Nikon ZFC Review

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  • Fairly priced entry into Z mount
  • Decent image quality potential
  • Gorgeous styling
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Good quality video
  • Great value
  • Plasticky build quality
  • No weather resistance
  • No UHS-II support

Nikon ZFC Review:

The need for extraordinary images always leads the photographer toward a fantastic camera.

And if there is a group of photographers working together, everyone wants to take a separate camera with great features.

The same scenario happened in my group, but we all wanted to learn each person’s camera’s features.

This also happened when my friend bought a new camera from Nikon.

We all looked at and studied it carefully, and this is what I have learned from it.

The camera is impressive in working, and my friend had a great experience using it.

Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review


Nikon ZFC is a camera introduced in the Nikon Z series, but unfortunately, most people disapprove of it.

The camera is perfect for professionals, as they can somehow use it affectionately.

Only an expert in photographic criteria can use it and get the best results in their career.

This mirrorless camera by Nikon is an easy-to-handle camera with good ratings in the world of cameras.

This is beyond the average Nikon ZFC, which can perform multiple tasks with unique features and the love of photography.

Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review

Design and body of Nikon ZFC:

Everyone gets excited when a child is born into a family and resembles his father.

Similarly, when the Nikon ZFC was introduced in the markets, my friend’s parents were excited as its structural appearance has a minimal resemblance with the Nikon’s model introduced 40 years ago.

But this resemblance makes the camera easier to handle.

The physical appearance of the camera is lovely and provides the user with a great view.

It is designed like a standard camera with a grip-free body and a leather finish.

The camera’s appearance resembles the camera from the ’80s.

The shape and structure of the viewfinder housing and the styling of Nikon’s logo look like the cameras from the 80s.

Apart from this fact, Nikon ZFC has some adapted functions that are helpful in modern photography.

The PSAM switch is added around the ISO button. The exposure correction button is placed atop the camera’s body.

A small LCD is placed, allowing you to read the aperture value.

The camera consists of a turning and tilting screen and can provide you with facial recognition and eye AF.

The camera is rectangular and is a little bit longer and slimy.

Many other new features have been added to the Nikon ZFC.

The camera is a light-weight camera and weighs approx. 14.0 oz or 390 g, whereas concerning dimensions, the camera width is 134.5mm.

The camera’s height and depth are 93.5mm and 43.5mm, respectively.


The monitor is a device primarily studied in computers.

Still, when you are using a camera, you know that the monitor is also a part of the camera that gives some fantastic outputs to the users.

In contrast with the above statement, I would discuss some features of the Nikon ZFC’s camera that are sized in 3.0 diagonal and have 1040k dot resolution.

The vari-angle TFT monitor helps in viewing beauty from different angles and gives many ideas of creativity to the user.

Lens and image sensor:

Nikon ZFC is a type of camera based on a digital system and uses interchangeable lenses.

The lenses compatible with the fantastic camera are Nikon Z mount lenses, but unfortunately, some lenses of Nikon Z mount are not compatible with the camera.

The multiple lenses present help the user in variant types of photography.

The image sensor of this camera is fashionable and gives effective results.

The camera’s dimensions and total pixels are all excellent and current.

The size of this fantastic image sensor is 15.7mm x 23.5mm.

The total pixels present are 21.5 million, of which 20.5 million are effective for working.

The image sensor works in DX format and is a CMOS-type sensor.

The camera’s dust reduction system also helps improve the camera’s working, but this system requires specified NX studio software to work.

The greater the image sensor working, the more significant the image result.

This quotation is foxed for the working of Nikon ZFC.

Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review

File system:

When my friend was using this camera, she faced a little problem with her camera’s memory card.

So she decided to transfer and save images on my memory card.

Luckily, her incredible camera could accept multiple new things because of the astonishing file system of the camera.

The camera’s file system format supports NEF (RAW), JPEG, and an excellent combo.

The combo allows the user to save a single photo in both forms, making the work easier.

The camera’s file systems are standard file systems that are primarily used in cameras by Nikon.

DCF 2.0 and Exif 2.3 are the primary file systems in the Nikon ZFC.

The memory system:

The camera’s memory is the most important thing while doing continuous photography.

The professionals usually take it as a hectic matter because they want a memory system to take the pressure off their work.

As per my research, most users are unhappy with the camera’s single SD card slot.

However, per the design, camera operators or professional photographers could only place a single space.

To overcome the problem, the designers provided the facility for users to use UHS-I-compliant SDHC and SDXC cards along with the camera’s SD card.

This incredible help from the designers does reduce the complaints, but still, a single SD card slot may create many problems for the users.

The viewfinder:

I was at an event where I was acting as a professional photographer with my friend, and we both were using our cameras.

When we exchanged the cameras, I got to use Nikon ZFC.

And the superb result of the viewfinder of the Nikon ZFC was incredible in all manners.

The viewfinder gives 100% frame coverage both vertically and horizontally.

This coverage helps the photographer in gaining excellent results.

The viewfinder of Nikon ZFC is an OLED electronic viewfinder that balances the image’s color very well.

The approx. The magnification of the viewfinder of Nikon ZFC is 1.02x, which supports a 50mm lens at infinity.

The diopter adjustment of the viewfinder is -3 to +3m-1.

This adjustment is far beyond the average and gives results beyond the standard.

The incredible viewfinder of the Nikon ZFC is the fundamental reason my friend bought the camera.

Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review

Shutter speed:     

I have read somewhere that when a camera’s shutter system is excellent, the person using that camera also works and creates perfection.

I could say this thing for the shutter system of the Nikon ZFC.

The variant types of shutter systems of Nikon ZFC make the work easier and help create a perfect image.

There are four types of shutter systems that Nikon ZFC uses.

  1. Electronically-controlled travel focal plane
  2. Mechanical shutter
  3. Electronic front-curtain shutter
  4. Electronic shutter

The shutter speed of the Niko ZFC also varies from shutter to shutter, but the generalized rate is observed using the main command dial.

The 1/3 step speed of the shutter may be increased as per the demand of the picture mode.

The generalized speed of the Nikon ZFC shutter system is 1/4000 to 30 seconds.

Auto FP High-speed sync supports the shutter system’s flash sync speed.

The top continuous shooting speed of the camera produces 11 frames per second, which is an excellent speed for a shutter system.

Exposure and movie metering system:

The Nikon ZFC uses a TTL metering system for its exposure and the camera’s primary image sensor.

The movie metering system of the camera uses matrix or center-weighted metering that ranges from -4 to +17 EV.

The exposure compensation of the camera ranges from -3 to +3 EV.

Luckily, the camera’s exposure and luminosity lock are also available, making the work prettier and more fantastic.

Multiple exposure areas in the camera give the user great creativity and perfect pictures.

The picture control and the camera’s numerous exposure features create a great result and give long-lasting joy to any professional photographer.

The movie metering system also works based on the exposure metering system, and the great thing is the long-lasting battery of the camera.

While recording the movie, the camera can fully record for 29 and 59 seconds.

The camera Nikon ZFC supports the MOV and MP4 movie file formats.

The movie video compression is supported by advanced video coding.

At the same time, the movie’s audio is based on Linear PCM and AAC format.

The actual frame rates of the camera differ based on p, and quality selection is almost available in all of them.

A built-in stereo supports the audio of the movie recorded, or camera operators and all professional photographers can also use any external microphone with the camera.

The most fun part is that you can easily adjust the sensitivity of these audio output devices.

ISO sensitivity:

While using her incredible ZFC camera, I realized that the camera works very well in low light.

It happens because of the ISO sensitivity of the camera.

The ISO sensitivity of Nikon ZFC ranges from 100 – 51,200 in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV.

This ISO sensitivity is adjustable. Somehow, the users of the camera ZFC can also adjust the ISO sensitivity above 51,200.

Another diamond in the necklace and the camera’s merit is that the auto ISO sensitivity control helps the users significantly.

Mainly I love auto flash on my mobile phone.

Similarly, I love auto ISO control in Nikon ZFC.

The movie ISO sensitivity may vary from mode to mode.

Refer to the guide given with the camera before using this specified feature.


Probably all of you must have heard about light, camera, and action.

But right now, we must focus on light, focus, and the camera.

Why is this so? The reason behind this statement is quite exclusive.

Whenever you get a great view with fantastic lighting, you need a camera with an excellent focus system, and if it has a great AF system, then the camera can place the life of a professional on the right path.

The incredible AF system of Nikon ZFC is an example of a great Autofocus.

The 209 single-point AF is a hybrid phase-detection AF system with a range of -4.5 to +19 EV.

The lens servo of this excellent AF system has multiple modes depending upon the nature of light in the surroundings.

The methods of the AF system also vary from place to place, but all these modes give effective results that can help build an extraordinary photography career.

The focus lock of the camera also helps the user in many ways.

While working, the focus system vibrates a lot.

To avoid that hectic situation, Nikon ZFC uses a lens shift supported by Voice Coil Motors or VCMs that reduces the vibratory motion of the camera while working.

Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review Nikon ZFC Review

Playback functions:

While recording a movie, the director always pays attention to the playback performers as well because they are the one who makes the play more energetic.

Similarly, any camera’s playback functions make the camera’s working and analysis more effective.

The layback functions that are a part of the Nikon ZFC family are as follows:

  • rotation of image
  • highlights
  • histogram displays
  • photo information
  • picture rating
  • playback zoom
  • location of data and its display
  • playback of movie


  • USB type C connector is used with a built-in USB.
  • Type D HDMI connector for audio devices
  • Standard wifi with 13-channel operating frequency
  • Open system Wi-Fi authentication
  • SnapBridge smart app connectivity
  • Bluetooth available
  • 300 shots CIPA
  • EH-7p charging AC adapter for battery
  • One rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • MH-32 battery charger
  • 75 minutes of movie recording
  • Plug-in power support for audio devices

Types of photography by Nikon ZFC:

  • The incredible Nikon ZFC gives fantastic results while the user is doing Sports or wildlife photography. The camera results in these types of photography are beyond average, making it one of the best for sports and wildlife photography.
  • Nikon ZFC is an average camera for landscape photography.
  • Nikon ZFC gives excellent results during portrait photography.
  • The person can also use the camera for astrophotography, giving effective results in shallow light.


When introduced in the market, the camera faced a little backlash, but its unique features made it popular among beginners and professionals.

Despite having more than usual demerits, the Nikon ZFC gives an overall beyond-the-average performance due to its outstanding image quality and superb focus modes.

The perfect viewfinder and the lightweight body of the camera make it super easy to handle.

Still, unfortunately, the common grip feature in the camera may sometimes cause a problem for photographers.

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