9 Best cameras for underwater video: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

So, you’re into diving, and you love to film sea creatures?

Well, you know you can’t take your regular DSLR or mirrorless camera for a dive.

So, you probably wonder what camera you should get for your underwater ventures.

Did you know underwater cameras are a thing?

They are compact, rugged, and waterproof and can film in 4k!

Now that you know about underwater cameras, you’re probably thinking about what camera would be best for your specific needs as a diver, swimmer, or snorkeler.

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best cameras for underwater video and photos available on the market:

Which are the Best cameras for underwater video?

Here are my recommended top 9 Best cameras for underwater video:-

GoPro HERO10: (best cameras for underwater video)

Cuttlefishes are such fascinating and delightful creatures!

They are super bright and have an incredibly sharp vision.

Cuttlefishes are the reason why I became a deep-sea diver!

To capture their color-changing beauty in all its glory, I needed a camera that was just as smart as the cuttlefish with a vision just as sharp.

I recently stumbled upon the best camera for underwater video, the GoPro HERO10.

It has made underwater videography all the more fun!


Excellent Videos with 5.3K Resolution:

This camera is the latest GoPro model, and boy, did they step up their game with it.

I’m still yet to find another underwater camera that offers 5.3 resolution with up to 60 frames per second frame rate.

I can make my cuttlefish look even more mesmerizing than they already are with this camera.

I can control the frame rate to get the motion as smooth as possible without compromising the resolution.

Fantastic Front Display:

Other cameras in this class still struggle with including a color screen on their cameras.

This latest GoPro model took it one step further by offering a front-facing color screen that lets me see exactly what I’m capturing in all its high-definition glory.

Finest Slo-Mo Mode:

This GoPro camera has the Slo-Mo mode available in 4k!

I have shot some incredible underwater videos with its competent Slo-Mo option.

I like to bump up the frame rate to 140 frames per second and then shoot my videos.

With its advanced image stabilization feature, the slow-motion just work super smoothly, with absolutely no lag!

Why is this Camera the Best?

It has an excellent resolution with a compact body.

I can get incredible shots of my favorite sea creatures with the minor limitations of any camera I’ve ever used.

It can shoot in 5.3K and 4K for Slo-mo.

It has intelligent image stabilization compatible with go pro mounts and accessories. It’s also USB and Wi-Fi supported.

You can expect more from such a tiny waterproof camera!


The GoPro hero 10 has just made underwater diving all the more fun, which I didn’t think was possible!

It has all the qualities of a heavy-duty DSLR or Mirrorless camera while being super compact and waterproof.

So, get your GoPro hero ten now!

  • 23 MP image sensor
  • 5.3K capture at up to 60fps
  • 120fps 4K for slow motion
  • Video stabilization
  • Front-facing color screen
  • Waterproof without an add-on case
  • Media Mod support
  • Wi-Fi and USB supported
  • Battery drains snappily
  • Heat limits long-form recording

Olympus TG-6: (best underwater video camera for snorkeling)

I got into snorkeling as I looked for a new hobby this summer.

I got all my friends to do snorkeling, one of them suggested that I film my underwater adventures.

For that, I need the right camera, the ones I had weren’t waterproof.

She told me to buy the Olympus TG-6, the best underwater video camera for snorkeling.

Snorkeling just became way more fun with this camera!


Specified White Balance Modes:

Adjusting the light temperature is incredibly crucial for underwater photography.

The Olympus camera lets you do precisely that.

When I’m in the water, and I decide to make a video, the video sometimes ends up looking too warm, which prevents me from seeing what I’m capturing.

Having multiple white balance features allows me to adjust the lighting exactly how I want.

Incredible Zoom Lens:

The Zoom Lens on this Olympus camera is fantastic.

I love the freedom of playing around with different focal lengths without the hassle of having to change lenses every shot.

Even if I capture video with the entire 8x zoom, the resolution stays precisely the same.

It just has a phenomenal quality for underwater photography and videography.

Macro shooting Modes:

While snorkeling, I’d come across some precious tiny aquatic creatures that I had to capture to keep with me forever immediately.

Luckily, this Olympus camera has Macro shooting modes that let me shoot the perfect videos of tiny things in incredible resolution.

Why is it the best camera?

It offers versatility and is incredibly user-friendly.

It has a CMOS sensor that gives it that coveted high resolution even underwater.

It has much white balance and macro shooting modes that give you the perfect options for any occasion.

The zoom lens is another bonus feature that makes this camera worth my money.


Whether you’re diving or snorkeling, the Olympus TG-6 would be your best either way.

It has incredible high-definition video settings, and it comes fully equipped with unique videos mode for versatility.

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Shockproof and crushproof
  • Freezeproof
  • High-resolution F2.0 lens
  • Maximum 8x zoom
  • True pic VIII
  • CMOS image sensor
  • Four macro shooting modes
  • Magnified shooting
  • Underwater microscope mode
  • Three underwater white balance modes
  • 4K movie/ full HD 120 fps
  • Not a touch screen.
  • Videotape point pause behind action cameras.
  • Wi-Fi app pushes spammy announcements.

Nikon Coolpix W300: (best camera for underwater videography)

The sea feels like a whole different world within our world.

Being underwater is like exploring an alien planet.

It’s such a refreshing experience.

Not capturing this experience to keep with me for the rest of my life would’ve been folly.

This is why I got myself the Nikon Coolpix W300.

The best camera for underwater videography I’ve ever used.


Sturdy and Compact:

I’m an adventurer, and I don’t only love diving and snorkeling but also hitchhiking and mountain climbing.

I enjoy filming all my crazy journeys.

So, when I say I’ve put this camera through the wringer, I mean it.

This Olympus camera is still yet to fail me due to its waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof, and dustproof sturdiness.

High-Resolution Photos and Videos:

This Nikon camera is exceptionally tiny and compact.

It’s able to deliver the video and photo quality I’ve ever seen in a camera of its class.

It shoots regular and time-lapse videos in 4k!

And does a great job at it because of the back-lit CMOS sensor.

The image quality is also exceptional with the 16.05-megapixel sensor.

Accurate Image Stabilization:

Another thing to admire about this camera is that it provides image stabilization on all 5-axis.

No matter what focal length you use.

It has a 5x optical zoom lens that gives you freedom with the focal length you want to shoot your photos and videos.

The image stabilization is exceptionally accurate and consistent at all focal lengths.

Why is this Camera the Best?

It gives you optimal quality regardless of the environment you’re in.

It’s exceptionally sturdy and easy to use.

It has all the features you’ll ever need of an excellent underwater camera, including time-lapse, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

The features it comes equipped with are also up-to-date, like image stabilization and back-lit sensors.


If you’re into adventurous photography, especially underwater photography, getting the Nikon Coolpix W300 would be the best decision you’ll ever make.

It shoots both photos and videos with incredible precision and has a compact, light but incredibly sturdy body.

  • 16 Mp image sensor
  • Waterproof to a depth of 30m
  • Freezeproof
  • Shockproof and dustproof
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Back-illuminated CMOS sensor
  • 5x optical zoom lens
  • Image stabilization
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • eCompass, altimeter, depth gauge.
  • Reflective screen

Olympus TG-6: (best inexpensive underwater camera for snorkeling)

Snorkeling is such an excellent sport.

You get all the benefits of scuba diving without the heavy and uncomfortable scuba gear.

Last summer, I adopted snorkeling as a recreational activity, but I can’t take my phone underwater.

So, I need a high-quality waterproof camera that would give me professional-grade photographs from my underwater ventures.

I got myself the Olympus TG-6, the best inexpensive underwater camera for snorkeling.


Extremely Sturdy Build: 

This Olympus camera is not just waterproof but also dustproof, shockproof, crushproof, and Freezeproof.

I’d go as far as to say that it can get run over by a truck, and it won’t break.

The best part is it’s still highly tiny, light, and portable.

It’s super easy to film underwater, and the controls are also relatively easy to use

Unique White Balance System:

This Olympus camera lets you adjust the light setting of your underwater images precisely the way you want.

Pictures during filming can look a bit too off as far as the lighting situation is concerned.

It can read too warm at times and too relaxed at times.

You don’t want your picture to look too warm underwater since everyone knows that water is blue.

This camera lets me adjust the White balance perfectly and quickly with one button click.

Best Zooming Ability with Affordability:

It’s hard to find a camera with as much versatility as this Olympus camera at this price range.

My favorite thing about this camera is that the manufacturers still manage to include an 8x optical zoom lens with the camera despite being tiny and affordable.

The best part is that even though I’m shooting 8x, the resolution stays precisely the same as when I’m shooting wholly zoomed out. It’s fantastic!

Why is it the best camera?

You get a camera that can shoot underwater in 4k.

It has intelligent features like macro mode white balance and an 8x zoom lens at the most affordable price.

This camera is a total steal! It has made snorkeling way more fun and exciting.

It’s almost like I snorkel just to get beautiful underwater shots.


You see the most beautiful world underwater.

The Olympus TG-6 lets you capture that beautiful world in high resolution.

It’s tiny and portable but carries all the professional features of a much more expensive heavy-duty camera.

So, get your Olympus TG-6 now!

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Shockproof and crushproof
  • Freezeproof
  • High-resolution F2.0 lens
  • Maximum 8x zoom
  • 12 MP image sensor
  • True pic VIII
  • CMOS image sensor
  • Four macro shooting modes
  • Magnified shooting
  • Underwater microscope mode
  • Three underwater white balance modes
  • 4K movie/ full HD 120 fps
  • Not a touch screen.
  • Videotape point pause behind action cameras.
  • Wi-Fi app pushes spammy announcements.

GoPro HERO8: (best underwater action camera for scuba diving)

Landscape photography is has been my profession for quite some time, and I recently picked up the hobby of scuba diving.

I had this fantastic idea of combing my hobby and my profession and getting myself the most fun career explicitly tailored for my needs.

All that was left to do was get me a waterproof camera.

Then, I found the best underwater action camera for scuba diving, the GoPro HERO8!


Fantastic Resolution in all Modes:

There’s a reason why the GoPro is considered the hallmark of waterproof cameras.

It just gets the quality perfect every time.

The GoPro we’re talking about shoots videos in 4K with up to 60 frames per second frame rate and 1080p with up to 240 frames per second frame rate.

I have made the most amazing Slow Motion underwater videos with this one.

Each video comes out just as fantastic as the first one!

Suitable for Deep-diving:

This GoPro camera lets you go 33 feet underwater, which I much appreciate as a scuba diver.

Other cameras of this class on the market just don’t allow for this depth.

This camera, however, works just as well 33 feet underwater as it does around the surface or on-ground.

Image Stabilization:

When I’m shooting ideas in harsh conditions like underwater, I can be sure that there will be much shaking in the video.

This GoPro, however, does not let that happen because of its highly smooth Image Stabilization on all five axes!

It just makes working in harsh conditions even more fun and adventurous while providing professional-grade videos.

Why is this the Best Camera?

It is a fantastic camera to get if you’re used to capturing videos underwater while Scuba Diving.

This camera can handle going as deep as 33 feet underwater, which most waterproof cameras can’t afford.

It maintains its incredibly high image and video quality even when shooting at extreme depth.


I will continue to be impressed by the incredible quality the GoPro HERO8 gives to my images and videos.

This much quality in an underwater camera at affordable is something only GoPro can provide for its audience.

So get your GoPro now!

  • 12 MP image sensor
  • Video stabilization.
  • Optional Media Mod
  • 4K in 60fps
  • 1080p 240fps
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • Compatible with GoPro mounts and accessories
  • Wi-Fi videotape transfer can take some time.
  • Confined memory card niche.

GoPro Hero9: (best camera for underwater photo and video)

I was recently hired for a video gig for a popular TV channel around animal education.

My excitement was through the roof until I was told that I’d have to shoot underwater.

I was into diving as a hobby, but I had never done underwater videography before.

However, the camera I got for this new job made me fall in love with underwater photography and videography.

It was the GoPro Hero9, the best camera for underwater photos and video.


Updated Smooth Resolution:

While the previous cameras in the GoPro range allowed for the best resolution, this camera changed the game as far as the resolution goes.

This GoPro camera, unlike any camera of its class, lets you shoot videos in 5k!

Where do I even begin with the most fantastic sea creature shots I’ve taken with this camera?

They look out of this world!

The image sensor is 20 Megapixels, which, once again, is the best in its class!

Unique Live Streaming Feature:

Suppose you can establish a consistent network connection.

In that case, this GoPro camera lets you live stream, making it an excellent camera for vlogging!

This is entirely unprecedented for cameras of its class.

It’s such a cool feature because its shows that GoPro is in-tune with the needs of this generation.

I have tried this feature for myself and was amused at how fun it was to live stream straight from the camera in 1080p!

Incredible Image Stabilization Feature:

Like the other cameras in the GoPro hero series, this camera also comes fully equipped with Image Stabilization on all 5-axis.

It gives you an incredible noise-free underwater photography and videography experience.

Despite the extreme pressure, it can go 33 ft. into the water and still give you the perfect smooth video and photo results.

Why is this the Best Camera?

Another gem in the GoPro series perfectly combines casual with professional by offering live stream in 1080p.

The image and video quality are the best of any camera I’ve ever used.

It works just as smoothly 30 feet underwater as it does on the surface.


You can go underwater and get the most professional videos with the tiny, compact, but sturdy camera that is the GoPro Hero9.

The image quality is fantastic, and it gives you the option of live streaming in 1080p.

It is just the perfect solution for the camera problems of this generation.

  • 5K Video
  • 20MP photo
  • Front Display
  • Rear Touch Screen
  • Live Streaming 1080p
  • HyperSmooth Image Stabilization
  • TimeWarp, Timelapse
  • 3.0: Waterproof down to 33ft
  • You will probably want to carry redundant batteries

DJI Osmo Action: (best video camera for underwater filming)

I love marine sciences, but I never got a career in it.

Instead, I became a street photographer.

My dreams came true when a science association in my city approached me for underwater photography for their research.

They gave me the DJI Osmo Action camera for the project, saying it was the best video camera for underwater filming.

They couldn’t have been more right!


In-Built Filters:

I do underwater photography and videography for professional reasons.

Still, I fell in love with it so much that I love doing it when scuba diving for fun.

I love underwater so much because of this JI camera.

It has unique features.

It comes fully equipped with in-built art filters that help me explore the creative side of underwater photography and videography.

Stabilized high-Resolution Videos:

When you’re shooting videos professionally, you need the most detail you can get in your videos.

This means noise-free stabilized videos.

This DJI camera lets you do exactly that.

It shoots video in 4k with 60 frames per second and has a slo-mo feature with up to 240 frames per second, shot in 1080p!

All that is done with advanced Image Stabilization on all 5-axis. I love the smoothness and quality this camera adds to my videos!

Sturdy and Easy-to-Use:

It’s minimal and compact while being waterproof and sturdy.

It has a front and back colored display, with easy-to-use features that any beginner or professional user would appreciate.

It also supports hdr and flat profiles.

It’s just a perfect camera for any purpose for any audience.

Why is this Camera the Best?

I’m yet to find another camera that performs this sound underwater in this price range.

There’s just something about its incredibly high-quality resolution that works perfectly with its features and filters.

It’s not only incredible for professional underwater videographers like me, but I believe that beginners can use it as well!


Whether you’re a professional videographer looking for a camera for underwater photography, or a casual diver who wants to capture the sea world to keep as a memory, the DJI Osmo is the perfect all-rounder that comes with all the features anyone will need for underwater videography.

  • Rugged, waterproof build
  • 12 MP image sensor
  • 8x Slo-Mo
  • Stabilized 4K 60fps
  • 1080p slow motion 240fps
  • Easily swappable filters
  • Supports HDR and flat profiles
  • Front and rear color displays
  • Filters included
  • Overheating is a concern.
  • No card niche or charging harborage on the main camera module
  • The front screen and battery are not leakproof

Canon PowerShot D30: (best underwater video camera for swimmers)

I’ve been into competitive swimming since I was six years of age.

I got tired of the competitive part, but swimming remains my passion.

I do it from time to time for recreational purposes with my friends.

We have made some incredible memories of swimming together.

I wanted to capture those incredible swimming moments, to keep them with me forever.

So, I went out and bought myself the Canon PowerShot D30, the best underwater video camera for swimmers!


Suitable for Deep Diving:

I once went out with friends to try out deep diving to get out of my comfort zone.

I can’t even begin to explain what I encountered.

I wished I could show a picture of them.

The reason why I can’t is that I didn’t have my Canon camera back then.

I want to go back and do deep diving again just so I can capture everything with my Canon camera, as it allows you to dive as deep as 82 feet underwater and capture everything you encounter in your way!

A Capable Lens:

This Canon camera comes equipped with a lens that can zoom up to 5x.

Vis means that it can adjust its focal length from 28mm to 140mm, allowing you to shoot in wide-angle and telephoto.

It can have an aperture of f/3.9-4.8, giving you much control over the lighting and focus.

Perfect for Underwater Photos:

This camera is not highly capable in the videography department, but it works super well as a photography camera.

I have taken some incredibly high-quality candid, underwater shots of my friends with this camera.

They always turn out beautiful due to their 12-megapixel image sensor.

It’s the perfect all-rounder camera for all your photography and videography needs.

Why is this Camera the Best?

This camera is incredibly affordable for an underwater compact camera.

Its sturdiness and stability are unparalleled.

It’s the best camera for those into deep diving and swimming.

It works incredibly well for professional as well as candid shots.

It has a capable lens, and a slow-motion feature, allowing you to be artistic and versatile with your videography.


Ever since I started taking the Canon PowerShot D30 with me when I go swimming, swimming has become way more fun.

It added another layer to the excitement of my adventures with its unique features and sturdy build.

So, go and get yourself the Canon Powershot D30 now!

  • Waterproof to 82 feet
  • Sharp 5x zoom lens
  • 28-140mm
  • f/3.9-4.8 aperture
  • ISO 100-3200
  • Slow-motion video mode
  • GPS
  • 12-megapixel image sensor
  • Images on the noisy side.
  • Slow shot to shot time.
  • 1080p videotape limited to 24 fps.
  • No Wi-Fi.

Olympus TG5: (best underwater camera for freediving)

I love to push myself to the extreme and test my capabilities.

That’s why it recently started freediving.

Freediving such a thrilling experience.

I have encountered the most incredible sea creatures while free diving.

I just needed to buy a camera to capture those short moments of freediving.

And capturing photos and videos would add another layer of challenges for me to conquer.

The camera I got was the Olympus TG5, the best underwater camera for freediving.

I don’t regret one bit of getting this tremendous underwater camera!


Incredible Specs and Build:

If I can say I can withstand extreme conditions, I mean it.

This camera, however, can withstand even harsher conditions.

It is waterproof and can go as deep as 50 feet underwater.

It’s Dustproof, crushproof, shockproof, and freezeproof.

Its sturdiness is unparalleled, but it’s also effortless to carry and has a beginner-friendly interface.

It has everything you’ll ever in an underwater camera.

Exciting and Unique Modes:

This camera lets me shoot in regular mode with 4.5mm to 18.00mm focal length, with a 2.0-4.9 aperture adjustment.

It also has a macro mode that lets you shoot from 30mm to 100mm.

I particularly love the macro mode as I like to go up close to the tiny little sea creatures I encounter.

Its nighttime live composite mode is also helpful when it gets dark.

Intelligent Autofocus for Underwater Photography:

It has an ingenious and accurate contrast-detection Autofocus system perfect for capturing objects and creatures underwater.

It also has a tracking sensor, which makes capturing movement enjoyable.

It makes the videos look extremely clean professional.

Why is it the Best Camera?

It has the best specifications I have ever seen in a camera of its kind.

Its lens is competent and lets you shoot super up-close macro shots, to wide-angle shots, with different aperture choices.

It’s exceptionally sturdy, waterproof, dustproof, and freezeproof.

It makes it the best inexpensive camera for harsher conditions, like underwater photography and videography.

This camera’s versatility is still unmatched.


Suppose you’re super adventurous and are looking for a camera that can keep up.

In that case, the Olympus TG5 will give you precisely that.

It’s sturdy, light, beginner-friendly, and comes with all the correct specifications for a pro-grade underwater camera.

  • 12 MP Hi-speed Sensor
  • Bright F2.0 high-speed Lens
  • Focal length 4.5mm to 18.0mm
  • Aperture f/2.0- f/4.9
  • Macro Mode/30mm to 100mm
  • Dual Quad-Core TruePic VIII Processor
  • Track sensor system
  • Zero lag pro capture mode
  • Raw capture
  • Nighttime live composite mode
  • GPS, Manometer
  • Compass/temperature sensors
  • Waterproof to 50 feet
  • Dustproof
  • Crushproof to 220 lbs
  • Shockproof from 7 feet
  • Freezeproof to 14 degrees
  • AntiFog lens
  • CMOS Contrast Detection AF System
  • The hinder screen can pick up scrapes.
  • 460k- fleck TV.
  • 4K footage is cropped.


Alright, guys, so that concludes all the cameras we will talk about today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your best cameras for underwater video?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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