7 Best studio lighting kit for beginners: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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There are several studio lighting kits designed to fit the need of a beginner.

They do not have such complexities or complex handling.

They are pretty easy to operate and controlled by the user, making them ideal for people who are just initiating and have no previous knowledge regarding the use of studio lighting kits.

Below mentioned are some of the best studio lighting kits for beginners.

Which are the Best studio lighting kit for beginners?

Here are my recommended top 7 Best studio lighting kit for beginners:-

LINCO Lumens Photo Video Studio Light Kit: (Best lighting kit with three colors backdrops)

Once I was supposed to cover a wedding event.

I went to the location with my team.

My team photographed the guests while I took charge of doing the main couple’s photoshoot.

I photographed them using the LINCO Lumens Photo Video Studio Lighting Kit, the best lighting kit with three colors backdrops, and got impressive results.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

There is not just one feature that may differentiate this studio lighting kit and make it unique.

But there are several outstanding features that this lighting kit has.

All its constituent components, including the softbox, umbrella, bulb, etc., together make this setup the perfect one and an ideal one for a beginner.

All the parts are durable and ensure zero light loss.

Umbrella is made of premium-quality nylon cloth that allows the diffusion of studio lighting and the reflection of weak light towards the object.

Softboxes are black nylon cloth with a highly reflective silver internal face that directs light toward the object.

The backdrops are the most thrilling part of this lighting kit and make it the best studio lighting kit with three colors backdrops: green, white, and black.

These unique features make this the best studio lighting kit for beginners.

Backdrop Stand Support System:

Linco Zenith Backdrop Stand Support System is appropriate for all stages of photographers, from beginners to experts.

It perfectly answers creating photos and videos for web retailers and commercial product catalogs.

I can take perfect photos anywhere, anytime, using this studio lighting kit with three colors and backdrops that give a variety of options I can take pictures.

The 1-chromakey green screen, white snow white, and green screen are the three colors backdrops.

Carrying Bag:

The carrying bag is made from robust, long-lasting Oxford cloth with PA (420D).

It is tremendously lightweight and foldable.

This durable lighting carrying bag is excellent for conveying any combination of lights and accessories.

I got it in black color.

It is water-resistant but not waterproof.

It is tough enough to endure any kind of bad weather conditions.

It has an LxWxH size of 31x8x7 and is designed for storing all light kit accessories.

High-Quality White Umbrella:

The white luminous umbrella functions in the contradictory way that reflective umbrellas do.

They are made from high-quality translucent white material, which permits light to pass, fabricating a soft and even light for my subject.

This umbrella is exceptionally lightweight and easy to install.

It works efficiently to diffuse light from all kinds of photography light.

It also eliminates glare and spots.


Due to its exceptional features, I found the LINCO Lumens Photo Video Studio Light Kit the best for new users.


  • Softboxpresent for eliminating shadow and softening light stream
  • Quick operation
  • Umbrella made of premium quality nylon fabric
  • Umbrella for reflecting weak light towards the object
  • Huge light-emitting area
  • Carrying bag made of oxford cloth material
  • Durable & heavy duty
  • Waterproof carrying bag
  • Backdrop stand support system ideal for beginners
  • 800 lumens lighting output
  • 3 colors backdrop
  • Good value, backdrops suck unless you just plan on sitting in front of it for a stream

NEEWER Continuous Lighting Kit: (Best Video recording lighting kit for beginners)

I chose media sciences as my major.

One day our teacher gave us a task to record a short video using a good studio lighting kit.

I opted for the NEEWER Continuous Lighting Kit.

Everyone, including the teacher, appreciated me when I recorded and presented this video in front of my class.

This is the best video recording kit for beginners.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

This whole kit is easy-to-handle, and all its equipment does not weigh too heavily.

I can install this kit on my own and can do my photography or videography.

It is the best video recording lighting kit for beginners since I only have to place the kit around my backdrop to produce an image with the slightest contrast and the softest light so that the videos come out bright, vivid, and incredible.

This professional studio lighting set is suitable for videographers of all experience levels.

Whether they are professionals or beginners, this umbrella lighting kit will enhance the outcome of shooting videos.

Carry Case:

There is a separate carry case for putting light stand and umbrella and a separate one for bulbs.

There is a separate bag to put bulbs in to avoid collision and breakage.

This helps me carefreely take this lighting kit wherever I want due to its easy handling.

The carry case is made of premium-quality nylon fabric that protects the equipment.

Daylight Bulb + Light Holder:

The energy-saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb saves energy up to 80%.

The color temperature can be set up to 5500k.

The regular incandescent light bulb output equals 200W.

Bulbs are trendy due to their spiral-shaped design.

They are such that they retain the original colors during the daytime without any alteration.

I can control my light bulb with the help of an adjustable angle.

Light Stand:

This lighting kit has a stand with a 1/4″ standard screw thread for universal mounting capability.

Additionally, the solid locking capabilities ensure keeping my equipment safe while I use it.

The light stand is easy to transport due to its lightweight.

I can install it independently without anyone’s help due to its lightweight.

It is a premium aluminum alloy construction.


The NEEWER Continues Lighting Kit gives out the best possible results.

All of its equipment performs its duty with perfection and efficiency.

  • Creates great images
  • Soft supple light
  • Neutral skin tones
  • Professional studio lighting set
  • Suitable for photographers of all levels
  • Improves effect in portrait photography
  • Affordable and easy-to-work-with lighting kit
  • Up to 80% of energy-saving by a fluorescent bulb
  • 550K color temperature
  • 200W regular incandescent light bulb output
  • Spiral shape design
  • Daylight lighting tone
  • Adjustable angle to control light bulb
  • Solid locking capabilities
  • The quality is OK – just a little above average – but don’t forget how much this kit costs – it’s worth it.

Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit: (Best live streaming lighting kit for beginners)

One day I decided to go live on my Instagram account since my followers had asked me to come to live for a long time.

I wanted a good light source to brighten my face and make me look nice.

For this reason, I used the Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit, the best live-streaming kit for beginners.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

This is an ideal studio lighting kit, especially for beginners, because its easy controls allow a beginner to explore and learn its handling without difficulty.

Also, the kit itself is pretty easy to install.

By setting it up the first time, I could do it easily afterward due to its simple construction.

Also, it is an ideal lighting kit for Livestream, where the proper light source is required.

It covers me and gives me exceptionally remarkable results.

This makes it the best live streaming lighting kit for beginners.

5500K Color Temperature:

With a color temperature of 5500K, this lighting kit offers the originality of colors.

This color temperature suggests pure white color without a touch of yellow or tint.

So, this proves to give me the purest colors of my subject, mainly when I am doing photography during the daytime.

I can always rely on this lighting kit, even during daytime shooting.

Easy-to-Use Lighting Controls:

Before installing this setup, I do not require too much prior knowledge.

It is easy to operate and control.

I can conveniently install this lighting kit whenever and wherever I want without taking help from the manual.

Also, the lighting control is effortless.

No complexities make this kit challenging to understand and use.

It is easygoing, making it the best studio lighting kit for beginners.

Even Distribution of Light:

When I am doing a live stream on my YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, I can easily use this lighting kit due to its even light distribution.

Whether I decide to do Livestream during daytime o night, I get the best lighting results because the light distributes incredibly all over my face and body.

This makes it the best live streaming lighting kit for beginners.


I love the efficient yet easy-to-handle Fovitec 3-Light Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit with excellent lighting effects.

  • Best live streaming lighting kit for beginners
  • Suitable for photo and video applications
  • Easy-to-use lighting controls
  • Offers 5500K color temperature
  • Optimal daytime clarity
  • Exceptional color accuracy
  • Even distribution of light in photos and videos
  • The only complaint was that the duffle bag was covered 100% in moldy spots. I’ll clean with a disaffected.

RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit: (Best studio lighting kit for Model portraits)

I do fashion photography.

To give it a professional look, I try my best always to do my photo shoot with a good light source.

For this reason, I use the RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit, the best studio lighting kit for model portraits.

I love how this lighting kit makes my models look more pretty with its significant lighting effects.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

This lighting kit has all the features required for professional photography or videography.

Its easy handling and remarkable results made me fall for it.

I can always depend on it for my fashion photography.

Its portable feature makes it convenient for me to take on shoot locations outdoors.

I always get the best results from it.

The color rendering feature adds to the excellent features where it does not alter my model’s outfit or skin tones.

High Color Rendering:

The softbox benefits the photographer to complete the shooting work efficiently and effectively.

It restores the physical colors and makes the picture express the photography mood.

The expressions of true colors are possible due to the high color rendering index, due to which objects do not lose their original colors in pictures or videos.

Continuous Lighting Softbox:

The 5500K color temperature allows me to experience a soft light in my pictures and videos during daylight photoshoots.

This presents photographic details, minimizing the chances of harsh or irritating light.

I can always rely on this truthfulness of my softbox; that is not the case in many other light kits’ softboxes.

Scientific Soft Light Technology:

This lighting kit uses dual soft light technology.

With this technology, the embossed stone on the silver diffuses the bulb light, minimizing light loss and continuously illuminating the light with a 2 x 85W bulb.

There is a high-quality soft 5070 Nylon cloth for smooth light flow, eliminating shadows and making delicate light suitable for photographic lighting.


I love the RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit due to its premium features and easy operations.

It is my go-to lighting kit to get all my shots done.

  • Best studio lighting kit for model portraits
  • Scientific soft light technology
  • Light bulb for photography
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Multiple scenes application
  • Suitable for diffusing light from the flashlight
  • Softens light & removes shadow
  • Nylon reflect diffuser panel
  • Adjustable stand height
  • 110V standard voltage
  • High color rendering
  • Continuous lighting softbox
  • Uniform soft light
  • Softbox cover
  • Bulbs are probably going to be hard to find to replace, top heavy.

GEEKOTO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit: (Best Filming lighting kit for beginners)

I am a food blogger.

I regularly post on Instagram and YouTube the food videos I make.

To make these videos look even more tempting and leave my followers in awe of it, I use the GEEKOTOSoftbox Photography Lighting Kit.

This is the best filming lighting kit for beginners due to its customer-friendly design.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

It is the best filming lighting kit for beginners due to many reasons.

The rotatable head allows a beginner to adjust it according to his wants and needs and shoot tremendously from different angles.

Energy-efficient bulbs are another essential feature of this lighting kit.

Many well-known brands selling lighting kits do not worry or consider making their equipment energy efficient to save energy. Still, this one has made it possible with its 95W energy-saving bulbs that save up to 80% of energy.

Rotatable Head and Adjustable Stand:

The angle of the lamp holder can be adjusted up to 210°, making it easier for me to rotate, twist and turn it according to my need.

This way, I can film my videos from different angles, giving them an incredible and unique look.

Light stands, too, can be adjusted and locked for convenient and carefree use.

Adjustments to the stand can be made from 26 inches to 78.75 inches.

Energy-Efficient Bulbs:

This studio lighting kit comes with 2 95W energy-saving compact fluorescent spiral bulbs.

These bulbs save up to 80% energy and have a lifetime of about 8000 hours.

With 5400K color temperature, these bulbs are ideal for shooting portraits or weddings, even during the daytime when this color temperature works best to secure the original video or picture colors.

Suitable for Various Photography:

The Geekoto soft box provides a classic, soft but perfect light for my filming.

It is perfect for studio portrait shooting, fashion shooting or still life shots, product photography, cute pet photography, etc.

Where it retains the natural element of pictures and videos and gives out the best results without a single alteration in original textures and colors.


The GEEKOTOSoftbox Photography Lighting Kit is ideal for beginners due to its premium features that make handling efficient and easy.

  • Softbox made of nylon material
  • Highly reflective
  • Softens flashlight
  • Energy-efficient bulbs
  • Rotatable head and adjustable stand
  • Suitable for various photography
  • Standard E27 socket
  • Best filming kit for beginners
  • 6-angle softbox
  • Not bad lighting set for the price. The bag is pretty flimsy, though.

MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit: (Best adjustable studio lighting kit for beginners)

When I began my profession as a videographer, I had difficulty dealing with the complexities of cameras and lighting setups.

But now, since I started using the MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit, all my problems are solved as this lighting kit provides me options for adjusting the equipment as per my need; this makes it the best adjustable studio lighting kit for beginners.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

This studio lighting kit has all the features that a professional yet beginner-friendly lighting kit should have.

It gives me all the ease and allows me to do my shoots carefreely with total concentration.

It is suitable for various photography and is not limited to any type.

It is ideal for group shots, portraits, glamour and product photography, children photography, food photography, and commercial and animal photography.

This vastness in its usage makes this studio lighting kit the best.

High-Quality Material:

The softbox light reflector in this studio lighting kit is made of professional particulate silver film reflective fabric with a white nylon screen.

It softens the hard light and discards object shadows.

The opening is one piece, and folding is easy to use and store.

It also includes a 110-130V bulb socket.

The softbox can diffuse light and provide a soft light beam to eliminate shadows and take incredible pictures.

2- Softbox:

The 2pcs 20 x 28inch MountDog softbox ultimately softens the light stream and removes shadow to do the perfect shooting.

Its silver internal face reduces light loss and maximizes light spread.

With the E27 socket, I can directly connect light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or flash to offer the light.

210-degree Rotatable Head and Adjustable Stand:

The 210-degree rotatable head of the lamp holder allows me to adjust it according to my need and do photography in different ways.

This paves the way for a better photography experience and gives impressive results.

Also, the light stand is adjustable, and I can lower it or increase its height according to my need.

These adjustments make this studio lighting kit the best adjustable studio lighting kit for beginners.


I can always rely on the MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit whenever I need to cover a family event.

I can do it myself due to its easy handling.

  • Best adjustable studio lighting kit for beginners
  • Energy-efficient bulbs
  • 2 softbox
  • 210-degree rotatable head and adjustable light stand
  • High-quality material
  • Suitable for various photography
  • Really good lighting, but not the best build quality

Octagonal Softbox Lighting Kit: (Best Octagonal studio lighting kit for beginners)

I did a six-month photography course at an institute near my house.

After completing the course, I bought a cheap camera and practiced my photography skills.

Then after practicing, I started to cover events.

From the money I got for covering those events, I bought the Octagonal Softbox Lighting Kit, whose unique design had always attracted me.

It is the best octagonal studio lighting kit for beginners.


Why is this studio lighting kit the best?

Several features differentiate these lighting kits from other ordinary ones.

First, its horizontal softbox makes it the most unique and attractive and the best studio lighting kit for beginners.

The energy-saving LED bulbs add to the greatness of this lighting kit.

Adjustable brightness and color temperature are not something that many lighting kits deal with, but this one does it with too much perfection and smoothness.

The rotatable head and adjustable light stand to make this the ideal and the best lighting stand for beginners who find it easy to use.

Octagonal Softbox:

Focus Fill Light breaks the design of the traditional rectangular diffuser.

My octagonal softbox with a diameter of 27.5in/70cm and depth of 17.7in/45cm is classy.

It is closer to the circle, with more uniform illumination and a broader range.

It is made of high-quality reflector material, making the reflected light brighter.

Also, the included white diffuser can soften the harsh light source.

This octagonal softbox differs from others with a universal E27 standard interface, ceramic material, and safe and high-temperature resistance.

Energy Saving LED Bulbs:

The presence of 2 85W LED bulbs with a standard E27 socket makes this overall setup pretty much energy saving with the presence of high-quality 180pcs LED beads (90pcs Yellow+90pcs White).

Energy saving is up to 80% compared to incandescent bulbs of similar output.

There is reduced electric power consumption and more energy saving.

Three color modes(white/natural/warm) provide the perfect light for my photographic environment.

The back of the bulb is made of an aluminum substrate to improve heat dissipation and extend service lifespan.

Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature:

This studio lighting kit has many options for adjusting brightness and color temperature.

It comes with 3 color light modes: white light, natural light, and warm light.

I can adjust it as per my need by pressing the button on the power cord or by remote control.

This helps me set up the color temperature level to the level that seems best.

Also, there are three options for brightness adjustment: min, mid, and max.


I am impressed by the quality and functioning of all the Octagonal Softbox Lighting Kit equipment, as they work the best for me.

  • Best octagonal studio lighting kit for beginners
  • Brightness and color temperature adjustable
  • Wireless remote control
  • Rotatable head
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Multiple scenes application
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs
  • Octagonal softbox
  • 3-color light modes
  • Stands are a little flimsy though than your typical c stand


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lights we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which is your Best studio lighting kit for beginners?

Is there a light you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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