Nikon Z7 Review

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  • 45.7MP full-frame image sensor.
  • 90 percent autofocus coverage.
  • 9fps continuous drive.
  • In-body stabilization.
  • Tilting touch LCD.
  • Superb EVF.
  • Works with Nikon SLR lenses and accessories.
  • 4K video.
  • Weather sealing.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Lens control ring system is too sensitive.
  • Single memory card slot.
  • No PC sync socket.

Nikon Z7 Review:

I celebrated last Christmas in Alaska with my family.

The cool nights of Alaska come true to my visualization for the photos.

Of course, I went there with my camera.

Along with having fun, I took a lot of pictures and portraits.

I also recorded high-quality videos there.

You must be thinking, what camera was that?

It was none other than Nikon Z7.

Everyone gets lost in the beauty of the photos I captured with Santa Claus and Christmas accessories.

The weather also added to our enjoyment and gave our eyes satisfaction to watch the beauty of the snow there.

With Nikon Z7, I can focus on the natural world more effectively.

The face tracking was perfect for portraits. One of my cousins posed like a model, and I captured her hot and bold snaps.

Later, she kept them in her modeling portfolio.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review


Nikon Z7 came out in August 2018. It is an FX-format camera with 8K time-lapse ability.

The Nikon Z7 is a mirrorless and full-frame Interchangeable Lens Camera.

It is light in weight.

The camera lens can capture more light, meaning more detail can be caught in an image.

The Nikon has designed 45.7 MP emissions and seamless integration.

Its FTZ adapter allows me to use lenses I cannot live without.

I used fisheye lenses, macro lenses, and more.

A short distance between the mount and the Sensor can adapt any lens I want.

The Nikon Z7 camera has many advantages and provides the best shots with ultimate image quality.

This is a high-resolution camera in FX format, and the FX-format camera has an image sensor that offers high sensitivity and lower noise.

It has also been designed new at a higher standard called a Z mount.

The Z mount has electrical connections supporting high-speed communication between the lens and camera body.

Tech Specifications:

  • 7 Megapixel image sensor
  • Photo sensor technology CMOS
  • Focal length 70mm
  • Optical Zoom 2 X
  • Screen size 3.2 Inches
  • 493 Point on the Sensor
  • Full Frame photo sensor
  • Mirror-less camera body
  • AF System 9 fps
  • 7 million effective pixels
  • ISO Sens 64-25,600
  • Image sensor Type CMOS
  • 9 x 23.9 mm sensor size
  • Image sensor Type
  • Z mount optical performance
  • 4K Ultra HD video
  • 8k Time Lapse
  • Frame Rate 120/1080p slow motion
  • 29 Lbs Item weight
  • Video capture resolution 2160p

Design and Body of the Nikon Z7:

The camera material is highly durable and has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

It is designed especially with a deep grip to provide a balanced weight during photography.

The camera’s buttons and dials are comfortably placed and easy and pleasant to use.

The one significant benefit of this camera is its thin 16mm flange back distance, making it smaller and lighter to maintain handling and balance.

The body of the camera is tested for 200,000 cycles.

The weight of this camera body is just 1.49 Lbs (Including the battery ), allowing you to move freely and carry it on your shoulder without any hassle.

Large Z Mount in a Compact Body:

The Nikkon Z mount is designed for rebellious optical performance.

The Nikkon full-frame mirrorless camera has new features and a larger diameter mount, enabling more advanced optics and lens design.

The larger mount also allows faster and larger volume communication between the body and lens to enhance overall performance throughout the system.

I take advantage of the mount when shooting with different lenses.

Powerful Battery:

The camera works with an EN- EL 15b battery that allows me to charge the camera with the USB.

It means I can use the battery for different cameras.

The battery shows a much more convenient performance.

45.7 MP FX-Format Image Sensor and Expeed 6 Sharp Details:

As I explained, I bought the Nikon Z7 for high-resolution shooting, and I get its additional benefits due to its perfect image sensor.

The Nikon 45.7 million effective megapixel sensor can provide outstanding image quality with high resolution.

The back-illuminated Sensor is designed to afford high-sensitivity outputs to reduce noise.

The new fastest and most comprehensive Expeed 6 image processor can perform many tasks, such as increasing the sharpness of the image with minimal noise, continuous shooting at nine fps in RAW, auto focus exposure, life preview, more incredible processing speed, and delicate tones with vivid colors.

In short, this is the brain and muscle of the Z 7.

ISO 64-25600 little Noise Even at High ISO Setting:

The ISO means, in photography, the camera’s sensitivity to light. ISO allows the sensitivity to light, which controls the amount of sunlight that significantly impacts darkness or light in an image.

A lower ISO value means less sensitivity to light, while a higher one means more sensitivity.

The camera lens allows you to freely explore the darker side of light with an entirely new blaze.

The high ISO value means more sensitivity to light that affects the sharpness of an image.

The Nikon Z7 has ISO 25600 expanded to 102400.

The ISO allows the camera sensor to capture good image quality.

The ISO value enables you to shoot any situation, achieving professional photographs rather than indoors, outdoors, or in dim light.

More light-gathering potential, flawless EXPEED 6 noise reduction, and new NIKKOR Z lenses free you to explore the darker side of light with an entirely new brilliance.

It increases light capture so you can shoot at lower sensitivity more often.

And the lower the sharpness, the greater the detail, color range, and contrast.

493 points on Sensor AF:

The camera can track the subject quickly with its 493 points on Sensor PDAF, which covers 90% of the scene in its view.

It organizes the light in the photos and detects the pixels to preserve the scene.

It gets enough light in the images due to its Hybrid AF.

The camera can immediately track the subject as it enters the field of view.

Comprehensive Coverage and Smooth Focusing:

The Sensor has the fastest and most accurate auto-focusing feature for both still and videography, with a wide covering frame horizontally and vertically.

Eye Detection autofocusing is a powerful tool that captures portraits and tracks focus on your subject.

It is not only a single mode but also applicable in continuous auto-focusing mode.

The Sensor can also ensure accurate auto-focusing even in dim lighting.

The auto-focus continuous mode is advantageous, especially when your subject moves or Keeps changing their pauses, even maintaining a beautiful, focused portrait.

Eye detection autofocusing is intelligently recognizing the eyes in the frame of multiple people.

It gives me the freedom to pick the person and vision I want to focus on and can even remain locked in my eyes that become partially or temporarily obstructed.

Body VR Image Stabilization 5 Axis:

5 Axis image sensor shift VR for stable handheld shooting makes me collect photos as I need.

Image stabilization (IS) is sometimes called vibration reduction (VR).

The mechanical feature on some lenses and cameras limits the shakiness caused by camera shakes.

This is the most critical Mechanical feature in this camera that reduces the amount of blur shaking by the camera.

It is also called vibration reduction.

The 5-axis image stabilization can improve the sharp image or provide the static subject taken by the handheld camera.

Sometimes, tiny movements during photography, a slight movement can cause a blur of the photo, and a woman’s hands cannot control any action.

This control by 5-axis image stabilization is a handy feature in this camera.

4K UHD / 30p & Full HD /120:

This feature allows the capture of cinematic shots in 4K UHD video recording using the entire frame area or DX crop in 30, 25, or 24 p frame rates.

The video recording is also supported at up to 120p full HD for slow motion playback, so files can quickly be saved on a memory card or uncompressed file to an optional external recorder via HDMI out.

The camera can also record slow-motion videos up to 120 FPS.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 ReviewNikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review

More Flexible Movie Recording:

The Nikon Z7 has an advanced video feature, N log Gama, for capturing flat-looking footage that maximizes dynamic range and provides High-quality 10-bit data over HDMI and an Electronic VR function for smooth handheld shooting.

It has also been upgraded to provide excellent color ability with the progress code and the competency to output uncompressed 12-bit with raw footage over HDMI.

New Icon-Driven Info Display: 

The camera has a new icon-driven info display that I can customize.

I eventually changed the settings of the camera from there.

I search for different focus modes, set a white balance, and control my pictures.

It also allows me to review the photo or video I just shot.

Rich Colors and Beautiful Effects for Professional Grading:

What’s the difference between 8-bit and 10-bit recording?

Only about 1 billion more colors create much more flexibility in post-processing.

It records directly to an optional external recorder with 10-bit output via HDMI, the industry standard.

This feature provides one billion more colors that have much flexibility in post-processing.

An optional external recorder allows you to record with 10-bit output via HDMI.

8k Time Lapse Movies:

The Ultra high definition 8-time lapse movie is a technique where frames are shot much slower than an average rate.

This feature allows the action to progress much faster than in reality.

Several recent films have shots in 8k because of the power of the highland resolution production.

The Z7 has a time-lapse machine that shoots up to 9,999 with full resolution still with shuttle vibration using the interval time.

It captures scenes with stunning image quality.

Natural Clear View based on Nikon Advance Technology:

The 3.6 M Quad VGA electronic viewfinder can provide approximately 100% frame coverage and a 37.0 oblique viewing angle.

The Viewfinder also gives you the advantage of changing the camera settings, such as exposure, white balance, picture control, etc., before shooting to have a clear and comfortable view of the subject.

The Optical and image processing technology allows the EVF to ensure a more transparent view with reduced aberration and less eye strain, even when shooting for extended periods.

A viewer finder also gives you access or customize the menu quickly, and a quick adjustment setting appears right inside the Viewfinder so you can take your shot without disturbing it.

The new display appears on the right side of the Viewfinder.

You will experience the feel and responsiveness of an optical view, a reliable and durable body for expanded shooting scenarios.

9 FPS Continuous Shooting Mode:

The Frames per second (FPS) is how fast your camera takes the picture in continuous shutter mode.

This camera has a speed of 9 FPS on continuous shooting, which helps to capture decisive moments.

I can get slow-motion shots with beautiful picture quality.

Connectivity of Nikon Z7:

Nikon Z7 has the latest ability to connect with intelligent devices functionally.

I can connect my camera with the SnapBridge app on my smartphone.

I select the SnapBridge app on my camera.

It downloads some data, and I can add my Nikon Z7 camera here.

I pair it with Bluetooth connectivity.

Now, the camera will start to communicate with the smartphone.

Moreover, I can also connect my camera to the Windows-based PC and the FTP server.

I can also use access point mode to combine it with WiFi.

The camera also offers wired connections for transferring data with computers.

Burst shooting and Decisive Moments:

The camera allows me to take a single burst with 200 RAW images.

I can get decisive moments in the pictures with its faster buffer memory.

It can transfer data fast with its memory card.

*With a 32 GB Memory Card:

The camera has a 32 GB memory card and a PCIe 2.0 interface.

The memory card is durable in harsh conditions as it is shockproof and magnet-proof.

I can easily use the camera in the harsh environment of Alaska during Christmas.

Best for Professionals:

The robust body and high-end features prove this camera fruitful for professionals.

It can work in extreme temperatures due to its weather seal.

It can easily pass under UV lights and X-ray machines.

It also benefits from recovering lost data with its file rescue software.

Nikon Z7 Accessories:

I find many accessories available for the Nikon Z7 camera on the market.

I use anti-glare screen protectors, leather cases, flashlights, and more.

Underwater shooting needs a camera cage.

You can also buy grip extensions and L-brackets for the Nikon Z7.

Even though the camera is ergonomic, you can still have straps for security.

Buy a microfiber cloth piece to clean the camera.

You can also pick up air blasters to blow out the camera’s dust.

Price Range of the Camera:

Nikon Z7 is the award-winning camera and was considered the only high-end picture quality camera in 2018.

Today, the Nikon Z7 is available for $2796 on Amazon, whereas it was more expensive in the past.

You can also get bundles of the camera with its compatible lenses on different e-commerce sites.

Nikon Z7 is indeed worth buying.

Here is some more information about Nikon Z7:

  • Nikon Z7 does not possess an integrated flash. I bought my flash system for the camera.
  • The camera is made with a weather seal that protects the camera’s body.
  • The camera has no low pass filter, so it captures scene details.
  • It delivers lag-free results.
  • The camera has a down startup time compared to the other Nikon cameras.
  • You can shoot in DX crop mode with the camera.
  • Nikon Z7 does not have a ten-pin connector. It can be connected with WR- R10 accessory.
  • A better charging option is due to the USB 3.1 Type C port.
  • The camera has an OLED display that is flexible to set.
  • Electronic Viewfinder allows taking silent photos.
  • LCD and EVF can save the battery.
  • The camera can run with older Nikon batteries if needed.
  • You can work with different focus modes, like,

Pinpoint AF

Single-Point AF

Dynamic-Area AF

Wide-Area AF (S)

Wide-Area AF (L)

Auto-Area AF

  • Nikon Z7 offers four ways for exposure: add, average, lighten, and darken.
  • The Electronic Front Curtain Shutter gets blurless images.
  • The camera has three RAW sizes: full RAW, medium RAW, and negligible RAW.

Different Types of Photography with Nikon Z7:

Nikon Z7 takes high-resolution pictures, which is why it is suitable for architecture photography, landscape photography, studio portraits, and underwater photography.

Architecture Photography:

With its great features, the Nikon Z7 can ideally focus on buildings and infrastructures.

I can shoot the buildings from different angles.

Each architecture photo looks distinct due to its angle variance.

The camera also allows me to take long-exposure architecture photos.

Similarly, the Nikon Z7 can also go perfectly with cityscape photos.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review

Landscape Photography:

The camera can use Nikon 35mm f 1.8 lenses for landscape photos.

The camera shows excellent results with its perfect ISO for taking landscape shots.

It can take in the view of beautiful skies, mesmerizing waterfalls, and dashing mountains.

Natural beauty can also help in full of its potential in the dark.

The charming view of sunrise looks surprising.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review

Studio Portraits:

Connecting the Nikon Z7 with the SnapBridge app can conveniently take studio portraits.

I use the delayed self-timer to catch the perfect photographs with the camera.

Some pictures do not need post-editing as they get a perfect white balance with the camera.

I always get a crisp and clean image with the Nikon camera.

The camera has no problem focusing on the subject.

I can have a broad frame with the camera and later edit it if needed.

This camera can also give me the best selfie shots while connecting with my smartphone.

There are also dedicated wireless and wired triggers that can assist in taking good selfies.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review

Underwater Photography:

The underwater images need a lot of color correction in the post.

Nikon Z7 is already great at doing so.

The color registry is good with the camera.

Nikon Z7 also provides color accuracy by realistically portraying underwater scenes.

The camera captures sharp images and gets a good amount of details.

The camera delivers an incredible dynamic range that can differentiate between intense light and dark scenes.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review

Wedding Photography:

Nikon Z7 allows me to take tricky, high-quality shots for weddings.

I get straight shots of the couples in the low light on the dance floor.

It also allows me to take a backlit romantic photograph of the sunset of the married couple.

Destination weddings also seem to be excellent with the camera.

It captures the environment view beautifully in the photos.

The camera shines in weddings with its Hybrid Autofocus, 14-bit color depth, and 45.7 MP full-frame CMOS.

Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review Nikon Z7 Review

Compatible Lenses:

Nikon Z7 goes with the Z mount lenses.

We highly recommend using wide-angle lenses with the camera, like 14-24mm f/2.8 lenses and 20mm f/1.8 lenses.

The camera can capture a wide field of view with a 35mm f/1.8 lens and a 24mm f/1.8 lens.

You can go with 50mm f/1.2 for the perfect portraitures.

A Nikon 8-15mm fisheye lens can take the ultra-wide angle.

I also have experience using Nikon 60mm and 105 mm macro lenses to capture macro photos with the camera.

Although the Nikon Z7 is not recommended for wildlife and sports, you can still use an 800mm f/6.3 lens with the camera for capturing moon phases in the sky.


  • Compact camera with a comfortable design
  • Robust construction with reliability
  • Stunning Electronic Viewfinder
  • Marvelous image quality
  • Creates masterpieces of 4K videos
  • Built-in image stabilization
  • Perfect autofocus capability with 90 percent sensor coverage
  • Moveable LCD
  • Dust-proof and Splashproof with weather seal
  • Suitable ISO range for dark shoots
  • Long-life battery with adaptability
  • Seamless connectivity with smart devices due to Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Advanced scene recognition
  • Near silent photos and videos
  • Crystal clear and sharp photos
  • High read and write speed


  • Single card slot
  • The battery is not favorable with intense working
  • Do not support SD card
  • Subject tracking needs improvement
  • Limited buffer options

Final Words:

The Nikon Z7 camera allows me to capture exceptional portraits and landscape photos.

It works with its Hybrid AF, which is the most favorable for professional photographers.

However, the camera is not recommended for wildlife shooting and sports shots.

The camera gets many details in the photos.

I love to create large prints with this camera.

The wide application of the camera makes it more worthy for the average user.

No one will regret buying a Nikon Z7 camera.

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