Nikon Z5 Review

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  • It can be recharged quickly via USB
  • Live-view
  • Weatherproof, i.e., dust and splashproof
  • Touch screen
  • Mirrorless camera
  • Animal eye autofocus
  • Image stabilization
  • Two memory card slot
  • Expeed 6 image processor
  • Weight-less body
  • time lapse
  • Multiple exposures
  • ISO 100-51200
  • 4K UHD 2160p
  • FX-format
  • CMOS image sensor
  • 3 MP magnification
  • 273 point AF
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 5-axis sensor-shift
  • Cropped 4K recording
  • Meager 4.5fps continuous drive
  • Few third-party Z lenses are available

Nikon Z5 Review:

I am a born photographer.

I can take photos with my eyes and keep them in my imagination.

Don’t you believe me?

Ok, let’s be practical!

If you consider photography of all kinds, the most important thing you need is a camera that works perfectly with different lenses.

On other occasions—considering different circumstances, most people want to save the memory of those events by clicking pictures.

But the main problem is the camera because not every camera is perfect for every occasion.

But in this case, many other companies are successfully introducing cameras that are good to go with every event and variation of lenses.

These cameras are so sweet in functioning that everyone using them loves them while working on them. Among those camera companies, the most highly rated company is Nikon.

When introducing a new camera edition sets a high mark of advantages for camera users, they mostly prefer to use Nikon.

Among some spectacular cameras from Nikon, the Nikon Z5 is also the best camera that goes on the wheel on every occasion you attend.

Nowadays, Nikon has also introduced many cameras with even more advanced technologies, but if you are looking for a medium-priced camera, the Nikon Z5 is worth buying.

Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review


With many beautiful capabilities, the Nikon Z5 is a ready-to-go camera for many events.

Considering its pros, the camera has many excellent features worth buying.

The camera can be said to be a superstar camera because of its effective results that create a mind-blowing impact on the user.

This camera has many different technological advancements, and professionals can use this camera.

The Nikon Z5 is a camera used for fast and slow-motion recordings.

The long-lasting battery and memory enhance the effect of the camera’s work, making it a superb camera for everyday use.

The fantastic Nikon Z5 was recommended to me by a friend who told me that if you need a camera with all your fantasies in just one frame, you can consider the Nikon Z5, as it can fulfill all your demands.

The outstanding lenses and the camera’s effects with the recording speed are suitable for all types of photography.


  • 24.3 million pixels
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Nikon Z mount
  • FX-format
  • CMOS sensor type
  • SD memory
  • UHS-II compliant memory
  • ISO 100-51,200
  • 3.2 diagonal monitor size
  • 590 g body weight (body only)
  • Tilting TFT
  • Touch-sensitive LCD
  • Dust-reduction system
  • Dustproof
  • Splashproof
  • NEF (RAW) and JPEG image format
  • Built-in stereo
  • DCF 2.0 file system
  • 100% vertical and horizontal viewfinder screen
  • 0.8x viewfinder magnification
  • -4 to +2 m-1 viewfinder diopter adjustment
  • Electronically controlled shutter type
  • 4.5 frames per second shutter speed
  • 273 single-point AF
  • TTL flash control
  • 29 minutes 59 seconds maximum movie recording time
  • 1,040,000 k dots monitor resolution
  • USB type C connecter
  • EN-EL15c rechargeable Li-ion battery


Sometimes, I think that the camera designers of Nikon, while designing the camera, keep up with the problems of people’s minds, which primarily travel a lot.

This is because excellent street or sports photography cameras are designed so the user is not uncomfortable carrying them.

Similarly, the Nikon Z5 is designed to be easy to carry.

Apart from this significant factor, the body’s design does not reduce capacity.

The camera is designed in a way that it can easily take great shots while moving.

This FX-format camera is terrific for both videos and photos.

The camera’s body starts from a 3.2-inch diagonal monitor LCD, which is touch-sensitive but magnifies 1,040,000 k dots.

This tilting TFT screen creates a fantastic picture with a clear and vivid result.

The screen’s titling design helps the professionals capture all the beauties from different angles, giving the overall best effect.

The touch screen of the monitor makes photography more fun for the user.

The 3.6m dot electronic viewfinder provides the best results on eye level.

Apart from all this camera’s beautiful features, the frame and camera’s body are made up of a magnesium alloy chassis that is dustproof and splashproof.

This feature of the technical equipment is loved by most people as if we are using any specialized equipment, and we have a thought in our minds: What if there was a waterfall on it?

What will happen if the dust covers it up?

This Nikon Z5 makes you completely tension-free; no matter what, the camera is saved in your hands.

Body Only:

The camera’s effects and results depend upon the camera’s body.

Other features also matter, but if my camera is easy to carry, I can get many images quickly without any problem.

Many cameras give effective results, but their body is not so good.

Nowadays, people prefer smaller cameras and light weights. Once Nikon’s cameras acknowledge you, you will find all the effective results with an excellent camera body.

The Nikon Z5 is a camera with a 3.2 diagonal monitor with a total weight of approx—20.9 oz.

The 500 g weight of the camera is the actual weight of the camera’s body. It does not include the importance of the lenses, whereas this incredible camera is 100.55mm vertically and 134mm horizontally.

Lenses and image sensor:

The adventurous story of this digital camera starts with the interchangeable lenses compatible with the Nikon Z mount.

The lenses that are good to go with the Nikon Z5 are all those lenses that are excellent in street photography, wildlife photography, sports photography, etc.

This means that this camera is an all-rounder camera that fulfills the demands of any professional user.

I mention the names of some lenses compatible with the Nikon Z5 and provide effective results.

But before starting it, let me tell you something more substantial.

When a friend recommended this camera, I was confused about whether I needed to buy it or if it was just another way of wasting my money.

So, I decided to study a lot more about this specific camera.

I thought this camera was old-fashioned, but to my surprise, it almost contained every technology I needed.

The result of the camera is impressive because of its 24.3 million pixels, which keeps the image sharp and vivid.

The sensor’s size, camera resolution, and magnification are related.

They all are dependent on each other relatively.

So, the size of the image sensor creates a significant impact on the image.

Based on an FX-format, the camera works with a CMOS-type sensor.

The camera’s sensor is 35.9mm x 23.9mm, giving beautiful results.

The most important thing that the Nikon Z5 contains is the image dust-off reference data that helps the user clean the image sensor.

The camera’s resolution and magnification depend upon the image sensor’s format.

The Nikon Z5 works on both structures, i.e., the FX and DX formats.

The camera’s physical features combine to give you a sharp image, so the sensor and the camera’s lens are the starting point.

Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review

Format of images and Memory:

Have you ever considered what to do if your memory card is not in its place?

Or have you ever thought about what will happen if the memory cards of your device do not support your file format? If not, then give it a thought.

I started using the Nikon Z5, thinking that, per my calculations, only one memory slot in the camera works with JPEG format.

As I went on with a similar camera, I learned that this camera includes two memory slots that support SD cards and works with both SD and UHS-II compliant.

The SDHC and SDXC memory cards support the camera’s memory.

The image format is based on both NEF (RAW) and JPEG image formats. 12 to 14 bits of NEF (RAW) are included in the camera.

ISO sensitivity:

The ISO sensitivity of this fantastic camera ranges from 100 to 51,200 in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV.

The most vital thing to point out here is that it is customizable, which means you can customize and set it per your demand.

The ISO sensitivity control available in this camera makes it even more effective for use in street life recordings.

When we talk about ISO sensitivity, the first thing that always comes to a professional’s mind is the camera’s Active-D lighting, which is the main feature of most Nikon cameras.

The active-D lighting is also available in the Nikon Z5 and can be changed anytime.

The selective Active-Delighting available in the Nikon Z5 is as follows:

  • Auto
  • Extra-high
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low
  • Off

The ISO sensitivity of the camera is available in both manual and electrical ways, which means the user gets the complete freedom of selecting and changing it as per the demand.

Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review

Autofocus system of the Nikon Z5:

Any camera’s autofocus system helps users get great images with effective results.

It enables the user to focus on the beauty and the view and leave every odd out of the picture.

Similarly, the 273-point autofocus system of the camera helps the user focus more on the image.

The hybrid phase detection-based AF system lets users concentrate on the picture even in shallow light.

They have an operating temperature of 20.

The measured autofocus range of the camera is -3 to +19 EV.

This camera system works on single-servo AF with a lens of a range of f/20.

Like many other features, the AF system of the Nikon Z5 also has variations that can be changed per the demand of the user and the photographer.

The variant lens servo of the AF are:

Single-servo AF                                         

Continous-servo AF

Full-time AF

Manual AF

Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review

Sensor-shift reduction:

This is an essential feature that I was excited about.

The sensor-shift vibration reduction mechanism, commonly known as the VR mechanism, is also included in this camera.

This VR mechanism compensates for five stops of stabilization even if the lens is in use.

If we use any adaptive lens, will this mechanism function adequately so that the answer will be yes?

The tool uses adaptive lenses, primarily compatible with the Nikon Z mount.

For example, if you are using an FTZ adapter, the VR mechanism of the camera will work efficiently.

The VR mechanism of the camera helps the professional in video recording with acute effects; sometimes, the Electronic VR helps save steady footage.

The VR stabilization in the camera produces sharp and clear images and recordings.

The shutter of the Nikon Z5:

The shutter of the Nikon Z5 is also under your control.

Whenever I type under control or think about it, I consider myself a person with total control over the whole device.

Different types of shutters are used in the Nikon Z5. These shutters contain:

  • Electronically-controlled
  • vertical-travel focal plane
  • mechanical shutter
  • electronic front curtain shutter
  • electronic shutter

The shutter speed for all these shutters is similar, from 1/8000 to 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the auto FP and high-speed sync also support the camera’s shutter.

And if we talk about the shutter’s shooting speed and the continuous shooting speed, then the shooting speed of the Nikon Z5 is 4.5 frames per second, making it faster and more reliable to work for.

UHD 4k video recording:

Before starting the topic of UHD recording, I first want to discuss the different video formats and types.

The camera’s movie recording is supported by a TTL exposure metering system that works effectively with the primary image sensor.

The maximum time for recording the movie when the battery is charged ultimately is 29 minutes and 59 seconds continuously. The timings may vary if the battery is affected.

The movie’s file format is based on MOV and MP4, which are compatible worldwide.

The film’s compression is based on H.264/MPEG-4 advanced video coding.

The movie’s audio is based on the linear PCM and AAC file format with a built-in stereo or external microphone. Like many other features, the sensitivity of the audio can also be controlled by the user.

Other movie features you must consider while purchasing a camera are whether it has a time code, a movie e-VR, and the movie focus peaking and highlight display.

If you want all these features in the same camera, then Nikon Z5 is your gift.

Why? It contains all the excellent movie recording features essential to getting a great result.

The Nikon Z5 has an e-VR and a fantastic drop frame time code.

To make it more effective, the camera designers also included the movie focus peaking and 6the movie highlight display that gives the best result while recording a clip.

All these features make the camera even more effective for everyday shooting.

The professionals love this camera because of its extraordinary HDMI output and the effective time-lapse.

Let’s return to the main topic, the UHD video recording.

This camera is capable of doing many things.

It does not just capture the images when the object is still.

It also supports UHD 4k video recording.

The Nikon Z5 supports 4k recording up to 30fps; full HD recording can also go up to 60fps.

These recordings can be saved efficiently in the memory cards in the camera, or you can also save them on any external device connected to the camera.

It uses a 1.7 crop of the center portion of the frame while the recording process gives the best results that a professional has dreamt of.

Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review Nikon Z5 Review

The viewfinder of the Nikon Z5:

The viewfinder of the camera is the most attention-seeking part of the camera.

I think it is because once you have bought the camera, the viewfinder pays complete attention to the beautiful view of your surroundings.

It is a bit funny, but I think this is the reality.

The viewfinder and autofocus are the basic steps to success in a photographer’s life.

It ultimately enhances the result and effects of the camera and the images.

The viewfinder of the Nikon Z5 is 1.27cm with a resolution of 3690k dots supported by the quad VGA and the OLED color balance.

The frame coverage of the Nikon Z5 viewfinder is 100% both on the x-axis and y-axis, respectively.

In contrast, the viewfinder magnification is approximately 0.8x, i.e., a 50mm lens at infinity.

The diopter adjustment of the viewfinder also matters.

And for this beautiful Nikon Z5, the diopter adjustment is set from -4 to +2 m-1.


Connectivity is considered the most important thing for a camera user.

If you use a camera that can be easily accessible, then you have a stroke of good luck.

The connectivity problems of this camera are not so significant.

It is easy to connect it through wifi and other devices.

  • The camera has a built-in Snapbridge app that helps users quickly share and transfer their data and images. It also enables the transfer of low-resolution photos.
  • The built-in wifi and Bluetooth low-energy connectivity reduce the communication gap between a camera and an intelligent device or cell phone.
  • The camera also gives freedom to its users, i.e., the Nikon Z5 can easily control the camera’s shutter through their smart devices without facing any problems.
  • Different intelligent devices compatible with the camera can trigger the working of the camera and can control it from a discussed distance.
  • This camera also includes a battery that works effectively whenever you need it. Once charged, the EN-EL15c rechargeable lithium-ion battery can take approximately 470 shots.
  • A type-C USB connector supports this battery and can be used anytime, even if the camera is used.

Playback functions of the Nikon Z5:

The camera’s playback functions are not in front of everyone, but their effect is long-lasting and significantly impacts the user. Some of the playback functions of the Nikon Z5 are:

  • Auto image rotation
  • Highlights
  • Display of histogram
  • Display of location data
  • Playback of movies recorded
  • Slideshow
  • Information of photos
  • Photo rating
  • Playback zoom

Types of photography by Nikon Z5:

Nikon Z5 is a full-frame mirrorless camera that works on interchangeable lenses.

This feature of interchangeable lenses makes the camera’s work more effective and valuable for different kinds of photography.

It is one of those cameras that are considered an all-rounder camera.

Here, I would like to describe some photography variations that can be performed using the Nikon Z5.

Z5 for beginners:

Do not consider yourself among those I am talking about right now.

Beginners do not get great images while shooting with more advanced cameras.

The Z5 can be regarded as a piece of cake.

I am not saying that it is easy to use.

Still, the Nikon Z5 is much easier to handle than other advanced cameras because of its incredible features and amazingly designed body.

Daily photography:

Daily life photography is absolute fun.

You get to know many untold stories full of reasons and lessons.

When recorded properly, these stories become a complete movie; for that purpose, I consider the Nikon Z5 a fantastic camera for recording everything.

These recordings by the Nikon Z5 are the results of the beautiful lenses and the great magnification that creates a sharp image with outstanding audio.

This daily photography gets amazing effects if one uses the Nikon Z5.

Portrait photography:

Have you ever thought that portrait photography is fun?

If not, let me tell you: if portrait photography professionals are using Nikon Z5, then their profession is enjoyable.

In portrait photography, the cameraman has to focus on the person’s personality, and the 273-point autofocus helps them to concentrate ideally.

The magnificent lenses and the great autofocus designed for people in the camera make the images and the video more compelling.

Landscape photography:

The unique Nikon Z5 is an average camera for landscape photography.

It can take some fantastic pictures in landscape format, but the overall result is not so good.

Wedding photography:

When using the Nikon Z5, I thought it was unsuitable for wedding photography.

Still, once upon a time, the battery of my cousin’s camera was finished even before the event started.

At that moment, I presented my Z5 as an alternative, and to my surprise, it gave a great result.

Compared to other specialized wedding cameras, the Nikon Z5 can be considered a backup camera for many events.


The Nikon Z5 is an all-around camera that works effectively with variant lenses and has great magnification and resolution.

The camera’s overall result is 100% because of its lightweight body and incredible playback functions.

The camera’s battery is also long-lasting, and the shutter and the viewfinder make the images and recordings more effective.

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