4 Best Lens for Night Street Photography: (2021 Guide & Reviews)

So today’s article is all about shooting the streets at night.

There’s no doubt that there’s some great street photography to be had during hours of darkness and light shooting is something we should all try.

It’s almost a rite of passage thing neon lights short windows reflections.

Car lights, bars, restaurants, people having fun street lighting reflections from pavements from windows.

There is plenty of material to explore.

So in this article, I am going to reviewing 4 Best Lens for Night Street Photography that will help you become a confident, and proficient night shooter.

Let’s drive-in:

Which are the best lens for Night Street photography?

Here are my recommended top 5 best lens for Night Street photography:-

Canon 50mm F1.8: (Best lens for Night Street Portrait photography)

I use a 50mm lens for everything. I shoot night street, portraits and fashion, and a myriad of other things.

The 50-millimeter lens is by far my most used lens.

If you are looking to buy a prime lens and you don’t know what to buy first, this is absolutely the one you should buy now.

I have shot canon my entire life and a 50-millimeter lens can be used for almost everything.

You can shoot portraits, the 50-millimeter lens is great for portraits of individual people as well as couples.

You can get in close, you can back up, you can get the full length you can get three quarters and you can even get just beautiful face shots with a 50-millimeter lens.

A 50mm is also great for shooting details, the 50mm is my go-to for all of my night street pictures and as well as all of my reception pictures at night.

I shoot nighttime photos and room scapes with a 50 millimeter.

When you’re using a prime lens which means that it’s a fixed focal length in other words you can’t zoom in or out.

It seems like something tedious, but you can always zoom with your feet right go closer, and further away.

It seems like more work but trust me, you’re going to get a much more crisp image out of a prime lens, typically versus a zoom lens.

Another great thing about a prime lens is that it has a really low aperture in most cases, this gives you a more shallow depth of field giving that nice soft dreamy background beautiful bokeh.

And it also lets you draw the viewer’s attention to a certain point of focus.

Now, this can make it a little bit more difficult to focus but also with prime lenses is usually the ability to focus faster.

If you purchase your brand’s top-end prime lens it’s usually a very fast-focusing lens.

The 50 millimeter at least in the Canon line is probably one of the fastest focusing lenses in the lineup.

Another reason I like to use it because I can focus very quickly during night street photography, and it’s not difficult to photograph at night.

Overall, the 50-millimeter lens is super versatile you can use it pretty much for anything.

Canon 50mm F1.8: (Best lens for Night Street Portrait photography)

Canon 50mm F1.8: (Best lens for Night Street Portrait photography)

Canon 50mm F1.8: (Best lens for Night Street Portrait photography)

  • Best prime lens.
  • Great for portraits.
  • Crips images.
  • Beautiful bokeh.
  • Focus very quickly.
  • Versatile lens.
  • Manual focus

Samyang 12mm F2: (Best Sony lens for Night Street photography)

This lens is the fact that it really feels well built, despite this price tag.

It is quite a pleasant surprise because other lenses with a similar focal range would cost double, if not triple, especially with that fast aperture.

Anyway, is constructed almost entirely out of metal except for the lens cap, and the lens hood which is made from plastic or more glamorous.

This lens comes with a click aperture ring, which isn’t really optimized for filmmakers who need to change the aperture sign.

This lens has an equivalent focal range of about 18 millimeters on a full-frame sensor, so it’s definitely a super wide-angle lens, even after factoring in the crop.

In fact, I found that focusing was relatively easy with this lens and the focus room wasn’t too long at all, which is in my opinion, a good thing.

As I find lenses that have long focus throws to be quite difficult to focus with especially if you’re shooting videos on your own.

This lens has a minimum focusing distance of about 20 centimeters and that is 20 centimeters not from the front of the lens, but from the sensor itself so you can get pretty close, with this lens.

The good thing about this lens even though it is wide-angle if you do get really close to your subject you do get an amazing amount of background separation.

I find this lens to be quite sharp in general, even if it’s wide open.

However, it does have some barrel distortion, if you do shoot too close to the subject, also a chromatic aberration.

If you shoot bright subjects wide open, but it’s definitely nothing that would be a deal-breaker for me, as I guess it’s pretty much expected with any lenses of this type.

So who do I think this lens is really meant for? I think this lens would definitely suit anyone who is really out there to find a fast, ultra-wide metal lens on a budget.

I can also see this lens being useful for those wanting to shoot night street photography, interiors in dimly lit places.

And maybe even Astrophotographers who really need a wide-angle lens with a FOSS aperture.

So all in all, I would definitely recommend this lens to anyone who is really looking for a fast and affordable super wide-angle lens.

To me, this lens is a good compromise between being affordable and being bright too.

Because usually super wide lenses with fast apertures used to be extremely expensive but fortunately we are living in an age when you can find good quality glass, that’s still relatively affordable.

Samyang 12mm F2: (Best Sony lens for Night Street photography)

Samyang 12mm F2: (Best Sony lens for Night Street photography)

  • Solid build quality.
  • Fast aperture.
  • Super wide-angle lens.
  • Quite sharp.
  • Affordable.
  • Some barrel distortion.
  • Chromatic aberration.

Canon 22mm F2: (Best Canon lens for Night Street photography)

I want to talk about the portrait capabilities of the Canon 22 millimeters F2 lens.

It’s a 22-millimeter lens made for the M mount, basically, it’s made for mirrorless cameras and they usually are grouped sensors.

Basically, the 22 millimeters will act around 30 millimeters, so, this is the real focal length.

The aperture of this lens is f2, you will have a decent amount of blurriness and bokeh in the background of your portraits.

If you work with it, you can play around and you can get some nice night street pictures and you can get beautiful portraits with this lens, better than others.

When it comes to night photography, it will work pretty well for night street photography and for portraits.

As well as close up of your subject, you need to be a bit careful because this lens can distort a bit on the edge so keep a bit of distance or pay attention to crop your image in the editing.

When it comes to made or full-body pictures, you will start to lose that blurriness of the background because of this lens.

It’s pretty wide, the big round is not that compressed, but I think it works pretty well when it comes to street and fashion pictures, it’s going to be just great.

I love the 22-millimeter lens takes decent portraits, works amazing when it comes to street photography, street fashion photography, even macro photography.

It basically is an excellent all-around lens you can Vlog with it, you can take nice pictures.

For the beginning, the best thing is to invest in a good, but still versatile lens, and that’s what I did when I bought the 22-millimeter lens.

This lens can be used in many situations.

First, the focal length will allow you to use it in a small studio, you can use it for wide shots portraits, street photography, landscapes, macro photography, whatever is just a good all-around lens.

In the beginning, the best thing you can do is just to get a good all-around lens.

Canon 22mm F2: (Best Canon lens for Night Street photography)

Canon 22mm F2: (Best Canon lens for Night Street photography)

  • Great focal length.
  • pleasing bokeh.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Versatile lens.
  • Some distortion.

Nikon 35mm F1.8: (Best Nikon lens for Night street photography)

If you looking for something much better but on a budget, something that does create best for night street photography and has to take great pictures and videos in night conditions.

Could this be the best lens to upgrade to?

So, guys, this is possibly one of the best lenses to upgrade from the kit lens in the Nikon family.

F 1.8 is the maximum aperture which allows us to conclude that it indeed is a very fast lens for the price.

So coming to the focal length, Yes, it’s fixed, meaning you won’t be able to zoom in with it, as you did with a kit lens, but take this feature of a prime lens, as an advantage, and not a disadvantage.

Zoom in by moving closer to the subject and trust me it will really help in taking out the creative side.

The next best thing about this lens is that aperture F 1.8 aperture on this lens allows for much better low light photography in surroundings.

The wide aperture allows for more light entering the camera sensor and giving a much better and visible picture in a low-light situation.

It’s an EFs lens, indicating the presence of a silent autofocusing motor inside.

Well, I don’t want to raise any questions but isn’t silent wave autofocus supposed to be silent.

The lens tends to make a bit of noise while autofocusing during the video.

This could be a problem for many shooting videos out there. It isn’t as bad as the standard kit lens, but it’s much much better than that.

This 35-millimeter lens doesn’t have a super solid autofocus motor.

It tends to make a little bit of a chattering noise which can be hard for sure if you listen carefully, the focusing ring isn’t the best out there it’s made up of rubbish material.

The good thing about this lens is that it also has an auto slash manual mode, meaning you can manually set the focus, even when the lens is set to autofocus mode.

I find this very handy just in case the lens has problems focusing automatically.

The main reason why we’re using the 35-millimeter lens, instead of a 15 millimeter on such a crop sensor camera is because this 35-millimeter lens would work like a 50-millimeter lens, in itself.

If you decide to go with a 50-millimeter lens with a crop sensor camera, then you’ll have a very zoomed-in video or image.

If zoomed-in pictures are your game then go for it.

This is a superb lens overall, I’m sure many of us record audio separately, focusing noise shouldn’t matter adventuring is just subjective some people like to have it, some don’t.

So should you go in for this lens, I see no reason to refuse this for an upgrade.

Nikon 35mm F1.8: (Best Nikon lens for Night street photography)

Nikon 35mm F1.8: (Best Nikon lens for Night street photography)

Nikon 35mm F1.8: (Best Nikon lens for Night street photography)

  • Best in low-light situations.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Fast aperture.
  • Good value for money.
  • Manual focus.
  • Focusing noise.
  • The focus ring isn’t good.

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