8 Best Studio Lights for Video: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Recording videos and editing them is not an easy task for every photographer.

Many tools and techniques are required to be used in videography.

This process needs to be learned by experts.

You must have the perfect camera and tripod to avoid dangerous video effects.

Also, you need to have great lighting to capture the natural views.

We recommend some best lighting kits for the video here.

Which are the Best Studio Lights for Video?

Here are my recommended top 8 Best Studio Lights for Video:-

GVM RGB LED Video Lights: (Best Studio lights for gaming video)

Gaming videos need a perfect webcam or digital camera, high-quality microphone, screen capturing software, green screen, appealing and accurate background, and the ideal lighting for capturing the scenes during gaming.

Gamers can enjoy different accessories that are specifically made for their gaming sessions.

Try using GVM RGB LED video light.

It is the best studio light for gaming videos.


Enrich Shooting Environment:

If you want to enhance the video shooting environment, these lights are perfect and replicate 8 kinds of scenes.

These lights provide two output ways for Color Temperature and Color Saturation.

The color temperature lies between 3200K and 5600K.

The second mode is related to adjusting the color saturation of red and green from 0% to 100%.

You can swiftly match the current ambient with a knob.

Special Effects:

These video lights offer special effects and more options for video and photography etc.

it’s easy to use, and angle adjustment is simple for light shooting.

These video lights can be controlled intelligently with a mobile GVM app.

That is readily available or downloaded from google play store/ App store etc.).

This app allows you to control accurate color and temperature for the best video shooting.

Why is this light the best?

The upgraded 640 pieces of spotlight LED beads are plentiful in this light.

The light works with its grip able control.

You can maintain it by connecting with Bluetooth and using an app for it.

I can get the benefit of eight memorable lighting scenes.

The high color rendering produces natural and vivid shooting effects.

This light runs with its battery power and power adaptor too.


Gaming videos can be recorded and live.

The players are much more enthusiastic about shooting their game adventures with this light.

  • Photography Lighting with APP Control
  • 800D Video Lighting Kit for YouTube Studio
  • 2 Packs Led Panel Light for Gaming
  • Streaming and Conference
  • 8 Kinds of Scene Lights
  • CRI 97
  • Red frame coating could cause red cast

NEEWER 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light: (Best studio lights for food videos)

Making food videos is very common.

You can go on food streets to capture food videos.

If you are shooting in your studio, you must enhance your content with the perfect lighting.

You need to give excellent audio to your listeners and easy sharing options.

I always shoot food videos with Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED video light.

It is the best studio for food videos.


Perfect Lighting Effect:

This lighting effect delivers perfect lighting with its bi-color and quality.

The light keeps 330 warm white and 330 cool white LEDs.

It can capture adjustable brightness up to 0 to 100% and adjustable color temperature.

Lightweight and Slim:

It is a lightweight and slim LED light with all the best features for a premium metal design that is easy to carry.

This lighting kit does not have any fan for unwanted noise.

It has U-shaped mounting brackets, and the panel can adjust to 360 degrees.

Best Brightening Effects:

The best brightening effects of the light come from its high-quality bi-color LED video with 40-watt maximum power and the highest color temperature.

The light is the best for capturing all types of photography.

Why is this light the best?

This light has a barn door that can help to light spells accurately.

It is made with aluminum alum material and has a U-shaped bracket, making it easy to rotate.

This light comes with 360 degrees rotation.

The light has bi-color brightness and adjustable LED videos.

It is best for outdoor use or indoor use too.


The light works with its 660 LED beads, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor photography.

It is a stable light with its Aluminum alloy stand and dual power options.

  • 330 White and 330 Yellow LED long-lasting bulbs
  • Tungsten-Daylight 3200-5600K
  • 2 separate knobs on the panel
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Excellent quality aluminum alloy
  • Elegant appearance
  • U-mount bracket
  • 20 meters distance range
  • One 660 light or control multiple
  • More creative work
  • Adjustable height 36-79 inches/92-200 centimeters
  • Exceptional strength for heavy-duty work
  • Pretty sturdy for your shooting
  • Not crazy bright but adequate for most things

RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light: (Best studio lights for Youtube video)

Creating YouTube videos needs a perfect strategy and plan.

You need to decide the topic of your video and then take the best ideas to make the audience understand your perspective.

There are many channels on YouTube that utilize Raleno 2 packs LED video light.

It is the best studio light for youtube videos.


Soft Light Illumination:

Soft lighting eliminates the best performance with its perfect LED beads and quiet operation.

The light has full-featured photography assistance with 0% to 100% dimmable quality.

This light delivers high-quality effects and accurate color rendition.

High-Performance Studio Light:

The package contains high-performance studio LEDs with a wide range of applications and is suitable for all types of photography.

It has been made with practical and protective materials.

It is made with a durable handbag that easily transfers the lighting tools.

Why is this light the best?

It is the best light having different effects for perfect photography.

It has bicolor dimmable quality up to 0 to 100% and the best color temperature.

This light has a built-in battery with long-life usage.

You can use this light for up to 1 hour after a full charge.

It is more durable and easy to carry.

The large bag of light is for more portability.

The light has ultra-high CRI that can achieve accurate color rendition and clear images.


This light is much more friendly and has a long-term after civil service.

The light is the best for studio portraits, interviews, and business advertisements.

It is an essential tool for YouTube channels when you make videos.

  • Soft and Uniform
  • 192 SMD lamp beads
  • Acrylic light guide plate
  • Built-in Dual 8000 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • High-Resolution LCD Display
  • Color temperature and battery power information
  • Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness
  • Wide Compatibility
  • 1/4 inch hot shoe mount
  • Digital SLR camera
  • Adjustable at 180° front and rear
  • Easy to install and fix
  • Effectively prevent shaking during use
  • Perfect for my application; battery life is less than advertised

UBeesize LED Video Light Kit: (Best studio lights for advertising videos)

Advertising videos need killer content to be focused on.

It can be done with only UBeesize LED video light kit.

It is the best studio light for advertising videos.

It would help if you made advertising videos short and attractive for your audience through personalization.

You can also tell the story about the brand or the product.

Remember to include CTA for quick contact.


Different Shooting Angles:

This light has shooting modes up to 10%- 100% brightness level.

It has a 1/4 universal ball head.

The light can shoot at different angles because of its moving and adjustable features.

The light has a 180-degree adjustable panel, making it easy to shoot on different occasions.

USB Powered Light:

This is a USB power light with a USB port.

It is a continuous light that can highlight the subject in front of it in various situations.

I can attach this light to my laptop or computer for live conferences and video recording.

Best for Advertizing Videos:

It is the best light for advertising videos because of its diverse shooting effects.

It can capture four colors red, orange, white, and blue, so it is suitable for all types of YouTube videos and conferences.

This multifunction light has the best features for advertising videos because of the enhancement of the subjects.

It can give true colors and natural scenes in videos.

Why is this light the best?

It is the best light for video recording, playing games, shooting people, or makeup videos.

It has different light effects.

You can have yellow, blue, red, white, and orange light.

It has adjustable brightness with its On and Off buttons.

You can easily maintain its height.

The higher quality lighting has 66 energy-saving lamp beads.

Its stand can be adjusted in different dimensions.

It has a multifunction tripod and easy-to-use features.


This light is the best for use on professional advertising videos.

It can deliver different effects with different colors to easily maintain your advertising videos.

  • Small LED panel light
  • 1/4 universal ball head
  • 180° adjustable panel
  • Cable control 10%~100% brightness level option
  • Diversification Shooting Effects
  • 2 * 4 color filters (red, orange, white, blue)
  • Height: 23.62″ to 57.68″
  • USB-Powered Light
  • Multifunctional Use
  • Perfect lighting suitable for studios, lighting for videos and images.
  • The only thing I would change would be the height they can go to—a little short, in my opinion.

Video Conference Lighting: (Best studio lights for video conferences)

Conference videos need to have perfect lighting scenes.

You must take care of the right background and maintain eye contact with your listeners.

You also need to make sure about the high-quality audio and your presentation.

We recommend you use Video Conference lighting.

It is the best studio light for video conferences.


Easy to Use and Stable:

This light is easy to use because of its adjustable features.

It has just one chip to attach to my computer monitor or laptop so that I can use this light with my desktop to give a live session on all YouTube videos.

It is much more stable due to its perfect material.

Multipurpose Studio Light:

It is a multipurpose studio light used in dark areas or for night videos.

It is a professional tool for making video conferences, zoom calls, and other types of photography.

It has 5 color lighting modes so that I can have five different brightness effects and colors.

Its color temperature is also adjustable.

Best for Video Conference:

This light is the best for video conferences because it can be set on my laptop and has a soft look in every situation.

It has 6 colors, and I can have a lamp shade with PC material.

The light shows even the look on my face while having video conferences.

Why is this light the best?

The light is fantastic for multiple uses.

It is an LED light with a rotatable tripod stand.

You can charge this light from your laptop or mobile power charging.

This desktop light can be the best for shooting live conferences and other types of videos.

It has different functions that you can manage with six different RGB colors and 5 colors temperature.


You can clamp this light onto your laptop for different shooting modes.

You can benefit from the light at night while having excellent and clear videography.

  • 5 color lighting modes
  • Color temperature: 2700k to 6500K
  • PC material lamp shade
  • Easy to use & stability
  • USB powered
  • Self-timer aura
  • Multi-purpose
  • Professional tool suitable for video light
  • None

Skytex Softbox Lighting Kit: (Best studio lights for makeup video)

Makeup videos are great in number on YouTube and on other channels.

You can also make your makeup videos with the perfect lighting to capture the colors and natural looks.

You can use the Skytex softbox lighting kit.

It is the best studio light for makeup videos.


Adjustable Features:

The light has adjustable features with its rotatable head and adjustable stand.

I can adjust the stand height up to 26 to 79 inches.

The stand has three section columns, so it is easy to put it on the ground.

It is much more stable and sturdy because of its Aluminium alloy material.

The angle of the stand can be adjustable up to 10 degrees so that you can also screw this light stand with a 1/4-inch standard screw thread tip.

Easy to Operate:

It is an easy-to-operate lighting kit having updated three colors of dimmable LED bulbs.

It saves 80% energy and keeps the perfect temperature and brightness.

The dimmable quality makes this light the best for different professional photography scenes.

This light can be controlled with its remote.

It is easy to operate with its intuitive buttons.

I can accommodate the light settings to my preferences.

It is a highly portable and lightweight lighting kit.

Best for Makeup Videos:

This light is best for makeup videos because its LED bulbs deliver natural light.

It has warm and cool lighting temperatures.

It has a wide range of scenarios that can be captured, like portrait photography, product photography, pet photography, gaming, and other live streaming options.

Why is this light the best?

This light works best with its different effects.

It has 85 Watt long-life LED bulbs that have a 20000-hour life Lumen.

It has a suitable dimmable quality and is controlled by remote control.

It has 80% energy-saving quality.

It is a sturdy and durable lighting kit with accessories that are easy to adjust according to your need.

The height of quality diffusers can deliver the best scenes and softness.


This light is just perfect for home studios and other professional levels videos.

You can use this light for makeup videos.

It highlights the process of wearing makeup with a clear image of the tutorial.

  • Aluminum Alloy Light Stand
  • 3-Color dimmable led bulbs with diffuser built-in
  • 80% energy saving
  • Color temperature 2700-6400K
  • Brightness 1-100% adjustable via remote control
  • Lifetime approx. 10000 hours
  • 140 high-quality light beads
  • Rotatable Head & Adjustable Stand
  • Height adjustable: 26 to 79 inch
  • More sturdy and stable
  • 210°adjustable lamp holder
  • 1/4-Inch Standard Screw Thread Tip
  • Extra-long 8.5Ft/250cm cable
  • Greater range of movement
  • Convenient for shooting photography
  • Easy to Operate
  • Dimmable Tricolor Light
  • Suitable for Various Photography
  • The stands are very thin and weak.

EMART 60 LED Continuous Portable Lighting Kit: (Best studio lights for video tutorial)

Tutorial videos can be made on any topic.

You must select the right tools and location for making that tutorial videos.

You must have the perfect lighting with thinking about your viewers.

You can use Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable lighting kit.

It is the best studio light for video tutorials.


Ideal Continuous Light:

It is an ideal continuous light with 1400 Lumen and a 180-degree adjustable angle.

It has different color gel filters and 15 Watt LED lights.

It delivers true colors and natural effects.

The retractable brackets make it more convenient to use.

Perfect Daylight Temperature:

The light creates perfect daylight temperature because it protects the safety of the brightness.

You can get 50% off the USB-powered models.

This light is multifunctional and can be used for photography and videos.

The light can also be used as a tabletop studio or lighting.

It has handheld use.

The light is suitable for game streaming and other types of videos.

Best for Video Tutorial:

The light is the best for making video tutorials.

All types of video tutorials can be made with 60 LED bulbs and a stand that can be adjustable.

I can use this light with an adaptor version or USB power.

The light shows a professional view of the scene.

It is perfect for daylight, temperature, and brightness.

I can use it for making videos of cooking and baking too.

Why is this light the best?

The light has effective performance because of its prolonged service life.

It has stereoscopic heat holes, so it is easy to dissipate heat from the light.

The light has energy-saving bulbs.

It has different color filters and brightness.

The light has an adjustable stand and other accessories for more compatibility.


Different kinds of photography and videos can be captured with 60 LED light bulbs.

It has a 180-degree angle, making it easy to adjust the light.

It is the best studio light for video tutorials.

  • 180° Adjustable Angle
  • Daylight balanced 5500K
  • 15W LED continuous lighting
  • Deliver true and natural colors
  • More than 50% of USB-powered models comparison
  • Multifunction use
  • Retractable bracket
  • Handheld use available
  • 11 levels of brightness adjustable
  • They do tend to get a little warm, so just be careful with that.

SH Softbox Lighting Kit: (Best studio lights for film videos)

If you are shooting a film video, you need to have plenty of light to capture a clean and clear picture for the audience.

If it is not so, then nobody will watch your film.

You need to have a clean background and good video editing.

You can make it more attractive when you avoid the dangerous effects of the video.

You can shoot like a pro if the SH Softbox Lighting kit is there.


Life Longer Bulbs:

The light has two LED light bulbs having 30 energy-saving LEDs.

It has 50000 hours lifetime.

It is the best light having adjustable performance and dimmable quality.

The cool three-color modes are the best in every scene.

It has a 3000K to 6000K adjustable color temperature with a dimming range of 20%, 50%, and 100%.

For Various Photography:

This light is for various kinds of photography because of its different features.

It has the best reflector material construction.

It has a perfect diffuser angle with a softbox.

I can reduce light loss by evenly distributing this light into the scene.

It has retractable 210 degrees head and an adjustable stand.

Best for Film Videos:

This light is the best for film videos because of its unique features.

I can adjust the head and stand of the light with its perfect material and upgraded bulbs.

It is a live, extended lighting kit containing different LED bulbs, an adjustable softbox, and a stand with a carrying bag.

It is portable to take anywhere.

Why is this light the best?

This light creates different scenes with its adjustable brightness, energy-saving performance, and control by its remote.

The light diffuser is made with Nylon reflective material and soft clothes.

It spreads uniform light everywhere in the scene.

It has a flexible softbox and is perfect for capturing any situation.

You can use the light for product photography, video shooting, and recording vlogs.


The great light has been made with aluminum material.

With its adjustable color temperature, adjustable stand, and head, you can use this light for vlogging and other types of videos.

It is the best light for film videos.

  • 2 LED photography lighting bulbs
  • 30 energy-saving lamp beads
  • Longer life: up to 50,000 hours
  • More robust
  • 3 color modes
  • 3000K to 6000K color temperature
  • Dimming range: 20%- 50%-100%
  • PET Reflector Material
  • Good reflective effect
  • Rotatable 210°Head & Adjustable Stand
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Good strength and stability
  • The only thing I noticed is that the materials are kind of cheap.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lights we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Studio Lights for Video?

Is there a light you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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