward-directional audio recording.

Also, a windscreen is included for a mic which gets me the cleaner audio when shooting outdoor.

Background defocus:

This camera allows me to receive a beautifully defocused background while its built-in advanced focusing features offer fast and precise focus on my subjects.

This camera enables a quick switch between two modes of the bokeh effect that helps while vlogging.

I quickly shift to maximum aperture setting using bokeh and shallow depth of field.

The maximum aperture also allows me to control overexposure in the bright light situation.

Automatic exposure:

The auto-exposure tracks face in my vlogs and make sure they always look well-lit.

This face priority auto-exposure settles the exposure to ensure that my face is portrayed perfectly in an ideal brightness.

This technology also controls the changes in orientation while preventing the shots from being turned out dark or blown out.

This is the reason why I always look good in my vlogs.

Stable performance:

The highly specialized technologies for image stabilization have been there that allow an active Steadyshot during handheld shooting.

The fast hybrid and real-time eye autofocus enable me to get a sharp focus on my subject while perfectly tracking it.

The rapid hybrid AF dramatically improves autofocus speed while, on the other hand, the product showcase setting makes it perfect for vlogging.

This product showcases that it allows me to acquire smooth focus between the face and the object.


Sony ZV-1 is a gel pack.

It is composed of all the features you can wish for in a camera.

Its autofocus and auto-exposure capabilities won’t allow any distortion and perfectly handle every situation.

As a beginner, you can’t get anything better than this.

Its sleek and well-designed body attracts every eye with offering overall perfect results.

It’ll take your career to the next height.

Grab it now and enjoy vlogging!

  • ISO range 125-12800
  • Maximum resolution 5472 x3648 pixels
  • Hybrid and real-time eye autofocus
  • 0’’ LCD side flip screen
  • Automatic exposure
  • Forward-directional onboard mic
  • Detach-able windscreen
  • Image stabilization
  • Enhanced skin-tone
  • Switch between background bokeh modes
  • A wider-angle lens would be welcome
  • Limited touch features
  • Face discovery struggles when wearing a defensive mask
  • Underwhelming battery life
  • No in-camera flash

Sony RX100 VII: (best Sony vlogging camera cheap)

When I was a high school student, I watched many study vlogs.

Study vlogs were a source of motivation for me at that time.

Whenever I felt down and lacked the urge to complete my assignments, I watched other having a productive day.

It also motivates me to do productive tasks and achieve my daily goals.

I also started vlogging to get consistency in achieving a productive lifestyle.

Being a high school student, I could not spend a lot of money buying an expensive camera on my own.

After days of researching for a cheap camera, I got Sony RX100 VII.

It’s the cheap vlogging camera for students and budget-strapped vloggers in the town.

I felt my life put together after starting vlogging on my own.

Now I inspire others to achieve their goals and live a productive life.

All because of this cheap vlogging camera which allowed me to start being consistent with productivity.

Being cheap, it also has many incredible features;



Vlogging has become more accessible by using a 20.1MP sensor to achieve exceptional image quality with speedy performance.

The high ISO sensitivity ranges from 100-12800 empowers low-light performance capabilities.

The sensor is paired with the BIONZ X image processor, which dramatically increases the speed that benefits me vlogging without facing any lag.

This camera enables me to shoot at up to 20fps continuously.

The outstanding performance and characteristics make it the best cheap camera for vlogging.

Improved performance:

The image sensor of this camera has an incredible resolution of 20.1MP that helps my vlogs to appear more close to reality.

This camera’s resolution delivers high-quality images and realistic-looking textures.

Utilizing the newly supported active mode image stabilization, I capture smooth 4k vlogs even when walking or moving.

The large image sensor also benefits me working in low-light situations.

The latest BIONZ X image-processing engine enhances my vlogs’ speed and image quality.

Swift Autofocus:

The autofocus system allows me to achieve precise and sharp focus on swiftly moving subjects.

This system effectively tracks my issues as they move across the frame with real-time object tracking.

The real-time eye autofocus is the most beneficial for vlogging as it employs artificial intelligence that detects the face and locks focus on it.

I take full benefits of its fast hybrid AF for professional-looking vlogs.

Flip screen and mic Input:

This camera enables professional audio capture for my vlogs with its microphone input.

A 3-type LCD flip screen has also been set to tilt up approximately 180 degrees and down about 90 degrees, which benefitted me while vlogging handheld.

This characteristic allows me to shoot from high and low angles comfortably.

The viewfinder gives me detailed and high-contrast viewing.

The overall touch operation permits me easy access to settings.


Sony RX100 VII is a well-constructed camera that allows the best resolution.

It’s a go-to package with pro-level features for vlogging and still shots.

It meets all the demands of vloggers and content creators by providing a high-end performance.

Its compact design offers easy holding and a comfortable grip.

It’s the best offer for video vloggers and content creators to get incredible videos.

  • High ISO sensitivity 12800
  • Continuous shooting up to 20 fps
  • High frame rate shooting at up to 960 fps
  • BIONZ X image processor
  • Front end LSI
  • Fast hybrid AF with phase detection
  • Built-in flash
  • Real-time eye AF and tracking
  • Interval shooting
  • Active mode image stabilization
  • flip screen and mic input
  • Can not start videotaping while images are written to the card.
  • Limited touch functions.

Sony DSC-RX100 III: (best Sony vlogging camera under $1000)

You don’t need to worry if you have a small budget to invest in your career or passion.

Don’t allow your little pocket to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Nothing will stop you if you dare to face the situation and, a mindful decision.

When I started a career as a video blogger, I only had the $500 in my hands to invest.

I searched a lot online and visited many markets but didn’t find the best in this budget.

Then gratefully, Sony launched this Sony DSC-RX100 III, just under $1000.

It was a blessing at that time.

I quickly ordered the piece because I trusted the quality of the Sony.

Sony never disappoints with its products.

I’m now a full-time video vlogger and earning a good livelihood, but I still love to use this camera for my vlogs.

Have a look at its features, which makes it a favorite camera of all time:



The characteristics of this camera make it the best choice for vlogging.

The improved 20.1MP sensor gives me a crisper image quality than ever before.

This high-quality sensor allows my vlogs to appear with 4K resolution and high ISO sensitivity ranges from 125-6400.

This camera shows incredible low-light performance because of its high sensitivity.

The video resolution of 1080 pixels provides me sharp and clear sight with balanced color contrast across the frame.

Advanced technology:

This camera is well-constructed with all the advanced technologies.

The wide range of ISO sensitivity allows me to shoot in any light available with natural results.

The extra-large incorporated sensor and speedy image processor work together to assure exceptionally low noise.

The image sensor also allows my vlogs to appear clearly and smoothly recorded at full HD.

Stable imagery:

This camera has brought stability to my vlogs by including an active optical steady shot mode that gives the perfect stabilization by minimizing the camera shake during vlogging.

The Real-time Autofocus precisely focuses on my subject and enables me to obtain a sharp, detailed quality.

This improved focusing speed and sensitivity of this camera deliver high-end quality that makes my vlogs look professional.

Sophisticated body design:

The feature of this camera that has attracted me, at first sight, is its sophisticated, sleek body design.

With a robust body, it also includes several built-in advanced technologies.

The aluminum body is lightweight, slim, and strong that didn’t fatigue my hands while shooting vlogs.

The 3 inches flip screen makes it a perfect choice for vlogging.

These powerful features with durable body design allow me to record comfortably in any situation.

The ultra-slim body also offers me manual control and dual record.


Sony RX100 III is the best deal you can have.

It is a well-built camera with uncountable incredible features and high resolution.

It’s a tough competition to other cameras in terms of technology and performance.

Its many additional features work to increase its performance.

It’s is the most suitable camera for vlogging.

In this new era of expensive technology, Sony offers you all under $1000. What else do you want?

Don’t waste your time thinking. Grab the piece now!

  • ISO Sensitivity 125-6400
  • Video resolution 1080p
  • 3’’ LCD display
  • BIONZ X image processor
  • Fast hybrid AF with phase detection
  • Built-in flash
  • Real-time eye AF and tracking
  • Interval shooting
  • Active mode steady optical shot
  • flip screen and mic input
  • Autoportrait framing
  • Front control ring
  • Sophisticated body design
  • Can not start videotaping while images are written to the card.
  • Limited touch functions.


Alright, guys, so that concludes all the cameras we will talk about today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your best Sony camera for Vlogging?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use for vlogging?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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