7 Best Studio Light Stands: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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No matter how expensive or good-quality your studio light or ring light is, it is useless if it does not have a light stand that holds it well.

Good studio light and a light stand together help you take perfect photos and make the most awesome videos.

Atop-quality studio light stand should hold your light perfectly and have strong legs that make it stay straight or how you want it to and bear the weight of studio light effortlessly.

Below are some of the best studio light stands you can rely on for perfect photography and videography.

Which are the Best Studio Light Stands?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best Studio Light Stands:-

Heavy Duty Light Stand: (Best Photography metal tripod light stand)

I run a cooking channel on YouTube.

I started this channel out of the passion I have for cooking.

From deciding ingredients and adequately placing them to filming the recipe, I do everything myself since I’m not too fond of interference while filming the recipe.

To film my video like a pro, I use a studio light, and to hold the light, I use the Heavy Duty Light Stand, the best photography metal tripod light stand.


Why is this studio light stand the best?

The exceptional features of this light stand make it the best studio light stand.

These premium features include portability, durability, and adjustability.

I can adjust this light stand as I feel convenient and use it for different angles, photos, and videos.

Also, the spring cushioned feature helps protect the photographic equipment, another unique feature not found in many light stands.

Last, this light stand’s solid locking system avoids shaking, making the studio light safe while in use.

Durable Material:

The outer structure of this Heavy Duty Light Stand is resistant to corrosion and anti-rust.

These features make this light stand durable and long-lasting, ensuring it stays in the same condition as me for a long time.

Protecting the light stand from air pollution and salt exposure is necessary to extend its life even more.

It is strong enough to handle any sized lighting equipment.

Adjustable and Portable:

I can easily adjust the height of the light stand ranging from 39inch/99cm to 110inch/280cm.

It has solid locking capabilities that protect my lighting equipment when in use.

Also, the light stand is foldable.

Its foldable height is 37inch /94cm.

This foldability makes it portable and does not occupy too much space.

Since the weight is only 2.46kg/5.42lbs, it is very convenient to carry it anywhere.

Wide Compatibility:

This light stand comes with a 1/4″ Universal Adapter that makes it relevant for most photographic equipment.

The equipment includes strobe lights, a softbox, umbrellas, a flashlight, and a reflector.

This broad compatibility makes this stand ideal for outdoor and indoor use, as it grants me superb support to meet several photos or video shooting conditions.

There are three levels of height adjustment that can be set freely following the use and scene.


Heavy Duty Light Stand is the best photography metal light tripod stand as I can control it the way I want and take maximum benefit from it.

  • Spring Cushioned
  • Durable Material
  • Adjustable and Portable
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Professional Photo Tripod
  • Solid Locking Capabilities
  • Protects Light Equipment
  • Both Studio and On-site Use
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Thicker Tube Wall
  • Good Product, but the box was torn.

ULANZI Light Stand Carbon Fiber: (Best Reliable tripod studio light stand)

I am a beautician and do makeup daily.

After I am done with the makeup, I take pictures and videos of my clients after their permission to show visitors so they can trust me with my work.

Shooting using a studio light enhances my client’s look.

For this reason, I use a studio light, fitting it on a tripod stand.

For the light stand, I use the ULANZI Light Stand Carbon Fiber, which is the best reliable tripod studio light stand.


Why is this studio light stand the best?

Its remarkable features make this tripod stand incredibly different from the others.

The legs are carbon fiber, making this tripod stand excellently reliable.

I can always depend on this excellent studio light stand whether I am doing indoor or outdoor shooting, as it covers me both ways.

Its triangular knob can be adjusted using only one hand, making it easy for me to control it effortlessly.

This stand comes with a portable bag inside which I can keep the stand after folding it and take it anywhere I want.

All Carbon Fiber Design:

This tripod light stand is lightweight.

It is made of carbon fiber which has high strength and lightweight.

This light weight makes this studio light stand easily portable and convenient to carry that I can take anywhere where I wish to take pictures or film videos.

At the same time, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance that extend the life of this stand and make it more reliable.

New Upgrade Carbon Fiber Round Tripod Leg:

When I compare the traditional aluminum alloy flat legs with the carbon fiber round legs, I find that the latter is not easy to bend and is more durable.

The legs can be widened to fit the ground, expanding the light stand’s use area.

It can also stay stable in case of rough or bumpy ground while shooting outside the home.

Bold Tube Diameter Design:

The maximum tube diameter of 28mm makes the overall functioning of this tripod stand more stable.

I can rely on it for my photos and videos as its stability makes it convenient for me to shoot for as long as possible.

This broader tube design makes it fit for all types of light equipment as it can efficiently bear their weight without shaking or making them fall.


Due to its portability and superior features, I can always rely on the ULANZI Light Stand Carbon Fiber to give my photos and videos a perfect look.

  • All Carbon Fiber Design
  • Detachable Mid-axis
  • Ultra-portable
  • Ultra-light
  • New Upgrade Carbon Fiber Round Tripod Leg
  • Universal Screw
  • Bold Tube Diameter Design
  • Triangular Knob
  • New Knob Lock
  • Rubber Foot Cover
  • CNC Process
  • Portable Storage Bag
  • Light and easy to use, but a little too flexible at times.

Neewer Photo Studio Light Stand: (Best studio light stand for product photography)

I have an online business selling different goods, including bags, perfumes, etc.

I post their pictures and videos on Instagram and mention the prices of each item.

To enhance my photography and give my goods an appealing and attractive look, I use a studio light with the help of Neewer Photo Studio Light Stand that fits my light and keeps it in the same position I want.

This stand is the best studio light stand for product photography.


Why is this studio light stand the best?

This light stand is ideal for product photography due to its premium features.

These features include solid locking allowing me to freely take shots of my product without worrying about the light equipment falling.

Its solid outer appearance also adds to its exceptional features, making it resistant to corrosion.

This stand is very lightweight and foldable, making it easier for me to carry it anywhere.

All of these features make this light stand the best for product photography.


Industrial standards manufacture this studio light stand.

This is why it supports all significant brands of photo equipment, including strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes, backgrounds, etc.

This excellent compatibility makes it easier for me to use this studio light in various ways.

Sturdy and Solid:

The Neewer Photo Studio Light Stand is made of corrosion-resistant metal.

This property makes this light stand outstandingly durable.

It can stay with me in the same condition for as long as I want.

The anti-corrosion characteristic gives it exceptional strength for heavy-duty work proving this light stand to be powerfully built and pretty solid for my shooting.

Solid Locking:

The solid locking capabilities of this fantastic light stand are super effortless and straightforward.

They are easy to use and guarantee the well-being of my lighting equipment when in use.

I can totally and care freely relies on this light stand for my photography and videography, as its locking capabilities ensure to save every time.

I can fully trust this stand for the protection of my light equipment.


The Neewer Photo Studio Light Stand is the perfect light stand for it allows me to adjust its height.

The manufacturers made it keeping in mind the necessities of the customers.

  • Multi-Use
  • Sturdy and Solid
  • Heavy Duty
  • Adjustable
  • Solid Locking
  • Foldable and Easy-Carrying
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Durable
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Spring Cushioned
  • Height Adjustment Knobs
  • Release Knob
  • Screw Interface
  • Affordable and useful Studio box, but ring lights don’t fit in the travel pouches

EMART 7 Ft Light Stand: (Best portable studio light stand)

Being a travel blogger, I have seen many countries around the world.

Whenever I go on a journey, I take the EMART 7 Ft Light Stand with me, the best portable studio light stand.

I conveniently put it in my luggage and take it out whenever I need it to hold my studio light for photography or videography purposes.

This light stand is customer-friendly.


Why is this studio light stand the best?

This studio light stand’s excellent features make it unique in its way.

Its lightweight makes it ideal and perfect for me to take on all my adventurous journeys, take pictures, and make videos using this studio light stand.

This is undoubtedly the most durable light stand since it is made of premium aluminum alloy, making it exceptionally stable and giving it a long life.


The well-built legs of the EMART 7 ft Light Stand can fold in for easy portability.

They have a knob to lock them in place, allowing me to be tension-free regarding losing their place.

The carry bag is ideal for storing the light stand and traveling since I can conveniently put it inside the carry back by folding and taking it on my journey.

The lightweight studio light stand gives me all the ease.


This light stand is extendable.

I can conveniently adjust the height of it according to my need.

The height is adjustable from 2.5 ft – 7ft.

The maximum load capacity is 11lbs.

I can use this light stand with the most convenience by adjusting its height according to my height if I want to take my pictures by front posture or by lowering the height if I want to take pictures differently through various angles.

Multiple Use:

The 1/4-inch threaded screw tip is used for photo shooting.

It paves the way for different types of photography equipment, for example, mounting strobe lights, umbrellas, softboxes, and other photographic equipment.

Also, this light stand is ideal for studio and on-site use as it gives me outstanding results.


I love the EMART 7 ft light Stand mainly due to the ease of portability that allows me to use it anywhere I want.

  • Sturdy and extendable
  • Portable light stand
  • Multiple Use
  • Solid Locking
  • Compatible
  • Solid and Stable
  • Adjustable Height
  • ¼ Screw connection
  • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor
  • The materials are fine, but if you’ve handled a high-quality light stand, you’ll know they’re cheap.

BESNFOTO Photography Travel Light Stand: (Best travel studio light stand for video shooting)

Once during my summer vacation, I went to meet a friend of mine who lives in a different country.

Along with other important stuff, I took the BESNFOTO Photography Travel Light Stand with me on my journey, which is the best travel studio light stand for video shooting.

When I met my friend, and we went out to have fun, I conveniently fixed my studio light on this stand and let it film many videos of me with my friend.

This way, this light stand helped me make so many beautiful memories.


Why is this studio light the best?

This studio light stand’s lightweight and premium portability makes it faultless and perfect for all kinds of photography.

It can endure many equipment types effortlessly and give my pictures and video an excellent look.

I can take pictures from different angles due to this stand’s adjustment property, by which I can adjust the height as per my need.

All these traits make this light stand the best.

Foldable and Easy Carrying:

The legs of the BESNFOTO Photography Travel Light Stand can be adjusted from 0-30 angles.

The legs can also fold in for better and easy carrying of the light stand.

They have a lock to keep them in place so they do not get damaged by contact with another or misplaced.

This light stand is great for traveling photographers due to its excellent foldability.

Portable for Travel:

This Metal light stands tripod is built with aluminum alloy having only 640 grams / 2.2 kilograms load capacity.

This stand is compact, well-built, long-lasting, stable, and easy to use and carry.

Its incredible portability makes this light stand the best portable light standing for video shooting for travelers who can rely on it every time they embark on a new journey.

1/4” to 3/8 Screw:

The screw adapter 1/4 – 3/8” in this studio light stand can connect a hot shoe mount adapter for escalating photography, camera strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes, video shooting, and other photographic equipment.

This light stand is perfect for indoor and outdoor use due to its wide-range compatibility, as it can withstand all ground and equipment conditions.


There is no doubt about the supremacy of this BESNFOTO Photography Travel Light Stand, as it has all the premium features a traveling photographer wants.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adjustable Height
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • 1/4” to 3/8 Screw
  • Multi-Use
  • Best for Outdoor and Indoor
  • Stable Compatibility
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Easy Lock and all Metal Design
  • It doesn’t feel a heavy duty to support more harsh lights, and you’ll still need some sandbags for more assurance.

Fovitec Aluminum Light Stand: (Best Ring Light Stand)

I am an online makeup artist.

I teach girls basic and advanced makeup through the videos I post on YouTube.

I use a ring light to make my makeup look better, but since doing my makeup requires me to use both hands, I can’t hold the ring light while I do makeup.

For this reason, I bought the Fovitec Aluminum Light Stand, the best ring light stand.

I can easily and quickly fit my ring light on this stand and do my makeup using both hands.


Why is this studio light stand the best?

This studio light stand is best for supporting ring lights and other small lights.

There is a variety of light equipment that I can benefit from using this light stand.

Its lightweight makes it easy to carry on my travels and allows me to shoot wherever I like.

It is ideal for small LED panels, Fluorescent Lights, speed lights, and strobes.

This wider compatibility makes it the best studio light stand.


The Fovitec Aluminum Light Stand is a small, lightweight metal stand ideal for off-camera speed lights and numerous other small lights, including ring lights, small LED panels, and fluorescent lights.

This tough stand can support up to 6.6lbs and provides a standard 5/8” stud mount with 1/4”-20 threads.

The dense size of this stand makes it fit for traveling photographers on their journeys and contains a light stand carry bag for easy carrying.

Easy & Quick Setup:

This light stand is convenient to install and use.

It does not require much of my time and effort due to its simple setup that takes a few seconds for installation.

I can instantly make it ready for use whenever I need to and shoot my videos or take pictures.

Its easy setup is one of its most attractive features that let me spend more time filming rather than dealing with the complexities of the light stand.

Wide & Stable Base:

The broad and stable base of the Fovitec Aluminum Light Stand adds to its security.

It makes me carefree and fearless, making the shooting much more manageable and convenient.

This broader base allows me to use any studio light under 6.6 lbs of weight since the much improved wider legs guarantee the safety of my light equipment.


I always rely on the Fovitec Aluminum Stand Light as it always proves to be the best for me and supports my light equipment.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Stable and Wide Base
  • Easy and Quick Setup
  • Air Cushioned
  • Durable
  • Good for Speed Lights & Strobes
  • Sleek Matte Black Finish
  • Portable
  • Secure Locking Mechanisms
  • They feel a little wobbly when fully extended.

CONXTRUE Studio Light Stand: (Best Outdoor photography light stand)

I have a friend who makes informative TikTok videos.

In those videos, he discusses different topics, including the importance of education, etc.

To do this conveniently and focus entirely on the message he is trying to convey, he uses the CONXTRUE Studio Light Stand.

In this stand, he fixes the studio light he uses while making videos.

This way, he can entirely focus on his lecture without tiring his hands.


Why is this light stand the best?

This is the best light stand for outdoor use due to its superior features.

I can fold its legs to take it anywhere with ease.

Also, the solid locking system allows me to lock this stand and use it on all grounds without making it or my light equipment fall.

With this, I can happily and comfortably do my photography and videography.

Two Ways to Use:

The equipment can be installed on the light stand without the boom arm.

While for more convenient use, I have to connect the boom arm to the light stand, and then I can extend the boom arm and adjust the angle utilizing a butterfly knob to achieve a more customer-friendly presentation.

This light stand comes with 1/4″ & 3/8″ screws for various product needs.

Presence of Sandbag:

The sandbag attached to the light stand allows me to control the counterweight without difficulty and makes my lighting setup even more stable.

The balance of the weight is up to me.

This is because I can change the sandbag’s weight to create angles for my photography and take photos from different angles quickly and easily.

Air-cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand:

I can protect my equipment with the air-cushioned shock characteristic available in this light stand.

It also saves my fingers from injury if the lock tightens any of the sections of my light stand.

Due to that, the light slowly descends due to the air-cushioned feature.

I can care freely operate and use my light stand.


The CONXTRUE Studio Light Stand is the perfect light stand for outdoor shooting due to its excellent features.

  • Two Ways to Use
  • Adjustable
  • Air-Cushioned
  • Heavy Duty
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Sandbag Included
  • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Provides Different Angles
  • Extendable Arm Bar
  • Quick Setup
  • Foldable Legs
  • Solid Locking System
  • Premium Material
  • Stable Structure
  • Stable but could be improved with thicker gauge metal


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lights we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Studio Light Stands?

Are there lights you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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