DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review

Last Updated on September 9, 2023 by Sharon Advik

I was in Turkey and visiting my favorite places over there.

The love of Turkey always brings me to explore places over there.

I went to every historic and new place with the perspective of capturing the views and scenes with my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone camera.

I want to capture the beauty from different angles.

I have been visiting there with family and want to go to the maximum number of places in a week.

Photography is my passion, and I have been practicing it for years.

I have been managing my Instagram page, where I upload my photography, and I have many followers.

This time, I have to take an aerial view of Turkey’s places to upload the videos on my Instagram page.

I went to visit the Cappadocia with my family.

The basic attraction was a hot air balloon, the fairy chimneys, and the tall cone-shaped rock formations.

They stunned me with the view; it looked like we entered the magic world.

I want to capture the aerial view of the chimneys through my drone camera.

We had to take a ride on an air balloon, and I had to capture the aerial view during our ride.

It was a wonderful experience, and I cannot forget the mesmerizing view of the place.

I took many shots with my drone camera and got a full-fledged video of the place.

This camera allowed me to target the subject with the smart tracker and create HD video with a 60 fps frame rate.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review:


It was first launched in 2018, and a 20 MP 1” CMOS sensor with adjustable aperture comes with the quality of capturing 10-bit HDR video.

One can capture a 31-minute video while using this camera.


20 MP resolution
1” Exmor R CMOS
ISO 100- 12800
Image stabilization 3-axis
Shutter speed 1/8000 sec
Aperture f/2.8-11
Video recording up to 31 minutes
Color profile 10-bit Dlog M
Speed up to 72 km
Dimensions 322*242*84 mm (unfolded)
Internal storage 8 GB
Weight 907 grams

Folding drone

It is designed to cue from the original Mavic Pro but comes in much bigger.

A folding drone is easy to carry anywhere, and it is easy to unfold the drone.

Unfolding the front legs before the back legs makes it easy to unfold.

I weigh about 907 grams, so it is easy to carry anywhere.

The size of the drone unfolded is 322 to 242 to 84 mm.

The unfolded drone can fit in my camera bag, so I found it portable.

Screen and controls

This model has many improvised features that the old drone camera does not have.

The controller comes with a display that shows flight the altitude, distance of the drone from the controller, the speed, battery status, remote control signal strength, flight mode, system status, camera status, storage indicator, and accent/decent indicator.

It has antennas that maintain single connectivity with the drone with a range of 4.3 miles from the controller.

There is a button that, when pressed and held, will make the drone return to the controller’s place.

The flight pause button allows them to stop the drone at a place; the controller has a mobile holding clamp that helps adjust the mobile to show the activities of the camera through the designed app installed on the computer.

Different settings and flight modes make it easy to control the camera and take the results accordingly.

A micro USB port, record button, zoom adjustment dial, shutter, and focus button are available.


Those who want incredible performance can have this drone camera for effective video recording.

Given the remarkable performance, it shows stability during flight and taking off.

The camera is a 1” CMOS sensor that captures objects more beautifully and comes with a more extended ISO range, thus allowing no noise in the pictures.

The wider and lowest apertures allow you to take the pictures at the next power level.

The high shutter speed can capture the highest-speed objects, like in sports.

It has a powerful sensor that can sense the object from six directions, and many obstacle sensors allow it to work in different flight modes.

Images quality

The 20 MP sensor can capture pictures in DNG raw and JPEG format.

DNG raw allows capturing the pictures in raw and enables editing in post-processing.

The burst function allows us to take 5fps pictures with high quality, enabling us to capture the pictures in sequence or the fast-moving action in pictures.

Video quality

It produces the best video with a Hasselblad camera and a 1” CMOS sensor.

It can capture the minor detail of the scene by contouring the bright, shiny place to lighten the darkest areas.

It can capture 4K resolution video with a maximum of 30 seconds per frame rate, although it has also been able to capture 1080p video in 2.5 K resolution, which increases the frame rate to 60 frames per second.

Although in full HD mode, I can capture the video in 120 frames per second.

The video is captured the video with a 10-bit D log M recording, which allows capturing the footage in Raw and enables the user to edit the videos later.

The user can record up to a 31-minute video in a single flight.


It is one of the finest features that gave me ease in flying the drone, so I do not need to fly the camera with the controller manually.

While using this mode, I need to tap on the mobile, and it will start flying; the user can change the drone’s direction by tapping the screen in which direction the drone needs to fly.

It can sweep areas where no one can access and capture the scene most stunningly.

Compact, lightweight

It can be taken anywhere without the fear of carrying a heavy camera as it comes in a compact and low weight.

The folded size is easily adjustable in any camera bag, and thus, it becomes easy to carry this device anywhere.

Vloggers and travelers like using this device as it comes in 907 grams only, so it becomes easy to carry in hiking.

Auto return home feature

This feature is designed to secure the camera from falling and breaking due to low battery.

I can press this button, and it returns to the original position where it started flying.

It has a tracker and can detect low battery, so by pressing this button, it smartly catches the message and makes its way back home.

Intelligent flight mode

This camera also features intelligent flight mode, allowing quick shots, hyper-lapse, and point-of-interest modes.

A user can easily capture the video while using these features, as it will capture the cinematic footage and create dynamic shots.

Sports mode

This mode allows one to capture a fast-moving object in a video, with the highest speed of 72 mph.

Setting this mode speeds up the drone and ensures it reaches the target with the speed.

It captures the scene so beautifully while targeting the right thing.

Live view with live streaming

This camera cannot capture 1080 p HD video and can stream these videos in either 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz to the smartphone or tablet, and from the device, it can be streamed to YouTube directly with the help of an App.

This can be possible with the OcuSync live view 2.0 available on the camera.


This camera has a unique Hasselblad lens with a 35mm equivalent to 28 mm f/2.8 aperture.

This comes with a unique Hasselblad color solution technology, allowing the camera to take aerial footage with perfect color detail.

It ensures sharp pictures with low dispersion and low distortion.

Active track 2.0

The active track function accurately tracks moving objects with an advanced algorithm.

These features also include obstacle avoidance, ensuring the drone can omit obstacles by tracking the right object.

Whether the object is running, driving, walking, or running, the camera uses an advanced feature to track the object accurately with advanced computer recognition and machine learning.

Circling the moving object and tracking it while keeping it in the frame can be achievable with the active track and can track at the speed of 72 mph.

Omnidirectional obstacle tracking

This drone camera uses obstacle sensing at every angle to save and streamline the footage.

It comes with powerful sensors: a forward sensor, a downward sensor, a left and right sensor, a backward sensor, and an upward sensor.

All these sensors have specific measurement modes, and within their range of obstacles comes the chance of hitting the camera; the camera helps to detect it immediately, even in low light, and changes the path.

Flight time

The camera allows me to take the flight for 31 minutes continuously.

A new 3850 mAh intelligent flight battery allows the camera to take such a long flight.

It allowed me to observe and capture the right amount of videos with the longest flight time.

Low light performance

This camera comes with a 1-inch sensor, allowing it to capture pictures with a maximum ISO of 12800.

This ratio enables the camera to capture pictures in extremely low light with a powerful performance.

The extreme low light compatibility can be combined with the highest aperture of f/2.8 to capture the pictures in the dark.

Aperture control

The camera has various aperture settings, from the lowest aperture of f/2.8 to the highest aperture of f/11.

The aperture control allows control of the shutter speed in brighter pictures.

Such shutter speed allowance was a unique feature introduced in this drone camera before the neutral density filters were available to achieve the slower shutter speed in the drone camera.

Now, I can control the aperture and change the settings using the DJI Go App and do not need to land the camera to change the aperture setting.

Flight control and App compatibility

This camera is compatible with many apps, and I can check the app’s compatibility for peak performance and find out the suitable app that works well in Android and iOS has been created to give the pilot many options to use the maximum features of the drone.

These apps provide several features, including camera settings, flight mode, and other things.

I can also ease the flight mode with the help of apps and repeat the settings to fly the drone the same way as before.

DJI Pilot, DJI FlightHub, DJI Mobile SDK, and DJI Enterprise are compatible apps with many features compatible with the camera.

Gesture mode

Gesture mode is one of the finest modes of this drone that I used to trigger with the movement of the hands, and special inwards instructions are set according to the unique hand movement to capture the pictures.

For taking a selfie, I need to make a frame with my fingers, or if I want that camera to follow me, I have to wave my hand, and the camera will come the way I am walking.

While setting the gesture mode, the vision sensor can detect the hand movement, and I do not need the remote to change the settings.


The camera has a built-in hyper-lapse feature, allowing me to take and process pictures with time-lapse.

This effortless, professional-looking time-lapse can be automatically shared on social media with the app’s help.

Hyperlapse shots can be captured with four modes: the free mode allows the camera to shoot freely in the area, the circle mode selects the subject and circles it, the course lock mode allows the camera to lock itself in a straight line and move forward and backward or right and left, waypoint mode allows the camera to take specific and savable flight in 3D space for single time-lapse or multiple shots at different time.

Aerial shooting mode

The camera gave me the perfect shooting of a specific subject with the vision and GPS distance measurement technique.

By tapping the waypoint and interest point, I can target the flight path, which can be saved for the future.

The asteroid mode allows the user to quickly fly down by spinning at the subject and taking a shot of it.

the boomerang mode allows the user to take the tilting video from the start and move a bit and ends at the point of start.

Such mode is rare in drone cameras, and this camera has such features.

What is new about this camera?

It comes with a hassle and camera that uses a 1” sensor to capture stunning aerial pictures
Mavic 2 Pro takes the 4k HD with 60 fps and 1080 p with 120 fps. zoo
Mavic 2 Zoom features 2x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
active track 2.0 intelligent feature
hyper lapse that captures the stunning time lapses pictures
longest battery life
longest flight time
360-degree obstacle avoidance system

Pros & Cons

  • Hasselblad L1D-20c camera
  • Better performance in low light environment
  • Dynamic range
  • 4K 10-bit HDR support
  • Adjustable aperture range
  • The hyper-lapse feature allows capturing time-lapse, slow-motion video
  • Enhanced HDR photos
  • Download speed up to 40 Mbps
  • Lower power consumption
  • A maximum speed of 72 Kmph
  • 3-dimensional view
  • Multiple shooting modes
  • No DCI support


I prefer using this camera as it is easy to use, and I do not need extra time and effort to learn the basic flight and camera settings.

The camera has built-in features that allow the user to create powerful and stunning pictures and videos.

As this drone camera captures the perfect videos, many vloggers and bloggers prefer using the camera to shoot videos and upload them on their pages.

The trust that this camera gave to capture HD video with powerful subject tracking and smooth flying along with the intelligent features and different video modes technology is rare to found in any camera, and that is the main reason it became the iconic camera that allows the user to take the time-lapse pictures, this camera speed is 72 kmph that is enough to track the subject quickly and easily.

I recommend it to videographers who want videos of landscapes 8 km away from the point of standing and take a longer flight time of 31 minutes, which is more than enough to gather valuable data for exploring the place.

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