7 Best studio lights for artists: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Being an artist is not an easy piece of work.

There are many other things an artist has to take care of besides brushes and paints.

For example, proper symmetry, shape, etc.

He also has to remember that to make his painting look attractive and perfect, he should use a good light source to help him paint and draw with complete focus.

A bright light is necessary that helps in painting and saves eyes from getting any diseases.

Below mentioned are some of the best studio lights for artists.

Which are the Best studio lights for artists?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best studio lights for artists:-

Daylight U31375 Artist Studio Lamp and Stand: (Best Studio lights for Beginner artists)

As a beginner artist who has just learned the basics of painting, I am fond of practicing these basics at my home.

I can conveniently do it during the daytime, but it isn’t easy to paint when the electricity goes off at night.

But I no more have to worry since I paint using the Daylight U31375 Artist Studio Lamp and Stand, the best studio lights for beginner artists.


Why is this studio light the best?

These studio lights are ideal for taking photographs of paintings.

In the presence of these lights, I can reveal even the most minor details of my painted pictures as its scattered and uniform light allows me to do so.

The height of the tripod stand is ideal for maximum light distribution.

The base is stable enough to support the light stand, minimizing its chances of falling.

This lamp and stand studio light is designed in a customer-friendly way for maximum benefits.

Even beginners can quickly learn to operate it.

The most important feature is the natural daylight technology that protects my vision.

All the premium features make these the best studio lights for beginner artists.

Excellent-Quality Tripod Stand:

This studio light comes with a tripod stand that has 7’3″ in height.

This is high enough to provide me with the best and evenly scattered light on my paintings.

I can rely on this studio lamp to improve my artistry as I can pay attention to details with more enthusiasm using this studio light.

The light stand is manufactured from aluminum alloy, which is sturdy.

Natural Daylight Bulb Technology:

The natural daylight bulb technology protects the eye, avoiding eye strain or glare.

This helps maintain the proper and healthy visions and permits actual color correcting for color matching I am painting or viewing the photograph.

Due to this technology, I can conveniently and carefreely paint, knowing my vision is safe.

Perfect Studio Light for Various Uses:

This perfect studio lamp is designed for employment on medium or large surfaces and objects.

It is also supreme for large canvasses, murals, and sculptures.

The big aluminum shade pins onto the high tripod stand and can be accustomed in any location to deliver brilliant art studio lighting.

The shade is light for relaxed movement.


I can easily paint and photograph using the Daylight U31375 Artist Studio Lamp and Stand, the best and easy-to-control studio light.

  • Super true colors matching by lamp
  • Natural daylight bulb technology
  • Super wide shade with a reflective coating
  • Even light coverage
  • High-quality 7’3” metal tripod stand
  • Additional clip-on studio lamp available
  • Energy-saving daylight bulb
  • Stable base
  • The patented Clamp-Lock™ system keeps the lamp firmly in position
  • Best studio light for beginner artists
  • Great for what it does, but Fragile!

Amzrozky Workbench Light: (Best Studio office light for artists)

There was a time when I was learning how to paint from my aunt. She used to teach me with so much dedication seeing my interest.

Earlier in the evenings, we used to have trouble due to no light source.

But then she bought the Amzrozky Workbench Light, the best studio office light for the artist.

This light helped me learn with more depth.


Why is this studio light the best?

This studio light is the best due to its exceptionally incredible features.

It can be used for many purposes, including study, living room, workshop, library, artistry, etc.

These uses suggest that this light is excellent for use in places where attention to detail is needed.

It fulfills its purpose with utmost perfection with its super bright glow that is more than enough to do chores.

Also, the drafting table lamp is made of high-quality aluminum and zinc alloy, giving it all its strength.

This light prevents my eyes from getting any eye diseases, making it the best studio office light for the artist who has to pay attention to even the most minor details of his painting.

Eye Protection Technology:

The Amzrozky Workbench Light comes with a diffusion LED Panel that releases soft light without ghost, glare, or flicker.

There are 5 dimming levels & 5 lighting modes that can be adjusted according to the kind of shoot that I am doing.

The diffusion LED Panel avoids all kinds of flashes and radiations.

Its eye protection technology also protects me from eye diseases like Myopia.

Long-Lasting and Energy-Saving Light:

The LED Desk Lamp has a more than 50,000 hours lifespan with a modern LED panel.

This allows me to carefreely use it since there is no bulb-changing trouble in the coming 25 years, and this way, it saves more than 25% energy.

This lamp has a CE certificate, an Adapter with UL, and FCC certificates, proving its reliability.

Touch Control with Memory Function:

This touch lamp makes it easier for me to change the lighting mode and light dimming levels with its touch switch, keeping the brightness and function.

The touch control lets me quickly customize the settings because of its modernity.

I can adjust the light level and brightness according to my photoshoot’s needs.


The finely built Amzrozky Workbench Light is the ideal and perfect studio light for artists like me due to its superb features and premium quality.

  • Super bright light
  • Long lifespan technology
  • Highly adjustable technology
  • Eye protection technology
  • High-end & solid design
  • Energy-saving
  • Touch control with memory function
  • Wide application
  • Best studio office light for the artist
  • Tightening the screw on the base does not help against backlash

GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit: (Best Studio lights for Artist video)

I am fond of painting and posting videos of my paintings on different social media platforms to show the world.

My paintings are eye-catching, so I need a good light source to portray their true colors.

For this reason, I use the GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit, the best studio lights for artist videos.


Why is this studio light the best?

Due to its flexibility, this studio light is the best since this feature makes it ideal for me to take it to my painting location and make videos of it there.

Also, the 2-meter high light stand allows a uniform light to spread all over my picture so I can easily click photos and film videos without leaving any details.

Also, the color temperature allows me to adjust my video’s coloring better as it seems best.

All these characteristics make it the best studio light for artist video.

Self-Important US Sign Lighting:

The  LED ring light has an exceptional light design.

It releases soft light that gives my artistic videos a beautiful and appealing look.

The accurate color temperature adds to the maximum benefit this lighting kit offers me.

With a white color display, I can successfully attain beautiful skin, as it instantly makes the pictures clear and attractive.

2-Meter Adjustment Light Stand:

The height of the light stand ranges from 0.64Meters/25Inches to 2Meters/79Inches.

The secure and steadfast triangular bracket allows me to adjust the lighting height easily and guarantees the protection of my lighting device.

The light owns the 1/4 inch thread working with DSLR Cameras/Camcorders and Hand Grip.

The adjustable stand gives me all the convenience to customize its settings as I think it seems best.

Flexible and Easy-to-Fold:

This studio light has another incredible advantage, and that is its flexibility.

I can fold it after use and store it in a safe place for protection.

The foldable feature also allows me to transport this studio light and take it with me conveniently; that is usually not the case with many other lights due to their heavy weight, or they are not flexible enough to be folded.


I can never stop using the GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit to film my paintings, as it does perfectly.

  • Multiple uses
  • Best studio lights for artist videos
  • Self-important US sign lighting
  • Professional portrait photography fills light
  • 2-meter adjustment light stand
  • High-quality LED lamp beads
  • Extensive use
  • Intensity control
  • LED light source
  • Easy to fold
  • Flexible lighting
  • The bag could be improved.

TROND LED Desk Lamp with Clamp: (Best light for Painters)

My sister makes people learn to paint online through a website.

She shows them step by step process via video.

To give her tutorials a distinctive look, she uses the TROND LED Desk Lamp with Clamp as the light source.

This is the best light for painters as I have witnessed how beautiful this lamp made my sister’s painting.


Why is this studio light the best?

TROND desk light offers 5800K-6000K natural light with no glare, flickering, or ghosting.

The CRI is the color rendering index.

For this clamp lamp, the CRI is 85.

The greater the CRI value, the better the light source’s color rendering.

The soft, non-glare desk lamp is flawless for when I am painting since it lets my paintings reveal their true colors without any artificial touch to them.

Cool-white daylight, which releases blue light waves, can produce serotonin that helps me stay attentive, conscious, and aware.

The 5800K color temperature of the TROND 9W-C led clamp desk lamp can arouse the brain and aid in upsurging output.

So I can do my paintings with complete focus.

This feature makes it the best studio light for painters.

One Touchable Button to Control All:

Using my fingers or palm, I can quickly touch the power icon on top of the clamp-on light to turn on the clamp light or alter the clamp lamp strengths to 3 levels.

I must long-press the power icon for 2 seconds to turn off the lamp.

A remarkable trait about this lamp is that it remembers the bright setting from my last usage until I don’t cut off the power from this Trond-led clamp task light.

Durable Metal Clamp:

The robust metal clamp opens up to 1.65″ width (optimal 0.6″ -1.38″ width) and can be used flawlessly with music stands, pianos, office tables, computer desks, easels, headboards, etc.

Meanwhile, there are also additional defense pads inside the clamp, which benefits me in avoiding any possible scratches on my furniture.

Safe & Energy-Saving:

At the same brightness level, clamp lights consume 70%-80% less power than outmoded incandescent lamps and produce much less heat, which will not get any living beings around burned.

Also, unlike incandescent or fluorescent lights, it doesn’t contain mercury or other environmentally damaging substances.


Due to its top-notch features and excellent-quality material, the TROND LED Desk Lamp with Clamp is the best one to be used by painters.

  • Natural daylight and eye protection
  • 3-level dimmer table lamp
  • Strong metal clamp
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Sensitive touch control
  • Memory function
  • Premium service
  • Long lifespan
  • One touchable button to control all
  • Safe and energy-saving
  • I wish I could have a proper clamp version to place it on the desk’s edge more firmly.

Wellwerks 31.5in LED Desk Lamp: (Best Ultra-Wide Desk Lamp for Artist)

I can conveniently do a painting that requires lesser space.

But in the case of the big picture, I need a broader space to adjust and keep all my stuff.

Also, big paintings require a better and broader light source.

For this reason, I use the Wellwerks 31.5 LED Desk Lamp, the best ultra-wide desk lamp for the artist.


Why is this desk lamp the best?

This desk lamp’s incredible features contribute to making it the best light.

The 1100LM bright desk lamp with a built-in intelligent light sensor will sense the surrounding light intensity and adjust to my work environment’s most exemplary brightness level.

It includes 5 dimmable levels and adjustable color temperature modes (3000K-5500K, CRI>95).

The memory function memorizes my last setting.

The ultra-wide desk lamp is unique mainly due to its wideness, which is not provided by many other lights, making it the best for the artist.

Ultra-wide Desk Lamp:

The bright ultra-wide desk light with clamp provides ample8 working space for daily work and activities.

It is my best choice for reading, studying, working, gaming, designing, etc.

This up-to-date desk lamp brightens the whole desk with an incredibly wide 31.5-inch 24W LED light bar.

I can conveniently do all of my activities under this uniformly distributed light.

Flicker-free & Stable Light Source:

This desk lamp is provided with 45° angled away LEDs and a side lighting design.

It brightens only my desk and keyboard.

There is no reflected glare on the screen or in the eyes.

This helps me better see what I am working on, reducing eye fatigue, no flicker, and no ghost-freeze.

I can concentrate fully on my activity without diverging due to the stable light source.

Gesture Sensing & Saving Space:

The modern desk light comes with sensitive touch buttons.

These buttons are easy to control.

Additionally, the sturdy and supple silicone neck allows me to turn the desk mount lamp to any angle possible according to my needs.

The scratch-resistant metal clamp supports the maximum thickness of the desk edge up to 2.75in.


The Wellwerks 31.5in LED Desk Lamp is the best lamp mainly due to its size, which makes it more noticeable and attention-catching than any other desk lamp.

  • Ultra-wide desk lamp
  • Adjustable lamp
  • Super bright lamp
  • Flicker-free
  • Steady light source
  • Multi-color modes & dimmable
  • Gesture sensing & saving space
  • 5-color temperatures
  • Adjustable silicon gooseneck
  • Sturdy & adaptable clamp
  • Short power cord

Daylight Company LLC UN1530 Daylight Lamp: (Best light for Writers)

I am a student in grade VIII.

Sometimes when there is no electricity, I face difficulty doing my homework, particularly in the evenings due to the darkness.

I discussed this issue with my mother, and she bought me the Daylight Company LLC UN1530 Daylight Lamp, the best light for writers like me who have assignments, homework, or other writing tasks.


Why is this light the best?

The outstanding features that this light offers make it a top-rated light.

The flexible arm allows me to guide light where I want, especially when writing. 600K color temperature gives a much brighter light.

This lamp is far better than the others, which provide warm and less bright light and cannot be utilized for writing purposes.

Also, the presence of 4 brightness levels quickly lets me customize the brightness according to my need.

Hence, all these features make it the best light for writers.

Flexible Arm:

The daylight Company LLC UN1530 Daylight Lamp comes with a flexible arm that provides me the most benefit for my work.

I can adjust it according to my requirement.

With a flexible arm, I can conveniently guide light precisely where I need it.

Notably, this flexible arm is of great use when writing an assignment or doing my homework, as I can direct light where I want. So, this is the best light for writers.

4 Brightness Levels:

There are four brightness levels available in this lamp.

Using the brightness adjuster, I can control the brightness of light as per my need.

I bring brightness to the lowest level if I need the least light.

When I want to write or do work that requires looking, I prefer to keep the brightness level the highest to avoid eye-related diseases.

600K Color Temperature:

The 600k color temperature provides a cool white light.

This light contains more blue light and appears as a very bright light for my eyes.

Cool white light provides more brightness and is suitable for my works related to writing where sight cannot be compromised, and I am too conscious not to force myself into writing something when I can barely see anything.


All my lighting issues have been resolved since I started using the Daylight Company LLC UN1530 Daylight Lamp, with which I can do my writing effectively.

  • The best light for writers
  • Double-head for illuminated work surface
  • A flexible arm directs light exactly where needed
  • 56 high-quality LEDs for accurate color matching
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Lux output at 12″: 2, 090 Lux
  • Light color temperature:  6, 000K
  • I love this light over my hand quilting frame, except for the sensors located at the end of the light bulb.

HSK A2 Light Box Light Pad: (Best light for Sketcher)

My 10-year-old brother loves to sketch.

He has made sketches of all the family members.

He has an Instagram account that he specially created to post his sketches there.

He sketches and then clicks the pictures of his final sketch to post on Instagram with a good light source provided by the HSK A2 Light Box Light Pad, the best light for Sketcher.


Why is this light the best?

The high-quality aluminum structure makes this lightbox robust and protects it from damage.

This light box releases a powerful LED light which makes it ideal to be used by workers whose work requires a great deal of attention, and even the slightest mistake can make the whole picture look bad and ugly.

For example, sketchers.

Many sketchers, including me, use this bright light, allowing us to do our work with total concentration.

Hence, it is the best light for sketchers.

High-Quality Aluminum Structure:

The HSK A2 Light Box Light Pad is made of a premium-quality aluminum structure.

This aluminum structure benefits this light, so I can use it conveniently without worrying about losing its quality.

This light pad is durable and stays protected on its own due to the sturdy aluminum structure.

It never loses its originality, and its functioning is never impaired.

Lock/ Unlock Mode:

If I wish to lock or unlock my light pad, I can do that easily since processing is no problem.

I need to thumb the dimmer up and dimmer down simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds.

Doing this makes the light pad flash once, showing locking and unlocking modes.

This method is pretty easy to be handled, even by kids.

Lowering Aluminum Frame Temperature:

I need to improve the LED light efficiency to lower the aluminum frame temperature.

The single-led efficiency reaches to 210Lm/W.

This decreases the light pad temperature, increasing brightness up to 20%.

By doing this, I can safely use my light pad without overheating it, which may damage it.


I love the HSK A2 Light Box Light Pad since it is of much help to me and allows me to do my sketching carefreely.

  • High-quality aluminum sturdy structure
  • Powerful LED light
  • lowerable Aluminum frame temperature
  • The best light for Sketcher
  • Accessible lock/ unlock mode
  • The only thing is it dose get warm when you have it on your lap.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lights we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best studio lights for artists?

Is there a light you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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