Nikon Z6 Review

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  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Hybrid autofocus
  • In-body image stabilization
  • F-mount NIKKOR lenses
  • High resolution
  • Built-in time code
  • Smooth AF
  • Less noise pollution
  • Superfast shooting speed
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • More connectivity options
  • Easy-to-read menus
  • Easy to handle
  • Tilt only screen
  • Ono slot for memory card
  • Low life battery
  • Limited compatible lenses

Nikon Z6 Review:

I am a cameraperson who loves to learn about the cameras my friends and family use.

So when my brother repurchased the Nikon Z6 in 2018, even though I did not have to purchase it, I studied it, and the incredible features of the camera made me excited to share it with all.

My brother is also a camera freak, so when Nikon launched this camera, he purchased and tested it.

He booked different events with his friends, and I went to those events to use his Nikon Z6.

He wanted the perfect picture every time and usually stuck to his old camera for that, but when he learned about the Z6, he decided to purchase it without hesitation.

After buying the camera, he felt it was not a good idea to purchase it, but his mind changed when he used it at the family picnic.

The incredible results and effect of the camera reflect the concept of rejection of his mind, and his creativity level regarding photography increased.

He got some perfect pictures with the Nikon Z6 that outclassed many professional photographers from his group.

He still loved this camera even after three and a half years.

He still did not want to leave his Nikon Z6.

The 3.2″ diagonal camera’s incredible features are its perfect resolution and magnification that can easily capture the beauty of humans and their surroundings.

If I ask him why he loves the Nikon Z6, he has many reasons he can tell me at any time.

Most importantly, the quality of interchangeable lenses and the 273-point AF system attract him the most.

Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review


If I start discussing the overview of this beautiful camera, I think my topic will go far beyond because the new Nikon Z6 is incredible.

Many new features were introduced to the Nikon Z6, making it the number-one camera for professionals and photographers.

The sharp image and the practical results of the Z6 make it a perfect camera for different kinds of photography.

The all-around performance camera is easy to handle, and despite being small, it gives more significant results than any camera.

So, indeed, I think my brother is not wrong.

If he still loves the camera, the camera is worth it.

Tech specifications:

  • 5 million resolution pixels
  • 4K ultra HD video
  • In-body VR stabilization
  • FX image sensor format
  • CFexpress memory type (B)
  • XQD memory type
  • ISO 100-51,200
  • 2″ diagonal monitor size
  • Touch-sensitive LCD
  • EN-EL15b Li-ion batteries
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Nikon Z mount lenses are compatible
  • Luminosity locked
  • Hybrid phase-detection
  • 273 single-point AF
  • 5-axis image sensor shifting
  • Built-in stereo for movie audio
  • 2,100,000 k dots monitor resolution

Design and body of Nikon Z6:

The sweet and intelligent camera by Nikon, the Z6, is also incredibly outstanding in its body.

Mostly, the camera’s working depends upon the camera’s body because if the body is easy to handle, you can efficiently work without any tension.

Keeping this matter in my head when my brother bought the camera, I was astonished to see its body.

The camera’s body was not very heavy, and the size of the overall body was also incredible.

The camera’s design is so outstanding that it can keep your mind fresh.

The monitor size of the Nikon Z6 is 3.2 inches diagonal, and it has a maximum of 2,100,000k dot monitor resolution.

The camera’s monitor has a tilting TFT and a touch-sensitive LCD that helps the professionals at many moments.

Specifically, I love using the touch screen of my camera.

The sharper and special menus of the Nikon Z6 have made users’ work more straightforward, and they can understand it wisely.

The brilliant touchscreen has taken the camera’s working to the next level.

The camera dimensions, concerning their breadth, length, and depth, all give you the idea that this camera is a pleasure to use. All you have to do is focus on your work and nothing else.

The camera width is 134mm, while the height and depth are 100.5mm and 67.5mm, respectively.

These are easy-to-control dimensions; everyday people can easily carry their Nikon Z6.

After looking at the body of the camera, let us look at the weight of the camera.

The camera body only weighs 585g, which is lightweight, and no one can feel it while handling it.

I said these things depend upon good photographic work because if your camera has perfect dimensions and weighs perfectly, you can easily do your job and handle it anywhere, even in a jungle.

The full-frame mirrorless camera is designed to shoot anywhere, whatever you want.

No matter where you are and what your face is, your camera will always help you take a good image and give effective results.

The quality of the Nikon Z6 is incredible, and the weight and dimension make it more accessible for users to work on it.

Compared to the previous cameras by Nikon, the Z6 is much lighter and smaller; therefore, it is much easier to handle.

Lenses and image sensor of Nikon Z6:

When a camera works with multiple ranges of lenses compatible with variant lens mounts, the user is fortunate to have it.

In the same way, my brother is lucky enough to have the Nikon Z6 compatible with the Nikon Z mount and NIKKOR F lenses.

All these lenses are fantastic and give exclusive results to the user.

They are used for variant photography types, and you can capture every moment of your friends, family, or favorite sport and incredible street stories.

The Nikon Z6 is a mirrorless camera that is a new introduction to the Nikon Z mount family.

It has some exciting features presented. In Z6.among are some new lenses compatible with the Z6 camera that give a fantastic result.

The Nikon NIKKOR Z and F mount lenses are incredibly working and deliver effective results when attached to the Nikon Z6.

The mount FTZ adapter makes using these lenses easier for the users of Z6.

The focal distance of these lenses is lovely and is quite efficient in taking extraordinary recordings and images.

The full-frame, mirrorless camera has digital support that the camera person can use with interchangeable lenses.

Combined, these lenses give exceptional results that can have a long-lasting impact on the user’s mind.

If we talk about the image sensor of the Nikon Z6, then this image sensor of the camera is also absolute in all aspects.

Having an extensive range of resolutions with excellent formats, the Z6’s sensor never disappoints its user.

The number of pixels in the Nikon Z6 is 25.28 million, including 24.5 million effective pixels.

These pixels help the professional take a nice look at the image they are creating and the result we all will get.

Supported by the FX format, the CMOS image sensor in the Nikon Z6 has dimensions of 35.9mm x 23.9 mm, respectively.

This fantastic camera result depends on this incredible image sensor and fulfills all the photographer’s dreams.

The image sensor cleaning option makes the work easier for users, and the fun fact is the process of image sensor cleaning is also quite entertaining.

The image sensor of the Nikon Z6 has a story linked to it. Once my brother described the camera’s features to me, he insisted that this camera did not have an image sensor.

Being a professional photographer, I thought he was stupid, and he also believed how stupid I was.

But soon, I got to know why he insisted on this thing.

After the camera’s release, the newspaper printed an article in the local newspaper photographers that the new camera by Nikon did not have an image sensor, and his mentor photographer wrote it.

So I decided to contact him, and when I asked him about the matter, he told me that it was misprinted and many of his students had followed up and discussed it with each other, but no one came forward to ask him.

So he wrote an apology letter to the newspaper, and at that moment, I told my brother that no matter what, if he was confused, he should have rechecked and asked for it.

After that incident, my brother never discussed any camera features with me.

Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review

Format of images and memory:

The camera’s file format is essential when saving or transferring files.

A camera that supports two different types of memory has the facility to transfer data quickly.

The user does not have to waste time converting files and can easily share them for saving.

The Nikon Z6 is supported by NEF(RAW) and JPEG file format.

The NEF(RAW) has 12 to 14 bits of capacity, whereas the JPEG baseline compliant feature also helps save the images ideally. When these two formats are combined, it is a blast.

The user gets the freedom to keep a single shot in both forms at the same time and reduce the work he has to repeat again and again.

The file system of the Nikon Z6 is supported by DCF 2.0, Exif 2.31, and PictBridge.

The newly introduced Nikon Z6 storage media is supported by the CFexpress (Type B) and the XQD type memory that effectively stores many images, and you can save whatever you want.

This memory supports the cameras working well and makes it more worth buying.

The Nikon Z6’s incredible memory concludes the use of the camera in making it perfect for use.

The Expeed six image processor of the Nikon Z6 combines with the Nikon Z mount, giving inclusive results in both formats.

The viewfinder of the Nikon Z6:

The magical viewfinder of the Nikon Z6 is fantastic and helps the user find the view ideally.

In short terms, the viewfinder defines itself as the best.

When I used the Z6 with my brother for one week, I got some beautiful views that I captured in the superb Z6, and it was a lovely experience.

The viewfinder of the Nikon Z6 gives 100% vertical and horizontal full-frame coverage and is supported by the Quad VGA.

This viewfinder helps the color balance the images you see while capturing.

The 1.27 cm-sized viewfinder has approx. Magnification of 3690k-dot.the brightness of the viewfinder is also adequate.

The elaboration of the viewfinder is 0.8mm with an eyepoint capacity of 21mm.

The measurement of the viewfinder eyepoint is the center point lens of the viewfinder.

The viewfinder diopter adjustment is from -4 to +2 m-1, and the eye sensor of the Nikon Z6 can automatically switch between the viewfinder displays and the monitor.

This capability of the viewfinder makes it magical for the user and takes full advantage of this feature.

Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review

ISO sensitivity of the Nikon Z6:

The ISO sensitivity of the Nikon Z6 makes it more incredible for use.

The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100-51,200 in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV. It is customizable, and the user can change it per their wish.

The ISO sensitivity of the Nikon Z6 is excellent and makes the recording and images unique.

The auto ISO sensitivity control is also available in the Nikon Z6, which reduces the time of use for the camera.

The incredible Nikon Z6 has advanced technology in which the user can extend the ISO sensitivity of the camera from 51,200 to 204,800.

This capability also helps reduce the noise of the camera’s working.

The active D-lighting features are also available in the camera. Features can be selected as per your choice.

  • Auto
  • Extra high
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low
  • Off

Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review

Autofocus system:

The autofocus system of the camera is the most fun part to discuss.

The 273 single-point AF system can focus on many beautiful things in the surroundings.

The hybrid phase detection of the camera has a range of -3.5 to +19 EV.

This camera can record in low light because of the incredible autofocus system.

This autofocus system of the Nikon Z6 is also capable of focusing on multiple faces at the same time.

You can easily concentrate on anyone with the help of this AF system.

The four AF area modes in the Nikon Z6 can focus on animals and humans.

The Nikon Z6 is a beautiful camera that automatically switches between focal-plane and contrast-detect AF.

The smooth AF can track every beauty around you and give you the best ideas for capturing them.

The eye detective AF can capture portraits and recognize variant eyes all at the same time.

Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review Nikon Z6 Review

The shutter system of the Nikon Z6:

The shutter of the Nikon Z6 is also a fun experiment to use.

The camera can use variant shutter types and has a beautiful speed.

The image processing depends upon the camera’s working; in this aspect, the working of the camera’s shutter matters the most.

At the same time, the working of the Nikon Z6’s shutter is incredible as it gives beautiful results.

The types of shutters compatible with the Nikon Z6 are electronically and manually controlled and depend on the travel focal plane of the camera.

The speed of the shutter is 1/8000 to 30 seconds, which is easy for the Nikon Z6.

In contrast, the camera’s continuous shooting speed concerning the shutter is 12 frames per second, which is an extraordinary amount of frames for all users of the Nikon Z6.

You can change the shutter speed manually by looking at the camera’s menu, but the camera works effectively with the actual rate decided by the manufacturers of the Nikon Z6.

Exposure and movie metering of the Z6:

The exposure to nature is impressive, and it becomes more remarkable when you can capture it and save it as a memory.

For that purpose, the Nikon Z6 is perfect for use.

The TTL metering exposure system of the camera uses its image sensor as a support system and gives the user the thing of their own choice.

The center-weighed metering of the exposure system ranges from -4 to +17 EV, and the spot metering ranges from -4 to +17 EV.

This movie metering system gives approx.

Measurement of the movie audio and video helps many Z6 users get excellent and appreciatable recordings.

The luminosity lock of the Nikon Z6 is also applied at detected values, creating a space for perfect results.

This movie metering depends upon the file format, video compression, and audio output and input of the camera.

So, let’s discuss these incredible features of the Nikon Z6.

The maximum time of movie recording when the wholly charged battery is 29 minutes and 59 seconds.

The movie file format of the Nikon Z6 is based on MOV and MP4 file formats.

At the same time, video compression has the support of H.264/MPEG-4 advanced video coding that gives influential recordings that everyone appreciates.

The movie audio recording format is based on linear PCM and AAC, which can provide you with fantastic sound effects.

The photographer or any professional cameraperson can change the 120 fps speed of the movie recording per the user’s wish.

It allows the user to record slow-motion video with effective resolution and high-quality images and audio.

The time-lapse option in the camera also provides excellent advanced working of the camera.

The user can easily create time-lapse recordings and make them with the camera at 100% resolution.

The movie metering of the camera can provide the user with the perfect result and give the cinematic touch to all the recordings.

The full-frame camera uses 100 percent width and resolution, while recording uses multiple excellent lenses.

The focus of these lenses and the incredible 4k ultra UHD movie system of the Nikon Z6 is a combination that every photographer needs.

The built-in stereo for input and the silent mode option of the camera is incredible.

I have described the built-in stereo above, so let me tell you about the camera’s silent mode.

The Nikon Z6 has an excellent feature: while recording slow motion or standard videos, the cameraperson can reduce the camera’s noise by turning on the silent mode.

It helps reduce the camera’s noise and supports the professional’s focus on the shooting.

The AF speed and the AF tracking of the Nikon Z6 are customized and can be easily adjusted by the user from the camera’s menu.

The movie e-VR is also in the Nikon Z6, which helps stabilize the recordings and reduce work time.

The camera is supported only by the HDMI output, which is a little problem for users, but if you are okay with it, you can easily use it.

The HDMI output based on the N0log has many capabilities if appropriately used.

Playback functions of the Nikon Z6:

All playback functions of the camera are effective in the working of the camera.

So, if those functions are under your control, you can easily control the working of your Nikon Z6.

  • Rotation of images automatically.
  • Thumbnail
  • Full-frame
  • Display of histogram
  • Highlights
  • Collection of data’s location
  • Playback of movies
  • Slide show of photo and video
  • Rating of pictures
  • Information of photos
  • Playback zoom
  • Playback zoom cropping


  • The flash control of the Nikkon is based on the i-TTL flash control
  • USB type C connector is used easily with the Nikon Z6.
  • The type C HDMI connector is compatible with the Nikon Z6
  • The camera supports a stereo mini-pin jack
  • The operating frequency of the built-in Wi-Fi is from 2412 MHz to 2472 MHz.
  • The wifi output is based on EIRP and has a maximum range of 2.4 GHz bands.
  • Intelligent device connectivity can be done by using an app called Snapbridge.
  • Camerapersons can connect the camera to smart devices via Bluetooth.
  • 2 version of built-in Bluetooth is available.
  • Three hundred ten shots per battery charge.

Types of photography by Nikon Z6:

Photographers can do various types of photography using the Nikon Z6.

I am discussing some of them below.

  • The Nikon Z6 is incredible in landscape photography. The magnification and the fantastic AF system help the user take the outstanding representation of nature.
  • The camera is also excellent for wedding or event photography. The brightness and the audio input and output make it fantastic for use.
  • The sports action is always fun to capture. The Nikon Z6 is capable of taking beautiful sports images and recordings. The lenses of the camera make those results effective.
  • The candid and street photography also significantly impact when captured with the Nikon Z6.

Does the Nikon Z6 have a touch screen?

Yes, the Nikon Z6 has a good touch screen. The touchscreen is used for various things: putting the AF point. As a result, the screen on the Nikon Z6 looks better than any other from Nikon so far. Being able to tilt the LCD screen is a big deal, especially for landscape, macro, and architecture shooters who often have to work with odd angles or more transient tripods. I can select many options with a single touch, capturing my clients without getting irritated by the button’s sound.

Does the Nikon z6 have a mechanical shutter?

Yes, the Nikon Z6 has a mechanical shutter. Total AF shutter lag measured 0.219 seconds with the mechanical shutter (default mode), 0.205 seconds with the electronic first curtain shutter (EFCS) enabled, and 0.137 seconds when utilizing the all-electronic shutter, unlike the Nikon D850, which requires one to be in Live View mode to take pictures silently. The mechanical shutter is turned off, and the camera switches to an electronic shutter). The Nikon Z6 camera can shoot silently via EVF, so I do not have to take my eye off the viewfinder and switch to.

How do I focus on my Nikon z6?

Focusing on the Nikon Z6 is very easy for beginners as well. Side chooses the autofocus section and press okay to go down to a8 alpha 8 seconds, called autofocus activation.

  • I can select the focus mode I want to use via the ‘i’ menu. Alternatively, press and hold the button named Fn2 on the forepart of the gadget while rotating the main command dial. 
  • In Single AF mode, Pinpoint AF, Wide-area AF (Small), Wide-area AF (Large), and Auto-area AF.

 After selecting all these features, it is easy to have a perfect clip of fast-moving objects with profound focus.


The Nikon Z6 is a fantastic camera that a person can use for various types of photography, giving effective results.

When coupled with the playback functions, magnification and resolution always provide the best effect the user has dreamt of.

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