8 Best Studio Lights for Newborn Photography: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

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Who doesn’t like newborn photos?

For capturing newborn photos, some tricks are beneficial.

Some photographers have imaginative scenarios for capturing newborn photos.

They can capture a baby sleeping or awake.

They make sure that the baby’s stomach is not empty.

Otherwise, the baby can make hurdles in their work.

Undressing a baby is also a good idea.

Some random clicks can also be the best for quick shots.

All these things are done with the best lighting tools for this genre of photography because a baby cannot tolerate the sharpness of the light.

Which are the Best Studio Lights for Newborn Photography?

Here are my recommended top 8 Best Studio Lights for Newborn Photography:-

Neewer Advanced 2.4G 660 LED Video Light: (Best Brightening Effects Studio lights for Newborn Photography)

I was shooting in my neighbor’s home for their newborn baby.

I have the perfect setup for photography with a Neewer Advanced 2.4 G 660 LED video light.

It is no doubt the best brightening effect studio light for newborn photography.

I was just watching the baby who was playing with the hanging toys.

Suddenly she giggled, and I got the perfect scene for my photos.

I prepared my camera and took photos.


Perfect Lighting Effect:

The light does perfectly with its dimmable brightness and two-color temperature.

I can use its 330 cool white and 330 yellow LED long-lasting bulbs for all types of photography.

It delivers the perfect brightness and color temperature with the power status of the light.

Lightweight and Slim:

It has an ultra-slim and lightweight design.

I can use the perfect material for the light with its barndoor.

It is made with aluminum alloy material and has a U shape bracket.

It is easy to adjust the angles of the light.

Best Brightening Effects:

The brightness of the light is adjustable with its 2.4 G wireless remote control.

I can adjust it with its 11 channels and 660 multiple light beads.

It has an adjustable light stand and other best features.

Why is this light the best?

This powerful light has excellent LED panels and delivers a soft look in the scene.

The light provides perfect lighting effects with its manual adjustment and remote adjustment.

You can use the light’s AC or DC power options to charge its battery.

Its wireless remote controller controls this light from channel 1 to channel 88.

It has a dual interface design.


The corrosion-resistant metal and other heavy-duty accessibility make the light much sturdy and easy to use in all types of photography.

  • 330 White and 330 Yellow LED long-lasting bulbs
  • Tungsten-Daylight 3200-5600K
  • 2 separate knobs on the panel
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Excellent quality aluminum alloy
  • Elegant appearance
  • U-mount bracket
  • 20 meters distance range
  • One 660 light or control multiple
  • More creative work
  • Adjustable height 36-79 inches/92-200 centimeters
  • Exceptional strength for heavy-duty work
  • Pretty sturdy for your shooting
  • Short power cord

Neewer 600W Studio Flash Strobe Kit: (Best powerful Studio lights for Newborn Photography)

Keeping the view for undressing babies, you can be much more personalized with their belongings, like a cute blanket.

I used to do it for some months with a baby who had green eyes and looked very cute.

I used Neewer 600 Watt studio flash strobe kit.

It is the best powerful studio light for Newborn photography.


Outstanding Performance:

The exceptional performance of the light is due to its upgraded features.

It has flash output and strobe capturing, so I can have perfect strobe distance and aperture.

The light has a 9-stop brightness range that comes with 10% increments.

Powerful and Flexible:

It is a powerful and flexible light due to its 300-watt strobe and 5600K color temperature.

The light delivers reliable and durable performance.

I can make convenient videography.

This light can also be used for newborn photography.

It is made with aluminum alloy.

It also has an optical slave mode that eliminates the light to diminish shadows.

Why is this light the best?

It is straightforward to adjust.

You can use a light control receiver and its different buttons for settings.

The light has a 2800K color temperature with 9 levels of brightness.

This light works with its 300 Watt power that satisfies shooting.

The light has different installation steps that can be done quickly by watching the manual.

The silver reflective softbox illuminates uniformity in the scenes.


The light is a versatile mounting light and can be used in different kinds of photography and videography.

It is best for various lighting tools with soft boxes and easy-to-use features.

  • Two 300W high-powered strobe
  • 5600K color temperature
  • Bright bursts of light for still, product, portrait, and wedding photography
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Flash output from 7.0-10 (1/8-1/1)
  • 9-stop brightness range adjustable
  • Convenient Remote Sync
  • Optical Slave Mode
  • The softboxes are challenging to assemble because of the build quality and the lack of instructions.

LINCO Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit: (Best Soft Studio lights for Newborn Photos)

Babies are much satisfied with the soft lighting in front of them.

They have sensitive eyes.

It is the main factor that needs to be considered when you have a newborn photograph.

I always use Linco Lincostore photo video studio light.

It is the best soft studio light for newborn photos.


Compact Design:

Convenient to use lighting kit has high reflective silver interface and silver photo umbrella that satisfies the scenes with its softness and uniformity.

The kit has a compact design with portability.

Superb Ergonomics:

The super ergonomic design of the lighting kit makes it much easier to use.

It has white premium photos soft umbrella that is 33 inches in size.

It is made with nylon cloth that provides a better environment for shooting.

It also has a smooth shape lamp holder.

You can adjust this lamp holder for easier and faster operation.

Soft Studio Lights:

The light has a soft diffuser, softbox, and a soft umbrella.

I can also have different colors and backgrounds with this lighting kit.

This light is a professional photographic lighting kit with a carrying bag for easy portability.

Why is this light the best?

This lighting kit has different accessories for perfect scene capturing.

Its stands are more stable and sturdy with a locking structure.

You can easily use or move stands.

The softbox and light head are also movable for easy capturing.

The adjustable light head can be set at perfect angles as you want.

The reflectors are inside the diffuser that is made with high-quality material.


Coming to an end with this lighting kit, you can have professional results because of its softness and uniformity.

You can capture photos easily while taking the cutest actions of newborns.

  • White Premium Photo Soft Umbrella to Soften Light
  • Smooth Shape Lamp Holder for Utmost Safety
  • Photographic Backdrop Stand Kit to Hold Backdrop
  • Standard Photography Light Bulb for Lifting Brightness
  • Carrying Bag for Photographic Equipment
  • Photography Backdrop for Good Photo Taking
  • Softbox Reflector for Eliminating Shadows
  • Dream Studio Lighting Setup
  • My box didn’t come with instructions which would have caused the setup process to prolong. Other than that, I’m pleased.

Octagonal Softbox Lighting Kit: (Best Studio lights for Newborn Portraits)

The octagonal softbox lighting kit is the best studio light for newborn portraits.

I can capture the beauty of cuteness loaded on the faces of babies.

Other settings can be done with the blanket, wraps, heat, and sound for newborn photography.

It’s on you what you pick to do.


Multiple Scene Application:

This lighting kit can be used for different scene applications.

You can use 180 pieces of LED beads with the energy-saving performance of 80% incandescent bulbs of this light.

It has been made with ceramic material and aluminum alloy.

It is easy to use and robust.

Energy Saving LED Bulbs:

This lighting kit has 2 LED bulbs with 85 Watt power but the standard E27 socket.

You can utilize high-quality 180 pieces of LED light beads that save up to 80% of energy.

The three-color modes of light can give me white, neutral, and warm effects.

The best lighting kit creates the perfect environment for newborn photography.

Best for Newborn Portraits:

Newborn photography can be done with its color lighting modes.

You can set the brightness up to 10% and more.

You can have the perfect color temperature with its various ranges within 10 meters.

The light is much more professional and more convenient to use.

Why is this light the best?

This lighting kit has an octagonal softbox with a larger fill lighting area.

It has button controls and remote controls too.

You can conveniently use the light to adjust its brightness and color temperature with different effects.

The lighting kit has two soft boxes, two white diffusion covers, LED light bulbs, a light stand, remote control, a carrying bag, and a ground stand.


This lighting kit can be great for newborn photography, perfecting with the white diffuser cover.

It creates uniformity in the scene so that the newborn does not feel sharp.

  • 2 x 85W LED bulbs
  • Standard E27 socket
  • High-quality 180pcs LED beads
  • Energy-saving up to 80%
  • 3 color modes(white/natural/warm)
  • Octagonal Softbox
  • Traditional rectangular diffuser
  • Wider range
  • High-quality reflector material
  • Universal E27 standard interface
  • 3 color light modes: white light, natural light, warm light
  • (10%-100%) Brightness
  • Color temperature (3000-6500K)within 10 meters
  • Multiple Scene Applications
  • The stands feel cheap and are not super sturdy. The lights themselves work well and are plenty bright.

RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit: (Best Studio lights for Newborn Videos)

I first communicate with my clients about their needs for capturing newborn photos.

Then we decide to have the perfect setup for newborn photos.

We consider giving them ease in their environment.

I mostly use the Raleno softbox photography lighting kit.

It is the best studio light for newborn videos.


Suitable Soft Technology:

Low present the sliding kid having different accessories for the best photographic scenario; you can use this light for soft Technology.

With its soft lighting Technology, this lighting gets high-quality features; it has 85 bulbs and made with nylon cloth diffusers; it is suitable for photographic lighting because it creates are sufficient light in the same.

Portable And Easy Operating:

It is a portable and easy-to-operate lighting kit that has 85 Watt LEDs.

The light stand is durable and foldable.

You can use this high-quality light stand made with aluminum alloy for heavy-duty applications.

This lighting kit has a sturdy locking system so that I can adjust the height according to my need.

Best for Newborn Videos:

This lighting kit makes newborn videos perfect because of its portability and multiple-scene application.

I can use this lighting kit for 8000 hours of service life.

It has different operating temperatures and can reduce the light effects with continuity in the lighting scene.

Why is this light the best?

This light kit has excellent effects with its energy-saving 85 Watt 2 LED socket bulbs.

It has high reflective softboxes that fill a small amount of light and give softness to this scene.

It can be the best for newborn photos.

It also has adjustable stands and a locking system.


Making newborn videos is just perfect when this lighting kit is used.

Because of its easy-to-use features and creating softness in the scene, newborns can be easy to react to the lighting kit.

  • E27 socket
  • Dual soft light technology
  • 2 x 85W bulb
  • High-quality soft 5070 Nylon cloth
  • Smooth light flow
  • Eliminating shadows and making delicate light
  • 800W ordinary incandescent bulb
  • Low operating temperature
  • Service life 8000 hours
  • Independent switch
  • Cable length 90 inches
  • Create excellent environment
  • 27 inch foldable
  • Extended to 85-inch adjustment light stand
  • Durable and foldable for portability and work
  • High-quality aluminum alloy
  • 1/4 inch standard threaded tip
  • Sturdy locking system
  • Suitable for photography art
  • Diffuser is not quality made but will work fine to soften the light

UBeesize LED Video Light Kit: (Best studio light for Environmental Newborn Videos)

Creating an environment for newborn photography is perfect with cute toys and different soft belongings that can make them feel like heaven on earth.

I mostly use hair accessories for the girls and blankets for the boys to make them comfortable with their environment, and I took the perfect photos using the Ubeesize LED video light kit.

It is the best studio light for newborn environmental videos.


Multifunctional Usage:

This lighting kit has multifunction uses because of its diverse shooting effects.

You can use this lighting kit for all types of photography and videography.

It can be the best with its 2x 4 color filters that deliver various capturing scenes.

Ideal for Various Photographies:

Photography can be captured with this light because of its retractable tripod.

It can be adjusted to different heights.

I can use this lighting kit in video conferences and game streaming.

It can be connected to my laptop or my desktop computer.

Best for Environmental Newborn Videos:

Environmental newborn videos are the best choice to shoot because these photos are much more memorable for the parents and the newborn in their upcoming life.

This light can create perfection in that with its unbeatable features.

Why is this light the best?

This light can be used for makeup videos, shooting people, playing games, and recording.

The lighting kit has different color filters that can be used according to the need.

It has adjustable brightness and high-quality lighting features.

You can correct the height of the stand for different kinds of photography.


This lighting kit has a multifunction tripod stand.

It can be used with a ring light and for handling your mobile phone and camera.

It is the best studio light for newborn environmental videos.

  • Small LED panel light
  • 1/4 universal ball head
  • 180° adjustable panel
  • Cable control 10%~100% brightness level option
  • Diversification Shooting Effects
  • 2 * 4 color filters (red, orange, white, blue)
  • Height: 23.62″ to 57.68″
  • USB-Powered Light
  • Multifunctional Use
  • Perfect lighting suitable for studios, lighting for videos and images
  • The only thing I would change would be the height they can go to—a little short, in my opinion.

GEEKOTO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit: (Best Adjustable Studio lights for Newborn photography)

Geekoto Softbox photography lighting kit is the best adjustable studio light for newborn photography.

This lighting kit has all the best features for capturing the best newborn photos.

I always layer the blankets of the newborns to make them comfortable and give them a soft feeling like their moms’ laps.

I capture their photos with different angles and lighting effects.


Energy-Efficient Bulbs:

Having the power of 95 Watt, they can save energy up to 80% and give you 8000 hours lifetime.

The LED bulbs have a 5400 K temperature and are ideal for shooting in various scenarios like weddings and parties.

Adjustable Stand Height:

The adjustable height of the lighting kit has two 10 degrees adjustable lamp holders.

It has a locking system with a 1/4 inch standard screw adaptive thread.

I can take benefit from the three-section column design of the stand.

It has an adjustable height up from 26 inches to 78.75 inches.

Suitable for Various Photography:

It is suitable for various kinds of photography like fashion, portraits, and newborn photography.

Because of its softness, newborn does not feel any special effects in the environment while shooting.

It offers different effects and color changes.

Why is this light the best?

There is a rotatable head and an adjustable stand in this lighting kit.

This lighting kit’s three-section column and adjustable height are suitable for newborn photos.

It is made with nylon material and has a high reflective performance.

The energy-efficient bulbs of the light are the best for capturing perfect scenes.

You can take the benefit of 8000 hours lifetime of this light.


The light has enough temperature, and its accessories are made of nylon.

It is durable and can be the best for filming, studio photos, and newborn photography.

  • Made of nylon material
  • High reflective
  • 2 x 95W Energy-saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb
  • 80% energy saving
  • Lifetime approx 8000 hours
  • 5400K color temperature
  • Ideal for shooting portraits or weddings
  • Rotatable Head & Adjustable Stand
  • 210°adjustable lamp holder
  • 1/4-Inch Standard Screw Thread Tip
  • 3-section column design
  • Single-action locks
  • Height adjustment: 26 inches to 78.75 inches
  • 2 x 85W bulbs
  • Suitable for Various Photography
  • The bag is pretty flimsy though.

LimoStudio, 700W Output Lighting Series: (Best Studio Lighting Kit for Newborn Photography)

Once I captured a newborn photograph with Limostudio 700 Watt output lighting series.

It is the best studio lighting kit for newborn photography.

It creates soft shadows that can make them accessible.

I adjust the light to 3 feet and a 60 degrees angle from the room’s window.

I took the best pictures of newborns posing and smiling toward the camera.


Excellent Light Diffuser:

The lighting kit has different light diffusers having excellent quality.

This lighting kit can create a perfect scene for newborn photography.

It creates softness and spreads circularity in a broad spectrum.

Neutral Colors:

This lighting kit has the power to capture neutral colors from the scene.

It has a convenient 11 feet power cord, so you can use it in the studio or anywhere you want.

The lighting kit can spread the light evenly into the scene.

It delivers a soft and quiet feeling with neutral colors capturing.

It also gives a full spectrum of the view.

Why is this light the best?

The lighting kit has all the best accessories for capturing the beauty of newborn and children’s photographs.

With this light, you can have a 70% light transmission and get an all-purpose single-head double socket design.

The lighting kit has excellent diffusers.

It is suitable for different kinds of photography.


Newborn photographs are attractive to everyone.

When this lighting kit is used in photography, the results are outstanding.

It is the best studio lighting kit for newborn photography.

  • 45W Photo CFL Bulb
  • E26, E27 Standard Screw Base
  • Max Energy Saving up to 80%
  • 33-inch Diameter White Umbrella Reflector
  • Made of Enhanced Nylon
  • Suitable for camera shooting, studio portraits, etc
  • No instructions


Alright, guys, that concludes all the lights we will discuss today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these lights? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your Best Studio Lights for Newborn Photography?

Is there a light you love to use that I didn’t mention in this article?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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