8 Best Studio Lights for YouTube: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

The story lineup is set up with the smart camera and the external microphone, but the ideal lighting condition is the main thing.

All efforts are pointless if you do not apply the perfect light to the recording videos based on the variant niche.

The best studio lights for Youtube polish the overall look of the videos to the maximum extent, and the viewers will be attracted to these videos.

I develop a slip of a list for your dull videos and spread the blow of lights in your videos.

The best quality videos get millions and millions of views in a single day.

Which are the Best Studio Lights for YouTube?

Here are my recommended top 8 Best Studio Lights for YouTube:-

Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light: (best studio lights for food videos Youtube)

I made a Singaporean rice dish for the first time on my Youtube channel last Sunday.

I always used the Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light to get the advanced level illumination videos for my “Singaporean Mashup Food” channel.

The brighter quality video and the perfect thumbnail invited people to click your videos without trouble.

The best studio light for videos on Youtube.

I am satisfied with the inner dimension facets of this light for any sort of video.


Energy Saving SMD Bulbs:

It requires a minimum amount of voltage, 5v, for charging this light through the USB port.

The present-day energy-saving 66 pcs SMD bulb’s modern design system gave me the excellent par quality of video with complete 10-100% over the 5600k color temperature.

It moves ahead with the 4 color filters (white, red, yellow, and blue) that hike the thumbnail photo for the youtube videos.


I would prefer the USB wall charger (5v 2A), or the second option is the USB power strip.

This method longers the life of my light and avoids powering the light with the laptop, power bank, and tablet.

It delivers insufficient light output while charging.

The most suitable light for your food channel creation.

Foldable and Extendable Tripod:

The most convenient height, a 45.66” tripod, is best to match the height of the cooking stove while preparing Singaporean rice.

The mini tripod can directly go up with the ascending panel light for getting the ultra-position lighting place and the minimum enough to 8.85” to arrest the best shots of the final presented food by putting it onto the shelf or the tabletop.

Why is this studio light the best?

It has the cut above features light with a decent design.

It carries the energy-reduction modish SMD beads that consume the least energy and impart long-lasting glowing power for the full years.

It is a convenient USB mode for charging the light in multiple ways.

The bendable expanding properties of light are constructed for running the exceptional qualities of youtube videos.

Collectively is the multi-power sparkling light for polished youtube videos to the optimal extent.


It has a rotatable 180 degrees light with a flexible height that makes this light cut above in the eyes of the customers that run the multiple channels simultaneously.

The Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light is the best studio light for food videos, Youtube, selfies, portraits, and desktop lamps.

  • 2 Pack: Dimmable Video Light
  • Studio Light: Youtube
  • Color Temperature: 5600k
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Port
  • Brightness: 10% to 100%
  • Output Power: 10W
  • Luminous Flux: 1000LM
  • DC power input: USB 5v/2A
  • Led Quantity: 66PCS
  • Filter: 8 Filter in Four Color
  • Tripod Stand: Flexible Height
  • Average build quality

3 Packs of 70 LED Video Conference Lighting: (Best studio lights for Youtube fashion videos)

I am a famous photographer by profession, and every popular fashion designer hires me to shoot summer and winter outfits.

I opened my channel on Youtube last year to discuss the reasonable prices, the sales of the different designer collections, and the trendy style of the clothes.

Everybody wanted to be modern and wear the most trendy outfit for weddings and formal parties.

All are possible because every new designer wishes to collaborate with my channel to promote your products.

I bought 3 packs of 70 LED Conference Lighting to accomplish this aim, the best studio lights for Youtube fashion videos with the easy clamp arm stand.


Easy To Shoot Brightness:

I perfectly captured the design of the whole costume sent to my house and gifted it to my wife after promotion on my channel.

I used this light for more than a year fixed on the large table to arrest the accurate shots of the dress design and talked a little about the fabric material.

The 70 pcs light has illuminance up to 1100 Lux (0.5).

I utilize the index lamp beads with the CRI 97+ to pass the more genuine light source to my shooting dress.

Lighting Control:

I put this light on my shooting table effortlessly for the first time without any guidelines.

I just compress the button mentioned on the USB cable to switch the mode and modify the brightness in the better mode to get the ideal glowing results from 10%-100%.

I show my selected dress in multiple four-color filters to attract customers’ attention.

Clamp Desk and scissor Arm Stand:

The most admirable thing in this light is the boom blastic scissor arm stand that is highly bendable around the 360 degrees angle.

I made the daily videos of the day’s special outfit by twisting the light on the most desirable detail of the shirt design.

The portable and sturdy clamp desk is easily attached to my table without scratching the layers of the table.

Why is this studio light the best?

It is utterly different from the other categories of light in the sense of the smartly movable arm stand and the table fixing clamp.

It has 10 levels of alterable glaring for acquiring the to-the-point beam on the specific target while you are busy making videos of the single outfit.

The 70 pcs flashing light is enough to create the ideal Youtube for any fashion channel over the 5400K and 5800K color temperature by securing the natural color of the costume by the high CRI 97+.


The professionally improved addition of 3 Packs of 70 LED Video Conference Lighting is the best studio light for Youtube fashion videos, zoom calls, portrait shooting, Live Streaming, etc.

This light has the cutout traits for your recording videos by the table mounting clamp and the boom scissor moveable arm stand.

  • Brand: Obeamiu
  • 70 Pcs: Video Conference Light
  • And Fashion Videos
  • Luminance: 1100 Lux(0.5M)
  • CRI: ≥97
  • TLCI: ≥97
  • RA: ≥97
  • 10-100%.
  • Color Temperature: 5400K and 5800K
  • Filters: Four Colors
  • Boom Arm: 19.68” to 33.46”
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Cable
  • They do NOT come with power supplies and run off of USB

14” Selfie Ring Light: (best studio light for daily vlogs)

I started my vlogging channel, but I can’t get a higher boosting kick because of the higher competition.

I planned to visit the best traveling place in the world with my wife.

We selected the Maldives because it’s my dream to visit this heavenly place once in my life.

This journey boosted my channel views and ranking.

I used the 14” Selfie Ring Light to brighten the indoor dinner and the indoor scenes.

The best studio light for continuing the daily traveling vlogs but in a natural way and did minor editing.


Dual trait Remote Control Design:

It is the integration of the infrared lighting control and the Bluetooth shutter release offered for catching incredible shots in a short period.

I adjust the light within the 300ft range of the 300ft to allow me to alter the position of the color temperature according to the perfect desirable scenes.

I attained the 2-in-1 minimalist design with uncountable facets.

Dimmable Ring Light:

Daily vlogging means I need durable light in the small budget available for 24 hours.

This light has 3 color lighting modes (warm, calm, and yellow light), and every mode has a 10 level of brightness, 30 possibilities for me in total.

I modified my shade into yellow at dinner time to capture the lovely shots with my wife having the feeling of candlelight dinner.

Stable and Extended Tripod Stand:

I adjusted the height of this new style lock catch tripod stand enlarger from 15” to 60” as maintained by the sitting and the standing position.

The sturdy stand is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum alloy and has no broken experience.

Why is this studio light the best?

It is viable with most iOS and Android telephones.

The 4-inch power remote impeccably fits the touch plan to upgrade the client experience.

It has 320 LED light beads to present to you more brilliant, all the more even daily vlogs photos.

This ring light makes each photograph and video look more expert ( Color temperature from 3000K to 6500K ).

The 10 levels of brightness in the three available three modes enhance the variant effects of light according to the situation.


It has a hot-shoe adapter that is moldable with most DSLR cameras.

The intelligent grabbing smartphone holders on the most wanted location.

The 14” Selfie Ring Light is the best studio light for daily vlogs, studio photography, makeup, Tiktok, and Youtube.

  • Brand: MRZ
  • Selfie Ring Light: 14”
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Control: Remote Base
  • Lamp Beads: 320 pcs
  • Color Temperature: 3000K to 6500K
  • Brightness: 10 Level
  • Modes: 3 color Modes
  • Stand Height: 15” to 60”
  • Great light, a little unstable with the batteries attached.

3 Packs of 70 LED Video Light: (best studio light for Youtube news channels)

ABC News is the biggest platform for giving me a chance to entertain a broad audience around the globe.

I preferred the 3 Packs 70 LED Video Light because it is the best studio light for Youtube news channels.

My team and I please the people by providing a new update regarding the new schedule of games in the different foreign and Asian countries.

It never let me down in the live session of shooting and intelligently maintained my set glaring.


Versatile Color Temperature:

In the live discussion gaming studio, I have to manage the complete lighting condition in the studio to get the highest TRPs worldwide.

The ideal color temperature range initially started from 5400k to 5800k for the cut above the fire discussion on the rocket level by changing the light per the scene’s requirement.

The 360 degrees will blow my live gaming show fantastic with the 70 pcs led light sparkling beads.

Lighting Control Method:

The live successful gaming show has the most significant effort behind the scenes.

Everyone performs the duty timely without making any mistakes.

Our team members control this many light panels by tapping the USB cable button to switch mode between the breaks and adjust the brightness in other modes 10-100% to create an ideal climate around the inviting guests on the stage.

Stable Weighted Tripod:

The build formation of these tripod stands is simple without twisting and lock design and never collapses over the passing time.

This brand tripod acquired the quick-flip lock and heavy tripod base to strengthen the equilibrium so it won’t tip over.

It can expand its length from 27.17” to 48.39” and build up the sturdy, high-quality aluminum alloy.

Why is this studio light the best?

This Video Light is planned with 70 pcs lamp beads.

Low-intensity result and energy use, more extensive brightening, and precise variety of temperatures.

Effectively switch various temperatures between 5400K and 5800K dimmable to address every one of your issues in various conditions.

No-Twisting-To-Lock that implodes after some time, Obeamiu mount takes on fast flip locks and a weighted stand base for expanded security so it won’t fall over.

The ten-level brightness and the four filter modes put this light on the top priority list for Youtube-making news videos.


The four-color filters are best for celebrating the winning team’s victory by turning on the red light and enjoying the other three colors.

The 3 Packs 70 LED Video Light is the best studio light for Youtube news channels, live broadcasts, portrait shooting, beauty makeup, etc.

  • Brand: Obeamiu
  • 3 Packs: 70 Led Video Light
  • Illuminance: 1100Lux(0.5M)
  • Color Temperature: 5400K and 5800K
  • CRI: ≥97
  • TLCI: ≥97
  • Brightness: 10-100%
  • Filters: Four Color Filters
  • Extend Tripod Stand: 27.17” to 48.39”
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Powered
  • Power Capacity: 10W
  • DC Power Input: 5v/2A
  • They do NOT come with power supplies and run off of USB

MSKIRA 2PCS Studio Light: (Best studio light for Music videos on Youtube)

I have the spreading branching of the music studio that creates simple music videos for newcomers on Youtube.

All my studios have fixed the same light, MSKIRA 2PCS Studio Light catching the perfect shots of the live video recording hours.

This light gives me the full trump card for recording the natural expression of the singer while recording the full music video for the Youtube channel.

The best studio light for publishing music videos on Youtube.


High Standard Led Bulb:

My studio mostly has the numbers of the new YouTuber singers for recording the song and showing their faces only.

The 65w light with 5500k led light offers me a bulk of light recording to the amount of light.

It delivers a secure and stable environment for my clients shooting music videos.

Large Softboxes:

I got the optimal light, and never hard for customers throughout the music recording and shooting the face of the singer.

The 20″×28″/50cm x 70cm prime quality speedy setup umbrella softbox with adjustable ad moveable holder softens the light and prevents shadow and flare while recording the song album.

Multi-function Stand:

The multifunction stands are set according to the customer’s height.

The Maximum height is 210cm, and the minimum height is 78cm, which is a lot for getting accurate outcomes exactly matching the client’s dream shoot.

I can fold down to 72 cm to maintain effortless portability.

Why is this studio light the best?

This excellent video light is planned with bulb-type white studio light, perfect energy-saving and intensity scattering, and is sturdy to utilize.

The handle can change brilliance and temperature levels because of various conditions and necessities.

The socket permits the point of the board lighting to be changed in multiple directions.

The stretchable and change light stand with a higher mount level of 78cm.

The power adapter-based light eats less electrical ability to top off the lighting energy, and the long shield life is about 10000 hours per light.


The heat-releasing ceramic E27 bulb holder joint extends the bulb’s shield life, and you enjoy the long-lasting brightness.

It saves me from the changing expenses.

The MSKIRA 2PCS Studio Light is the best studio light for music videos on Youtube, fashion shots, model portraits, film recording, etc.

  • Brand: MSKIRA
  • Socket: E27
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Power: 65W
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Life: 10000 hours per Light
  • Mode: White
  • Softboxes: Two
  • Material: Ceramic
  • None

GVM Key Light: (best studio light for outdoor videos on Youtube)

I reside in a big house.

I set one corner for growing the vegetables.

I cared for these newly born vegetables like my baby even at night.

I retired from the job because of my increasing age, but I find the other activities for myself busy and calm.

I bought the GVM key light to record the growing vegetables and published them on my Youtube channel.

I believe this is the best studio light for outdoor videos on Youtube.


Ultra Brightness Video Light:

My bigger house is not located in the range of the city so, lots of greenery all around my house with less traffic.

Monkey is present all around the house, disturbing my new plants.

I turn on this light for the whole night near the new plant for safety.

It is constructed with 256 beads with CRI 97+ put forward 10-100% brightness.

C-clamp and Soft Diffuser:

The c-clamp is very helpful for me to save space by mounting the studio light around the central point.

I take full advantage by using the diffuser to generate ultra-soft radiant illumination all over the garden.

It gave me a flawless view when shooting the Youtube videos at night.

Intelligent App Control and Adjustment Knob:

I scan the manual QR code and download the app.

I comfortably control the light via my cell phone by downloading the app.

It fits out with the angle adjustment knob to support 360 degrees rotation and follows what the master mode device does with the instructions.

Why is this studio light the best?

The bi-color ultra-bright color light for catching the outdoor videos for Youtube channels.

The c-clamp supports adjusting the light in the perfect place by just mounting the screw in C-shape.

The single diffuser plate enhances the overall beauty by delivering extra mild illumination to your videos.

It has dual power modes one is the AC adapter for indoor and the second is the two Sony NP-F series Batteries for outdoor usage.

It is smartly managed by the App control system and the adjustment knobs.

The enslaver and slave modes worked when you bought multiple lights to develop the new studio.


The first-class heat dissipation system and the medium-size LCD screen represent the color temperature, brightness, control modes, and channel values.

The GVM Key Light is the best studio light for outdoor videos on Youtube, gaming, studio, and live streaming.

  • Brand: GVM
  • 14”: Key Round Studio Light
  • Power: 60W
  • Power Supply: DC15V/4A
  • Power Supply Mode: DC input & Battery
  • Color Rendering Index & TLCI: ≥97
  • Color Temperature Range: 3200K-5600K
  • Nature: Bi-color (warm light/white light)
  • Dimming Range: 10%~100%
  • Lamp Beads Quantity: 256 pcs
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Cooling: Natural Heat Dissipation
  • Product Material: Aluminum alloy
  • App Control System
  • The diameter of the light surface is a little smaller than I thought, its 12.9 inches.

SUPON 3 Pack LED Video Light Stand Lighting Kit: (Best studio light for educational videos on Youtube)

I deliver online classes daily from all over the world related to science.

I started my teaching career last year by making science subject videos for publishing on Youtube using the power of the SUPON 3 Pack LED Light Stand Lighting Kit.

I made videos on different topics in my room at night using this light illumination power.

My thinking will stop, and I must say this is the best studio light for educational videos on Youtube.


Bi-color in Nature:

My mood is bored by using the simple white light while delivering the lecture and recording hours.

I change the white color from cold to warm.

It supplies me with the two colors’ temperature that ranges from 3300k-5600k over the modifying brightness range from 20% to 100%.

The clear transparency in the online delivery just because of the CRI 95+ makes the picture and the video more natural and evocative.

Dual Power Means:

I prefer the Ac adapter for porting the science lecture by staying at my house.

Life is full of countless tastes, and it is my nature to pick one by one and enjoy life even while delivering the lecture by standing in the park where there is no noise and disturbance.

I selected the Sony Lithium Battery mode and did not worry about the power supply deficit.

Adjustable Light Stand:

The height perfectly matched my whiteboard while passing the lecture to the students.

The 79-inch tripod light stands with a height span from 47″ to 78” and is easy to move by coming along with the hot-shoe adapter, which offers me to alter the lighting angle in different shooting scenes.

What is this studio light the best?

The extra portable and the slim body structure light panel for the education Youtube videos.

This video light made the studio climate more beautiful and intelligent.

The High splendor and exact color temperature effortlessly changed by the handle.

HD LCD show plainly shows the boundaries.

Lightweight makes it convenient to take everywhere.

Warm to Cold temperature range with combatively customizable temperatures, it can also operate with NP-F batteries (accompanies an NP-550 battery).

It has a connector to utilize straightforwardly by plugging into the wall for charging.


The intelligent battery compartment design is best for continuing outdoor activities.

The lightweight and ultra-thin structure make the light panel more demanding at the market level.

The SUPON 3 Pack LED Light Stand Lighting Kit is the best studio light for educational videos on Youtube and other social media platforms.

  • Model: L122T LED Video Light
  • Brand: Supon
  • Brightness: 20% to 100%
  • Color Temperature: 3300K-5600K
  • CRI: 97+
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Cable
  • Hot shoe Adapter: Three in Number
  • Power Modes: AC Adapter and Sony Lithium Battery
  • 3 Tripod Stand: 78 inch
  • Light Nature: Bi-color (Cold and Warm)
  • The plug is wire is very short, and the batteries don’t last as long as I may like (though they usually do last long enough).

RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel: (best studio light for makeup videos on Youtube)

I ran the makeup parlor for two years but still did not find regular base customers.

I utilized the power of Youtube by making trendy makeup tutorials to grab countless clients even in a single day.

I always use the RELLENO LED Soft Light Panel to record my clients’ makeup tutorial videos if you are willing to record the videos.

In my opinion, the best studio light for makeup videos is on Youtube.


Professional Led Light Panel:

The even professional panel light takes on the acrylic light guide plate, which can successfully d out the glare and give me the smooth and soft texture light for client makeup.

In this light, I effortlessly find the inaccurate makeup potion on the skin just because of this light.

Extendable Battery Life:

When I am invited to do bridal makeup outdoors, I take this light with me to never face any problems with light while doing the bridal makeup.

The built-in rechargeable battery can put me for 90 minutes at 100% brightness.

The USB and the battery power deliver sufficient light when I stand for customer makeup.

Variable Brightness and Color:

I have been lucky to have this light with versatile brightness(0%-100%) and color temperature (3200k-5600k).

It is conveniently modifiable to create the variant lighting effects by the end photoshoot of the bridal for my Youtube makeup channel.

Why is this studio light the best?

The simple soft video light panel is carried out to deliver professional indoor hardware for photographers and Youtube makeup video creator specialists.

The comfort stone line on the silver mirror reflects the soft light to maintain the pleasant climate during the live shooting of the makeup tutorial and remove the shadow to the maximum extent to amplify the effects of the recording makeup videos.

This soft led light budget is a dwarf in my pocket.

It is awarded to bi-color softer thinner and the upgraded light with color temperature range 3200K-5600k flawless for maintaining the natural shades of the subject.

It is based on a sublime plain structure with great trendy traits.


The dual-hole fixing design prevents the light from trembling while recording videos.

The cold shoe adapter and the ¼ threaded hole from the light are compatible with the camcorders, SLR cameras, and tripods.

The RALENO LED Soft Light Panel is the best studio light for makeup videos on Youtube, zoom meetings, video conferences, and TikTok photography.

  • Brand: Raleno Led Video Light
  • Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Brightness: (0%-100%)
  • Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
  • Lamp Beads: 116pcs
  • Adapter: Cold Shoe
  • Long-lasting Life: 90 minutes
  • CRI 95+
  • The battery is short for streaming, and warm light is not intense; otherwise AMAZIN.


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lights we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Studio Lights for YouTube?

Is there a light you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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