DSLRs Forever – Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras

Last Updated on August 26, 2023 by Sharon Advik

Hi, I’m Sharon, and this is a love note to the DSLR, my all-time favorite camera, and never to be replaced.

I heard some news recently that the camera brand I use, Nikon, has decided to stop making DSLRs, and from this point forward, they will only create mirrorless cameras.

There’s no difference in image quality for those who don’t know a DSLR and a mirrorless camera.

The difference is that a DSLR allows you to see through a mirror system in the camera’s real life through your lens.

Whereas with modern mirrorless cameras, you look through the viewfinder.

DSLRs use a periscope system like in a submarine so that your eye can look down in real-time and see through the lens, and then when the photo is taken, the little mirror flips up, and then the camera records it.

Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras:

DSLR vs Mirrorless:

Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras

DSLR vs. Mirrorless might seem like a small difference because, basically, in terms of image quality, there is no difference between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

The difference is in the experience, and here’s my little listing of why I think DSLRs are the best and can never be replaced.

I will never use a mirrorless damn camera, you know why?

Because it might seem small, but I want to see real life when photographing something.

I don’t want to see a digital relay of what the camera says real life looks like.

I understand that mirrorless cameras have all this beautiful computing power that makes electronic lag from the light in the camera, relaying to what I’m seeing.

It’s a very short lag; right with the earlier models, it was quite laggy, and that was one thing that initially really peeved me off.

Because, as you know, you’d see the moment, but then you’d go to take the photo, but the computer system hadn’t quite caught up to that second, and that was a deal breaker for me.

I’m just like I need as a photographer to capture that moment, not the split second later that when I pressed the button I want that moment, not the microsecond four-millimeter seconds later when the camera finally decides to do it; that annoyed me all right now, granted these days it’s a lot better but still it’s kind of like I don’t like it.

I wouldn’t say I like seeing a virtual world while trying to take photos.

Battery life:

Another thing is that it’s just like mirrorless cameras still haven’t gotten this good yet, but battery life is right.

The best mirrorless cameras can take maybe 500 shots on a single battery.

Whereas taking a DSLR right one where the uh it’s not using all of its uh Power to make sure that the sensor is constantly on and relaying every moment which sucks that battery energy dry so much faster and you and I are getting like 2 000 shots on a DSLR during a shoot.

I did a photoshoot recently.

I did 1700 shots, and I checked the battery life right, and this is not on anything special; this is on a standard little DSLR battery, and it was at 70.

I’m like, what? You can’t match that on a mirrorless without this big battery pack.

It’s just kind of, of course, it’s all personal preference.

I know many people who enjoy mirrors, and that’s great.

There’s nothing wrong with it.

Another argument:

I will throw another argument at you in the World Photojournalism Awards a few months back.

It was interesting that they asked the top 10 winners what camera they used to take that shot, and something like seven or eight out of ten of them were still using DSLRs.

It proves nothing, but it says something, and I agree with it because, like, when I’m on the job, and I’m like, it’s like it’s all about the right moments on capturing those moments, it’s like I want my camera to be reliable.

I don’t want this relay point between the photo being processed through the camera and then I see it right.

Any lag is not good enough, so I prefer I want to see that in real life, and when I press that button, I like that moment captured.

Camera that I am currently using:

DSLR is a big, heavy, chunky thing.

I upgrade my camera once every year or two and usually go for an older model. Before, I used a Nikon D500.

I upgraded it to the best camera in the world, the Nikon D5.

Nikon D5 is the best camera in the world that Nikon and the Nikon brand made.

Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras    Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras   Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras

It is big, heavy, chunky, and fantastic, right?

What I care about as a professional is this thing will not give up.

If someone tries to mug me, I can hit him with the damn thing.

It is so strong, and it will go through.

It will just keep on going right.

When I’m shooting, I want speed and reliability.

I don’t want any computer firmware updates.

Suddenly, say no; you need to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft.

Sorry, your Apple updates are outdated and need to be refreshed.

Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras Why Prefers DSLR Cameras to Mirrorless Cameras


These are just my little gripes about the thing, but do you get what I’m saying? DSLRs are fantastic.

All right, maybe mirrorless will take over everything.

It looks like it’s going to do that.

I will stick with my DSLR friend because it gets me amazing photos.

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  1. When someone talks in favor of DSLRs; I feel a deep comfort in my brain and heart.

    I’m a DSLR user permanently. Don’t give a damn whether manufacturers produce them or not. My pro bodies will last many years more. So, instead of worrying about gears, I prefer concentrating on photography.

    Moreover, Pentax is making DSLRs and will continue to do so.
    Transition from film to digital was essential as it made life easy in every department of photography. Mirrorless Is not like that in any respect. It is something photographers can do without. I will never give up my pro DSLR bodies for those light and flimsy cameras that are just smartphone updates.


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